Restoring Earl Dibbles old truck (Part 11)
Let’s put the engine back in!
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  • Michael McClister Sr
    Michael McClister Sr

    If ya'll still have that old donor truck them boys gave you, I'll take it and make a YeeYee Mega Monster Truck out of it. I'm up outside Tulsa Oklahoma, and would LOVE to make a mud truck out of that old square body.

  • Easton Halleman
    Easton Halleman

    Stagehand from Stl MO here started restoring my 1976 squarebody about the same time as you did because of coronavirus. If you got the extra bench out of the 77 i would be interested in it.

  • Numb Nuts Speed Shop
    Numb Nuts Speed Shop

    I say you take the 77 Chevy donor truck, rob the good parts from it, put like a 350 in it, take the driver side door off, and keep it like that

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Enjoying watching this Video Guys

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Yee Yee Nation

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    When are you Gonna Reinstall The Odometer

  • CleaveMountaineering

    What a cool project. If you need any more machine work, and want the machining on youtube, look up Abom79, he's a great machinist and does great videos too.

  • Nameless Cowboy
    Nameless Cowboy

    Thats snus. Ya pack it like a mudball in the palm of yer hand and put it in the top lip and ya swallow the spit normally (its pasteurized so its safer) and then the siberia is pouches (dry) and ya put it up top and then you buzz like crazy and hate life.

  • Merrick Hill
    Merrick Hill

    LOVE the Canucks flag hanging in the background

  • Jerald Thomas
    Jerald Thomas

    I just want to say thank you for your songs, and Earls songs that have so much meaning and there sang from the heart

  • Kristopher Mcauley
    Kristopher Mcauley

    Did you primer everything before you pantied it??

  • Preston Peters
    Preston Peters

    Make a mud truck outta the parts truck using the old parts from Earl's truck

  • Bybee Pitts
    Bybee Pitts

    I love the iron maiden shirt. I grew up on that shit😂

  • Eric S
    Eric S

    Y’all are awesome love this series 👍🏼 Chevy YEEYEE!

  • Jacob Gahimer
    Jacob Gahimer

    Any more updates? Love watching these videos

  • Hunter Swisher
    Hunter Swisher

    When’s the next video coming out

  • Joseph Mobbs
    Joseph Mobbs

    Is this resto gonna keep goin or is it dead?

  • GMC Trucks
    GMC Trucks

    Get update on the update

  • Waylon minihan
    Waylon minihan

    Where is the truck now

  • Dylan Vaughan
    Dylan Vaughan

    Where’s part 12 at?

  • Breken Bateman
    Breken Bateman

    I wanna see you dip Siberia so bad lol

  • Steven Clowers
    Steven Clowers

    Where’s the truck at @grangersmith

  • robert spencer
    robert spencer

    Dying for some updates

  • Bob Spicka
    Bob Spicka

    Wonder if this project slowed down? Hasn't been a video for awhile.

  • silas eggleton
    silas eggleton

    So are we getting another video or...?

  • 96boarder

    Still waiting for the next part😭😭😭😂

  • krypto 799
    krypto 799

    When’s the next video???

  • Bo Klevie
    Bo Klevie

    Need a new video

  • Jeremy Martin
    Jeremy Martin

    How’s the truck coming along.

  • Cooper Abel
    Cooper Abel

    When’s the next one

  • Richard Dean
    Richard Dean

    What’s up with the truck?

  • Christopher Gomez
    Christopher Gomez

    Need more videos to see her get done.

  • jai Robert
    jai Robert

    which episode did they dip on orginally?

  • Gabriel Trask
    Gabriel Trask

    When is the next video coming?

  • Austin Johnson
    Austin Johnson

    Where’s part 12

  • Scotty Mack
    Scotty Mack

    Man it’s been a month where y’all at

  • Connor Kennedy
    Connor Kennedy

    Where did this series go?

  • pnw jacob_m.w.grimsby
    pnw jacob_m.w.grimsby

    We need another truck video I love this series

  • Philip Leckburg
    Philip Leckburg

    When's the next episode?

  • Tracy Peeler
    Tracy Peeler


  • Chris Schaffer
    Chris Schaffer

    Are we ever gonna see the rest of this build?

  • Vicious Tiger Playz
    Vicious Tiger Playz

    Yo where’s the next video love this series hope to see the new video up soon

  • TransplantedBeachbum

    What happened??? Did you blow up your little Chevy engine???

  • William Walsh
    William Walsh

    What happened when are you going to make another video?

  • way lee
    way lee

    So when can we expect the next video? Been awhile

  • Alex Montano
    Alex Montano

    Jared outlaw has done a lot of videos for f the Siberia dip!!!! Lol you gotta try it with him

  • Andrew Locke
    Andrew Locke

    Theres just one thing this truck truly needs. A horn that blast YEE YEE when you hit it

  • Brian Buswell
    Brian Buswell

    What's up with the Canadian flag ? Are you from Canada originally?

  • MN Outdoors
    MN Outdoors

    Will there be another update on the truck soon?

  • Jacob Gahimer
    Jacob Gahimer

    Any new updates yet enjoy watching these videos yee yee

  • Jennifer Gordon
    Jennifer Gordon

    Granger you're killing me I need more truck updates!!!

  • Dylan Duncan
    Dylan Duncan

    Where the new video it’s been a montg

  • cody tinkham
    cody tinkham

    When is another video coming on the truck

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis

    Are you guys ever going to finish this truck? lol

  • Eugene Goddard
    Eugene Goddard

    When’s the next instalment of this great series coming out?

  • Wendy Reardon
    Wendy Reardon

    When is the next episode coming out?

