Restoring Earl Dibbles old truck (Part 19)
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  • Willard Cupit
    Willard Cupit

    I would went positive traction on the rear end pull better mud,did two tire burn out

  • Willard Cupit
    Willard Cupit

    Needed hunt old power wagon 4X4 restore it.If could found two His's & Her's dodge power wagon4X4

  • Willard Cupit
    Willard Cupit

    Grainger, after you restore the old truck please don't put a dent in it

  • BottsVlogs

    Is the truck almost done 😬 I’m so excited to see it done!!!!

  • Jessie Conner
    Jessie Conner

    Yee yee

  • Bo Klevie
    Bo Klevie

    No truck video pretty disappointed lately

  • Austin Draper
    Austin Draper

    When is the next one

  • David Lynch Jr
    David Lynch Jr

    When are you guys planning on finishing up the truck?

  • Justin Korevaar (Darklies46)
    Justin Korevaar (Darklies46)

    Dear Granger, Can we please get some kind of finale to this. I NEEED CLOSURE!!!!!!

  • DippingGainsReviews

    Cmon where is the next one!

  • Chris Schaffer
    Chris Schaffer

    Are we ever going to get another video of this project? Let's go boys. Yee Yee

  • Pete Poling
    Pete Poling

    Where is the next video

  • Gary Kennedy
    Gary Kennedy

    I like butch's shirt

  • Ashley Cain
    Ashley Cain

    When are you going to upload the next video!? It’s been 2 months 😭

  • Jill Olson
    Jill Olson

    Why would someone down vote these videos?

  • Richard Linn
    Richard Linn

    Dude I just got to watch this episode ! And WOW I'm just as excited for you and Butch and Bull as yall are ! Great to see the Ole truck running so great !!!! YeeYee from GA !! Can't wait to see it finished !!

  • Jon Stauffer
    Jon Stauffer

    When will part 20 come out?

  • Jesusreignsforever

    Seeing Granger’s face light up is priceless

  • Hunter Gawart
    Hunter Gawart

    Even with the electric distributor you can put them in wrong

  • redchevyguy

    So, is this truck going to get done?

  • Riley Shoemaker
    Riley Shoemaker

    Where’s part 20 and earls reaction to the restoration

  • Edward Soileau
    Edward Soileau

    I thought Granger was going to cry 😭 when he drove it for the first time in 6 years. Yee Freaking Yee.

  • Pete Poling
    Pete Poling


  • Jonathan Hutsell
    Jonathan Hutsell

    What is that song they play during the drone shot ???

  • Lynn Strickland
    Lynn Strickland


  • Evan Hinz
    Evan Hinz

    Bit of an odd question but what jeans does Granger Smith wear?

  • Andy Cline
    Andy Cline

    Where can I find the YEE YEE decals. I'd like one for my truck.

  • Jake Savoie
    Jake Savoie

    There’s still lot my truck needs, main project on mine in manual swap

  • Evans Family Homestead
    Evans Family Homestead


  • TheGreenGobin Canada
    TheGreenGobin Canada

    Who new flair held the camera that close to his face 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shane Yates
    Shane Yates

    Yee yee you guys did an awesome job on the truck after this build can't wait to see what you guys fix next

  • McKenley Smith
    McKenley Smith

    im nine my mom is dowing the same truck and my dad is a mukanike

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Incredible!! So exciting! How you didn't cry I'll never know.

  • Hunter gray
    Hunter gray

    When's the next video

  • Adam Coronado
    Adam Coronado

    I had a 77 Chevy shortbed 6cylinder 3 on the tree as well!! Glad you kept that little 6 banger instead of the usual LS swap everyone does. Mistake I made was trying to make it a 3 on the floor. Makes me happy to see that thing all original!! 🙏🏽

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    Can't wait to see more! Yee Yee 🇺🇲

  • Robert Giguere
    Robert Giguere

    It’s going to be a great restoration when it’s done. Keep it and pass it down to one of your boys. When he is 40 years old.

  • Isaak Neufeld
    Isaak Neufeld

    Glade to see that good looking truck come back together

  • dwightlowes

    Happy Day Yee..Yee..!!‼️

  • Gerben

    Good to see it coming together, great project! Is the 'Yee yee nation' song (playing at 18:31) available on ALgone or Spotify?

