You’re not as good as you think you are
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 78:

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  • Sarah Riley
    Sarah Riley

    I love in Norman, Oklahoma and so excited they are playing your music on the radio. I got in the car and started it up, heard your song playing thinking I was playing your CD and started singing away then the radio station started talking. I was excited to hear you on the radio up here. :D

  • Blaze Nicholson
    Blaze Nicholson

    👍 good

  • Stephanie Martinez
    Stephanie Martinez

    Probably one of the best episodes I’ve seen!! YEE YEE 😎

  • Abdo Ibrahim
    Abdo Ibrahim

    Hi dear I'm meat you before 11 year in kuwait

  • Loren Holtzer
    Loren Holtzer

    Everything is Bigger and Better in Montgomery, TX...

  • Brady Goodwin
    Brady Goodwin


  • Andrea Fisher
    Andrea Fisher

    So should we start calling him Uncle Bernie from now on haha?!? Love hearing from him and his views on each area of life from these questions. I always listen to your podcast Granger as I design, it’s a great way to relax and hangout with you and your guests each week!

  • JJ Films
    JJ Films

    Can anyone else from Saskatchewan not buy anything off the website? It doesn’t ship to Saskatchewan?

  • Faith Williams
    Faith Williams

    can you come do a show in california i really want to see you in concert

  • eric “hickfromthesticks” cook
    eric “hickfromthesticks” cook

    i see a brother type relation ship between you two and it touches me how well you can read each other and the bond both of you are a inspiration ..... i truly enjoy watching you two together thanks for all you do ....always a fan from MAINE .....

  • Shan & Cole Vlogs
    Shan & Cole Vlogs

    Illinois Squad! My dad and I made a wood flag together, they're fun and so beautiful!

  • Jerald Likes sushi
    Jerald Likes sushi

    Granger I live in a city but wanna be a country boy😢 what do I do?

  • Scott Schufreider
    Scott Schufreider

    Bronco 2s are not a good vehicle! You guys always give good advice

  • Erika G
    Erika G

    Country boy Prius?? 😂

  • Tawnia Freeman
    Tawnia Freeman

    I just watched that documentary. It was so awesome & yet heartbreaking


    Great podcast for those who want to improve their English 😍🇮🇷

  • sibin Edison
    sibin Edison

    P̳r̳e̳m̳i̳u̳m̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳e̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳💯 𝘾𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙚⏩ ⏪ !♥今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした, 1617795613

  • Gloria Strong
    Gloria Strong

    Such a great podcast today,love when you have Bernie on gives great advice ♥️


    You have to have Garth Brooks on the podcast! He would be great. Love the podcast. YEE YEE! 🦌🦆🐟🤠

  • Sam Cade
    Sam Cade

    I'd rather see Parker or Tyler.

  • Bethany Anderson
    Bethany Anderson

    I definitely take notes. Whether it be a sentence or quote that speaks to me. Or a book y’all suggest in answering questions. Love this podcast for the positivity and deep thinking it promotes.

  • Benjamin Schoeppler
    Benjamin Schoeppler

    My advice to Matt at the end of the podcast is a little different, I'm a couple years ahead of you but if you love working keep at it thats where I'm at but whats stopped me the most is injuries, so take care of yourself, but working is what keeps me going and keeps me happy, if that works for you you should do it, right now I've got 3 jobs and its annoying so consolidating your jobs would be really good, and starting a business can be really easy I've done that and don't regret it at all

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    Got podcast!! Glad Bernie was on love him!! You guys are good together!! 🤠🤠🙏

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    Great advice: “You’re not as good as you think you are.” Words to live by. Bernie’s comment about still having to plug Apple products in 😂🤣😂🤣 Best advice: “What is going to be is what’s supposed to be.” Note taker here. Have a great week❤️🙏🇺🇸✝️

  • Linda Maskus
    Linda Maskus

    I have a friend who lost twin grandson's two years ago due to death by suicide. They were both military, had been to Iraq, etc etc. Came home and one died within 6 months, the second one followed in just two more months! So stinkin sad for their only living brother, their mom, grandparents etc.

  • Jim Loup
    Jim Loup

    Never worry about age and having kids the most important thing is they need you and your love. I am a foster dad with the youngest being 6 and I am 51 they need love

  • Thomas Jeffries
    Thomas Jeffries

    What about Randy Travis.

  • David Bowe
    David Bowe

    Suicide is such a difficult subject. For too many folks like me, we were raised to believe that suicide was weakness, a failure, that the person is doing something incredibly selfish. I used to be SO judgmental when I'd hear about someone dying from suicide, but that all changed the first time it happened with someone I knew and really cared about. To even contemplate ending one's life, the person has to be in such a dark place that they truly believe there will never be light again. To them, this is the only way out, the only way to end the pain, the only viable solution. It's the exact opposite of selfishness. It's true emptiness that most of us can't really fathom. How those who remain behind get past suicide is a one step at a time process. Like Granger says so many times, we have to move forward in these situations, we never move on, and we have to try to figure out the purpose of it all. May we all treat everyone we encounter as someone special and try to show them the inherit value they have.

