The journey back from HELL
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 35 - Join me as I chat with America's deadliest sniper Nick Irving!
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Yee Yee Life:

  • corey murfitt
    corey murfitt

    Is that intro music a full song?

  • reaper ben
    reaper ben

    I'm a Country Boy and I don't see color. #ALLLIVESMATTER

  • random videos gaming
    random videos gaming

    I love how this dude has one of the sickest nick names I've ever heard but if I did not know that already I would have never knew.

  • Eric Craver
    Eric Craver

    Great podcast. A must watch

  • Carbonated_Fox_13

    Dang. Interview hit me hard. This was good!!

  • jrh4lo

    This helped a lot.

  • Virginia Stoneking
    Virginia Stoneking

    #Sniper. Love all your channels. To Sniper... I never thought my children would experience 3 world wars in our lifetime. My son is and always will b a proud Marine for life, my middle daughter was in the Army, my youngest brother and my son were both with Desert Storm at the same time. Thank you for your service Sir. I cant wait to buy Reaper on my kindle. Much love and blessings from Kansas city Missouri. 💖💖💖

  • John Sturges
    John Sturges

    I can watch this over and over again knowing that I also served overseas in a combat zone. Thanks Sniper for the words of encouragement and tip for dealing with the vision that are always in my head.

  • Terry Pendergrass
    Terry Pendergrass

    24:20 Nick, it doesn't make you less of a man to show emotions!!! You too, Granger! Man, when Granger got to that point I already knew where he was going! Enormous lump in my throat!

  • jjrice 23
    jjrice 23

    Just finished reading “Reaper”. Amazing book, Nick is an awesome dude and he’s done some great things for the US, thanks for ur service brotha 🙏🏻

  • Emissary Of Elohim
    Emissary Of Elohim

    I like the analogy between YaHUsHa and music. Btw, Nick shreds some sweet Hendrix style!

  • Chris Hankins
    Chris Hankins

    Thank you for your service sir

  • BornIn1500

    People think racism still exists because the media completely censors and ignores all black against white hate crimes and they put the rare white against black crime on the front page of every newspaper for a week. It's the far left media manipulating and brainwashing people to push an anti white racist narrative.

  • Gary Nolen
    Gary Nolen


  • Stacey Cordell
    Stacey Cordell

    Really enjoyed this interview

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Thank you for your service.

  • AngryMater13 LA
    AngryMater13 LA

    I absolutely loved this episode.

  • Tyler McConn
    Tyler McConn

    “Sniper” what an inspiration

  • Johnathon Barron
    Johnathon Barron


  • Dakota Chisholm
    Dakota Chisholm

    14:30 I’ve done that in the mirror before and it’s weird

  • Terry England
    Terry England


  • Scott St. Martin
    Scott St. Martin


  • Doug Kaelin
    Doug Kaelin

    Awesome podcast

  • Matt Webb
    Matt Webb


  • Matt Webb
    Matt Webb

    no diff balk or white can we just do! love all !

  • Nobodies The tiger
    Nobodies The tiger

    nick irving is not anywhere near the usa's deadlist sniper chris kyle is with 160+ confirmed kills still very badass tho

    • Jeff Mounts
      Jeff Mounts

      He's one of the deadliest snipers. 12:05 listen to it again.

  • SternTheMern

    Thank you Nick. Thank you and Granger thank you to man. Thank you for getting guys like Nick on hereand telling their stories. I'm also very sorry for your loss man.

  • Phillip Schillaci
    Phillip Schillaci

    "Sniper" Wow... the small glimpse into his story is so inspirational. Thank you for your service Nick. I'm going to read all of your books now.

  • Fancy Shoes Vlogs
    Fancy Shoes Vlogs

    I want this intro music as a full song.

  • Bigshowinachevy

    Sniper. Thank y’all for all that both of you have done and continue to do. You are both inspirational to many people. Keep the faith.

  • Bluevanu

    Nick and crispy, granger, lunkers, demo, mat best, Eli, Jared, all you guys.....y’all are special, you are great men among men. Thank you all for what you do.

  • Randy

    Talking about crispy 👌

  • Robert The Ledrobster
    Robert The Ledrobster

    Great interview!!

  • Stu Jobling
    Stu Jobling

    Sniper YeeYee

  • David Leonard
    David Leonard

    What podcast are they talking about being on, the date is June 4th 2019. Timestamp: 21:15. It sounds like it would be a powerful moment without even considering the context after we know what else happened that day. If anybody could help me find It I would be extremely grateful. Thank you. I mean no disrespect at all. I do not wish to be insensitive.

  • Kyle Turnbow
    Kyle Turnbow

    Nick Irving definitely seems like a cool guy to hang out with for an afternoon and have a conversation with. I listened to both the Reaper and The Way of The Reaper on audio book after he was on DemoRanch. Seems like a guy that can express his opinion in a well thought out and logical way with out just reacting. I completely agree with him on the social media points.

