What’s the best guitar for beginners?
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 55: From picking my new radio single to giving advice to new guitar players, join me as I answer your questions!
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  • Brian Conroy
    Brian Conroy

    You need to get ginger Billy on this podcast asap

  • Randy Badour
    Randy Badour

    Thank you for taking my question on this one! Appreciate it bro!

  • shane williamson
    shane williamson

    the day you recorded it it was my bday

  • Tx Badazz
    Tx Badazz

    Hey Granger how can I book you here in southeast Texas at my kinfolk new Saloon and Bar/ Restaurant / Outdoor Venue? Here's my email txusmcloyal@gmail.com

  • Country Music
    Country Music

    Just wanted to say, you were my biggest inspiration when it came to learning guitar and writing music, keep playin man

  • William Nett
    William Nett

    Yee Yee!!!

  • out of the loop
    out of the loop

    Tractor 🚜 is a beautiful song ,your one of the most open and honest singer out here . You let us get a true insight into your family and life

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and advice! Much appreciated Granger! Yee Yee 🇺🇲

  • Tamina Bomba
    Tamina Bomba

    Personally, success is being a better person today than I was yesterday. Did I walk in God's light? Was I a blessing to someone? I have learned that my spiritual walk, giving and loving are more important than having all the money in the world. Keep being a good person and a blessing to others. I think that is successful. Love the music and the family! Yee Yee!

  • Aunt Reese
    Aunt Reese

    I just wanted to let ya know This Is The Only Podcast I actually watch and truly listen to, and Thanks for doing them and yes I have told many people about it Love it!!! Sending prayers and love from West Virginia ❤️🙏🏻

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    Yes Yes Yes. I love the Tractor video!!!! Makes me cry every time.

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    I can't wait to hear the details of the truck giveaway Omg!!!! To win that and have that be my first drive after my healing process!!!!!- What a win that would be!!! Danae.

  • Kelly Llewellyn
    Kelly Llewellyn

    What is the email address for the podcast?

  • Bryce Giardino
    Bryce Giardino

    I would love to learn how to play but my left wrist is fuzed and I'm right handed. Its doesnt make it easy to do thing. But your awesome Thank you

  • Danielle

    I do not know how you answered that question about River without crying. I am currently balling my eyes out. I can't imagine how hard of a decision it was to leave your house

  • Michelle White
    Michelle White

    I always look forward to Mondays and the Granger Smith podcast. Your insightful wisdom is usually spot on. Thank you for your honesty and openness and godly advice on all subject matters. Yee Yee!

  • Pam Shives
    Pam Shives

    I think you should read through the questions and put the ones you want to answer in a saved folder. Delete the duplicates that you’ve already answered. Can’t wait for Volume 2 and the CD! Still playing Volume 1 on Spotify, Alexa, ALgone,etc.

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    “Tractor” is an amazing tribute to your father and truly touching live. “I Kill Spiders” nails the father daughter relationship. Appreciate you taking the time to visit with us. Looking forward to next week. Blessings🙏❤️🇺🇸

  • Brandon King
    Brandon King

    I’ve been wanting to get into playing guitar and you answered my question for me, people kept telling me to buy the cheapest guitar I could find. But my gut is telling me the same exact thing you said to do.

  • Chuck Robinson
    Chuck Robinson

    I love watching you and the family all the time, my birthday is oct 28th it would be perfect haha

  • RedEyed Patriot
    RedEyed Patriot

    Anything Yamaha or Epiphone or Takamine

  • JUNEBUG; Music
    JUNEBUG; Music

    I been playing for awhile and writing songs my area where I live at is bare and nothing really to do music no open mics

  • Debra Garcia
    Debra Garcia

    You sir are the reason why Mondays aren't so terrible!

  • Charles Sexton
    Charles Sexton

    I wish I could still play guitar. I have severe nerve damage in both hands so playing is hard for me because my hands go numb within just about 3 minutes of playing. That makes it hard for me to feel the strings and everything sounds bad after that. And my hands hurt after they go numb. That's when I po ut my guitar down and walk away from it for a while. Great video. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  • Shaun Roberts
    Shaun Roberts

    Thank you Granger... God Bless you and Amber and kids.

  • 4thegloryofthelord

    The guitar question/answer is at 46:40.

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    This is weird but I literally prayed to God today about learning to play the guitar 🎸 and then this. God does hear.

