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  • Miko1408

    What’s the yee yee apparel password

  • Bloodsong_the_Wolf

    The Way of the Yee is a religious belief , not recognized by the dogmatic veiw of the city boy, it's an ol' country legend

  • Mary Lindsey
    Mary Lindsey

    I love this story we watch all the Smiths and your music and yee yee on you tube and we always order different things from yee yee apparel and the hats are very comfy and tshirts feel so good and I got me a pair of yee yee boots and they feel so good… we love watching your family and I pray God continue to Bless y’all 💞🙏🥇

  • Lucas Stanley
    Lucas Stanley

    When will you be hosting the next yee yee day?

  • Mike Donnell
    Mike Donnell

    Great video bro. Been chasing the same dream for 12 years now... Best part is the 26 thumbs down haha Haters gonna hate

  • Theresa Davis
    Theresa Davis


  • John Gorman
    John Gorman

    Everytime I watch one of your family videos, I'm so glad my son sent a link and said "watch this" and that was it, hooked!!! Thank you for sharing your family with us, God has definitely blessed us by bringing us you and your family!

  • Charlee Jones
    Charlee Jones

    YEE YEE. I love your music, and your are, and thus video makes it undeniable, one the most God to honest good moraled person, and also what a true Texan is to. I know that I myself live on a big ranch off of 2657 in Texas. God bless you Granger Smith., and your family. I heard about you son, River, and u am very very sorry for y'alls loss. Stay safe y'all.

  • Adam Schneider
    Adam Schneider

    It breaks my heart still over what happened to his little boy

  • Kayla Lively
    Kayla Lively


  • oSapling

    Why do I find this video sad.

  • BubbaBigTenn

    My dad makes Yee Yee boxes does that count? lol

  • pat fair
    pat fair


  • Rak 1776
    Rak 1776

    Most American thing I’ve seen in a long while. There’s hope in Yee Yee nation🇺🇸🇺🇸. God bless!

  • Edward Morrow
    Edward Morrow

    Still don't know WTF Yee Yee is....I may be old but Yee Haw is what we say in my generation. I'm probably gonna get a ton crap for this comment but let me know please

  • Disko Daddy
    Disko Daddy

    You lost me when Jimmy Kimmel showed up in this video. You say you don't want to be political. But country has no place for virtue signaling leftists like Kimmel. If I were you, I'd steer clear of pinkos like him.

  • Chris Frey
    Chris Frey

    Do you no Macy smith

  • Willard Cupit
    Willard Cupit

    Yee Yee faithful feel nation,teach of all things are possible if got God, faith in Refreshing family life,with a Christian family life and not being afraid to say it on the media of Facebook, and ALgone. Yee Yee down to earth 100% country proud to be it,living in America.Home Of Brave,men and women that serves our country give there all keep us safe. Yee Yee cry shout of being free,being a Christian, being a parent and a husband, To help others see all things are possible if got God in it. To share testimony if all God,and Christ the Savior,give you family,your friends,to to serve Jesus Christ and God ,always. He,take high of anything tried get high on .God Almighty faith highest you have in heart body and soul.

  • Fischer Crosby
    Fischer Crosby


  • cummins198389

    Granger you are a great man. In the words you f one of my favorite Rodney Atkins songs, You’re Doing It Right!!

  • Angela Updike
    Angela Updike

    God bless you

  • CalGunNutz

    Beautiful Brother. God bless you and the family as well as YEE YEE nation. 🇺🇸🗽🦅👍🏼💪🏼

  • Skip Degraff
    Skip Degraff

    Run for president in 2024

  • Joseph Olivo
    Joseph Olivo

    Yee Yee Brother

  • Cindy Suminski
    Cindy Suminski

    You are a God send to the world...You are down to earth and honest and we need that more then ever...Keep up the Great Work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Minter
    Chris Minter

    That is a really cool story, I stumbled across Granger looking for truck videos due to my interest in old trucks. Didn't know the back story, now I want a hat!

  • Austin Lewis
    Austin Lewis


  • The Real Ghost Tracker
    The Real Ghost Tracker

    when will the Yee Yee Energy come back?

  • Jake Stooksbury
    Jake Stooksbury

    Congrats for hitting 600k! Who else has been a subscriber since he had 100 subs?

  • Fully Envenomated
    Fully Envenomated

    Its yee haw not yee yee

  • V10 AL
    V10 AL

    Yee yee nation

  • Cindy Gierisch
    Cindy Gierisch

    No Thank You.. Awww I was tearing up on this one... We Love you all Your Family is Amazing and so Full of Love... :-) YeeYee !!!

