Restoring Earl Dibbles old truck (Part 14)
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  • Thomas St Clair
    Thomas St Clair

    Truck looking good can’t wait to see it done. Wish I could restore mine lol

  • Rudy Flores
    Rudy Flores

    more free free free stuff must be nice .

  • Ivan Madrid
    Ivan Madrid

    Those guys that were painting the truck I remember the first time you showed up in the video everybody was standing around playing on their phones not doing shit. And you are still playing with them... If it was me I would been on it the first day. You would have had it back already. Those guys don't want to do nothing.

  • Chuck Parmer
    Chuck Parmer

    You were doing great until the political crap . Ok back to the truck , Memories are what make it the 'real deal' would you reject a family member if they got a transplant? I was given a C10 by a friend which belonged to her late uncle - I'm gonna have to replace the cab because it's so rusted and can't be fixed but her childhood memories will only see her uncle's truck.💕

  • marshall warren
    marshall warren

    Restore the old bus. That would be awesome!!

  • Buck Ford
    Buck Ford

    Please restore that bus

  • Numb Nuts Speed Shop
    Numb Nuts Speed Shop

    O c’mon you gotta put a header on it! Not a exhaust manifold. Header would be much cooler and sound a lot better and you’ll get better gas mileage

  • Hawkeye 11
    Hawkeye 11

    DO THE TOUR BUS!!! Like if you agree

  • jc3 report
    jc3 report

    Restore the bus

  • jc3 report
    jc3 report

    Restore the bus

  • jc3 report
    jc3 report

    Restore the bus

  • Justin Korevaar
    Justin Korevaar

    WHERE IS PART 15!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Quinn Odenthal
    Quinn Odenthal

    That tour bus would be awesome! Do like a resto”mod” type tour bus. The outside design is way cooler

  • Caleb Gwaltney
    Caleb Gwaltney

    Jesus the gray hair is coming on strong 😂

  • bear24D

    Yee Yee Get er Done ol son !!

  • Daniel Parker
    Daniel Parker

    We dont need to see the replays every video

  • Daniel Parker
    Daniel Parker

    Ya and I saw the beginning of this series these two are doing all the work while your sitting on your ass

  • Elks Gaming
    Elks Gaming

    Restore it

  • Jannette Patke
    Jannette Patke

    Hey i am about to buy the new jacket and and a new hat

  • Jannette Patke
    Jannette Patke

    Yes new tour bus restored it

  • carguy 218
    carguy 218

    You need that old tour bus

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    New Tour Bus Restore

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    I been watching From The beginning

  • Dominick Rotella
    Dominick Rotella

    Wen are you going to get the cab back foam panting

  • Linda LaFountain
    Linda LaFountain

    Yes on rebuilding the bus that would be cool to see you guys do! Just love watching you guys and can't wait to see the truck all finished. Love watching you guys.

  • Kyle Martus
    Kyle Martus

    Restore it

  • Cole a Jackson
    Cole a Jackson

    You should recreate the country boy music video when your finish the truck

  • J&M RR
    J&M RR


  • Landon Webre
    Landon Webre

    Granger when is 15 coming out

  • Roberts Garage
    Roberts Garage

    Its gonna be a nice truck when you guys are done. Nice job

  • Nicholas Costello
    Nicholas Costello

    I think that motor is a 250.

  • Leah Liesmann
    Leah Liesmann

    Call Pro Glass in Georgetown. We’d love to put new glass in the truck for you.

  • Drew Feiles
    Drew Feiles

    Absolutely loving this series, watching you guys is like all of us working on our trucks. My little brother restored an 80's squarebody chevy 2wd longbed and watching this reminds me of his project. Unfortunately we lost him in 2017 but he did get the truck finished. Thanks for the great content in this series and can't wait for the new album!

  • SilverArmadillo

    Thanks for not wearing masks!!!! The truck’s looking great. Just like my Grandpa had 😀

  • Zp Adventures
    Zp Adventures

    U need that bus

  • Chris white
    Chris white

    Yes to the tour bus

  • Jennifer Roantes
    Jennifer Roantes

    Definitely Restore the tour Bus.

  • Gloria Strong
    Gloria Strong

    Looking good guy’s, oh yeah so does the truck 🤠

  • Zach G
    Zach G

    Yes definitely restore the old bus that would be awesome. Maybe it could be Earl’s bus! 😂

  • J Jigs
    J Jigs

    Put some supper swampers on the towr buss

  • Robin Raphael
    Robin Raphael

    call the new truck YeeYee19

  • Austin Carr
    Austin Carr

    Get the bus!!!!!!!!! Ironically I’m delivering a load of lumber in Georgetown to a job site in the morning lol, never woulda thunk I could be hanging out in your neck of the twigs

  • Notabotatall _ 27
    Notabotatall _ 27

    i had no idea you were the tailgate town guy. fuckin love that song.

  • Justin Lane
    Justin Lane

    Restore the bus for sure!!

  • Daniel Blazier
    Daniel Blazier

    The old bus would be perfect for yeeyee

  • duval nienaber
    duval nienaber

    Yes think u guys should restore the bus

  • SSGDykstra643

    Better kick it into 3rd gear so you can start on that bus y’all!!!

  • Sean Stover
    Sean Stover

    Please restore the old bus that would be amazing

  • clayton johnson
    clayton johnson

    Id come to your concerts just to see that bus 😂

  • Craig Rosen's Beard
    Craig Rosen's Beard

    Nice work guys

  • James Colton
    James Colton

    That's a great song yeah? "Wildfire", Micheal Murphy.