  • Nash Howe
    Nash Howe

    My dad is rebuilding a 71 chevelle Malibu

  • Chad Free
    Chad Free

    That was pretty funny Butch, the shady reference

  • Brian Buswell
    Brian Buswell

    Love the video I have seen them all so far ! Can't wait to see it with the body parts on it ! I'm so happy you are putting it back as orginal as possable with a few mods ! Love those Chevy's!!!!!! Can't wait to see it rolling in a future music video ! Hopefully it's a love song !

  • Chris Stewart
    Chris Stewart

    Granger. Earl should've been the first to test dive it. Only fitting

  • Lake Dennis
    Lake Dennis

    Do you still have the square body Chevy that was in “City Boy Stuck” ?

    • Chase Harris
      Chase Harris

      The truck they are restoring is the one in city boy stuck

  • Lynn Benedickt
    Lynn Benedickt

    So glad to see it run and drive, keep up the great work guys. Can't wait for the next video.

  • A Dotious (AJ Doti)
    A Dotious (AJ Doti)

    YEE YEE OL SON, Been waiting for this day for 10 months

  • Carrie Borman
    Carrie Borman

    That is so very cool!!

  • Thomas Hayse
    Thomas Hayse

    i like your jait

  • Nathan Winters
    Nathan Winters

    I need to start watching this channel more again

  • PortalBucket 536
    PortalBucket 536

    Its nice to see someone restore one of these without ripping out the original drivetrain combination

  • Macoy Jordan
    Macoy Jordan

    is it three on the tree

  • Cindy Gierisch
    Cindy Gierisch

    I Love it.......That smile on your face was the Best thing ever... :-)

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer

    Good ol inline 6 buddy!

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer

    Let me know when the YEE YEE farm is hiring!

  • Cxntrax X
    Cxntrax X

    Excited for the next video on this truck!!!

  • Michael Caruso
    Michael Caruso

    Lovd the truck

  • Michael Caruso
    Michael Caruso

    Binge watching now

  • Stacy Estes
    Stacy Estes

    You should put bigger tires/yee yee

  • Scotty Dougherty (Scooter)
    Scotty Dougherty (Scooter)

    I learned how to drive with my pawpaw old truck and it was 3 speed on the column at the age of around 12 to 14. I was driving a tractor at 10. I couldn't reach the petals so when we set tobacco my uncle would show me where to keep my front tires. When we got to the end of a row he would jump of the setter and run up to the tractor. He would jump up on it while it was moving and turn it around for me. Then he would jump down and run back to the setter and set tobacco. Good times my mamaw and papaw raised me.

  • Lawrence Field
    Lawrence Field

    Hey Granger Smith as you got the in-line Chevy motor how about you send it up to Quebec to Nick's garage for him to dino and do timing on it for the distributor he will put more horsepower back into the motor that has been rebuilt he is accepting a lot of customers as we speak

  • Adam Whitten
    Adam Whitten

    Good job boys

  • Ethan Mcurdy
    Ethan Mcurdy

    Less background music to hear the old truck would be great but love the video otherwise

  • Dylan Metzger
    Dylan Metzger

    So it hasn't drove in how long?

  • Russell gaming 91
    Russell gaming 91

    14:02 look at the exsost

  • Jay Sander
    Jay Sander

    While I love this version of the song is there a plan to ever release the YEE YEE nation song from previous videos?

  • Hubb's country ramblin
    Hubb's country ramblin

    She looks great as she sits. American craftsmanship

  • Aiden Murphy
    Aiden Murphy

    What’s Up brother how’s it going i love the song you and whistlindiesel Put together Called “Diesel”

  • Aiden Murphy
    Aiden Murphy

    I love diesel trucks but.......I don’t have the money to buy one and pay for gas on one My Dream Truck: Either A 5.9(2006 Or 2007) Cummins Or A 6.6 Daramax(2006 or 2011 Extended Cab)

  • Jupp Zmuda
    Jupp Zmuda

    Awesome! Looking forward to the next episode! Following the series from Germany, living/struggling in the EU- eco-dictatorship. Still runnin' my old Dodge Van, despite all the hate. Yee Yee!

  • Yash Daw
    Yash Daw

    You said u 1\4 Cherokee in song....I'm 100.. so see what happens next.

