We went MUDDING on a school bus! (with Westen Champlin)
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  • John Reaves
    John Reaves

    I saw this on Westin channel and then started watchin the Yee Yee

  • Bryce Keeney
    Bryce Keeney

    This video makes me grin ear to ear!

  • Brandon Sholter
    Brandon Sholter

    Next thing we now he’s gonna put a 24valve Cummins in the damn school bus

  • Jims drones and rc's
    Jims drones and rc's

    You guys look like yall have so much fun id love to meet both of you guys would have to be a good time sadly being a cancer survivor twice over but was left with a brain tumor and a seizure disorder and unable to work so I now live on a very small fixed income and could never afford to drive or travel to the next state lead lon half way across the country. Thanks for sharing Granger.

  • Xbox Clipz
    Xbox Clipz

    Lift it you won’t

  • the fox gaming
    the fox gaming

    Western Champlin I love your content

  • P Roller
    P Roller

    I hunt on thatcher drummonds property in pawhuska Oklahoma. Love that place!

  • Pepper405 O
    Pepper405 O

    You can’t make this up, school bus cruising in a Wal*Mart parking lot...Now that’s to much fun, Country! 🤣😂😅🤣

  • Forest Guyton
    Forest Guyton

    Hop on the magic school bus

  • Morgan Welch
    Morgan Welch

    Westens brother looks just like westen

  • zack nelson
    zack nelson

    Should of put the smokestang in your diesel music video

  • Roper Boggs
    Roper Boggs

    Yee. Yee

  • Sandra Reagle
    Sandra Reagle

    Hahahahaha most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen... but I like it. YEE YEE!

  • Jacob Fulton
    Jacob Fulton

    YEE Yee!

  • dragon3223

    Your late for school!

  • Offroad king Leary
    Offroad king Leary

    All I can say is that Mustang was screaming out bald Eagles YEEE YEEE

  • darkstarnolight

    I've driven school buses for going on 11 years plus im a mechanic and heavy equipment op, it really is fun to drive a school bus, they do alot in shit situations if you have the training and know how... When in doubt throttle out!


    i have no yard lol bring it

  • Guadalupe Maa
    Guadalupe Maa


  • shadow Rider wolf pack
    shadow Rider wolf pack


  • caleb carinci
    caleb carinci

    Oh god 😂

  • Robert Brady
    Robert Brady


  • Waldo C
    Waldo C

    I seen Weston's channel and now I get to see the other version of this video.

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson

    Where was this mustang when you filmed Diesel?

  • Thomas Hill
    Thomas Hill

    Can we hang out granger yee yee

  • Darren Pendergast
    Darren Pendergast

    Westin you need a weekly video bud! Love your content but ive watched everything in one weekend!

  • Michael Reszke
    Michael Reszke

    Big Westin fan here checking out your channel now.

  • Cindy Gierisch
    Cindy Gierisch

    Hellzzz Yea... YEEYEE !!!

  • TomsGoldDirt

    if something makes you yee ifs worth doing again yee yee

  • Weslee Miller
    Weslee Miller


  • Weslee Miller
    Weslee Miller


  • Weslee Miller
    Weslee Miller

    Great video.

  • Pam McCrary
    Pam McCrary


  • Joseph Peoples
    Joseph Peoples

    Did anyone else get this in their recommended videos while watching the original Westen Champlin video?

  • Kacee Wagner
    Kacee Wagner

    Love love the whistling sound the mustang pushed out.

  • Jerimiah Phipps
    Jerimiah Phipps

    I thought that's how all of us kansans drove buses. Haha that was great.

  • Tara Lain
    Tara Lain

    Wow I the mustang! And it looked like a good time on the bus 🤣😂

  • The OB Boys
    The OB Boys

    ha yes sir

  • BITE ME YouTube
    BITE ME YouTube


  • Scott Schufreider
    Scott Schufreider

    Who knew school buses are great for off-roading!

  • it’sDylan Hawkins
    it’sDylan Hawkins

    i came from your tic toc

  • Brenda Smith
    Brenda Smith

    Where is his YEE YEE! stickers

    • Erik Davidson
      Erik Davidson

      Hello Brenda

  • Sutton Griffin
    Sutton Griffin

    I wish Westen was my bus driver (if I rode the bus to school)

  • Ryan Spangler
    Ryan Spangler

    You said he spells his name with a EN, well check the title. lol

  • Mrs. Wyatt
    Mrs. Wyatt

    I drove a school bus for a few years in the small town I live in on dirt roads and mountain tops . I use to dream of turning it into a lifted mudder. Sometimes I would hit the semi flooded roads a little hard and create a tidal wave. The kids loved it.

  • NoobArmyRBX

    I live in Kansas

  • Duke E
    Duke E

    Just up the road from my town, heck yeah! YEE YEE!

  • Nascarmomma M
    Nascarmomma M

    Crazy...but looked like a blast. 👍🏻👍🏻. ~ Texas

    • Erik Davidson
      Erik Davidson

      @Nascarmomma M Nice to hear,where are texting from?

    • Nascarmomma M
      Nascarmomma M

      @Erik Davidson I’m blessed.

    • Erik Davidson
      Erik Davidson

      Hello how are you doing my friend?

  • Kevin's full sends
    Kevin's full sends

    I've AFISHALY decided to paint YEE YEE LIFE on my ski helmet.

