Stranger broke into my bus while I was sleeping!
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 58: The craziest thing happened to me while I was on tour! Find out what happened here on this week's episode!
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  • Sbf Performance
    Sbf Performance

    Geez ppl are crazy man. I tell ya she best be happy momma wasn’t on that bus because she would have flipped.... all that matters is your safe brother.

  • Austin The Hick
    Austin The Hick

    If I ever have a kid I’m naming him Earl Dibbles Jr.

  • David Hart
    David Hart

    Must not have been a real country fan

  • Kyle Vanderhoof
    Kyle Vanderhoof


  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    I don't know if it's in the comments, but a security camera in your room may not be a bad idea. Just for your own recollection if something ever happens again. Glad you are okay! Yee Yee 🇺🇲

  • Jeremy Doshier
    Jeremy Doshier

    Granger, those shows meant A LOT to the folks to got to see y'all play!!! Sucks that one shitbag fucked up your trust of your fans.

  • Lisa Lancaster
    Lisa Lancaster

    I finally got to listen to this whole podcast and WOW!! Scary and she is lucky you didn't pull out the firearm i have no other words just wow creepy!!! And to get in a car after being under the influence to go get a child i pray she didn't hurt anyone! Thank goodness that your okay how creepy and scary!

  • Tyler 10
    Tyler 10

    Put a lock on you bedroom door

  • Layla Goodwin
    Layla Goodwin

    One time my dad turn the TV off in my room and my sister came in Courtney and I ran out my room quietly I didn't rannoch tiptoed and when she was coming out of the kitchen I was hiding on the wall of the Holloway infant punched her twice right in the face

  • Linda LaFountain
    Linda LaFountain

    How very scary of what happened with someone breaking in your bus. Glad you were ok.

  • Rust Fighter
    Rust Fighter

    Just glad your okay granger jeez she a crazy bitch

  • Alisa K
    Alisa K

    Wow, you really can’t fix stupid! I believe charges should be pressed on her.

  • random videos gaming
    random videos gaming

    You honestly could have used your "Firearm" because what she did is called breaking and entering that is a perfect reason for self defense.

  • Sharon Hunter
    Sharon Hunter

    Time for cameras

  • Josh Harrington
    Josh Harrington

    This is definitely the first time I've ever heard sawmills mentioned on a podcast.

  • Patty Kochenower
    Patty Kochenower

    She needs to be locked up , she could of hurt you . So scary . I’m glad you’re ok !!!!

  • CrystalRenee Morgan
    CrystalRenee Morgan

    I am from Broken Bow and I'd like to say I am so sorry this happened. Not all of us are this way! Unfortunately, it has it's fair share of dope heads who are trying to take it over. It use to be beautiful, quirt and peaceful. And in a lot of places it still is (even though most still carry a gun for our own safety). On the behalf of the good people who are left, we are happy you and everyone on you bus is ok. And so sorry this happened! Be safe and God bless!

  • Angel Davis
    Angel Davis

    She was drunk and was headed from Oklahoma to Arkansas to get her kid? Wow, what a POS!! She needs to count her blessings her life was spared. Happy you are ok. Sorry this crap happened to you.

  • TrishaQPTexas

    I love to hear your stories. But that was just too scary! I've had a lot of training in emergency services. After the tornado in April, none of that kicked in until the next day. I was in shock. It paralyzes you. Maybe shock did the same to you, especially because you were asleep. Whatever, so glad you are safe. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🤗🤗🤗

  • chris curtis
    chris curtis

    Lets here the stories!

  • Judith Cartwright
    Judith Cartwright

    This could have been something bad. Creepy and so glad you are ok!


    Holy shit!! Glad everything turned out okay

  • Dorothy Conn
    Dorothy Conn

    That is soooo creepy!

  • Amadeo Plett
    Amadeo Plett

    DAMN you just answered my question!!!! Thanks man!!! I appreciate that sooo much!!!

  • Zach Merritt
    Zach Merritt

    More stories!

  • Hawks 13
    Hawks 13

    Hey Granger, yes to the more "strange stories that have happened with me and the band." Include the other members on a podcast or two, and especially the animated guy. Also, you may want to think about doing audio book recordings, or voice overs for animated movie characters, as you voice is one in a million.

  • Danny Nabors
    Danny Nabors


    • Hawks 13
      Hawks 13

      i agree, a simple key pad code entry system or something more elaborate. bunch of wierdo's in the world that is for sure.

