Restoring Earl Dibbles old truck (Part 10)
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  • Tanner Ford
    Tanner Ford

    I'm from texas and I call it a motor

  • Dustin Guthrie
    Dustin Guthrie

    I think when it’s done you should put a tool box on it

  • Dale Boyt
    Dale Boyt

    I call it a put put because it goes put put

  • Rudy Flores
    Rudy Flores

    LOL free free free Now how long are you going 2 take LOL sounds like hurry the FFFFFFF up cuz its free buddy .

  • Ben Reker
    Ben Reker

    Engine, and I’m from Minnesota

  • Bradley Gamers
    Bradley Gamers

    Part plues

  • Ivan Madrid
    Ivan Madrid

    Parts Plus!! I just found ur show. Just found ur music! Yall awsome af! Im watchn them all! I'm a mechanic but I see you made these videos a long time ago so I could not comment on them. You boys are doing all right! I like the work! Trying to catch up right now 😁 keep up the good work!!

  • Jeremy Marsh
    Jeremy Marsh

    engine i call it an engine

  • Numb Nuts Speed Shop
    Numb Nuts Speed Shop

    I call it engine and motor I don’t care

  • The Boating boys
    The Boating boys

    I call it a motor and I’m from Michigan

  • Beefcake ___2
    Beefcake ___2


  • Truckinhertz
    Truckinhertz I got this on my back window but think it would look even better on "Earl's" truck! #YeeYee #2A #Merica 🇺🇸🍻

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Congratulations on this

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Parts Plus

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Hello Granger Smith

  • Alexander Hall
    Alexander Hall

    Earl won’t know what to do when he sees this truck. It’s gonna look like city people got their hands on it. Shoot, yee yee!

  • Zack Epperson
    Zack Epperson

    Ohio I call if Motor

  • Vickie Thompson
    Vickie Thompson

    “Parts plus” yee yee

  • Jerald Thomas
    Jerald Thomas

    In the YEE YEE Nation there is no RIGHT WAY TO DO IT !

  • Keith Kirkendall
    Keith Kirkendall

    Its not a dumb idea if it works.

  • Brandon Skinner
    Brandon Skinner

    Y'all are lucky the coil didn't SHOOT out when the strap slipped.

  • chevel72

    Love the stamped names and date on the framework

  • Jakob Hale
    Jakob Hale

    It can be called engine or motor where I come from

  • Bybee Pitts
    Bybee Pitts

    Nevada. Engine.

  • Redneck Nation 101
    Redneck Nation 101

    I call it both but most of the time I call it an engine.

  • Barry Jones
    Barry Jones

    Engine . Motor . drivetrain same same

  • Barry Jones
    Barry Jones

    Gday you guys have got me wanting to start my old 50s international ar130 truck fixed up

  • Off-road outlaws only Off-road only
    Off-road outlaws only Off-road only

    Parts plus

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez

    Parts plus

  • Pam Bell
    Pam Bell

    Y'all are some amazing Guy's. Granger is one of the most blessed person. To have friends like ya. I'm liking everything so far. Granger or you gonna have something on the Truck to remember River or your Dad. Like you did the YEE YEE? All of ya are amazing Guy's.. MAY GOD BLESS Y'ALL.🙏❤📍

  • Tara Lain
    Tara Lain


  • justin mills
    justin mills

    From Michigan... I call it both.

  • Gear Head
    Gear Head

    Motor or engine, mostly use motor. Upstate NY YEE YEE

  • Bluevanu

    Motors are driven by an outside source. Engines are driven internally. Internal combustion engine........ steam engine...electric motor.......

  • itsWesley the EYE 70 MADHATTER
    itsWesley the EYE 70 MADHATTER

    Engine.... I was an enginerd and engine is anything mechanical that uses pressurized gas to turn a shaft. Motor is an electromagnetic device that uses electricity the turn a shaft using windings and magnetic fields to do so....

  • Marie Grissom
    Marie Grissom

    Parts pluss

  • Terry Wendling
    Terry Wendling

    Form the Big KY, it's a motor Yee Yee...

  • Dan Garey
    Dan Garey

    Motor definitely a motor, I can't wait for the world to stop being bananas so I can fly to Dallas and come meet you guys, however, this may be possible love the restoration looks amazing and those two bus drivers Bull and Butch are too good, I guess you're already aware of this Mr Smith. all the best from Sydney, Australia

  • Aaron Austin
    Aaron Austin

    Parts plus

  • kathryn Jennings
    kathryn Jennings

    We call it an engine here in Indiana

  • Jonathan Stacy
    Jonathan Stacy

    Parts plus

  • Zach Vaa
    Zach Vaa

    Parts plus yeeyee🤟🏻

  • Chris Leavitt
    Chris Leavitt

    Parts plus

  • Cody Clayton
    Cody Clayton

    Parts Plus. Watched all the videos. Keep them coming please

  • Aiden Jones
    Aiden Jones

    Parts plus

  • Supersonic2747

    "Parts plus" People don't know if you got a scchhedule or not. But you do. You got a tough scchedule.

  • Luke Jeffiers
    Luke Jeffiers

    “Parts Plus” I am actually building my own project truck it is a 85 short bed chevrolet for my first truck

  • Kale ??????
    Kale ??????