  • 1 of HIS
    1 of HIS

    Do not take the V it is the MARK

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry


  • Bradley Beek’s Adventures
    Bradley Beek’s Adventures

    You earned everything you have in your life now, your a influence to all that is following their dreams, your proof it is possible! 💯🇨🇦🇺🇸 YEE YEE!

  • Josh S
    Josh S

    Awesome 🤘😎

  • Mike Sammons
    Mike Sammons

    I just to say thank you for everything. I went from listing to a few songs here and there. Then my wife took me to the Fulton County Fair in Wauseon Ohio to see you. You put on an amazing show! My 7 year old son takes my phone and watches your channel and Music Videos, and absolutely loves your music . You are a very humble man! May God continue to bless you and your family!

  • Brian and Crystal Gibson
    Brian and Crystal Gibson

    Granger and his whole family are the greatest thing to happen to country music. YeeYee nation loud and proud.

  • Jacob Dillard
    Jacob Dillard

    When are we gonna see the rest of the truck rebuild??

  • Country living with the bateman's
    Country living with the bateman's

    I was crying after watching that. You have brought us together and for that I am greatly appreciate all that you share with us. YEE YEE is who we are!!!

  • Rad Reeling Fishing
    Rad Reeling Fishing

    Very inspirational video. Congratulations on your success. Your hard work is paying off in so many ways.

  • Francesco “frank” Allavena
    Francesco “frank” Allavena

    You are such a Good Person Granger... Keep going! Good Job! The future has lots of surprise for you! Greetings from Italy!

  • Jaime Dowland
    Jaime Dowland

    you post this on my birthday my name is Jaime

  • Joshua O'Brien
    Joshua O'Brien

    Yee yee

  • Morgan Hatling
    Morgan Hatling

    I just bought tickets to a show and a meet and greet and I am so excited! I can not wait to meet this awesome guy and hear his music live for the first time. YEE YEE!!

  • Connie Bennett
    Connie Bennett

    That was very sweet.

  • KingFisher

    im pretty sure Granger Smith is the greatest thing to happen to Country Music since Johnny Cash!

  • Waylon

    We love u and your family brother!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Wyatt Roose
    Wyatt Roose

    Thank you! Yee Yee

  • Janna Carter
    Janna Carter


  • Nate Neumann
    Nate Neumann


  • Lew YM
    Lew YM

    Wow!!! Love you Granger and the rest of your Smith Family!!!!

  • Reba Country
    Reba Country

    You guys have boots now??!?! That's awesome!!

  • Porter Valley Ranch
    Porter Valley Ranch

    Amazing! The journey has been fun to watch. Hope to join one of those crazy Yee Yee Days someday.

  • Kaide Heim
    Kaide Heim

    I have two words for ya YEE YEE!!

  • Sherri Jo Winslow
    Sherri Jo Winslow

    I started following The Smith's because I was/am such a big fan of your music! Now i'm obsessed lol I have to watch everything you guys put out! I love Amber and the kids, and the life you all lead. I hope you are around for a very long time, I can't imagine you guys not in my life! Yee Yee!!

  • Kathleen Miller
    Kathleen Miller

    I am so happy to be a part of such a great community with Yee Yee Nation!

  • Margaret McCarthy
    Margaret McCarthy

    It is evident for all to see God’s influences and presence in your lives. Praying His protection & goodness on each of you♥️

  • Kaitlyn McNally
    Kaitlyn McNally


  • Adson e Alana
    Adson e Alana



    God bless you sir and ur family . You truly are a amazing human... YEE🇺🇸🇺🇸YEE

  • Melissa Green
    Melissa Green

    So humbled♥️

  • Joan Lovelace
    Joan Lovelace

    Bless you Mr Smith.

  • Nutrishop Kearney
    Nutrishop Kearney

    Who else said “Yee Yee” right after the video ended?

  • Fresh Fowler
    Fresh Fowler

    YEE YEE!!💯🇺🇸💪🦅🗽

  • Bueno Kostiuk
    Bueno Kostiuk

    Wow... American Dream, keep your roots Mr. Smith. Hats off. Long time fan, took my boy when he was 6 to see you at Armada Fair. We still talk about it!

  • Mr1981pete

    yee yee was the seed that grew in fertile soil

  • Bro haug
    Bro haug

    I love you moosick

  • Saul Villa
    Saul Villa

    i love your music my favrote one is baseball and mexico one good job keep it up yee yee

  • Billy Bearbox
    Billy Bearbox

    YeeYee is something that is for family and something to remember. Also it is something to listen to and to cherish in connection with God. That is what I believe YeeYee is.