  • Jen Lindler
    Jen Lindler

    At the same time you were mentioning Garth as a guest, my phone was alerting me to Inside Studio G going live! But I did NOT stop watching your podcast!!! There’s so much weird and bad talk about him, I was happy to hear something polite and positive from you. I’ve lived his music for over thirty years and think I’ve enjoyed seeing him in interviews and social media more now than then. You’d have to have tissues for him though. Definitely a man that loves his daughters.

  • David Bowe
    David Bowe

    Granger - I really like the way your eyes light up when someone you're listening to says something that really resonates with you. There was so much good stuff in this. Thank you for this format.

  • Karen Ferrell
    Karen Ferrell

    When Bernie asked you who you was like from the 90's. You are blazing your own trail because you are uniquely, wonderfully made being you!

  • David

    Whats going to be is whats supposed to be

  • Eriberto Acedo
    Eriberto Acedo

    I don’t think I’m all that don’t have to it’s tough just being me trying to do the right thing every day better than yesterday there it is me being me!🇺🇸✝️

  • Brookie Smalls (Fluff Fluff)
    Brookie Smalls (Fluff Fluff)

    To Erica and all others who have lost friends/loved ones to suicide, I'm so sorry. My best friend died by suicide 4 years ago, it hurts like hell. It's not your fault. A lot of times when someone dies like that, they think they are a burden. That's the case with my best friend. Definitely echoing what Granger said, do what you can to help someone else. My best friend saved someone after her death, and it's helped me heal a bit from it. I still miss my best friend every day, but helping that person did help me feel she didn't die in vain. Fellow suicide loss survivors, you are loved and prayed for! You are not alone in this 💙 Blue for my Izzy, forever and always.

    • Sabi1234567890Asdf

      as someone who was going to commit when i was in highschool. a few days before someone got threw to me. i never met this person but i concidered them my closest friend at the time. we lost contact but best thing i can say is never stop trying and believing in them you just may end up getting that connection they need at the time. i also have to thank granger. 4 years ago i got in a situation that caused me ptsd. i was listining to music a few days ago when grangers song heros came on and i thought of this person and sent it to them. they replied and in the last coupple days they gave me the kick in the ass i needed. then a hourish ago i came across and i sent it to them. they love it and now im binge watching the podcasts.

    • Thomas Caldwell
      Thomas Caldwell

      Amen sister.

  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor

    WAIT... what was Bernie's news????

  • TxVet 77
    TxVet 77

    When my little girl was in the crawling stage, her and I were watching cartoons. All of a sudden it was oddly quiet, I looked down and she wasn't sitting between my legs anymore. I get up and walk to the kitchen and there she was with the fridge door open and playing with the Siracha sauce. I watched for a little bit then quietly called my wife over and then that's when my girl turned around and looked at us. A couple of seconds later her brain said "Mom and dad are looking at you...start crying!" Then she started crying, it was so funny!

  • Alison Lightner
    Alison Lightner

    You and Bernie are great together, keep on keeping on. Love and hugs The podcast is amazing

  • Linda Duncan
    Linda Duncan

    Granger is 41. Still looks 18. Good genes and taking care of oneself. 💕🙏

    • Paul Powell
      Paul Powell

      @Missi Nichols I wouldn't call it a mullet. Just long hair

    • Missi Nichols
      Missi Nichols

      @Paul Powell does he sport the mullet? 😂 My 29 yr old does lol

    • Missi Nichols
      Missi Nichols

      No way!! 41?? 😲 Looking great!!

    • Paul Powell
      Paul Powell

      Funny. My dad's the same way and he and Granger are the same height and size, very similar looking faces except my dad has long blonde hair

  • bozman14

    When are you going to bring back the B-24 song? Oh, and how does Earl pay his bills? He doesn’t seem to have a traditional job...

  • Jill Olson
    Jill Olson

    Who would down vote this? Just why?

  • Justina Friesen
    Justina Friesen

    So thankful for this podcast currently driving 2 hours to see my family this podcast makes the drive better YeeYee

  • RebelRob34

    I listen to these every Monday, thanks for doing them Granger.

  • Kim !
    Kim !

    👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • Lori Lafountain
    Lori Lafountain

    You need to do a live pod cast

  • Diggersden Tysonfury
    Diggersden Tysonfury

    Sorry I missed ya guys hows your weekend been

  • Schnakenberg Lloyd & Sue
    Schnakenberg Lloyd & Sue

    Really enjoyed your video Granger!! I watch you every Monday morning, The Smiths and Arise With Amber. Thank you!!

  • Kim !
    Kim !

    Suicide talk made me cry 😢 I never knew anyone that has or anything. XOXO

  • Rhonda Britt
    Rhonda Britt

    Love watching Podcast. You and your guess give good advice. God bless you all.

