Time to change careers?
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 53.
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  • Bass Rohn
    Bass Rohn

    I am literally listening to this with Raycons right now. Highly recommend!

  • kyle kneale
    kyle kneale

    To me yee yee coffee would be that crisp fall morning air when elk huntin and then an elk bugaling over top the frost, to me its a small block chevy starting up in the fall with a 4 barrel and glass packs high idling in the driveway with that sweet carburetor smell, its our national anthem being played before events, its the crack of a rifle down a canyon, its the sound of the fly from the fly rod hitting the water over and over again, its the fresh smell of pine on that Christmas tree you and the family just harvested, its the first snowfall of the year, its sound and smell of a two stroke snowmobile on a cold morning to me that is yee yee coffee

  • Joe Hulen
    Joe Hulen

    Thanks for the great advise Granger, god bless

  • Cassidy

    NODAK all the way, great start to the podcast when you hear your small forgotten about state!!

  • Kathy Mccallister
    Kathy Mccallister

    Please don't ever stop signing one day you be as big or bigger than luke Bryan I know you will and so do all your fans... I need I want and have to have your truck it would be the world to me ..i love you and your family so much

  • Celtic

    Go to FRANKLINS!! Have you tried Salt Lick in Round Rock, TX When you make it back to Arizona, y'all gotta hit up Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix near Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. I need to stop talking about BBQ 🤤

  • Daniel Appel
    Daniel Appel

    Hey Granger Got a question for one of your next podcasts or whenever you gonna answer fan questions again: what happened to your band back from the beginning (watching all the old videos beginning 2008 on your ALgone channel)? Seems like you had bunch of fun 😂😝👍🤠🇺🇲 came a long way, proud of your journey!! Yee Yee from Germany 🇩🇪

  • TxRayner

    Snow's for brisket hands down. Mrs. Tootsie has the skills.

  • random videos gaming
    random videos gaming

    You officially made it grainger I got a the smiths ad on your video. Best believe i watched the whole ad.

  • Kevin Frendt
    Kevin Frendt

    As a BRCC Monthly Member, I would be all over a Yee Yee Flavor!

  • Cara Aeschliman
    Cara Aeschliman

    Granger, I have always agreed with your advice in the past. But the advice that you gave to the young man asking if he should get married young, well, I just don't agree with what you told him. I was 18 when I got married and my husband was 19. Very similar story to this boy, neither of us were interested in college or partying. We accidentally got pregnant a year into marriage. I don't know what I would've done with my life had I not gotten married and had a baby to love on. Best decision of my life. Sure, marriage is tough. But it will always be tough. You can't ask someone to date for 10 years! You know they would be living in sexual sin, and you can't condone that. I see no good reason to wait. I believe God intends people to get married younger, when our bodies are able to bear kids more easily and we can grow and learn together.

  • Alexander Sonnenberg
    Alexander Sonnenberg

    YEE YEE Coffee would be amazing! Black Rifle Coffee company is amazing and always deliver good coffee. It would be amazing to see a YEE YEE coffee

  • jean gully
    jean gully

    Love your podcasts ,your family,your honesty ,your humility! May you continue doing Gods will.

  • Loretta Havel
    Loretta Havel

    I've seen you twice in Reno my first show Valentine's day 2015 Amazing show!! January 2016 the show seemed off. Did something happen that night?

  • Nascarmomma M
    Nascarmomma M

    You are so real, sharing great wisdom! So enjoyed your podcast. ~ Texas

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    Some tough questions this time, but you always answer with grace and honesty. Great advice Granger! I'm from NC and we are very proud of our BBQ! Yee Yee 🇺🇲

  • Alexander Foulks
    Alexander Foulks

    I didn't think you'd be able to get to my question Granger! Much appreciated 👍

  • Twincamsrock

    To Austin, I've had both lives. I married at 22 and then again in my 30's. I wanted the wife and kids in my twenties and I should've waited. It let's you build a foundation to grow a family with real stability, financially and emotionally. I love my older son and I don't regret having him but his life would've been better had I waited.