  • BottsVlogs

    What am I gonna do with myself after all this over. No more restoring earls old truck. What am I supposed to do? 😂

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez

    That would be a great video series on the bus

  • RJL Customs
    RJL Customs

    New tour bus Yes please I want to see that thing restored by you

  • Falsepretense67

    Do the bus!

  • Michael Bates
    Michael Bates

    Restore the tour bus!

  • Steven Wineinger
    Steven Wineinger

    This series has been kinda inspirational for restoring my Bronco. Makes me even more excited to have it done

  • Gary Goforth
    Gary Goforth

    100% on the new tour bus project!! That would be something for sure traveling around in a old tour bus. Dont see many people using the old ones anymore.

  • Mathias Dockendorf
    Mathias Dockendorf

    You need to restore that old bus and put a B, C or E type Cat engine in it

  • Callsign Jwalker
    Callsign Jwalker

    could you put all the videos from the restoration into a separate playlist on your channel?

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull

      Go check out the earl dibbles old truck Playlist on our page, all 14 in one spot

  • faraway farm home steading
    faraway farm home steading

    Super job guys

  • Kurtis Lavigne
    Kurtis Lavigne

    I have 17 yrs in the business you truly are one of the best guys i have ever seen to his crew i wish i would have stayed in to get to work for you keep it up

  • Extreme freedom Motorsports
    Extreme freedom Motorsports

    Hell yea on the restore on the bus

  • Jonathan Hockey
    Jonathan Hockey

    I have been to your concerts the last onr was upstate New York I watch all your videos aplus I got a VIP experience there too give me shout on your next video love you guys great job for your hard work love the music

  • Dirty

    I have a feeling their political opinion doesn’t match up with the socialist communist endorsing Democrats.

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull


  • Audio Tool
    Audio Tool

    Restore it!!!!

  • # dayZ
    # dayZ

    Color - matt black🔥👌

  • TrollZilla Fishn For Likes
    TrollZilla Fishn For Likes

    That song was garbage 🤣

  • dale carter
    dale carter

    What shotgun you have mounted in the back of the truck you drove around all episode?

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull

      Its mounted in my truck, its an old Walmart buy from the late 90's. - Bull

  • Miller Johnson
    Miller Johnson

    Restore the tour bus

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    New tour Bus Restore it

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Can’t wait for to see

  • Linda Leslie
    Linda Leslie

    LOVE the progress!

  • james Stratton
    james Stratton

    Restore the old bus

  • MacPherson Country
    MacPherson Country

    The bus reminds me of the bus David Allan Coe drove in Heartworn Highways...

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley

    Earl needs a tour bus. Just saying a country boy might need a house on wheels....shoot

  • MW Fishing and Outdoors
    MW Fishing and Outdoors

    Restore it please

  • sutton smith
    sutton smith

    Restore the bus!

  • D Beverly
    D Beverly

    Rebuilding that truck is a man's dream. It's how we get by life's curveballs. Covid 19 be damned.

  • Chase Smith
    Chase Smith

    Restore the old bus

  • Josh Allen
    Josh Allen

    Definitely restore the old bus. Would be awesome

  • blackdog 5335
    blackdog 5335

    I have a really bad feeling after he builds the truck he going to crash it 👀

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull

      🔫 not if I have anything to say about it -Bull

  • Adam Aldinger
    Adam Aldinger

    Man I cannot wait to see that thing complete and running down the road. Are you going to take it around on tour?

  • tyler tow truck driver
    tyler tow truck driver

    You got the coolest mechanics man

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull


  • 5R Farms
    5R Farms

    I put a glass pack in my 79 Chevy she sound good

  • EoffZooStaff

    Granger, it was sad when you tried to explain to Wildflower that she was getting left you are just saying" forget Wildflower we will tour on this" Wildflower is going to hear both you and Bull and leave you walking... The truck progress is awesome!!! I look forward to these episodes!!!!

    • EoffZooStaff

      @Risky Business with Butch and Bull I remember you mentioned that. Glad she is out cruising. Bet she is happy!! Make sure to get photos or video!!

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull

      I have wildflower in Michigan with me right now.. she is happy 😄

  • Kevin Perfect
    Kevin Perfect

    No doubt you need the bus

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    Restore the bus....but no need to strip it down as much as you did the truck. Keep it retro! Ready to see the truck run! You should use it in the music video to go along with the background song! Yee Yee 🇺🇲

  • Oliver Westlund
    Oliver Westlund

    restore the bus!

  • Scottie Holland
    Scottie Holland

    A big shout out to Butch and Bull y'all are doing a great job on the truck I can't wait to see it when y'all have it running. Y'all are awesome and Granger like always keep videoing and keep everybody updated, we all look forward to the final results on Earl's truck.And have a great day brothers, Yee Yee

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull

      Thanks buddy!

  • hayden bond
    hayden bond

    Absolutely do the old bus that would be awesome

  • Extreme mud Mower
    Extreme mud Mower

    Iv been looking for a truck. I'm 19 live on my own and don't have like any money after rent but I need a truck to get to work.

  • Tucker Howell
    Tucker Howell

    Who's ready for it to start I would love to hear it again

  • lane moore
    lane moore

    Lol I've been looking for the song that he plays and after he said he is gonna relese it once the trucks done makes me happy


    Yes to restoroing the bus

  • gerardo chavez
    gerardo chavez

    Yes to restoring the bus !!

  • Michael Buck
    Michael Buck

    The suspence is killing me!! And yes fix and restore the old tour bus

  • Jeremy

    Mr Smith... you are so funny. Thanks for sharing your craziness with the world. God bless!

  • Joshua Warren
    Joshua Warren

    new tour bus restore please

  • Jackson1 videos
    Jackson1 videos

    The old your bus please