  • Marcus Ehrhart
    Marcus Ehrhart

    Amazing!!!!!!! Please Keep The Good Vibes Coming!!!!! The World We Live In Needs It!!!!

  • gunnlover

    Everything happens for a reason and these are all things that have become Blessings for you man 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • L Ward
    L Ward

    Hey Granger i love this so much. It gives me, a newish fan an insight more on you.. very well done young man!

  • Farm and Ranch Hacks
    Farm and Ranch Hacks

    Documenting the journey - so much of why we started our channel. Congrats!

  • gimmpy91

    Yeeyee brother ❤️

  • Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter
    Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter

    I'm a silent supporter cuz I am poor and haven't had a phone till about a yr ago... Honestly still hate these things!!

  • Cornerstone Farm
    Cornerstone Farm

    Yee yee

  • Carl Becker
    Carl Becker

    U did all the work bro we just love ur content from the music to the vlogs btw wanna send amber a early happy mother's day

  • Pam McCrary
    Pam McCrary

    Thank You for your music, but most importantly your Faith! God gave you gifts that you share with us! Your doing great Dad!✝️🕊💜🌹

  • Dean Richardson
    Dean Richardson

    Amen. People, just try to understand. Wonderful world. Thank you

  • The Mac’s
    The Mac’s

    You are rocking it! We’re huge watchers of y’all with the smiths . We’re vlogger farmers and always love to watch! Congrats man

  • Jennifer Roantes
    Jennifer Roantes

    This video says it all...great job

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.


  • Cameron G
    Cameron G

    Yee yee 🇺🇸

  • C Moore76
    C Moore76

    Full sends only brother Keep on keeping on

  • B I
    B I


  • Keith Reilly
    Keith Reilly

    Wish you made boots my size but like 99% of cowboy boots nope

  • Treven Butler
    Treven Butler

    Thank you for all you do we will be there to see your show in Lampe, Mo. My son is extremely excited!!!

  • Faith Frommyhart
    Faith Frommyhart

    I seen George straight for the first time in 1996 and he blew me away!!! Nobody sounds like theirselves when they are live except George straight!!! I was 16 and I would blast his card collection straight out of the box cds from my truck!!! The best days ever!!! Yee yee!!

  • Daniel Malone Jr.
    Daniel Malone Jr.

    This is my first exposure to this guy all from googling yee yee

    • Maddinn Hocker
      Maddinn Hocker

      Yeah his music is really good

    • Danno

      His music rocks, check out his podcast and the smiths family channel 👍 YeeYee

  • J James
    J James


  • Elizabeth Pierski
    Elizabeth Pierski

    I am not city I am country. I started listening to your music sece I was 7 but now I am nine.

  • Nick

    I love granger i wish i can work for him! And more importantly i wanna meet you.

  • Elizabeth Pierski
    Elizabeth Pierski

    Yee yee!

  • Elizabeth Pierski
    Elizabeth Pierski

    Your the best country singer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • egomaniac247

    You are America, Granger. This is what America is supposed to be.

  • Sherrisse Baliguat-Pinacate
    Sherrisse Baliguat-Pinacate

    That really comes down to show how amazing God truly is! Granger you’re such an amazing musician, father, and influencer! I’ve heard about you because of an acquaintance blasted country music in my car. Then eventually I scrolled through different country artists and you were one of them. I fell in love with If The Boot Fits and Backroad Song. Then somehow, I saw you posted on your IG that you vlogged so I instantly subscribed and started watching your vids, I didn’t know you had Yee Yee apparel aswell until the vlogs and now i always get excited whenever there’s anything posted from you guys! You and Amber have given many wisdom in my heart that I share in my church I attend to and to my friends from around the world aswell. You guys are amazing! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Gary B
    Gary B

    Hey, I'm an old man, had heard the your name & label; but had never looked at you. HAVE now & I like what i see & hear. keep the faith as your family grows.

  • Angela Holloway
    Angela Holloway

    The Smith's are absolutely the most giving, kind and loving families. Thank you all for all you do!! Can't wait to see what the future has in store for you all. God Bless You all and The Yee Yee apparel workers and there families as well. Love you all. ❤❤🎉🎉

  • Rural Rescue Life
    Rural Rescue Life

    So inspiring!!! I want to recreate this one day! xoxo