Someone tried to kill me!
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 45: Join me as I answer your questions!
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Yee Yee Life:

  • Dane Hardcastle
    Dane Hardcastle

    You have great voice and I love hearing new music. You just keep reminding me to keep lean into God and I believe God is using you. God bless you

  • snivelbnhoj


  • Terry Pendergrass
    Terry Pendergrass

    WooHoo, shoutout to crewchiefs!!!! ex67N Huey crewchief here!


    Hi Granger, I don't know why I didn't start following your channel sooner. I didn't really know who you were until watching the Holler video on Demo and Lunker's channels. I have listened to 6 or so of your podcasts now and I love them! Thank you for putting yourself out there and having great guests.

  • Harrison Rutherford
    Harrison Rutherford

    Wish u had played in Afghanistan when I was there in 2016

  • Hunter Oden
    Hunter Oden

    My dad is the pilot of one he is flying from Texas back to Indy

  • Byron Johnson
    Byron Johnson

    Like ur music and videos keep it up!

  • Yeeter Deleter
    Yeeter Deleter


  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    Hey!! That Christmas Cd question was mine :) Earl would be cool but I think you have a great voice for Christmas songs.. Please consider it down the road. #yeeyee Danae

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    YEE YEE fest! I've been saying it forever!! YES YES YES YES!!! YEEYEE Fest 2021 should be in TX! We should travel to you because that's where YOU are from and it would make it feel authentic and real! Also, a portion of the ticket sales could go to Rivers Fund :) Your fans are so generous and we all love you and would love the chance to spend some time with you and your family! It would be amazing!! Wow, when you said the smiles you see and knowing you made someone's day. SO true!! #yeeyee

  • PlatinumLawnServices

    Do all three! Would be hard to make it to the midwest. Come do one in Idaho! We miss you and hope to see you back next year as the show we were going to this year has been cancelled at our local county fair!

  • Tera Le
    Tera Le

    How about featuring some good local bands from 3 areas...west, east, central fests...during the events?

  • Crystal Morgan
    Crystal Morgan

    Love you Granger!

  • cassie martin
    cassie martin

    Love these q & a’s ❤️

  • Tesha Scott
    Tesha Scott

    YEE YEE FEST!!! OOOO LORD YES!!! Game on!! I’m sayn Midwest(Missouri) ...😉 I’ll bring my SXS and jacked up GMC!! Super excited!!!!🇺🇸🤩🇺🇸🤩🇺🇸

  • Nikolas Taylor
    Nikolas Taylor

    It be fun to have you around Wrigley Field, and Bring out Pete Wentz as well, It be cool to see you collab outside of Country Music

  • kayce floro
    kayce floro

    You said some one was trying to kill you what

  • TrishaQPTexas

    Can you pin a comment with your advertisers websites and promo codes please?

  • Andrew Ng
    Andrew Ng

    The Canadian Prairies would be Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

  • Jane Swanson
    Jane Swanson

    YES, YES, YES! So happy to hear you are getting into reading Scripture without any influence except God. Love that!! And love you & your family! You are definitely the people's entertainer (not one of the untouchables). I'm 61, but 23 at heart... coming home from the cabin up north Back Roads came on the radio and I was cranking it up and singing along. Hubs is like, what are you doing? But he can be an old funny-duddy. ❤ YeeYee!

  • Conni Hudson
    Conni Hudson

    The Word of God has every answer we need to live godly lives. II Timothy 3:16-7-17; II Peter 1:1-4!! I'm so happy for you! This is His love letter to His children

  • Cameron Seymour
    Cameron Seymour

    Still waiting on the yee yee nation song

  • Brandon Lindner
    Brandon Lindner

    Bunker branding!

  • jckc's freedom
    jckc's freedom

    I'm 56-year-old. And use to my country music from the 60 the 80s. As a new era signer, I like your sound. YOU got me in the new country music. I'm X Air Force security police in the 80's

  • Alexander Rivera
    Alexander Rivera

    You should bring YEE YEE fest to Florida!

