Restoring Earl Dibbles old truck (Part 16)
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  • Milesh fishing Outdoors
    Milesh fishing Outdoors

    Lol we joe Biden you hahah

  • dalton starosta
    dalton starosta

    You had to do what you had to do and you should make a risky business and yee yee bundle package

  • Cory Heads
    Cory Heads

    That valve cover is awesome

  • Cory Heads
    Cory Heads

    The first time I took moms car 85 cavalier I bright lighted someone not knowing how to turn them off. Dads truck 80 c10 had the floor switch I learned on

  • thatsportsman 570dude
    thatsportsman 570dude

    Make the old Cab a deer blind

  • Dan Merck
    Dan Merck

    Make that cab a deer stand👍🇺🇸👍

  • Jesse Whitley
    Jesse Whitley

    hey Granger i have i idea what you could do with that cab turn it in to a deer stand like a box stand just be a truck stand

  • David Hayton
    David Hayton

    As long as it's numbers match all good

  • Brent Nance
    Brent Nance

    Becouse you have to have a frame to build off of

  • Brent Nance
    Brent Nance

    I would say the frame is the heart and soul

  • JBreezy62

    You should take the old cab and make it like a couch and put it in the man cave at the new house!

  • Jace Schmitt
    Jace Schmitt

    I personally think it’s the motor and the frame

  • AuctionBuys2009

    Classic Parts dot com look up grill for yours. Every part on that truck is remanufactured

  • scubadude64

    That foot dimmer switch on a standard was a bit of a pain. Sometimes there was a "decision" to be made if you were shifting and a car was coming at you. I moved mine to the underside of the dash so I can reach it with my hand! Love what Y'all are doing here!

  • Colt Blankman
    Colt Blankman

    Who wants to see granger and brantley gilbert do a collab like so he can see

  • Anthony Daniels
    Anthony Daniels

    The heart and soul is the engine driveline and cab vin plates including memories i was not able to experience with my dads ss1970 sqarebody short bed 4x4

    • Anthony Daniels
      Anthony Daniels

      It rusted out and driove in the scrap and became a new truck😔

  • Dustin Swartz
    Dustin Swartz

    Make it a elevated hunting blind


    I been on that site for my dodge stuff bc i dont need engine parts cause mopar or no car YEE YEE


    I know the name lmc truck

  • Nate vanLandingham
    Nate vanLandingham

    I know what the foot pedal is for. I have one on my k10! Can't wait to catch up on some of this, I love square bodies. This is gonna look good when done. Love you kept the straight 6

    • Nate vanLandingham
      Nate vanLandingham

      Yikes😳 Showing the USPS mail boxes on camera, being used for parts storage!!

  • Nate vanLandingham
    Nate vanLandingham

    They have a bunch of different grills. I think you can get an original style. Certain models don't have the place to mount them. Esp GMC they don't have many of them. Those are the after market ones. My 1980 up untill I looked recently they didn't have a repop with the bowtie mount, there is now one available now. Use epoxy on that grill, fix the crack with some backer plastic parts. Fill and sand the bad parts and repaint that grill to look original. Will be your best bet.

  • #HammerTime# H2R
    #HammerTime# H2R

    Dash 1st

  • Alpha Freebird
    Alpha Freebird

    To me the heart and soul of a truck is.. the truck it's self the cab is where you think you spend most of the time but you will spend more time looking at the truck than driving , well i do my truck anyways lol.

  • Mark G Willett
    Mark G Willett

    Well for once i agree with BLM because of course #BidensLaptopMatters !!

  • offroadking 32
    offroadking 32

    Ok I thing the hart and soul of a truck is the memories cause my dad give my his baby a 1999 f150 I keep it tho high school the I wreck it coming home for college and I rolled it down a Bank in to a creek that truck saved my life and my dad and I rebuilt he truck from the ground up that’s what makes a hart of a truck

  • Rick Sundstrom
    Rick Sundstrom

    The heart is the engine, frame is the bones. The body is just the clothes the truck is wearing. Soul is all in the driver. Love the series and I can not wait to see the finished truck!

  • Tim Sproles
    Tim Sproles

    Yee yee

  • Orin Colvin
    Orin Colvin

    I say if the truck have 75% of the original part, then you can call it original truck

  • ieatyomama

    Should have kept the air conditioning. As a matter of fact we think you should have dropped a new fuel injected v8 with an 8 speed automatic in it. Having an old vehicle a modern running gear is the hot ticket now. It's dependable, fuel efficient, cruises 70-80mph all day long, and holds its value. But if you want to spend $25,000 building a 6cyl no a/c truck that's worth $12,000 or less when you're finished that's your business. I wouldn't build anything without a/c because 6 months out of the year it's too damn hot to drive something without a/c.