    • TheyJust CallmeAlex
      TheyJust CallmeAlex

      It’s Google There always listening to you

    • Tx Badazz
      Tx Badazz

      Absolutely he is ALWAYS listening. We have to pay attention to God voice it's not audible it things like you experienced. We have to be prepared. God bless brother.🇨🇱🇺🇸🇨🇱🇺🇸🇨🇱🇺🇸❤❤❤

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Great episode buddy!!! Thanks for all you do 👍 Yee Yee

  • Deb Bohl
    Deb Bohl

    Granger thank you for sharing with us We love you, Amber, London and Lincoln. 💞🦋🎈🤗. YEEYEE

  • Sharon Marshall
    Sharon Marshall

    Success is to the Degree by which you are enjoying your life :-) That's what I say....Sharon 😃

  • Tamy M
    Tamy M

    Hey Granger!! The concert at Johnny’s on Saturday was AWESOME! My son got the family a table so we got to sit close and we will definitely do that again. Before the concert, the crowd sang happy birthday to me which was awesome! Maybe you should play Johnny’’s earlier in the year so we can start getting our cold front’s in earlier!! Please keep up the podcast, The Smiths, all the Earl video’s and Arise with Amber! YeeYee!!

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H

    My husband and I were just talking about Hate You Like I Love You and wishing it was played on the radio! It's so catchy but also well thought out!

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    😻 love it!! Can’t wait for next week!!! Thanks Granger!!!

  • Cody Beechy
    Cody Beechy

    Earl Dibbles for president YEEYEE

  • Critter Creek
    Critter Creek

    Great Pod Cast! Thanks for sharing.. WooHoo (Truck Info) Oct 30th.. YEA!

  • Dallas Pierce
    Dallas Pierce

    another great one.. thx for sharing

  • Carter C.
    Carter C.

    I've been listening to this podcast for a while and I really feel like it does add value to my life

  • Tammy H.
    Tammy H.

    I'm just so grateful for you and your family!!!🙏💞🇺🇸🤠🍻🎈🦋⚡🚜🎈🦋🐇🌼⚡

  • Phyllis Hartsfield
    Phyllis Hartsfield

    I love your shows and look forward to all your content!! I watch Amber every Sunday. My birthday is Friday, October 30th as is my daughter's. Her name is Ashley. Would be special if we got a shout out. 🎂 we are in Tallahassee Florida

  • TheJjturner8

    Yo why was your show on Saturday in salado tx not posted anywhere?? Talk about missing out

  • Learnin' 2 Live
    Learnin' 2 Live

    As a beginner guitarist remember the aching and burning on the tips of your fingers is temporary. It doesn't take long to develop the calluses on ther tip if your fingers. If i may add, get yourself an electronic tuner for your strings and watch youtube to learn how to use it

  • Mark G Willett
    Mark G Willett

    Good afternoon chaps 😇🎈

  • Jason Claunch
    Jason Claunch

    I’ll remember November 27th, that’s my son and wife’s birthday.

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones

    Love the podcast, but a little advice...filter the questions just a bit. I've heard you answer the "define success" question many many many times. Love the album! Yee Yee!

  • Janna Carter
    Janna Carter

    Album is awesome, can’t wait for part 2! I really enjoy your other channels and shows on both. Risky Business is super cool too! Love all y’all! I like to listen to your podcast while I get ready for work. It’s not the news and it’s really great to sit with “a neighbor” (that’s how comfortable you make us all feel) and just while away the time chattin. Keep makin good music and can’t wait for your return to north central California!

  • Carla Parker
    Carla Parker

    Hey I need that cup

  • A Dotious
    A Dotious

    Radio is dying anyways, sounds like its for the good

  • Donnie Tunsky
    Donnie Tunsky

    Hey just went to your salado concert, first time at your show and my experience was amazing!!!! Not only are you true to your family but true to your fans. You gave us an awesome show. I was the the one who gave you a thumbs up while taking a picture and you gave it back, that means a lot!!!! YEE YEE!!!

  • Shelli Haley
    Shelli Haley

    Great Podcast! Always a good start to my Monday! Thank you! YEE YEE! 🎈

  • Gryphon Baldonado
    Gryphon Baldonado

    that funny because my mom and me were talking about getting a guitar for my birthday

  • Chere Schroeder
    Chere Schroeder

    I watch all your videos and arise with Amber.. love you guy's

  • Vanessa Tracy
    Vanessa Tracy

    No better way to start my Monday.....Hot coffee and this podcast! Good Morning YeeYee Nation!