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    Since we live in Central Texas, Granger, we at least have to have one around here!! I'd love to attend! I'll bring my dirtbike on the track/trail too and my lifted Chevy! I'm so excited for it already! YEE Freakin' YEE!

  • Heather Moore
    Heather Moore

    How much are the camoflauge hoodies? (Just curious)

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones

    God Bless America, Our Troops and America's Entertainers that do things to make our troops days better like you did in Iraq.

  • Grady Benedict
    Grady Benedict

    Can you release the new album in September 8 plz.

  • cody wood
    cody wood

    Big fan cant wait for that album. Would love to attend a concert and would love to attend one them yee yee fest.

  • Chandelle D
    Chandelle D

    Canadian prairies are Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

  • Nancy Bernoni
    Nancy Bernoni

    I would love to see Yee Yee Fests on the East and West coasts as well as the Mid-West. 😀

  • Mark Herman
    Mark Herman

    I flew quite a few USO missions in Iraq 2006-2007 on the UH-60...and believe it or not they were considered extremely high priority for us. Mostly NFL players & cheerleaders, Billy Blanks etc. Never forget flying a Native American dancing band and their drums over Baghdad in March 2007 when at least 11 helicopters had been shot down that month. Fun times

  • Jessica M Gallion
    Jessica M Gallion

    Saw your doing a show the night after Upchurch. You to should record a track together. Much Love Skin. #UpChurch #CreekSquad #Skins4Life #RHEC

  • Alexander Morrow
    Alexander Morrow

    You should do Yee Yee fest in the midwest. Yee Yee

  • Garry Moore
    Garry Moore

    I know you'll probably not read this, but I just want to say you are an impression. You and your wife have inspired me and my wife so much. We love your vlogs. You're such a genuine person. Thank you!

  • Michael Green
    Michael Green

    I don't want to be dramatic or seem like I'm exaggerating, but if there was a YEE YEE Fest fairly close to where I live (western CO,) I think that I may sell my soul... A party that includes Granger, Lunkers, LFG, Oberst, Matt?!? Thats a full on 100% AMERICAN RAGER! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Connor Woodside
    Connor Woodside

    Definitely the midwest version

  • colton quinn
    colton quinn


  • Nathan Land
    Nathan Land

    Granger I actually found you mostly through Demo and LFG videos and just absolutely love not only your music, but far above that is the beautiful heart you and your entire family have. Just keep it up, keep spreading positivity and your joy. I rarely comment on anything, just wanted to share that.

  • BenNstyle

    When will we see Earl Jr on the podcast? Sure would like to hear what his take is on the current situation in Merica.


    Yee Yee Fest Europe... please!

  • Kassidy Ginn
    Kassidy Ginn

    Is the YeeYee nation song available?

  • Andrea Jones
    Andrea Jones

    YeeYee fest should be in multiple areas to make is easier for people traveling

  • Michuggi1 Michael Huggins
    Michuggi1 Michael Huggins

    Dude get upchurch out on yee yee fest

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts

    Your arms look really long with this lens

  • Meow games
    Meow games

    I LOVE YOUR SONGS?!?!?!?!?😁😁😁👏

  • Tony Carrington
    Tony Carrington

    I am THRILLED to know your new Album (possibly more than one CD with Volume 1 & Volume 2) will be available on a Physical CD. I love the CD format, Card Insert with Photos, Including names of Songwriters, ASCAP/BMI, the Details. It matters to me and I appreciate it. Thank You. I will be buying all hard copy CD's.

  • Jeffry Pierce
    Jeffry Pierce

    Granger, you could do your own version(Christmas song) and call it: “Oh come all yee yee faithful” 😂

    • Emory Payne
      Emory Payne

      Lol man needed that laugh today

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear

    I don't know how anyone could hate Granger Smith. All you have to do is watch the Donny Cowboy video of "down by the lake" to know how great you are.