  • Rebecca Robinson
    Rebecca Robinson

    Hey granger can u please not leave music I love ur songs u and ur songs make me feel better when I am down and I whould realy be down if u quit

  • Darryl Roeder
    Darryl Roeder

    From Louisville KY, ate at Pecan lodge in Dallas Texas was one of the best barbecue restaurants! Completely different from KY.

  • LaJanice Sanderson
    LaJanice Sanderson

    What an amazing podcast! Loved the questions but better yet your answers Granger! You and Amber are such a blessing to so many people with questions that are probably hard for other's to ask someone close to them for honesty. Nice job. I absolutely needed to hear some of the answer's to a few of the questions today. Even though some of the thing's I've already been through. It helped to clarify some things in my mind.

  • Stevie Celey
    Stevie Celey

    Yes. Collab with BRCC...it would taste like America. Lol.

  • Tracy Devoy
    Tracy Devoy

    Another great podcast, Granger! You give thoughtful and wise advice.

  • Hunter Specht
    Hunter Specht

    I can't wait for the truck giveaway! I been wanting a truck for so long and never could afford one. Always have to call my family members or friend to help me move stuff or use the boat I was given to my grandpaw. YEE YEE!

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    Yee yee coffee should be a dark roast, like a round house from Chuck Norris to wake you up in the morning.

  • Stacy Fausett
    Stacy Fausett

    Your advice to wait to get married stinks! So they should date, live in sin together because we know that they won’t wait for marriage to have a physical relationship. You married at 30 but marrying at 19 means maturing together. Growing as a couple in the Lord. And having a longer life together and maybe more kids is a blessing in your forties enjoying grandkids. 10 more years, seriously Granger??? Kinda narrow minded.

    • Cara Aeschliman
      Cara Aeschliman

      I agree!! Dating for 10 years sounds like the worst advice that you could give someone, in my opinion.

  • Annette Elizalde
    Annette Elizalde

    Such a deep podcast, loved it. You never stop to amaze me in these podcast with your heartfelt answers, thank you I really enjoyed it. Blessings 😇

  • Robert Unwin
    Robert Unwin

    Yes!!!!!! I love Black Rifle coffee. I would buy Yee Yee coffee for sure.

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    One of my best friends at 17 yrs old impregnated his 15 yr old girlfriend. He is almost 62 now and still happily married with a beautiful and large family. They beat the odds for sure!!! Yee Yee coffee tastes like Cowboy Kent Rollins camp coffee!!! Yee Yee

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    Yes, to YEE YEE coffee Thanks for sharing your time. Hated when I had to stop listening this morning for work, but glad wrest I had this to look forward to after work. Blessings❤️

  • J S
    J S

    "Money or Time" sounds like a great song idea. That question is at battle in my life now. My expiration date is in about 10 years (now 50). This assumption is based on my parents natural death age and their parents. Downsizing is in planning stages to quit the corporate crazy life and live a rural country life. Willing to sacrifice things for time with family. Overall the balance of things is very critical.

    • Timothy Demarco
      Timothy Demarco

      Agree js

  • jessed23

    I'd love some YEE YEE Coffee on my next deployment! Also, I'd love a YEE YEE holster, that would be awesome! Any plans to do USO concerts in 2021-2022, Granger?

  • Angela Holloway
    Angela Holloway

    Thanks for being so open and understanding. ❤

  • Dylan McCrary
    Dylan McCrary

    The first time I saw you play I believe was 2014 in Charlotte North Carolina. If I’m not mistaken that was before you were “famous”. To this day it is still the best show I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot of performances. I’ll be seeing you when you come to Texarkana November 7th.

  • Erikson Jones
    Erikson Jones

    100% on board with a YEE YEE coffee flavor!

