The essential truck upgrade
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  • Ethan Bolay
    Ethan Bolay

    Hey can you put a ranch hand push bumper

  • Julian Francis
    Julian Francis

    to be honest getting a fully loaded truck , it should have a bed liner already in it...

  • Jon-Parker Dennis
    Jon-Parker Dennis

    Gooseneck ball hitch

  • Jon-Parker Dennis
    Jon-Parker Dennis

    Maybe a 5th gen cummins with a any level lift

  • Jeremy Price
    Jeremy Price

    Upgrade that ford (found on road dead) to a real truck like the chevy trell Boss we all know there's only one true truck brand and you know it's GM

  • Eric Satterthwaite
    Eric Satterthwaite

    Put an Edge chip on it!

  • Clean *fire* Music
    Clean *fire* Music

    I feel like you should buy a pries and cut off the back and make it a truck

  • Daisy Ward
    Daisy Ward

    I just love his truck

  • Steven Gentile
    Steven Gentile

    Trade it in for 2020 Silverado 3500 Duramax

  • Derrell Barlow
    Derrell Barlow

    A Flog front and rear bumper

  • Dakota Labrake
    Dakota Labrake

    Bumpers 5in straight pipe exhaust and tune and delete it

  • Hi My Name Is Laura
    Hi My Name Is Laura

    Got to be a air horn!!! 🤘

  • Stiles Fishing
    Stiles Fishing

    Ranch hand grille guard is a must

  • Glen Calhoun
    Glen Calhoun

    It needs the Any Level lift system and the use bedliner over the whole truck. It makes the body imortal off road and wont let it get keyed or banged up at your local wallyworld. Larger turbos, larger injectors, increased fuel pressure, better flowing intake, a more free flowing exhaust, water to air intercooler, propane injection for those times you need a lil bit of a boost in torque, a great programmer that will allow for tuning multiple drive modes, stronger axles & driveshafts, Mmats pro audio components sets for factory audio replacement with corresponding amps for mids & highs with a few 6.5" subwoofers hid under the back seat since midrange speakers can not recreate low range sounds (almost all audio has sound loss in factory audio set ups since the factory or even aftermarket kids are not capable of producing sound below 50htz or so depending on the speaker) led replacements bulbs for all factory lighting, led light bars for the front & back, front & rear facing cameras for snagging your trailer alone or watching your entrance/departure angles when 4wheeling if your really into offroading then leds & cameras for the wheel wells too, so you can watch your angles when crawling rocks or depth in water when hitting the mud. And after you finish with these few upgrades we can get started on the serious sμ!+. Lol. Keep up the great content bro.

  • Justin Beaudette
    Justin Beaudette

    What happened to Silverado bench seat😢😢

  • Ian Biddulph
    Ian Biddulph

    You should get an audio upgrade from As you have said that you mostly listen to demos and pre released music while your driving. Also with them being from where you went to college and got your first radio play it would be really nice.

  • Liam Lippard
    Liam Lippard

    All it meeds is a light bar under glow and a winch and yee yee on the side and a front grad and a weather guard box and spray the truck black bed liner on the out side

  • Noah Clark
    Noah Clark

    Ford BRONCO

  • Jason Beasley
    Jason Beasley

    Led lights

  • Uncle Boom
    Uncle Boom

    Bully Dog Plug in tuner for the next upgrade, get that thing up to 600 horsepower and 1500 pound feet of torque. Cooler truck would be Tremor package same truck or Limited trim of same truck.

  • Flamingo5

    Ram Rebel is a lot cooler than a ford

  • Winston Suggs
    Winston Suggs

    add yee yee paint

  • landon mcdaniel
    landon mcdaniel

    There’s a place in college station that does custom sub box’s, they do an amazing job. Check them out, mobile toys inc they’re also on Instagram

  • Austin reed
    Austin reed

    Flog bumpers flag poles from speed poles and flag from Flag and camo seat covers like the ones outlaw uses and a gun rack and a American flag yee yee sticker

  • Cole Kimbrough
    Cole Kimbrough

    Get rid of the fish bowl

  • Robin Raphael
    Robin Raphael

    Awwwwl dude ur wheel wells too shoot u missed out that was a ooops a daisy and the bottom 2 feet of the body but yeah bed is a must

  • scot8061 scot8061
    scot8061 scot8061

    Window tint

  • Kathy Mccallister
    Kathy Mccallister

    That is a city boys truck Earl going be pissed

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez

    its crazy thats my uncle doing your bedliner ! looks fantastic!