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear

    Socks that wrap around your feet? Get OUT!! these are truly amazing times to be alive! In a world of wars, famine, human trafficking, natural disasters, homelessness, collapsing economies, and pandemics....i can sure sleep better knowing that there are people out there working on the truly important things! LOL

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    Great Podcast! You are a very smart guy, knowing your Bible and knowing about a lot of different things. I think doing a 3-City Yee Yee Festival would be great, but whatever makes sense financially. I hope you can do it next year! #YeeYeeNation 🇺🇲

  • Jordan Beale
    Jordan Beale

    Do you still "Happen to Like Cats"?

  • Ashton Imes
    Ashton Imes

    Not going to lie I thought he have more of a southern accent

  • Levi Lewis
    Levi Lewis

    That would be awesome for earl to have a Christmas song.

  • Herb Abell
    Herb Abell

    All your titles are click bait anymore. Unsubcribe!!

  • Samantha Broome
    Samantha Broome

    You are a serious bad ass and funny as stanky smell you are the man

  • daniel garvin
    daniel garvin

    Christmas songs in my opinion is a sign that your career is over or you are out of ideas and that isn't Granger

  • Carol Sheehan
    Carol Sheehan

    New subscriber but long time fan. I watched Matt's video today with the 5-ton and the background stuff from the new video you were filming. I love Matt, Lakefork guy, Chad, etc and I'm so excited to find this channel.

  • Heidi Miller
    Heidi Miller

    Huge fan! If you would be able to do the YeeYee Fest in the East, West and MudWest locations that would be AWESOME! I am in the Pacific NW and would love to attend!

    • Heidi Miller
      Heidi Miller

      MidWest lol!

  • Tommy Seneff
    Tommy Seneff

    Definitely do a yeeyee fest in the east as well

  • Pip

    I hope the filming on Matt & Meres' ranch went well...

  • Martin Colvill
    Martin Colvill

    Would love to have a YEE YEE FEST especially if you have one in the west here in Oregon. We're in the center of the west coast and would love to have you. I'd help however I can. God bless.

  • Aaron Livingston
    Aaron Livingston

    Pearls of wisdom.

  • Randy Coates
    Randy Coates

    Going Back Country......a song about all of us city born /city raised.....but never experienced the country life...but would love to make the with it......Blessings........👍

  • vickersat206

    Love your podcast!!

  • Kira Gangbin
    Kira Gangbin

    Please please please do a Yee Yee fest on the west coast!!! Also yes to an Earl Dibbles Christmas album :)

  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson

    That would be epic if you could do a YEE YEE Fest on the west cost.

  • Public Adventures
    Public Adventures

    Back when I was in the army active duty I missed my wife’s birthday and our anniversary but I had orchestrated a flower delivery video message and a card to be delivered on those days the sacrifices made to serve effect those we love and those around them

  • adamslin09

    Definitely yeeyee fest in the Midwest!! Preferably Iowa!! I mean what better place for some yeeyee than the tri state rodeo fair grounds!!!

  • Redneck John
    Redneck John

    Granger I second that . To answer your question Canada's Prairie provinces are Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Would love to see you back in Alberta .

  • Cole Vander Broek
    Cole Vander Broek

    When is the yee yee nation song coming ou

  • Joey Grant
    Joey Grant

    Please do yeeyee fests in areas where people with firearms wont have trouble traveling. Cant accomadate everyone I know but I'm afraid a west coast one would be in California

  • Kayla Peterson
    Kayla Peterson

    Looking forward to your new music! Yee Yee!

  • Jessica Justra
    Jessica Justra

    Hi Granger. I'm A Country Musician Myself. I live by Firefighters, Police Officers, Nurses & Doctors. I'm safe where I live.

  • Foster’s Holler
    Foster’s Holler

    I already asked you this, but what is your favorite helicopter? wink wink

  • CheechDogg 0n37s
    CheechDogg 0n37s

    Unsubscribed.... clickbait at it's finest.... dude just like that I completely lost all interest and respect for you....