  • Susan Franzen
    Susan Franzen

    Save as much money as you can as you grow a baby. Then think about everything you can do to simplify your life and expenses in the near future...change how you spend, recreate, etc. Find what is important for your going forward.

  • Keith Reilly
    Keith Reilly

    Sometimes you get stuck and turn around it’s 30 years later your kids are all grown and you think what happened.worked on all the holidays as my job is taking care of the elderly. All I can say is that I tried the best I could.

  • Laura

    Wow Granger, giving that truck away is a big deal. I have sent a question to your gmail 😊

    • Leif Elliott
      Leif Elliott

      He’s a generous guy and he got an upgrade..God bless🙏

  • Yorkie Mom
    Yorkie Mom

    Thank you Granger. As I listen to your podcast today I had a God wink and had to send this to my son because you struck 2 common cords with what is going on right now in his life. You have wisdom and the ability to state exactly what needs to be said at just the right time. I can’t thank you enough for doing these podcasts on real life issues!❤️🙏. He just turned 29 and lives right outside of Georgetown in Belton, TX. Will see you at Johnny’s!

  • Jerry Copeland
    Jerry Copeland

    I love BRCC!! I currently have a sub for their AK coffee, ( an espresso roasted medium blend), but would love a dark blend espresso roasted. You could make that happen. Keep up the great work you and your family do for all of us.

  • Amanda Jo Fisk
    Amanda Jo Fisk

    I love all your characters and want to see more of all of them. Donny is awesome.

  • Backroad Freedom
    Backroad Freedom

    I really needed to hear this. Thanks Granger for all that you do. Have a wonderful evening my friend.

  • Carver Engraver
    Carver Engraver

    Trust is everything ...

  • McKenzie Anderson
    McKenzie Anderson

    Yes love black rifle! Pine flavor like someone else said would be awesome like drinking a well refined pine gum.

  • Braison Shelly
    Braison Shelly

    Can't wait for volume 2!!! Loved volume 1! Keep it up brother much love and God bless! YeeYee!!!!

  • Jimmy James Bailey
    Jimmy James Bailey

    YEEYEE from Watford City North Dakota

  • Tara Massey
    Tara Massey

    Jennifer I have had problems with my bonus children due to the biological parent talking down about me... keep doing what you're doing & he'll come back around to you

  • foxrace0985

    Yeeyee! I would buy yeeyee coffee ☕! I have no idea what it would taste like tho! Lol

  • Lisa D
    Lisa D

    I started listening to your ALgone channels after my oldest son started talking about you and Earl. He was recently involved in a life threatening car accident, and by the grace of God is still on earth with us. Listening to you and Amber have helped me though this. The Yee Yee fall launch happened on his 30th birthday and of course I had to order him something. He was thrilled. Keep being honest.

  • Deb Bohl
    Deb Bohl

    Granger I was told the best advertising is word of mouth so you are right. I love listening to your podcast. You’re the best don’t stop being who you are 💞 YEEYEE

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia

    Just moved from Texas to Germany, why why why😭

  • Dale Wentworth
    Dale Wentworth

    Drinking Black Rifle five alram right now!! If you guys got together it would tast like freedom should can't wait!! The bag does need a quote from Earl on it.

  • Tara Massey
    Tara Massey

    Granger/Austin I agree & disagree with getting married before 30. I was 25 when I got married we were engaged for almost 3 year's & tbh I wasn't ready to be married (I'm still happily married but it was really difficult the 1st three year's) I love my husband with my whole heart we've manage to get through difficult times that I've seen other marriages fail under similar circumstances. BUT on the other hand our oldest daughter got married at 19 (he was 21) they've been married 7 year's & still going strong. I believe it depends on the couple & the friend's (sometimes family) that you surround yourself with. It is something you and her need to be 110% open, honest, & agreed upon with no pressure on each other when it comes to marriage because it's not always fun but with the right person it'll be worth it

    • Leif Elliott
      Leif Elliott

      Great testimony...Thanks for sharing 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Blind to the Grind
    Blind to the Grind

    Yes yes yes on the Yee Yee coffee with Black Rifle!! They are amazing already!! I think it should be a pine type coffee! Starbucks had the juniper coffee not to long ago and my husband LOVED it!! It was like the mountain pines in your mouth!! Amazing!!