  • Christopher Mann
    Christopher Mann

    God is clearly at work here in this situation in more ways than we could ever imagine!! I'm so sorry to say it but let this be a reminder to remain faithful and to stay vertical (I know you do) My question is, will this keep you from coming back to the Cain's in Tulsa where we met for the 2nd time? I had something to tell you that night but it was laid on my heart not to during the meet and greet, and I asked you for a guitar pick, but I gave you one instead. I'd like to meet you a 3rd time, Sir. God is good ALL THE TIME!!! Your family has a hedge of protection around you, and know that God had this planned already, as well as a purpose.

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    Maaaannnnn...... Thats Crazy m So Grateful u are Safe !!! Great pod cast as Always !! Thanks for all ur hard work 😊🙏

  • Samantha Rowan
    Samantha Rowan

    It really is time to keep your firearm beside you at all times! People are nuts! It isn’t worth the risk of your personal safety!

  • Dave D
    Dave D

    Would love to hear some more crazy touring stories like this one from the band. Glad it turned out non-lethal for you and for the young lady. Really enjoying watching you and the family (extended family too - Butch, Bull and Chris etc). Yee Yee from a country lad in Western Australia.

  • Bo LeMay
    Bo LeMay

    You got luckey man!! Texas people shouldn't be screwed around with!

  • Bill Shaw
    Bill Shaw

    I give you a lot of credit Granger! I think I would have had pulled a weapon out!

  • kim bibbs
    kim bibbs

    SE Oklahoma... are you sure that wasn’t Blake Shelton??? Lol lol just kidding!!! Love both of you!!

  • michael mccarrell
    michael mccarrell

    She was probably a Texan also lol because Texans now outnumber us real residents basically. We have literally been overrun.

  • Jen Lindler
    Jen Lindler

    Didn’t she know Amber would beat her tail??????

  • kim bibbs
    kim bibbs

    OMG!!! I’m so embarrassed that this happened in Oklahoma!!!! WOW!! First of all, THANK GOD YOU ARE OKAY!!! Second of all, you need to have that defense, right at your side, and I am thanking God, that she didn’t have that defense with her, because Oklahoma is armed too!! Not just Texas!! Please keep that in mind!!! I am so glad you are okay, there are some really sick people out there!! I am now Praying for her child that she was going to get!!!! Lord have MERCY!!!! We love you in Oklahoma!!! And we are not crazy, as this girl was!!! Anyway, please don’t let that keep you from the Sooner State!! We love you here!! You are one of my top Country Artists!!! Keep on keeping on , Granger!! You are Awesome!!

  • Alicia Morris
    Alicia Morris

    My name is Blake too

  • Sheila Van Duyn Fote
    Sheila Van Duyn Fote

    Oh my goodness that is horrible for you, it is so sad your personal space needs to be protected. She was so lucky you didn’t have your pew pew next to you

  • Blue Lives Matter
    Blue Lives Matter

    It is very clear that she wanted to smash for some $$$! I know you know, but did t want to say it. What happened to you is one of my worst nightmares... I’m glad everything is okay man.

  • Kodi Ogle
    Kodi Ogle

    looks like shes was lookin for some freaky freak Granger...with Chris being out she had her eyes on you......that's just a complicated and F'd up situation

  • Brandy Calkins
    Brandy Calkins

    Was she atleast wearing a mask? Lmao!

  • Max Dula
    Max Dula

    Granger thank you for answering my question! Sounds like you need some security on your bus. It me know if you ever open up a position for security! I could fill in as a back up bus driver too!

  • Sue Jackson
    Sue Jackson

    Granger....even better or in audition to an audible alarm on the bus door, install a keypad lock on your busses, and only those who have the code will gain entry, and, bonus, your door will always be locked. That’s what RVers are doing these days. Your nightmare scenario will never happen again.

  • Red Neck
    Red Neck

    Jesus . . .that's terrifying

  • Sue Jackson
    Sue Jackson

    Granger, you need an audible alarm system on your bus!

  • Misty Girdler
    Misty Girdler

    So glad u r ok. So glad ur band answered ur sos so quickly. God & River were definitely watching over you 💙

  • Ashley Hampton
    Ashley Hampton

    You should bring in dusty and Blake and have a small sesh talking about either your most embarrassing, funniest, scariest, and blessed band stories.

  • Zachery Robertson
    Zachery Robertson

    That is not a 1 million scenario. I work in the protection field. You need to hire you a Security expert or Executive Protection Agent. Talk to your manager they should be able to name the benefits of having one.