  • KevinCyndy Bedford-Fletcher
    KevinCyndy Bedford-Fletcher

    Yes East of Calgary. Manitoba and Saskatchewan Provinces. Please Please can you come to both of those Provinces. We would love to have you, we generally are missed. 🇨🇦 Manitoba

  • CMRCustom

    Yeah man! I got to meet you in Iraq 🇮🇶 back around Christmas of 2009. I made a deployment video using your live version of What Would Jesse James Say. Play that one at one of your next shut in concerts! Thanks for the deployment trip back then!

  • SweetMarie honeybee
    SweetMarie honeybee

    YeeYee fest-I’d be fun to make West, Midwest, & East. Just to see, what different vibes you get. Despite, I’m sure, it’d be so stellar. 🔥

  • Kat Mogstad
    Kat Mogstad

    In my experience with festivals, if it’s well-planned and has a popular lineup, people will travel from all corners of the earth.

  • Kelly Moran
    Kelly Moran

    Granger, please tell us the story of how you met the beautiful Amber and the logistics surroundings your beautiful love life. Thanks once again for all you do us and keep safe my brother! PEACE!!

  • Paula Mitchel
    Paula Mitchel

    Yes, I think you should do an East coast, middle plains area, and West coast Yee Yee festival! I truly enjoy listening to your Podcasts on ALgone and love love the Smiths plus Arise with Amber. I did see you Granger & Earl Dibbles in concert in 2017 or 2018 opening for Brad Paisley in Sioux Falls, SD or Kane Brown. Back then I really didn't know about you but I'm so glad to know of you now! Keep it up with the great music! Yee yee!! 💗

    • Jake R.
      Jake R.

      Virginia south Dakota and Washington.....

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Dig deep Grasshopper and you will find the pearl.

  • Nick

    @GrangerSmith do a podcast with matt from demolition ranch!

  • Erikson Jones
    Erikson Jones

    I really enjoyed what you said about the Bible, about devotionals, and about your relationship with God. I was really hit by this, as I am sometimes when I listen to certain music, and I really appreciate that you included this in your podcast, and put it out there unabashedly. Thank you so much! It means a lot to know that I'm not alone in my journey, and it reinforces the message that everyone has struggles of their own, no matter their fame or fortune. I'm a fan. Glad I found this.

  • Mary Trainor
    Mary Trainor

    3 Yee Fest!

  • Tegan Fowler
    Tegan Fowler

    I'd be down for a Yeeyee fest✌🏻❤️

  • Laurie Leis
    Laurie Leis

    Granger to clarify the praire provinces of Canada are Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    YEE YEE Fest- Midwest for multiple days Yes, to an Earl Dibbles Christmas song (Yes, to Granger, too.) Are we going to be able to pre-order the “collector’s item” version of your album? FYI, I come to your concerts to hear EVERY song! Always great to start the week with you. Had to wait until after work to finish. Have a great time in Wyoming!!! ❤️🙏

  • Paul Huff
    Paul Huff

    They better be careful of old earl dibbles jr

  • AnnMarie Garza
    AnnMarie Garza

    Hear me out here. Yee Yee fest somewhere in Texas with the lineup full of Texas country artist

  • Chronic Pain Stinks
    Chronic Pain Stinks

    We will be at your wyoming show. Thank you for coming to entertain us. Looking forward to Thursday

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Can't wait to have all the new music!!! Be buying the cd if one will be available. Maybe we are crazy but we love cds. Can't wait to see what's next!!

  • william simpson
    william simpson

    Earl Dibbles Jr Christmas song hell yeah

  • william simpson
    william simpson

    Mid West and 2020

  • Daniel Parker
    Daniel Parker



    Bro ....if u could make a yeeyee fest here in Texas I would definitely go and have lots of buddies in the 4×4 community that would love to sling up some mud ...i drive a lifted Toyota tacoma and a lifted Toyota 4runner on 35 super swampers

  • OffGridBear

    YeeYee Fest has to happen... Let's go to Sturgis!!!!

  • Stevie Celey
    Stevie Celey

    The 1st YeeYee fest needs to be at home in Texas...branch out in future years 100%. But Texas hands down.

    • Stevie Celey
      Stevie Celey

      Ideally Demolition Ranch IRL would be up and running and you could host the first YeeYee fest there.