  • Jacob Fulton
    Jacob Fulton

    I agree with being present around your kids. Its very important because they do grow so fast and there always changing. Don't miss out on them being little. There young cute age goes by so fast.

  • Darby Born
    Darby Born

    Best way to start the week! God bless the Smith Family❤️

  • Robert Durkin
    Robert Durkin

    Always to listening to your beautiful country songs, Happy Monday , Beautiful country day!! 🎶🎸🎶🎸🎶

  • Andy Keckeis
    Andy Keckeis

    I love starting my work week listening to the podcast! Makes Mondays more bearable. Bernie is great and love when he is on with you.

    • Rick Reese
      Rick Reese

      Earl IS THE MAn !

  • Contented Spirit
    Contented Spirit

    Daughters also have a special bond with their daddies that momma just can't provide. A daughter's first love is her daddy. Daddy is the kind of man that she looks for when she's grown so it's a major importance to be a good man. My daughter lost her daddy at 10 years old. When she's really sad, she cries for her daddy. Mom can't be Dad no matter how much we may try. Also, no momma can teach a boy how to be a man. LOVE these podcasts.

  • gianni


  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham

    Yee Yee

  • Mitchell Ellement
    Mitchell Ellement

    Thx for crushing my dreams

    • David Bowe
      David Bowe

      @Granger Smith Amen!

    • Mitchell Ellement
      Mitchell Ellement

      @Granger Smith I’m sorry for being so rude I’m just grumpy

    • Granger Smith
      Granger Smith

      No one is capable of crushing your dreams but you. I can only motivate you.

  • Starlene Kalinski
    Starlene Kalinski

    I really have so much compassion for the service people that suffer from PTSD and the pain these people are in because of what they saw or had to do. This is no fault of there own. You had me crying over the letter from the lady that lost her friend from death by suicide. I am wanting to start a Animal Assisted Therapy program for victims of abuse, molestation, PTSD. It will be Christian based and I will not turn anyone away unless they abuse my animals. These mental issues are not their fault and I don't think people should profit off someone's pain. I love watching you.

    • Starlene Kalinski
      Starlene Kalinski

      @Contented Spirit My sale for my property is scheduled to close in November, then I have to find a suitable property, move and get set up. I'm not licensed yet, have to finish my classes and get certified, but I can still have you come out and hang out with the animals. The place I have now is not suitable. My e-mail address is e-mail me and we can't change phone numbers and talk. I presently live in Naples Florida, which has very strict rules. I am classified as AG, so there are some things I can get around, if it can be classified as AG.

    • Contented Spirit
      Contented Spirit

      That is AWESOME! My daughter suffers from PTSD and mild autism. We've looked in to this but I'm disabled and she can't work until she gets less anxious. Keep moving forward as there's a huge need! God is good!

  • Vinny Mozzarella
    Vinny Mozzarella

    Bernie left us hanging. He was going to say something in the beginning but wanted to wait till the end. BOYCOTT BERNIE 🤣🤣 still love you

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    Such a beautiful podcast full of love an positivity ..thanku so much have an amazing blessed week love an God bless x

  • Sergie Mancini
    Sergie Mancini

    Yee yee 🇺🇸

  • Troy Bradshaw
    Troy Bradshaw

    Oh yeah. It’s true but discouraging. It’s a negative that is not needed.

  • just chill
    just chill

    Your so right this is best part of my Mondays

  • Kathy Lynm
    Kathy Lynm

    100th like ..

  • Cassidy

    22 vets a day fall to death by suicide

  • Rossio Music
    Rossio Music

    ...well, I know I suck at singin’ lol, but I’m pretty sure my writing is up to par after 20+ yrs, though I could be wrong...BUT, I continue to do what I do not for money, but because I still love everything about the musical process! Oh Yeah!!!

  • Jack McGrath
    Jack McGrath

    you should continue on earls truck

    • Granger Smith
      Granger Smith

      We’re trying to. Waiting on the body shop still. Probably switching to another company.

  • Jack McGrath
    Jack McGrath

    im kinda eraly

  • kaiden thirey
    kaiden thirey

    I love ur vids and I love earl dibbles and keep up the great work cool vid

  • Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper

    You are so sexy !


    Can you come to Richland Cuny

  • Georgia Boys fishing & hunting
    Georgia Boys fishing & hunting

    You are my favorite youtuber

  • Lincoln Shirey
    Lincoln Shirey

    Love these man they are the best part of Monday

  • austen coyote
    austen coyote

    First finally sup granger

    • austen coyote
      austen coyote

      @tweezy-eh yt I came when it had 0 likes

    • austen coyote
      austen coyote


    • tweezy-eh yt
      tweezy-eh yt

      Not first

  • Ruder Daniel
    Ruder Daniel

    Granger I’m ten please answe

  • The Skaggs
    The Skaggs