  • RobertTheBruce

    Toyota Landcruiser 79 series dual cab GXL

  • Liam Griffith
    Liam Griffith

    tint, chrome delete, color match or black out the grill, color matched door handles. Head lights, tail lights, and third break lights either color matched or smoked

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen

    You need led roof light and rock lights

  • Tobias Hoff Iversen
    Tobias Hoff Iversen

    The truck I find coolest is my 1944 GMC CCKW 353 B2 Edit: It is a 6x6 Military truck that belonged to the 3rd armored divison 45th medical battalion

  • Sherri Jo Winslow
    Sherri Jo Winslow

    I mean obviously you need the big Yee Yee decal on the back window! Change out the grill to black, make all the trim and everything the same black, it'll look so clean against the white!

  • Finley Reynolds
    Finley Reynolds

    I personally think that the 1995 Ford F-250 extended cab is a mean machine and upgrade that would be cool for your truck is a wrap that would be sweet YEE Yee

  • cody billings
    cody billings

    Demos 5 ton


    91-93 Cummins

  • Timothy Burnett
    Timothy Burnett

    change it to a dually

  • Jake Rigler
    Jake Rigler

    tint the lights and window

  • Landin Kleczka
    Landin Kleczka

    A truck better than this is a ford velociraptor 6x6

  • isaac barker
    isaac barker

    Toss an AMERICAN flag on there and a DONT TREAD ON ME YEE YEE flag

  • FortyBelowLife

    We just bought 2020 Ram granite crystal metallic 2500! Hemi all the way! Have you seen them Granger, have you felt the power? Come to North Pole Alaska and we will race😂😂 that’s awesome how they did your bed liner, we are getting ours done, but they can’t do it outside right now cause it’s -25 below zero😊 love your videos from ALgoners to ALgoners! Congrats on the truck, it pays off to work hard in life❤️♥️🥶

  • Daniel Maddox
    Daniel Maddox

    Just let @whistlndiesel borrow it for a few days and I’m sure he’ll make it one of a kind

  • Rugger Ray
    Rugger Ray

    Ford super duty. Best pickup on the market hands down. Yee yee. Love my 6.7 Powerstroke.

  • George Guerra Fishing
    George Guerra Fishing

    Off-road bumpers, winch, exhaust

  • Jacob Hensricks
    Jacob Hensricks

    Mabey put a FAT exhaust on the back make it role a tun of cole

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson

    Winn Dixie horn like the general lee


    Steel Bumpers, Roof rack, headache rack, brush guard, Toolbox, lightbar, train horn, and yee yee on the windshield

  • isaiah jewell
    isaiah jewell

    I think you should make it taller with 40's it would look amazing

  • Jon Ball
    Jon Ball

    It’s the coolest

  • Jonathan Hines
    Jonathan Hines

    ranch hand bumper

  • Michael Cooney
    Michael Cooney

    headlights and tailights change the look completely

  • R Bresnock
    R Bresnock

    Truck nutz and that’s it

  • Dalton Potter
    Dalton Potter

    It needs light bars and front bumper

  • TrishB17

    YEE YEE sticker or wrap on the truck, it’s missing that for sure.

  • jerry lawler
    jerry lawler

    You should put a light bar on it

  • Robert Evilsizer
    Robert Evilsizer

    Window tint

  • Kelsey Cameron
    Kelsey Cameron

    Ford raptor 2021

  • Kal El hafi
    Kal El hafi

    2021 duramax Denali 2500 kills this Ford.

  • wesley libby
    wesley libby

    first to begin with, u need to take them mufflers off, Make it way louder, Then after that, smoke out the taillights. yee yee

  • Elizabeth Goodman
    Elizabeth Goodman

    Pit some kc lights on it

  • noella baptist
    noella baptist

    You should make it like monster max from whistlindiesel ALgone page

  • george wittman
    george wittman

    With daylight savings, it’s going to be getting dark earlier...... soooo you need some lighting!