  • Caitlin Swenson
    Caitlin Swenson

    I definitely had to stop and go watch “Tractor” a few times. ❤️

  • Rachel Friedel
    Rachel Friedel

    The Granger Podcast = Monday Motivation! I’m so grateful for you Granger and all of Yee Yee Nation. Y’all make my days brighter. Yee Yee!

  • Brody Blanton outdoors
    Brody Blanton outdoors


  • Susan Hillard
    Susan Hillard

    I have a mandolin that I would love to learn to play but the strings kill my fingers. Can I put nylon strings on that too?

  • Vincent Moine
    Vincent Moine


  • Kelly Clawson
    Kelly Clawson

    I hope you had a great weekend, Granger. I’m always looking forward to your videos at the beginning of the week, and throughout of course. I can’t wait until the 30th, this will be absolutely incredible! ❤️ YEE YEE 🇺🇸 You all are such an inspiration, and truly do make a huge impact on people’s lives. ❤️

    • Kelly Clawson
      Kelly Clawson

      @Donnie Tunsky okay, uhhh that comment is strange.

    • Donnie Tunsky
      Donnie Tunsky

      He had a great weekend doing a concert in salado Texas, it was an awesome show

  • SonnyTheGreenWolf

    Hey I think I have that shirt is it the one with the American flag on the back

  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham

    Good morning 😃 thank you for another Wonderful Podcast

  • Susan Hillard
    Susan Hillard

    So that's why I hear the same songs being played over and over. At least on WAMZ Louisville, KY.

  • jbcharpentier528

    I am asked all the time what YeeYee means and were they can some and of course I tell everyone. I was asked at the new soapy express on Williams Dr by the car wash attendant about the sticker on my truck So I went on line and bought one for the car wash attendant to spread YeeYee nation and brought it to him ❤️❤️

  • David Messersmith
    David Messersmith

    Great job. Love the Monday morning talks

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    You are absolutely fabulous thanku love am god bless x

  • Vinny Mozzarella
    Vinny Mozzarella

    Granger Radio. Problem solved.

  • Justin Fowler
    Justin Fowler

    The 1st song I learned was Seminole Winds by John Anderson. Great chord progression exercise. Em, G, D, A.

  • Justin Fowler
    Justin Fowler

    Makes my Monday's better! Thanks for all you do!

  • temper44

    Any chance for a collab with Demo Matt on a track?

  • Clayton Driggers
    Clayton Driggers

    Will you record one of my song’s? Thanks!

  • Greg Meyer
    Greg Meyer

    Always enjoy your perspective. Another great podcast!! YeeYee

  • Derrik Guzzo
    Derrik Guzzo

    Throwback hat, havent seen that one in a while!

  • Michael McClure
    Michael McClure

    Yee Yee

  • Logan Jamison
    Logan Jamison

    Hey Granger do you have podcast on Spotify

    • Sydney McCollum
      Sydney McCollum

      i dont think so but it is free on amazon music ;]

  • Bianca Dyball
    Bianca Dyball

    I used to love playing guitar. But since having a brain tumour I've lost the touch sensation in my finger tips. Muscle memory showed I could still put my fingers in the right place but I couldn't get the same sound due to the change in my pressure. So now I'm learning piano because I can still feel the bottom two parts of my fingers. Determined that music will still be part of my life. I love having music as part of my prayers.

    • Tausha Berry
      Tausha Berry

      I will keep u in my prayers. Keep on keepin on !!! You got this !! Xoxox

    • Semper Paratus
      Semper Paratus

      I'm sorry to hear that, I had to get a brain tumor removed a few years ago and am having problems as well. Hope the best for you.

  • BigHeartedMan65

    jiggin with jordan is giving away his truck as well ..

    • Jagger Johnson
      Jagger Johnson

      Loads of youtubers do that and I cant figure why, tax reason? No idea maybe they just got that much money

  • YT-SpookyRPGz

    I love ur vidz ur music inspired me to do more with my life thanks Yee Yee

  • Ben Kabbeke
    Ben Kabbeke

    Really enjoy these podcasts just listening to your stories is really inspiring and loving the progress on the c10 cant wait to see it finished

  • Kamden Rhodes
    Kamden Rhodes

    who else shouldn't be up right now

  • Candy O
    Candy O

    Win it for my son

  • Candy O
    Candy O


  • Candy O
    Candy O


    • Kamden Rhodes
      Kamden Rhodes

      nah 6 am is bedtime


    Yee Yee

  • truckin man
    truckin man

    hey man love the videos and the music keep up the good work.

  • Kris Faraday
    Kris Faraday

    Love this content