  • Joanne Ganon
    Joanne Ganon

    Perity!!! YEE YEE 🍺 She lives,,🙌👏 JO JO

  • Denise Allen-Blake
    Denise Allen-Blake


  • Charmaine Ramsay
    Charmaine Ramsay

    So happy to see you driving it again! It’s crazy that it’s almost been a year already

  • steve's auto repair (steve)
    steve's auto repair (steve)

    Awesome job guys!!! Looking great. If I may make a suggestion I would put a plastic wire loom around the rubber fuel line to prevent any chaffing anywhere. You have come so far you would not want to spring a fuel leak while driving

  • Aden Ebi
    Aden Ebi

    Did anyone see his old truck in the background 4:34

  • Nathan Cox
    Nathan Cox

    I just finished watching every episode of this build started at 3 it's now 2 in the morning I love the way it come really not the same truck with the 77 cab but I understand why you did it and I've gotten over it but earl is gonna kick your ass keep up the work I love your music to #YeeYeeNation

  • Ronald Vadnais
    Ronald Vadnais

    Oh this brought back memories for me. Back in the late 80s and early 90 my uncle had a mid 70s GMC just like this. I drove it quite a bit. It came with the straight 6 and he and my dad put in a 455 Oldsmobile Rocket. It too had 3 on the tree. What a fun truck to drive. Especially with the 455 Rocket.

  • Kenworth custom logistics trucking
    Kenworth custom logistics trucking

    Is that engine in the truck a inline 6 cylinder engine

  • Jake Ford
    Jake Ford

    You know earl would have cut the fuel line and used rubber fuel line and hose clamps right lol

  • Bucky Hurford
    Bucky Hurford

    So cool. It has come a long way.

  • Rus

    I had a smile on my face from ear to ear watching yall get it running and driving. Good job boys!

  • Nascarmomma M
    Nascarmomma M

    How exciting ‼️ Granger’s smile was priceless. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I want BUTCH’S T-Shirt‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🇺🇸 ~ Texas

  • Steve Bartruff
    Steve Bartruff

    Did the temperature Gage work?

  • Jeffrey Ziola
    Jeffrey Ziola

    I love to see old mussel brought back to life.

  • Jacob Gilmer
    Jacob Gilmer

    TRUMP 2021

  • Draper Boys
    Draper Boys

    19:25 I think when it gets to when it can run on its own it’ll be good 🤣😝

  • My Adventure Vlog
    My Adventure Vlog

  • Bass Fury
    Bass Fury

    Been watching form the start happy to see it running awesome job guys

  • Annette Elizalde
    Annette Elizalde

    Nice it sounds great, Granger's expressions is priceless he looks so happy. Can't wait till it's all done, nice job! Blessings 😇

  • say hi to the doggos
    say hi to the doggos

    I was born in April I was born April 11th 2010

  • say hi to the doggos
    say hi to the doggos

    When you completely finish earls truck you should make a new version of the City boy stuck song (and a new music video with it).

  • say hi to the doggos
    say hi to the doggos

    I still listen to the City boy stuck song to this day cause I love the music you make and made Granger:)

  • Johnnie Yelton
    Johnnie Yelton

    Did this truck have the dimmer switch in the floor?

  • Johnnie Yelton
    Johnnie Yelton

    Keeping It Dutch sent me to your channel. Looking forward to watching your content. My dad had a 74 Chevy with 3 on the tree. I loved that truck. Makes me happy to see these old timers restored. Stay safe God bless from South Carolina

  • rusty dusty
    rusty dusty

    Botty shout 😂11:00 dam bro save some women for the rest of us


    That is a cool truck I built a 77 step side. Can I sind a pic

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    To protect it from an EMP, all you have to do is install a battery cut-off switch to the distributor, which with that truck the ignition itself may be doing that already. lol. Computerized vehicles are at risk because there's always power going to their ECU's, but once you shut the key off in this truck it cuts the power that runs to the distributor.

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    10 months isn't long at all. Restoring a vehicle in a year is pretty quick when you're also having to work many other jobs. So glad to see it's driving. #YEEYEE

  • Brooke Hobbs
    Brooke Hobbs

    The excitement says it all 👏🏻😁