Restoring Earl Dibbles old truck (Part 12)
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  • Steven Winners
    Steven Winners

    I have done the bread trick. Taught a 50 year old man how to remove a pilot bearing 😂😂

  • Tammy Carroll
    Tammy Carroll

    Get a good farm cat!

  • Rhonda Buck
    Rhonda Buck

    Hey my birthday is in March 31

  • Johnathon Kukowski
    Johnathon Kukowski

    use coffee because that's what we use on are farm

  • Kyle Heitzman
    Kyle Heitzman

    YEE YEE!

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Looks great

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey


  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    I glad To see the truck

  • Kira DeLong
    Kira DeLong

    Mint extract the strong stuff keeps the mice out

  • Seth Dunlap
    Seth Dunlap

    Butch and Bull must be great to hang out with! ......exactly my kind of people

  • Kelley

    I got around 6mins in and clicked on the link to buy the hat you have on. Ol glory YEEYEE

  • Dru MCCarthy
    Dru MCCarthy

    Peppermint oil

    • Dru MCCarthy
      Dru MCCarthy

      For the mice

  • Robert Bevington
    Robert Bevington

    Yes I done the bread truck!! Could not get the old one out of a Toyota, so I ALgoned it got it right out!!

  • Ashley Davidson76
    Ashley Davidson76

    Never used bread have used grease concept is sound

  • Ashley Davidson76
    Ashley Davidson76

    Peppermint oil will drive the mice out just mix it with a little water in a spray bottle and spray all the nooks and crannies and they will literally go running


    Can u make a play list of this series so i can send it to my dad please loves thse old trucks are like one if those building a truck in ten minutes are something vids

  • Dr. Ward
    Dr. Ward

    Spray all wiring with aqua net hair spray they won’t chew the wiring due to to bitter taste

  • Brad Thacker
    Brad Thacker

    Really should've put blue loctite on the flywheel and pressure plate

  • Eugene Perez
    Eugene Perez

    Let corn snakes in there

  • Moped Coin
    Moped Coin

    You should of bought the body of truck to me I could of had it done in a week or two yee yee

  • Airstrip Kid
    Airstrip Kid

    A good website for parts for the squarebody trucks is

  • twadam

    Cats, or a fully sealed up garage.

  • Ty Haggard
    Ty Haggard

    Im excited about part 13

  • Christopher Crews
    Christopher Crews

    the buses are trash because of govment problems

  • John Deere Tractor guy.
    John Deere Tractor guy.

    Fabric softener. Keeps mice out.

  • Josh Laird
    Josh Laird

    Make a 5 gallon bucket mouse trap. Look it up on ALgone. You will catch multiple mice, rats per night

  • Reading Teacher
    Reading Teacher

    They now have mouse repellant (Amazon, Home Depot) Peppermint essential oil

  • Lisa Tunsky
    Lisa Tunsky

    Awesome job so far! As for the rodent problem.... I also live in the country and it’s a constant battle with mice! My son is an exterminator and he told us to get a bottle of fox urine and put it on tennis balls and put them around the house. I ordered a bottle from Amazon, put it out and we haven’t seen a mouse around anywhere! It works great!!!

  • Fancy Daze
    Fancy Daze

    Hey I need one them freedom buses

  • C10 Crew
    C10 Crew

    I was hoping this wouldn't go through my birthday and its tomorrow man this suck

  • nathan brown
    nathan brown

    we want earl dibbles jr pack dip spit Trump 2020 love the vancouver canucks flag to bad our sports became full of sjw propaganda now i dont watch any sports you kneel for the national anthem you loose all my respect

  • Nancy Simpson
    Nancy Simpson

    I just came here from off the Ranch ! I was born in 1970 live in Brisbane Australia I’m female & I have never seen a gun or even know how to change a tyer 😀 BUT I have just finished watching every episode of you fixing up this truck & am LOVING IT 💕🇦🇺💕NEW SUBSCRIBE 😘

  • dereckbyars

    My dad works for ah beck also this is so cool

  • technologyjunto

    ultrasonic devices.. they emit sounds that make mice leave

  • Brandon Reichard
    Brandon Reichard

    Dryer sheets keep mice away!! And it smells good too !