  • Amber Morris
    Amber Morris

    Think I’ll see if I can talk my school bus driver into doing this 🤣🤣

  • Flyaway Slinky14
    Flyaway Slinky14

    Mannnn Weston is one lucky guy

  • NFN Honey Badger
    NFN Honey Badger

    You need to put the smoke in the music video of diesel

  • uzi 589
    uzi 589


  • Kyle Robinson
    Kyle Robinson

    I love Westinghouse. Somehow the worst situation he has a comedic outlook on it. Always laughing and having a good time no matter what

  • Hudson Feierabend
    Hudson Feierabend


  • Michael Benoit
    Michael Benoit

    I hate the stupid music in these videos.

  • Jake Savoie
    Jake Savoie

    Yee yee

  • frankie brunson
    frankie brunson

    I want that car

  • Myki 426
    Myki 426

    I'm so happy God created people like us. Down home country fun. Yee Yee!!

  • Erika G
    Erika G

    Dude, the mustang looked like it was on fire! That was Awesome!

  • Chandler Frazier
    Chandler Frazier

    Meh, ive seen one of my buddies come thru a windshield while riding on the hood of a truck at the river.

  • Laurie Leis
    Laurie Leis

    It looks like you all had fun. The big difference between boys and men are the price of their toys.

  • Lisa McGrath
    Lisa McGrath

    Oh my word, YeeYee😬🤣

    • Erik Davidson
      Erik Davidson

      Hello Lisa

  • onelucky369369

    Wow it feels like all the you tube channels i watch granger Smith watches to wow crazy stuff

  • Squirl Boy (Squirlboy)
    Squirl Boy (Squirlboy)

    Sorry Granger I gotta unsub for a minute so Westen will come tare up my yard and hit my house I'll be back. LOL JK. Pretty cool seeing this side of this Westens video. God bless ya'll I hope ya'll have an amazing day.

  • Meliah Cox
    Meliah Cox


  • Chad's Garage
    Chad's Garage

    Pretty crazy seeing this lol I used to drive a bus just like that lol

  • Jacob Confer
    Jacob Confer

    Westen is always fun to watch!

  • Brandon Swendsen
    Brandon Swendsen

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this hard watching a ALgone video 🤣

  • Evelyn Buckle
    Evelyn Buckle


  • Jim Schroeder
    Jim Schroeder

    you guys sure seem to be having a good time I know I laughed a lot

  • Annette Elizalde
    Annette Elizalde

    Pretty nice to see a bus out playing in the mud. Looks like you were having fun, men and the need for speed 😉. Blessings 😇

    • Erik Davidson
      Erik Davidson

      Hello Annette

  • Aaron Steele
    Aaron Steele

    Love the collabs Granger! Awesome seeing you and other u-tubers that I watch together. Might I say a visit with Cleetus at the Freedom Factory in Florida is much needed. Talk to Matt (demo) and Im sure he could set that up!....good people!

  • William Kakoma
    William Kakoma

    I wish the mustang was in your diesel music video yee yee

  • Leann 49
    Leann 49

    Holey cow what a video.

  • Slinging Smoke
    Slinging Smoke


  • Ford PowerSmoke
    Ford PowerSmoke

    Honestly never thought of these guys making a video with one another. My sub list is slowly merging together. This is great.

    • Slinging Smoke
      Slinging Smoke

      algone.info/slow/video/n3Ca02h4coCJlYE y

  • Preston Palmer
    Preston Palmer

    you need to go look up on youtube "diesel brothers Freedom Bus" it is a beast

  • Angela Holloway
    Angela Holloway

    Thanks for sharing. Granger you looked like you were having a blast. Great big smiles.

  • Micah Norris
    Micah Norris

    Crazy, that's where I live!!

  • Farmer Kid
    Farmer Kid

    My friend sent me the til tok on this but this is more intense than I thought

  • Shane Koehn
    Shane Koehn

    What is the name of your intro and outro song

  • Cassi Bause
    Cassi Bause

    Man to be one of the lucky kids that got to sit in the back seat on that bus😂

  • Leonard Bixler
    Leonard Bixler

    Actually that mustang will do a better burnout than demo Matts car.

  • Danny Judge
    Danny Judge

    “Red racing machine” Whistlin diesel: “red??”

  • Ian Lynch
    Ian Lynch

    The Mustang is the best thing I've ever seen but the environmentalists are probably going confiscate it for polluting the air.

  • just chill
    just chill

    Your the absolute best I'm your biggest fan ever

  • Rice Farm
    Rice Farm

    That is the best bus driver I’ve ever seen

  • Rusty Zipper
    Rusty Zipper

    I stumbled on Westen’s channel when he only had a few thousand subs. I instantly knew that he’d be a hit. I didn’t think he would actually finish the the Mustang as he’s got quite a few unfinished projects but that would be the only Mustang that I would own!

  • William Arner
    William Arner

    Cool, I follow westen and he really does some incredible projects!

  • Robert Durkin
    Robert Durkin

    Yeeyee.. Joyride ! Collection in the school bus and fun!!!!😃😃😃

  • Alain Legal
    Alain Legal

    I watch Westen all the time. I saw his video of you there too. Great video. YEE YEE

  • Trevor Long
    Trevor Long

    You should do a video with b price #it’llbuff

  • Jaycob mck
    Jaycob mck

    If you do a another diesel music video you have to bring the smokestang

  • Joy Nichols
    Joy Nichols

    I had a red mustang and it was not that pretty or fast. (1966)

  • Deb Bohl
    Deb Bohl

    Granger that was freaking awesome. YEEYEE Love y’all

  • Geffenleffen

    Bigger lift kit and bigger swampers and you are laughing.

  • Joe Knowski
    Joe Knowski

    Love how Granger isn't afraid to just get into a vehicle with someone and have them send it

  • Diggity

    This was gucking AWESOME!!! This dude's the shizzz!!!

  • C Creations
    C Creations

    When is the Monster max 2 going to be ready