  • Squarebody Stuff
    Squarebody Stuff

    The 73 & 74 windshield wiper switch is in a little different spot on the dash too. It's a little higher than the 77. That original dash bezel won't work with the 77 wiper switch. I think the headlight switch on the dash is a little off too.

  • Squarebody Stuff
    Squarebody Stuff

    That original grille can be restored. It would be awesome to have that originality left on the truck.

  • Wade Evans
    Wade Evans

    Make a deer stand out of the old cab

  • Michael Pitts
    Michael Pitts

    the motor is the heartband soul ofba truck

  • Joshua Paulsen
    Joshua Paulsen

    My 69 pickup has the foot switch

  • Johnny Curtis
    Johnny Curtis

    Turn it into a deer blind!

  • Johnny Curtis
    Johnny Curtis

    Frame, motor, and cab numbers matching

  • Isaac Johnson
    Isaac Johnson

    The main parts of the truck are the engine components and the frame, so it's still OG

  • David Barfell
    David Barfell

    When is the next video

  • Chris Wickman
    Chris Wickman

    The heart and soul is what you put into it. YEE YEE

  • Jake Jonesy
    Jake Jonesy

    Og grill....or no grill at allllll🤣🇺🇸

  • Corradetti Motorsports
    Corradetti Motorsports

    Thanks for showing some Canuk Love with that Canadian Flag!!! YEE YEE!

  • Colton Huff
    Colton Huff

    I have watched some the first episode but I have watched u for a while and can’t wait to see finish product

  • Kody Allen
    Kody Allen

    Foot petal is the way to go. My first truck I learned to drive on had the foot switch.

  • Quinn Odenthal
    Quinn Odenthal

    Numbers matching. Trans, Motor, Frame.

  • Quinn Odenthal
    Quinn Odenthal

    Let me check what I have! I have 4 Chevy trucks maybe the grille is the same. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Craig Langford
    Craig Langford

    Great job guys! Bright switch? Yep! On the floor of my 65 Ford F100 Custom Cab! Inline six 300 3 on the tree (theft deterrent!) Great series!

  • chris guenzler
    chris guenzler

    Haha heart and soul

  • Tyler Stuhr
    Tyler Stuhr

    Put the old cab in the front yard

  • Tyler Stuhr
    Tyler Stuhr

    The memories made new and old make the truck. Miss the brights on the floor had 5 square bodies growing up. Love the show guys

  • Evan Fagerty
    Evan Fagerty

    The heart of a truck is the owners love for it

  • lil biscuit boy
    lil biscuit boy

    Hey I have a good gmc grill for that same truck let me know if you want it asking 35 for it

  • Richard Pixler
    Richard Pixler

    Heck I got married, went on a honeymoon, bought my first new tractor and a house. This pandemic has been busy.

  • Shelley Anderson
    Shelley Anderson

    Love watching all your ALgone videos on The Smiths and Granger Smith. I was surprised to hear you say you pulled a Joe Biden referring to the lie about your truck cab. I think what you really meant to say was you "pulled a Trump" since he is the liar in chief. 🤣

  • Supersonic2747

    Tell your son the cab is his if he builds a new truck from the ground up with it. But don't tell him its bent, see how he figures it out.

  • Joey Taylor
    Joey Taylor

    i love his grammar "we only joe bidened you a lil bit"

  • Dalton Moffett
    Dalton Moffett

    Throw a bench seat in the old cab and use it as a deer stand

  • Brent Sobilo
    Brent Sobilo

    Heart of the truck is the frame and the engine

  • Mtz Fam
    Mtz Fam

    Granger “Might have Joe Biden’ed you” Me, speechless followed by Yee Yee 😆

  • Your mothers Boyfriend
    Your mothers Boyfriend

    Find one of a wrecked truck that’s in better condition

  • Trevor Stringer
    Trevor Stringer

    I have a GMC square body grill that's identical to yours

  • Kim Brock
    Kim Brock

    Tires and en5

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    All good! Sometimes things just need replacement 🙂

  • Sheila Minnesota-73
    Sheila Minnesota-73

    She’s going to be a beautiful truck!!

  • Kathy Whiting
    Kathy Whiting

    It’s the memories you make in the truck, and how you got it, it means everything to you.. that’s all that matters.. YeeYee

  • Kali

    The heart and soul of a truck are the memories made in it and the love you have for it.