  • Pam Bell
    Pam Bell

    Granger We all are glad to hear that you are safe & not hurt in kinda way After that scare, GOD was with you that night Granger.

  • 4 spd life
    4 spd life

    Glad your ok when I'm at home I sleep fine but as a trucker when I'm on the road I sleep very light the air blowing through my vents will wake me up so if someone where to enter my truck they would be leaving in a stretcher but I'm like you I lock my doors even when I'm driving down the road

  • Kevin L. Berry
    Kevin L. Berry

    Better call “Uncle Rick” driver security extraordinaire. Now with Charlie Black Aviation, yes sir, he’s a flier. YEE YEE!

  • Jenney Savage
    Jenney Savage

    This is sad

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith

    Very lucky she did not get shot

  • Crystal Ross
    Crystal Ross

    From a professional that has grown up, raised and currently living in Broken Bow, this is an incident caused by the female not the town nor the venue. Before the concert, I had heard from many people how excited they were that Granger Smith was at concert here. We thank you for coming here and providing a concert for our area. I am sorry this has happened to you. But like I said, this was caused by the lady not the town, venue, nor community.

    • Granger Smith
      Granger Smith

      You’re of course

  • Lincoln Graves
    Lincoln Graves

    If love to hear more stories!!

  • David m
    David m

    Lock them doors man

  • OKWXGirl

    Holy cow!!!! Thank god you are okay!!! That is so weird!!!!

  • Tia James
    Tia James

    That’s just crazy loved hearing The story from your podcast

  • Mason Heeringa
    Mason Heeringa

    Ugh! This is creepy. I hope something like this never happens again for sure!

  • Tara Lain
    Tara Lain


  • Regene Steffen
    Regene Steffen


  • Regene Steffen
    Regene Steffen

    You need better antenna.

  • Kimberly Carriger
    Kimberly Carriger

    Please don't let this crazy crack head chick ruin it. Please come back to the Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, Oklahoma. 🎈⚾🦋🦄🎶

  • Shonna Bostick
    Shonna Bostick

    Dear Lord! How terrifying!

  • Sherri Jo Winslow
    Sherri Jo Winslow

    That is nuts! I sometimes wonder about stuff like that, when your buses are just out on the side of a venue how secure they are! She clearly isn't a fan cuz she would have known who you were and that your married! Stay safe!

  • Chuck Hawes
    Chuck Hawes

    Do you have personal security people?

  • Chuck Hawes
    Chuck Hawes

    Definitely need more.

  • Jeremy Simpson
    Jeremy Simpson

    Omg!!! This happened on my my home town!! Good lord I’m so sorry this happened to you man!!

  • Robin Raphael
    Robin Raphael

    stage 5 clinger make a run for the border line lol

  • Keith Kirkendall
    Keith Kirkendall

    Its scary to think, but I can guarantee that locked door has stopped countless people from doing the same thing. Sounds like you need dead bolts on the bunk and bedroom doors as well.

  • Mel H
    Mel H

    We had this happen this summer at our friends 4 houses down. They woke up to a guy standing next to their bed. He then came down our way and was in our yard, our dog was freaking out like I’ve never heard him before. Cops looking around yards etc. they arrested him in my neighbors yard the next morning. He was high as a kite. Its a violation of privacy for sure and scary and creepy. I love the shirt of the month! Never disappointed and love supporting the YEE YEE families.

  • Stephanie DeHart
    Stephanie DeHart

    Granger you could do like demo Matt does and call them pew pew’s so ALgone should leave it alone he does it a lot on his off the ranch channel. Glad nothing happened, that is a little crazy and yes should never enter anyone’s rooms not just y’all from Texas but anyone hope the rest of the tour goes good and you have nothing else crazy happens for the rest of the year when you do shows

  • Kelsi North
    Kelsi North

    Youve been around Michiganders too much.. Talking about distance in time 😂 I'm blaming Bull and Melissa! Yee Yee! Tell ALL the stories!

  • Braedyn Rice
    Braedyn Rice

    It was or wistilin deisl

  • Braedyn Rice
    Braedyn Rice

    Hey Granger try to find demo ranch o

  • Ben Frazer
    Ben Frazer

    Dude! That could have been a lot worse. Thank God you are ok. I have 2 - 3 implements of protection within reach of my bed. I was staying in a campground in Arkansas and we had a meth head come in on us in the middle of the night. Luckily we had 5 guys from Tennessee who were there to hunt, and we all jumped up packing. I swear that the guy almost got religion. Be careful.

  • darci12u

    Prayer is the key, your family prays for safety for For the tours.. That could have went south fast. Thank The Lord You're Safe.