  • Jonathan Lammers
    Jonathan Lammers

    We need more

  • Trent Stelly
    Trent Stelly

    I won

  • chris ciraldo
    chris ciraldo

    When is part 12 coming the suspense is killing me

  • grady oaks
    grady oaks

    We gonna have another video....? Or we just gonna end it here after?

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith

    When yall gonna post another video!

  • Ezequiel Molina
    Ezequiel Molina


  • Logan Stakenas
    Logan Stakenas

    when is the next part coming

  • Cory Chasse
    Cory Chasse

    Keep the vids coming when’s the next one coming

  • Tucker Brown
    Tucker Brown

    Did Earl Double Junior die

  • Terry Wendling
    Terry Wendling

    OMGG!! Coming together nicely Granger, Bull and Butch. Love this series, appreciate the build. Love these old square body trucks. Can't wait to see it go. Yee Yee..

  • Gunner 141
    Gunner 141

    Wheres the new video there bud?

  • Dan Garey
    Dan Garey

    I really hope you just have one back window decal of a red balloon. Well done gentleman sending all the best from the otherwise of the world Sydney Australia btw people are going bananas, here again, milk, T.P. limitations are back in effect.

  • Cameron Sutton
    Cameron Sutton

    When is the new episode coming out

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull

      Update coming soon! We are kind of at a stalemate with the body work. We will have some content soon!

  • Becky Campbell
    Becky Campbell

    Can anyone tell me where I can find an 8foot bed for a 1987 Ford F-150? It’s my granddads truck that I made my drivers license in and I’m trying to do a small restore on it.

  • Harley McDonald
    Harley McDonald

    You guys should get a Dakota digital gauges for it!!

  • Ian Kimmen
    Ian Kimmen

    Being part of a stage union that sets up/tears down concerts I understand just how heavy that riser is. Though we call them decks.

  • rednecksniper

    Am I the only one cringing when there putting that motor together

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull


  • brandon nunez
    brandon nunez

    Ask outlaw about that Siberia

  • Ben Frazer
    Ben Frazer

    Some of my favorite memories were in a 77 Jimmy Pick up.

  • Ben MacQuarrie
    Ben MacQuarrie

    Great shop

  • Hunter Elam
    Hunter Elam

    11:13 The American Flag in the background looks like its been hung up on something. Not sure if you noticed this or not, I just thought you should know. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Keep on the great vids brother. Yee Yee! Edit: nevermind guys, its fixed

  • 96boarder

    Bull repin an Idaho hat🤘 YEE YEE

  • Jenz

    Awesome project 🍻

  • nicholaswarechowski

    Granger not sure you'll see this but if you need someone to build an exhaust for Earls truck. Let me know! I am a muffler man in Dallas Texas and I would be more than happy to pack my corvette full of everything I need to build it.

  • Mitch Johnson
    Mitch Johnson

    When torqueing the head bolts you should work your way from the middle out towards each end.

  • Ian the cowboy rv tech
    Ian the cowboy rv tech

    Oh boy ask your boy outlaw about Siberia, and one Siberia pouch is as strong as a can of Copenhagen

  • Ian the cowboy rv tech
    Ian the cowboy rv tech

    If u don't have a long list of first and some great and some bad memories in a pickup truck than u ain't country

  • Ian the cowboy rv tech
    Ian the cowboy rv tech

    Thank u I love this series, it is nice to watch something to get your mind off what going on in the world and what self respecting country boy does not like anything that has to do with a pickup truck

  • bear

    You guys are doing a great job! been a while since i built one of those old girls. if memory serves some of the head bolts go into water jacket but i didnt see any thread sealer being put on head bolts.

  • CmrcRacer614

    When torquing anything should always start in Center and work your way out !!

  • Green Shuttle Cape Cod
    Green Shuttle Cape Cod


  • Steven Klankowski
    Steven Klankowski

    RED LINE GREASE!!! Apply some better grease when assembling pistons and bearings!

  • TJ Steiner
    TJ Steiner

    I have the same Idaho hat as the bus driver.

  • Mtz Fam
    Mtz Fam

    Couldn’t you just edge out the lettering by using masking tape?? That way you have the perfect straight lines and then you just have to peel the tape back?!?!

  • Chris white
    Chris white

    As soon as u said Sammy Kershaw I knew exactly where it was going...I was like “he rebuilds engines and his name is earl he’s the Charlie Daniels of a torque wrench

  • Michael Hale
    Michael Hale

    Hey nice demolitia shirt dude repping demo ranch.

  • Chad Mashburn
    Chad Mashburn

    Oh yeah! Looking good fellers! Love them ol square bodies!

  • Roy Zeller
    Roy Zeller

    How do I post a picture??

  • cassie martin
    cassie martin

    Love it !!! Coming along

  • frktrk1808

    Buy beer sit in chair kick tire yell YEE YEE

  • SC Reaper
    SC Reaper

    Love seeing pieces of history being put back together rather than torn down and thrown away like it never happened , good job guys , #yeeyeeforlife

  • Rosedalian Hillbilly
    Rosedalian Hillbilly

    PLEASE fix the flag above the parts plus banner

    • Rosedalian Hillbilly
      Rosedalian Hillbilly

      @Joe Shipley thanks Bull I had already typed that before I got that far, much appreciated

    • Joe Shipley
      Joe Shipley

      If you watch the whole video, it's fixed and can not get tangled again.

  • Aubrey Jones
    Aubrey Jones

    Good idea to change the oil pretty quickly after running it. Maybe 1000 miles or so. Lots of metal work and possible shavings

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson

    Another great video. I have enjoyed it through all these weird times in the world. You guys found a project, stayed focused and motivated. It’s really cool to see the truck come back to life and here the story.