  • Yank UR Crank
    Yank UR Crank

    Amazing podcast you both gave me some great ideas for perspective to help with some current situations thank you.

  • Gary Lankford
    Gary Lankford

    Love yall

  • Gary Lankford
    Gary Lankford


  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S

    Sniper. Such an amazing podcast!! Love Nick!

  • Maggie Simon
    Maggie Simon


  • xiwsnoraa 89
    xiwsnoraa 89

    SNIPER!! man I'm prolly to late but I would give away one of my fingers or toes for that ha!!!!! Lol YEE YEE!!!!

  • YoLonda Warren
    YoLonda Warren

    Awesome podcast. Many races have suffered. American Indians, Black Americns. You really do not understand the suffering unless you read the history on a personal basis of their story. My family is Choctaw with my GGGG grandfathers that we're Choctaw Chiefs that traveled to Washington and met with the President. They worked for treaties. But what is said the government did not keep their word. We had family members that quit signing the Indian Roll because of the racist attitudes against Indians years ago. They wanted to be passed as white. I do think the violence and destruction are wrong. No answers here just a statement of my family's past.

  • falstar2020

    "Sniper" I know I am late for the drawing but I wanted to say how cool it is when "Texas ALgoners" do crossovers. I wouldn't have followed but for Demolition Ranch. Good to see Matt, Nick, Robert, Andy Rawls in each other's vids. I'm in Minnesota and don't see that up here.

  • LaJanice Sanderson
    LaJanice Sanderson

    Wow! Great Podcast. Missed this not sure how? Glad we have the option to go back and pick-up what we didn't hear.

  • Nate Sokolowski
    Nate Sokolowski


  • kevo mart
    kevo mart


  • Collin Culberson
    Collin Culberson


  • Cole Johnson
    Cole Johnson

    Sniper, gotta love nick!

  • Vicki Manning
    Vicki Manning

    Granger, thank you for hosting Nick. I so enjoyed listening to his opinions on what is happening to us in America. I agree with about how we have lost valuing the human being, just valuing each other’s soul. Got to get his books!! Thank you, Nick, for your amazing service!!

  • Ben Frazer
    Ben Frazer

    Nick is amazing, Crispy Lunker's all of them are real guys.

  • Palmer

    Why do y’all call him the deadliest sniper? He’s not well know for the top snipers

    • Palmer

      JK dudes a beast

  • K.C. Johnston
    K.C. Johnston


  • Jayhawk_Nation

    Chris Kyle!

  • Linda Chase
    Linda Chase

    Love listen to you too guys bless you both my prayers are you and your family's.

  • Megyn Schout
    Megyn Schout


  • Jake huey
    Jake huey


  • True Allegiance Flag Co
    True Allegiance Flag Co

    WHERE IN THE HELL HAVE I BEEN? looks like i have catching up to do..

  • Harley Mobbs
    Harley Mobbs


  • Tamina Bomba
    Tamina Bomba

    God bless you for your service. My husband is retired Army. My son is in the Air Force. I pray for our men and women in the armed services. Freedom isn't free. I am so thankful that my husband came home from all of his deployments. I am thankful that my son came home from his deployment. Lord be with you and your family.

  • wild outdoors
    wild outdoors

    americas deadliest sniper is bullshit title .please correct that .he has 33 confirmed kills ,chris kyle has over 150 confirmed kills ,five times more kill than nick .facts not fiction please

  • wild outdoors
    wild outdoors

    granger americas deadliest sniper ?.thats a huge disrespect to the late chris kyle who is americas most deadly sniper with confirmed kills .nick seems like a good guy but hes way back the list of american snipers on confirmed kills .you and some of your youtube buddys blow nick up to be something hes not

    • wild outdoors
      wild outdoors

      @ibanezdudeck first of all that was a well written response .no theres other american snipers still alive that have higher body counts .nick seems like a nice guy and he was a good sniper .but its hes youtube buddys thats blowing him up to be more than he is .and i do get that hes trying to make as much money as he can .but i hate when somebody is refered to or refers to them selfs as the best when facts shows other wise

    • ibanezdudeck

      I think 2 things may be true at once here. Kyle was America's deadliest sniper and is the deadliest in American history. Sadly, he's not alive any more. Irving may (I haven't seen anything contrary yet) be the deadliest still alive which would make him America's deadliest sniper right now. Deadliest of all time, no. Deadliest right now, possible but I'm willing to admit I'm not that well informed. Kind of like if Bezos died today. He'd still be the richest man of all time but he would no longer be the richest man in the world. It doesn't discredit him, it's just the circle of life.

  • Josh Laird
    Josh Laird

    Sniper!!! Your an amazing person Reaper

  • Jordan Lulham
    Jordan Lulham

    🇺🇸Sniper🇺🇸 Was a great podcast to watch and listen to. Nick Irving and Granger Smith are two awesome guys. And Granger your music helps me get through my rough times thank you. Yee Yee 🇺🇸

  • Dmcm333

    "SNIPER" What a great listen and incredible dude. Thanks for the show.