  • Jordyn Exley
    Jordyn Exley

    I like that even though he definitely has a ton of money he still remembers what is was like when he didn’t have a shit load of money

  • Pip

    It isn't a banana tree... it's a G D plantation ... yee yee ... :)

  • Ethan Henneberry
    Ethan Henneberry

    Bounce Dryer sheets work great to keep mice out, spread them all arround in the compartments of the busses, we do it in our boat for winter storage and never had a problem and one year we didn’t put dryer sheets in and we did have a problem

  • doug Oconnor
    doug Oconnor

    The valve cover is so sweet.

  • YoussefHayek1

    I’ve used wet paper to remove a pilot bearing. I had my doubts at first but it worked!

  • Hayden Winters
    Hayden Winters

    Try mint for the mice

  • Robert Vermeulen
    Robert Vermeulen

    That's what I use in my trucks they all work u should listen to your fans more often brother

  • Ian Yurick
    Ian Yurick

    I usually use grease and a drift punch that's almost the right size and it pops out without an issue. Bread is a new one tho. Anything is worth a shot

  • Chad Malinowsky
    Chad Malinowsky

    Put a pan of Anti freez on the floor it will take care of the mice

  • andrew wood
    andrew wood

    Who else thinks a 50 bmg shot would be better instead of outlaw ripping it in the razor

  • cowboy electrician
    cowboy electrician

    Earl dibbles yeemc (gmc)

  • snowman Carter
    snowman Carter

    Try used ice tea bags I do it and it works great to keep mice out

  • SSR Motorsport
    SSR Motorsport

    What year is the truck

  • Ford F-350 1986
    Ford F-350 1986

    I thought it was 4x4

  • Parker Jackson
    Parker Jackson

    I can help if you need someone to weld on anything

  • Dave Perkins
    Dave Perkins

    For mice you should try mouse free spray. I use it on my combines and campers. I haven’t had a mouse issue since I started using it.

  • Asa Ford
    Asa Ford

    Dogtroit diesel

  • Jacob Baker
    Jacob Baker

    Would be a great time to do a Clifford intake and a 4bbl they're good for a few hp. The bling factor is worth at least 20 cool points

  • Jacob Baker
    Jacob Baker

    Sposed to put a dab of grease on the inputs shaft splines. Bad ass build you guys are doing great

  • robert landwehr
    robert landwehr

    Bars of soap can get them pilot bearings out

  • That fishing Dude
    That fishing Dude

    Dryer sheets work great

  • forbes garage
    forbes garage

    Bar sope and a rag

  • RyanM473

    Use dryer sheets to keep them out of places you don’t want them

  • Jason Helmer
    Jason Helmer

    Butch's Word's of Wisdom: "Everything on the planet....government gets involved it goes to crap" TRUE STORY!

  • Connor Vance
    Connor Vance

    Hey man! I live in Wisconsin and when we park our plow trucks after a long winter of plowing snow we get a lot of mice damage in the trucks, and we have had really good lock with putting bounce dryer sheets all over in them and setting mice poison traps underneath them!

  • Valerie Koy
    Valerie Koy

    Also, adopt a couple of Yee Yee cats to control the mice and snakes.

  • Valerie Koy
    Valerie Koy

    Granger, get Thomas Skelton of Allstate Pest Control in Georgetown (512-863-7964) and he’ll rid you of your mice in the three tour buses. The mice are coming out of the fields from the new business on FM961 and the cutting of the cornfields next to YeeYee Farm.

  • Lil' Shaunin !
    Lil' Shaunin !

    Definitely should send her in a classic car show when she's done

  • Quinn Odenthal
    Quinn Odenthal

    Dryer sheets. My camper shits outside 24/7/365 and during the winter my camper sits at the farm in the grass. I have had no problems, knock on wood.

  • Len Shreck
    Len Shreck

    What's Butch and Bulls ALgone

  • Terry Wendling
    Terry Wendling

    Love it, gonna purr like a kitten boyz, Yee Yee...

  • Sean Stover
    Sean Stover

    I normally use Irish spring bar soap

  • Travis Mayer
    Travis Mayer

    I've done it in my camper what works better than Irish spring is bounce dryer sheets

  • Nicole Atwood
    Nicole Atwood

    ADOPT some barn cats!!! No more mice.