  • RebelRob34

    Regardless of what character you are doing, Parked Out By The Lake is a terrific song man, one of my favorites of yours. Top 5 for sure, up there with Sleeping on the Interstate and Blue Collar Dollars.

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Love these might take me half a day to listen to them all the way through but I make it happen!! Love you all yee yee!!

  • Chris Szpond
    Chris Szpond

    I would love to drink the YeeYee coffee. I love drinking black rifle coffee in the morning when I get to the jail for work and when I’m on the fire department.

  • Natasha Raguse
    Natasha Raguse

    Will Earl be coming back to Cameo in November?! My son will be turning 5, can’t wait to order a cameo for him! ♥️

  • TrishaQPTexas

    WOW! You are an amazing counselor! What great advice you gave to all those questions. ❤️🙏🏼 Also, about BBQ. You described the perfect brisket. I can take or leave the sauce but the beef HAS to be like you described. Crispy pepper crust, ymmm. Tender but holds together, absolutely. But falls apart on my tongue...a must. Ok the sauce has to taste like BBQ, not too tomato-y.

  • Michael Vanasse
    Michael Vanasse

    I think yeeyee coffee would be a dark and bold Flavor something that would wake up the average blue-collar American and keep them going through those rough hours in the early morning

  • Amanda Thornton
    Amanda Thornton

    Yee yee coffee is a great idea

  • Matt Ramirez
    Matt Ramirez

    BRCC👍 smooth light roast

  • Debbie Alexander
    Debbie Alexander

    To everything there is a SEASON! Ive been in my share of different "seasons" in my life! Thank the Lord that "HE" ALWAYS sees me thru! Some seasons of life are harder than others! I choose to keep looking up and know that GOD is Good! I pray I pass on to my daughter who is 15 years old to seek the Lord FIRST in all shes does! I've found the best place to be is in the "Will of the Lord. " Some "life lessons" are harder that others to get thru! THAT WILL BE DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE! Trust in the Lord

  • Janna Carter
    Janna Carter

    Really good sage advice on all the questions today! Wise heart Granger! Love all your shows and bought the new album! Can’t wait and super excited about the second half release! Keep up the good work! YeeYee!

  • Jasper Russell
    Jasper Russell

    YeeYee coffee would have to taste like Copenhagen and bud light. Lol


    i like that YEE YEE gun holster idea

  • Stan Colenutt
    Stan Colenutt

    Sure, everyone wants to say that time is more valuable than money. But the truth is that only people making a substantial amount of money ever ask this question or struggle with that question. When you can’t feed you family, or provide shelter, or clothe them I can assure you that money is the most important focus.

  • Steven Hurt
    Steven Hurt

    Granger I understand letting go of your truck it’s the number one thing I own I recently have had problems with my 2005 f250 power stroke and don’t have the money to fix it right now due to health problems but someday it kills me everyday I see it sitting in the front driveway

  • Lisa Lancaster
    Lisa Lancaster

    Great podcast as always. Have a great week and great advice on the waiting to get married.. I married at 19 by 20 we had 2 boys and it was very hard. In November we will be married 28 yrs 4 kids but I agree wait no rushing into marriage take time to grow and enjoy yourselves we made it but it wasn't easy and we are each others best friends and each others soul mates but we both agree when giving advice we say don't rush enjoy each other first ❤

  • Jennifer McClelland
    Jennifer McClelland

    YeeYee Coffee would be dark & strong - Country and bulletproof

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    Yay!!! That was my question!! Thank you for answering me. "Yee Yee Country Blend" is what it should be called ✌ I think it should taste like .... FREEDOM 🇺🇸 - Danae (Renee with a D from Illinois 😘

  • The Journeymen
    The Journeymen

    I’ll choose time over money any day.