  • Cameron Edwards
    Cameron Edwards


  • Austin Fine
    Austin Fine

    Honestly buddy the heart to a truck is not the parts it's what you put into it it's who you had to help you it's a bond it don't matter what original stuff you have on it or new stuff it's the time spent working on it and the blood sweat and wrenches you have tossed at it and I'm a mechanic lol so if y'all need help I'm in SLC utah

  • Brian Parker
    Brian Parker

    I think the main idea is the intent for the build. You didn't Joe Biden us. You told us and had a good reason to do it. The jack ass won't even acknowledge that he's a lieing turd herder. Oh yeah, do some body work to the original grill. Cut the vent bars out. Repaint. Then body work the new vent bars in. A lot of the work can be done with epoxies.

  • Ainslee Rangel
    Ainslee Rangel

    The brights in a army humv is on the floor 😂

  • Brandon Stringer
    Brandon Stringer

    Would have been hilarious if you could have had a slow Biden cutout smelling the cab to present the video haha

  • Brandon Stringer
    Brandon Stringer

    Power train and frame and as much of the body as salvageable. I’ve seen many people restore and call original and yet has a new body entirely. Great job it is going to look awesome!!!

  • Roger Lamb
    Roger Lamb

    Whats name of the song playing in the intro i never heard that one before

  • Dakota Nolan
    Dakota Nolan

    The frame of a truck is the bones, the engine runs the truck , but the heart and soul of a truck is the memories so as long as you keep passing the memories down that truck will never die

  • J Barth
    J Barth

    The heart of the truck is the engine

  • Tanner Lucy
    Tanner Lucy

    I love Square bodys I gots a 91 #yeeyee

  • The Chosen Ones
    The Chosen Ones

    Still gonna be a gorgeous truck!

  • tim standifer
    tim standifer

    at least it was only a little joe biden and not a lot

  • Doug Kleen
    Doug Kleen

    Just subscribed to risky business

  • Joshua Wilcoxson
    Joshua Wilcoxson

    Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

  • Don Meyer
    Don Meyer

    Make the old cab into part of a play house and put a little seat and steering wheel in there

  • Audrey Hondo
    Audrey Hondo

    I feel the heart of the truck is the memories...whatever pieces you have of the original truck are an added bonus. :)

  • Michael Bates
    Michael Bates

    Motor and frame.

  • GAVIN Elkins
    GAVIN Elkins

    The sole of the truck is usually the frame, engine, and memories

  • Jordyn Exley
    Jordyn Exley

    Put the cab on a stand and hunt out of it

  • wheelzz wheelzz
    wheelzz wheelzz

    Y'all could put a floor in the old cab and make it a deer stand would be cool

  • Jesse Gillmore
    Jesse Gillmore

    Use it as a deer stand

  • Tim Allen
    Tim Allen

    The meaning of original is everything the same as factory not customized

  • ginman69

    We noticed! 🤣 Nobody cares that y'all "Joe Bidened" us🤣 Just relish the fact that you're getting to overhaul something from your youth. Under normal domestic conditions you would've never had the chance to fix this truck. Y'all chill and quit overthinking what viewers think! 🤣 it's all good in the hood👍🏼Gig'Em👍🏼 '92

  • edward novak
    edward novak

    Granger I noticed that it wasn’t the same cab but it is reasonable that it wasn’t salvageable as long as it’s got the same heart an everything else it’s fine.

  • Mike Finto
    Mike Finto

    Jb weld the crack sand it then paint good to go

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller

    with you left foot

  • Chris Gaskins
    Chris Gaskins

    Y'all should find a way to make the old cab into a deer stand...

  • Steve Gladstone
    Steve Gladstone

    Hastings Nebraska there’s a scrap yard with a beautiful grille for a 74 gmc. Lmk if you need the link

    • Steve Gladstone
      Steve Gladstone

      City limits salvage

  • Ezequiel Molina
    Ezequiel Molina

    I don't care about the cab budd

  • Ezequiel Molina
    Ezequiel Molina

    Do not put chrome!!!!

  • Ezequiel Molina
    Ezequiel Molina

    Get a 1973 Chevy grill and put the GMC BADGE

  • Ezequiel Molina
    Ezequiel Molina

    Not a billet grill please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kathryn Jennings
    kathryn Jennings

    I say its the same truck. The engine is the same and the frame is the same so its still the same truck.

  • kntryboy72

    Make a hunting blind out of the old cab 😁

  • kntryboy72

    The memories are the heart of the truck. No worries guys. Y’all are keeping history alive! 👍👍

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