  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson

    Thank you for your service. Nick your a great American hero. I love your story and your pure attitude. God bless you brother.

  • Jamie R
    Jamie R

    Sniper! You guys are incredible.

  • soundthe Bells
    soundthe Bells

    "Sniper"! God Bless you and you family!

  • Rob M.
    Rob M.

    whats the song at 2:28 ?

  • nhobbs99

    Sniper. Awesome podcast

  • Richard Biter
    Richard Biter

    Sniper! Great video! Nick thank you for your service!

  • Ben King
    Ben King


  • eburnard

    Sniper Land of the free because of the brave 🇺🇲

  • Ceci Milova
    Ceci Milova


  • Chris Voss
    Chris Voss

    Technically isn’t Chris Kyle the deadliest sniper

    • Jason

      @wild outdoors Given Kyle's track record for embellishing stories aka shooting people in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina and the Jesse Ventura lie one has to wonder the true total but Kyle also had a very rich target environment to say the least and he never needed to lie one time, the fact he did tarnished what he did for our nation. I trust Nick more. I cracked up when I heard his rifles name.

    • wild outdoors
      wild outdoors

      correct chris kyle is americas deadliest sniper by a country mile .nick seems like a good guy but hes way back the american snipers list by confirmed kills

  • hunter davidson
    hunter davidson


  • Samantha Penird
    Samantha Penird


  • Liz Morrison
    Liz Morrison


  • junglejim8mm

    "Sniper" great podcast.

  • MrChadillac17

    SNIPER keep up the great work! Yee Yee!

  • Nic Hale
    Nic Hale


  • Erock 73
    Erock 73


  • Lori Fung
    Lori Fung

    "SNIPER" Hands down.... your BEST podcast to date!

  • Debra Hoffmann
    Debra Hoffmann

    Sniper - Love your podcasts

  • Pam McCrary
    Pam McCrary

    Great story! He's not alone my dad at 89has PTSD from Korea. With all going on in the world it gets worse. He has delusions that peopl are out to kill him. We had to take his keys away from him. Mom died in Sept. 2018 and he's so lonely now. I do all I am able to keep him going his eyes are failing and he still is out cutting wood and downing trees. He was a great mechanic and was in the motor pool in the Army. He is a Jack of all trades and master of them all. His dream was a Dairy farm and we had that in MN almost 10 years then moved to warmer climate in MO and feeder cattle until he retired. But still doing all his mechanical work. Life changes dreams evolve to new ones. So proud he was able to find peace and a place to live. Life is hard for all of our soldiers and even our Police and National Guards who may not have witnessed war but still living it sometimes in our Country. No one knows the horror our police have to face each day this life is a journey, our Sherriff's office was just called to action 7floaters were missing and they never made it to the meeting place. At 11PM. They found them all alive thank God but way down the river. They called out all of our area responders most all volunteer Firemen,EMT-P and First Responders as well as our Water Patrol it took them almost three hours with the help of the aircraft sent from the air rescueteam. They had gotten in a whirlpool that took them miles down river hanging on to trees to get stopped. It was a miracle they found them.

  • Logan Castro
    Logan Castro


  • Kyle Kerr
    Kyle Kerr


  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    Yes !!! That’s exactly how I do everyday the Positive 🙏🙏🙏

  • Michael Vanasse
    Michael Vanasse

    Sniper Thank you Nick for your service.

  • Lauren Tobolski
    Lauren Tobolski

    SNIPER good podcast Granger 🙌🏼 yee yee

  • zumalot

    Very awesome podcast, Granger. Needless to say, Nick Irving is a very impressive man and patriot. I enjoyed your discussion immensely. I long for a day where we all become color blind and just call each other by our names. The most important, everlasting color is red, the color of our blood,the same today as the red blood shed 2000 years ago by The King of Kings for the world. Have a great day!

  • Dennis T
    Dennis T


  • Bridgett Billington
    Bridgett Billington


  • Free American
    Free American

    Won't try a skateboard right now because my bones are older and don't recover like they used to. Roger that. I ride mountain bikes and one day I thought it would be a good idea to hit a jump and I wiped out and I was fine in the beginning but the next day I couldn't hardly get out of bed. No more jumps for me, if God wanted me off the ground he would have made me a bird

  • Jason

    “SNIPER”. Great podcast, keep it up! YeeYee!!

  • Carol Berry Steppe
    Carol Berry Steppe

    “Sniper” , really enjoyed this podcast. Thank u Nick and Granger.

  • Michael Masko
    Michael Masko

    Sniper. This was such a great interview. What is the best book that Nick wrote to read first?

  • jason stroup
    jason stroup

    Sniper..... a true american hero and all around honest and humble man. Wish him and his family the best on this earth. Thanks for your service brother

  • Craig Fox
    Craig Fox


  • Dillon Knapek
    Dillon Knapek

    Sniper... what a truly amazing and inspiring story from nick and what a great conversation between the two of you