  • Nothing to see here
    Nothing to see here

    The Yee Yee coffee needs to be a flavor you choose...original; like your music. Also, It'd be an honor to win that truck. You can come visit it any time you want. Keep it in Texas. Enjoying the podcast.

  • Billy Ray
    Billy Ray

    Health is wealth

  • Husker I AM
    Husker I AM

    I used to have an hour commute to and from work, I used the time to pray, and listen to the bible on CD's, I had a better mindset for work.

  • Tamy M
    Tamy M

    Granger, You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. That’s how we look at it. Love the podcast!

  • Tara Lain
    Tara Lain

    I would love to win that truck!

  • marshall warren
    marshall warren

    Someone stated in this video that these podcast with grangers family life and personal life makes people feel like we know the smiths and it does! Thank you for the podcast and the inspirational videos granger keep it up! YEE FREAKIN YEE!

  • Jerry Witt
    Jerry Witt

    Time with your family is most important 100%.

  • Slowed Timing
    Slowed Timing

    Money is materialistic and only brings moments of joy never happiness, Time is an illusion and isn’t real but realize what you have and make the best of the now

  • marshall warren
    marshall warren

    Hell yea,yee yee coffee! Just make it an original blend Or even better dip and beer! Haha

  • william simpson
    william simpson

    I tell everyone and I'll use their phone and I'll hit subscribe

  • Kelly Clawson
    Kelly Clawson

    Good morning, Granger!! I hope you had a great weekend. 💯 🇺🇸YEE YEE🇺🇸

  • MIchael Rivell
    MIchael Rivell

    Time or money.... still working on that one.

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray

    One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day! Dreams Do Come True! #GrangerPodcast #YeeYeeNation #LiveLikeRiv

  • Streeter Family Vlogs
    Streeter Family Vlogs

    Thanks granger for answering my question. That was awesome!!!!

  • Buck Outlaw
    Buck Outlaw

    When will YEE YEE white tails hat come back in stock

  • TwitchWater YT
    TwitchWater YT

    love you man aso pick money

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    Good afternoon from Cyprus ..love your music thanku love an god bless x

  • Rolling Loud Trucks
    Rolling Loud Trucks

    can’t wait to win the truck

  • Mel H
    Mel H

    Now I want BBQ at 6am. 😆 Another great episode!

  • mcdogg42

    Yee yee

  • Charmaine Ramsay
    Charmaine Ramsay

    That last bit of advice to keep pursuing him just clicked with me i think I needed to hear that thanks for the great advice Granger

    • Leif Elliott
      Leif Elliott


  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham

    Love your views. As a mom to a 13 year old boy myself I totally understand that talk 100 percent. Have a great Monday Everyone. Thanks again Granger for your Monday morning Podcasts ❤️

    • Leif Elliott
      Leif Elliott

      God bless🙏🙏

  • Jack Dean
    Jack Dean


  • Eric Cook
    Eric Cook

    You got me wanting some barbecue this early in the morning now I got to come to Texas and try the brisket LOL

  • Eric Cook
    Eric Cook

    I was in Texas about 20 years ago I ate in a restaurant and y'all did not have sweet tea . do y'all have sweet tea now or just iced tea. I'm from Florida and we like our sweet tea

    • Jeremy S
      Jeremy S

      When I first moved here from Gainsville, FL, about 20 years ago, no sweet tea to be found other than a couple places. Now, it's everywhere. Still not as good as tea back home

  • Andrew Ramirez
    Andrew Ramirez

    Good morning San Antonio Tx here, great show to listen to on my way to work!

  • Jake Jonesy
    Jake Jonesy


  • Robby Jarvis
    Robby Jarvis

    Granger I really really really NEED that truck buddy.. You can make a trip to beautiful south Georgia too!!!