  • FireStanceGang

    Lightbar and grill and bumbers and tailights and headlights

  • Jay Trock
    Jay Trock

    First upgrade trade in for Dodge or Chevy.

  • Liberty Or Death
    Liberty Or Death

    Light bar bro, dual matte black stacks, body armor bumpers

  • Morgan Carson
    Morgan Carson

    You need to get a dometic fridge for the center console Nobody likes warm beer

  • Xd Pyro
    Xd Pyro

    You should take the splitter under the bumper off

  • Teresa E Williams
    Teresa E Williams

    Heavy duty bumpers and YEE YEE LIGO

  • s_p_a _n_g
    s_p_a _n_g

    up grade the millage on it and keep the oil changed.. put a roll-n-lock bed cover. take all the stickers off of it. like fx4. simple is better.

  • Dylan Brooks
    Dylan Brooks

    Ranch hand bumpers

  • Danielle

    I just say tint windows. I can't drive without tinted windows. Drives me nuts lol. And a yee yee decal :)

  • Deniale Steffen
    Deniale Steffen

    Tint the windows

  • Austin Draper
    Austin Draper

    My 1973 c20

  • GreenKnight Gaming
    GreenKnight Gaming

    He said a lot about the truck but what engine is in it

  • Karl Schupp
    Karl Schupp

    You have the best truck now! Granted, I'm a little biased, cause I build them and a good chance I have already driven yours! Lol....Love from Kentucky Truck Plant....YEE YEE !!!!!

  • Jake Fulton
    Jake Fulton

    Granger I'm out of Grand Island NEBRASKA I love everything you do and everything your about. I lost a friend Aug 8th of 2019 that introduced me to your stuff and your part of his legacy that I will help live on. GOD BLESS! And thank you

  • Colin Quigley
    Colin Quigley

    TOOL BOX!!!!!

  • Da Wrench07
    Da Wrench07

    Brush guard, or steal custom bumpers. A must in my opinion. Heck a custom headrack with Yee yee cut of steal welded to it. That'd be sick. And personally the coolest truck to me and will always be, that's not a square body even though I own 7. My 2004 ram 1500 big horn edition. Dad bought it new, and it's the first vehicle I've learnt to do maintenance on, drove, hotrodded despite dad telling not to. I got my license in it. On 223k and she still does everything I ask, and I'd trust her to make long drives still and of all the vehicles I own. She's everyone's favorite.

  • Jesus Silva
    Jesus Silva

    2020 ram rebel yee yee

  • Arnson Jessop
    Arnson Jessop

    You need to do flog bumper

  • AB Outdoors
    AB Outdoors

    Nothing beats the 2018 ram power wagon

  • Preston Millican
    Preston Millican

    YES!! 2020 F250 !

  • Hayden Kennedy
    Hayden Kennedy

    Color matched headlights and taillights also window tint!

  • johnson200gw

    Weather Guard tool box

  • scott bumby
    scott bumby


  • tbrown8790

    Ranch Hand replacement bumpers, front and rear. They’re a Texas company.

  • James Colton
    James Colton

    Steel bumpers, front and back. Ki k ass stereo. Cat back muffler for sound.

  • Willim Callow
    Willim Callow

    Big stereo

  • Tann Lords
    Tann Lords

    Ford f750 with the regular truck bed

  • Tann Lords
    Tann Lords

    You need a light bar on the roof

  • Jacob Hindman
    Jacob Hindman

    Either build or have someone build a rack on top and in the bed so that you can park the square body on it, similar to what some people do for the side by side mounts.

  • Lane Blount
    Lane Blount

    Next it needs some tint

  • Joseph Noland
    Joseph Noland

    A full replacement front bumper

  • Mattison Tierney
    Mattison Tierney

    A Truck bed cover would be useful I think.

  • Tagen McCoy
    Tagen McCoy

    GMC Sierra

  • andban92

    Trailer bed rack for light bar pointing into forward.

  • Maxwell Chatman
    Maxwell Chatman

    Chevy 3500 Alaskan snow plow edition because it has a spray lined interior floor so it don’t rust out up here in the north when you get in with snowy boots

  • David Bollerslev
    David Bollerslev

    Headache rack and tool box on the ford Roll bars and light on the old square body

  • Brysen Bailey
    Brysen Bailey

    You need the original Backrack and put YEE YEE in white on it