  • Charmaine Ramsay
    Charmaine Ramsay

    That is so scary! I can understand you re-thinking the touring options after that so glad she wasn’t violent and hope you’re alright

  • Shaun Roberts
    Shaun Roberts

    Hell ya. More on the ON THE ROAD STORIES ......

  • Harrison Rutherford
    Harrison Rutherford

    How do I pre download country things vol. 2 on spotify

  • Ryan Blackburn
    Ryan Blackburn

    Next time you are in Oklahoma I will run security free of charge.

  • Ryan Blackburn
    Ryan Blackburn

    Glad you are ok Tulsa ok. A friend through his can of snuff and accidentally hit you in the mouth. That was a bad night.

  • Rod VanNess
    Rod VanNess

    You need to get Simply Safe to sponsor you and hook you up with a security system for your bus!! Glad your ok Granger. Good thing she left peacefully, and didn't cry rape or something. These people now days will do and say anything to become famous or try and get money out of you!

  • Rowdy Broomstick
    Rowdy Broomstick

    The part of your story that doesn't make sense at all is that she said oh your married I'm sorry I didn't realize, as if something has happened, but yet doesn't seem worried about being on your bus without an invitation. Youd be crazy to not personally have her arrested. This is the second time you've had the opportunity to make it known that you will not stand for crap like this . Remember guy last year that worked for the radio station that asked you for interview while you we're walking around.

  • k c
    k c

    Glad you are safe. So sorry you had to deal with such a scare. Loved you took a shower to wash away the creepy!

  • Mathew Wyrick
    Mathew Wyrick

    Yea I can see why you would be confused being woken up in sudden shock

  • Deb Dyer
    Deb Dyer

    Granger!! Get back to Texas, PRONTO!!

  • Rebel Soul
    Rebel Soul

    Man I can't promise someone might not have gotten shot if I was laying in bed asleep and someone broke in at home, motel, or on a bus. Man crazy deal glad they weren't out to harm ya brother. Might need to add some kind of alarm to door. If in Oklahoma either. With Stand my ground law you would have been in the right and nothing would have happpened to you as law on your side. You are getting big enough you need to now be more safe for you and your crew. If a venue can't provide you guys the needed security a few buck ain't worth one of you guys getting hurt. As people get more famous the more crazies they attract. I don't know if you know Ryan upchurch, but he ended up moving because people were just showing up at his home in TN. Even at his new place in WV someone was prowling around. People who are in public eye get people who think you are best friends and they can just show up etc., and if they feel rejected they are like well if I can't have them noone can type crap. They become Stan's as Eminem would say.

  • EoffZooStaff

    That story was scary. I am so glad you are ok. WOW talk about perfect storm of events... I would have loved to see the guys come busting thru the door and getting her out of the bus!! that is smart to have some way to quietly call for help!! I for SURE want to hear more stories and see you bring in some of the guys to

  • Quinton

    Holy crap. Glad you're safe. Very lucky she didn't get hurt.

  • Deamer 6
    Deamer 6

    Let me tell you if you trespass in Texas hope they don't have a fire arm which is rare

  • Aunt Reese
    Aunt Reese

    I’m absolutely positive when you told Amber she freaked out, gosh she could have been on something and possibly hurt you. Oh my gosh such crazy people in this World or like ya said taken pictures. God Bless you and Please stay safe!!! Sending prayers and love from West Virginia ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎈🦋❤️

  • Katie Quasebarth
    Katie Quasebarth

    Omg! That's scary!! She's very lucky she wasn't shot. Glad you're ok and no one was hurt. I'd say don't ever ever creep up on any country/countryish man because chances are they have firearms or some mode of protection and they aren't afraid to use them when needed. Until next time!! P.S. I have one question, does have any footwear for large footed women? I am tall with big feet and was just curious. 🙂

  • Mellow

    This has gotta be the craziest story I’ve heard from Granger. Good thing your safe, could’ve ended so much differently.

  • Chris McGraw
    Chris McGraw

    You should try wearing earplugs to bed. I’ve been wearing them every night since Afghanistan is 2009. Sleep like a baby!!

  • Rick Buck
    Rick Buck

    So glad you're safe

  • Discovering Katie
    Discovering Katie

    Glad you are okay Granger.

  • princewes

    Soooo what your saying is that you can't wait to come back to the hotchatown saloon!!!?

  • joliz1234

    So scary, just can’t imagine being stared at by a stranger while sleeping. Just so creepy.