    Parts plus

  • Kasey sutton
    Kasey sutton

    “ Part plus “

  • Kelly Self
    Kelly Self

    Parts plus

  • John Belew
    John Belew

    "Parts Plus" YEE YEE... ROUND ROCK TEXAS .. See you on the 4th

  • tim7can

    “Parts Plus” it’s awesome to watch each step of this rebuild. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ricky Canada
    Ricky Canada

    Parts plus

  • Jennifer Pinto
    Jennifer Pinto

    And in the Hudson Valley, NY it's called an engine

  • Jennifer Pinto
    Jennifer Pinto

    I can't believe I'm watching videos of rebuilding a truck! I'm a 60 year old grandma with no interest before this. IDK why but it's enjoyable watching you three pull this off!

  • dakota duncan
    dakota duncan

    I live in arkansas born and raised here in arkansas and I call it a motor

  • Dakota Motley
    Dakota Motley

    "Parts plus" good job on the truck so far love it yee yee

  • bambam4406


  • Farmingmaster 17
    Farmingmaster 17

    “Parts Plus”

  • Lenden Worm
    Lenden Worm

    Parts plus

  • David Upperman
    David Upperman

    #earlstruck #grangerstruck

  • David Upperman
    David Upperman


  • David Upperman
    David Upperman


  • David Upperman
    David Upperman

    I call it an engine 😂😂😂

  • David Upperman
    David Upperman

    I can't wait to see this truck done and running and in future music videos 😁😁😁

  • David Upperman
    David Upperman

    PARTS PLUS!!!!!!

  • David Upperman
    David Upperman

    YEE YEE! from Georgia 🤠

  • David Upperman
    David Upperman


  • The Trestle Tester
    The Trestle Tester

    Parts plus

  • TJ Case
    TJ Case

    I call it an engine

  • Redneck Mechanic
    Redneck Mechanic

    Parts plus. This series has been great yall keep em coming!

  • Justin Phillips
    Justin Phillips

    Parts Plus!!

  • James Forrest
    James Forrest

    "Parts plus" from Georgia I say motor all the time is what we refer to when talking about vehicles.

  • Nate Bierhals
    Nate Bierhals

    Parts plus would love to win biggest fan Granger

  • Hobby Rc19
    Hobby Rc19

    “Parts plus” If your door idea works out I might have to do that on my truck.

  • K & M Cutlery
    K & M Cutlery

    Parts plus rocks..

  • Ashy Flower
    Ashy Flower

    “Parts Plus” been needing a new hat! Love the rebuild series!

  • Lane S.
    Lane S.

    “Parts Plus”. Love this series Mr. Granger. I’m a little late to this episode, but I’m still enjoying it buddy.

  • Christian Shamblin
    Christian Shamblin

    “Parts Plus” love the restoration YeeYee

  • tractorboy31

    Rims a gonna be sick looking.

  • Kalvin Swanner
    Kalvin Swanner

    When are we going to get a new episode or update on Earl's truck?

  • krypto 799
    krypto 799

    Parts plus

  • Will Laflamme
    Will Laflamme

    "Parts plus" need a truck update..plz

  • Lane Cantrell
    Lane Cantrell

    I’m actually about to start on my 1980 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 squarebody. It’s down to the frame and goin to put my 4 inch lift on before painting🤙🏻I’m 16 and paying for almost all of it . I’m lovin this series because I love these old trucks

    • Lane Cantrell
      Lane Cantrell

      Parts plus

  • Kevon Duelm
    Kevon Duelm

    Parts plus

  • Cummins.Turbos.Diesels

    So can Earl Dibbles Jr chew Levi Garrett cuz that is cowboy chew

  • Mike Moore
    Mike Moore

    Parts plus

  • Ohio junk trader 740
    Ohio junk trader 740

    Parts plus 💯🤘🏻🔥🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Jessie Wooley
    Jessie Wooley

    "Parts plus" I really like watching you guys bringing an old truck back to life and giving me ideas for my old project truck.

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee

    Parts plus yeeyee

  • Garret Donovan
    Garret Donovan

    Parts plus it would be cool if the rims where camouflage

  • Outlaw Pawley
    Outlaw Pawley

    Chevy almost went out of business cause when you buy one it last forever lol

  • Outlaw Pawley
    Outlaw Pawley

    It's a Motor on electricity, engine with fuel, tho they call it a 350 crate motor (General Motor Company).

  • Outlaw Pawley
    Outlaw Pawley

    Hey man, if it works it's the right way haha. Its only the wrong way if you walk away..

  • Outlaw Pawley
    Outlaw Pawley

    "PARTS PLUS" Dang think I'm too late Haha was gone put some up in my 1975 Mercury Meteor Montcalm named Marilyn I'm fixing up same way to original trucks looking good boys! I don't have all the stuff y'all got, so I'm taking the cab off with the John Deere with couple skids and throwing it up on the hay wagon so I can spin it to patch couple holes on the underside and the rear bumper mounts, gotta fix the front end a bit from previous owner, and either roof a bit and quarter panels cause my dad's tree stand fell over on it and the spare trans am good flew up on it in a wind storm. I restored a 1978 Y82 special edition Bandit replica Trans Am 6.6L for my mom a few years ago.

  • Greg Loebbaka
    Greg Loebbaka

    My name is Sawyer loebbaka it is my dads birthday in a few days and he is a fireman he also has to work on Father’s Day so if you please could give him a shout out that would make his day Thanks

  • caelin walker
    caelin walker

    “Parts plus”

  • RebelRob34

    Wow, ole boys forearms are bigger than my thighs.

  • Trowscott

    Parts plus

  • Kelley Justice
    Kelley Justice

    "Parts plus" love the videos im currently trying to find a 77 square body to fix up

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