  • CB Outdoors
    CB Outdoors

    Irish spring bar of soap really helps

    • CB Outdoors
      CB Outdoors

      And it smells good

  • Michael Masko
    Michael Masko

    So glad that this is back. I have missed it. If Butch and Bull have ALgone channels can someone please post a link to them. #YeeYeeNation

  • carey broussard
    carey broussard

    I work at a John Deere dealership here I’m Louisiana and we sell some stuff called Fresh Cab rodent repellent(I can send you a picture) and the farmers here love it. Keeps mice out their equipment we even have people come get it for cars campers and houses. Works really good.

  • Jake Lewis
    Jake Lewis

    I put 100% pure peppermint oil on cotton balls to keep mice out. You have to freshen it up every so often

  • Fire Turtle Adventures
    Fire Turtle Adventures

    Finally caught up on all of the old episodes. Probably my favorite series of vids on your channel.

  • Jodi Rhiannon
    Jodi Rhiannon

    Peppermint oil works in my Farm House in Texas and Alabama

  • Guy From The Midwest
    Guy From The Midwest

    My dad used bread before. He also pumped grease in there along with the bread which worked good

  • Joshua Schaeffer
    Joshua Schaeffer

    Take a grease gun and stick it in the pilot bearing. Depending on diameter of input shaft diameter you may need to wrap the nozzle of the grease gun a few times with tape but a few pumps of grease will dislodge the pilot. Also have done it with just grease out of a container and a bolt to keep forcing it in

  • Zackry Einerwold
    Zackry Einerwold

    Dryer sheets everywhere

  • Richard Mozley
    Richard Mozley


  • Richard Mozley
    Richard Mozley

    TRUMP 2020

  • Cindy Gierisch
    Cindy Gierisch

    yall should get some Cat's lol a Lot of them... LOL That's Bad A$$ YEEYEE!!

  • brenden burch
    brenden burch

    Use grandpa guss mouse pouches

  • Chance Elkins
    Chance Elkins

    My mom swears by putting peppermint essential oil on cotton balls and spreading them around. I personally don’t have a mouse problem but their farm does and since she has started that she hasn’t seen any in the house.

  • Luke Massey
    Luke Massey

    that truck is going to be badassssssssss

  • thall1226

    Try dryer sheets.

  • eric hawkins
    eric hawkins

    Glad to finally see this truck come back

  • Dustin Buckley
    Dustin Buckley

    Bread works great so does grease

  • esarge

    It takes 3 full peices of Nickles split too wheat bread to pull em out of LS motors. I'm shade tree, and done it many times. I just put a 6 liter in my 78. She ain't as perty as yours, but she's rowdy! Keep up the good work!

  • Gus Does This
    Gus Does This

    would you just look at that!!!!

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    I was sad that it took a while but never full blown upset or mad at anyone. I'm just glad to have the show back! Thank you for the updates! It's looking great! All that Chevy Orange makes me happy! 🤣🤣💞💞

  • Lexander Heng
    Lexander Heng

    Just mint oil can keep mice out. I mean It worked in my grandpa’s 1980 Chevy Monty Carlo. Just add it once every week.

  • Orin Colvin
    Orin Colvin

    Mice and rats hate the smell of spearmint

  • gavin gillenwater
    gavin gillenwater

    Leave the cover to the motor open so mice dont eat the wires in to engine bay or

  • machew2009

    I have only ever used, heard, and seen people use grease to do that this is my first time hearing or seeing someone use bread that is interesting

  • Rebekah

    It's a whole banana tree!! 🍌 🍌 bananas!

  • David Denlinger
    David Denlinger

    There is something you can can spray on the frame that makes it slippery I spray it on ours And it helps. It’s called mouse off or something

  • Ben L
    Ben L

    Bounce dryer sheets work good for the mice too.

  • EoffZooStaff

    I learned to drive a manual transmission on a 3 speed on the tree. Between that, changing a tire and using jumper cables I am very thankful to my Dad for teaching me all 3 skills. Miss Him.

  • Colton Beckett
    Colton Beckett

    Fresh can it the best

  • Grandma Young
    Grandma Young

    Put dryer sheets in the cabinets and drawers in the buses.