My wife opens up to me
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 57: Join my wife Amber and I as we answer your questions!
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  • marshall warren
    marshall warren

    This is an incredible podcast thank you smith family keep it up ❤️

  • Kodi Ogle
    Kodi Ogle

    Granger you and your wife are such soldiers of God I thank the Lord everyday for finding your music yalls videos and Vlogs! much love from east Tennessee!!! btw the advice you told the 17 year old about the cake is a really great analogy love it my brother 🤘🏼🧡🌾🎙

  • Rita Stottlemyre
    Rita Stottlemyre

    Yup have Amber back!

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    Great Podcast! Great to have Amber on. Yee Yee 🇺🇲

  • Terry Williams
    Terry Williams

    Yes, please bring Amber back.

  • Eric Sheck
    Eric Sheck

    Bring Amber back! YeeYee

  • Nascarmomma M
    Nascarmomma M

    What a great podcast ‼️ enjoyed having Amber there. Wow. The questions were deep. But you both gave great advice and testimonies. ~ Texas

  • cobra460

    "Quality time" is always enjoyable.

  • Breanna Hostetler
    Breanna Hostetler

    Thank you for this! Thank you for sharing your stories and being so open with us all! I am able to help others heal and find God from sharing your videos with my loved ones! Thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏

  • Candice Brown
    Candice Brown

    I love this podcast!!

  • Captain Jacob Riley
    Captain Jacob Riley

    This was my first time watching the podcast. You brought tears to my eyes. I'll be watching more. Thank you.

  • Kelly Boulton
    Kelly Boulton

    You two are a blessing!!

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    ❤️ to all!! God Bless!! I’m going through it!! Need any and all the 🙏 I can get! Please& thank you! Lost someone so very close& special to me, I’m broken 😔

    • Nascarmomma M
      Nascarmomma M

      I am so sorry for your loss. may you remember the memories in your life with this person. I will pray for you Sassy. Keep your head up, God is with you. ~ Texas

  • silveradotoomuch

    Absolutely bring Amber back. You two have such wonderful messages and give such great advice. Love the Smith family.

  • Tiffany Combs
    Tiffany Combs

    Mine is acts of service and my husband is quality time! Acts l Of service is so hopefully when you have children

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray

    I'm kicking Dr. Phil to the curb! 😂

  • Pam Bell
    Pam Bell

    This is for both of you Granger once the house is done will y'all video while the decor is coming in and putting things in place.. Amber i just got a coffee cup from a friend that order it from you that has butterflys and it says hope one it and I'm going to put up in my Cairo where everyone can see it.

  • Pam Bell
    Pam Bell

    Amber needs to come back. Amber makes everything better😃

  • Lori Leichtman
    Lori Leichtman

    Love this yes more of you two together.

  • farmergirl angie
    farmergirl angie

    Great show.

  • Matthew Lane
    Matthew Lane

    How do you deal with tension in your mind and soul, and what you do to keep a level mind?

  • Amanda Thornton
    Amanda Thornton

    Yes, Amber come back on the podcast soon

  • Lisa Lancaster
    Lisa Lancaster

    God Bless you both! Enjoyed watching this podcast with my hubby today ❤

  • sanbolle

    Great great thank you, I'm having double mastectomy tomorrow morning & have no mental support... Y'all have helped me to stop crying be strong & able to do this. 🥰

  • Tara Lain
    Tara Lain

    I loved how you had Amber on your podcast 🙂💞

  • Mel H
    Mel H

    This was great!! I’ve been through many bad experiences with churches but have never stopped relying on God! His love will never waiver! And of course we want Amber back! 😁

  • Stevo Garnham
    Stevo Garnham

    Hi from the uk my good buddy from usa just sent me your new album got to say it brill as i dont know if yee yee shop send to uk hes going to order me some t shirts and hoodies god bless

  • Jenny Stevenson
    Jenny Stevenson

    I've been watching all your channels for a while now..and listening to your music for years. You both are such a blessing in this crazy world. It's hard to find famous people who aren't ashamed to share their story and more importantly their faith! You are helping sooo many people, whether you realize it or not. Seeds are definitely being planted! God Bless you both as you continue your journey🤗

  • Chris B
    Chris B


  • Kathy Whiting
    Kathy Whiting

    You should have Amber on again for sure, I think through God you all are a bless of fresh air.. I believe God will put you in the church you belong in, you get experience from them all but there is one you will call home.. I love our church, I go to learn about God not to impress people.. and I have friends in church that love and miss us while we are gone.. keep doing what you are doing.. love y’all as always prayers for your family and #livelikeriv

  • Mary Lawson
    Mary Lawson

    Also remember before you begin church shopping, get to a place where you forgive those that hurt you. In order for us to grow in our relationship with God, we have to forgive and than God will move in us

  • nicole9516

    Yes , please have Amber back .

  • Savanna Hudson
    Savanna Hudson

    We call those wap biscuits cause you wap them on the counter😆

  • Annette Elizalde
    Annette Elizalde

    Great one with you both together, really enjoyed it. Blessings 😇

  • Carlie Wiggins
    Carlie Wiggins

    Such a great answer but to anon veteran I don’t know your story but I wouldn’t suggest a puppy, they are tons of work and can be very overwhelming for someone with PTSD, I’d suggest a rescue dog or a calmer demeanour of a dog ♥️

  • gmac1124

    Arise with Amber is such a blessing to me! Amber, you do an excellent job with it - I know God is using you in mighty ways. I always go to the Smith's ALgone channel and then, to Playlists and then, to Arise playlist - love that they are there in order!

  • Douglas Haussler
    Douglas Haussler

    Lol, love languages Granger: Tell me how my podcast reaches lots of people Amber: take out the trash

  • Pam Compton
    Pam Compton

    Granger I make my chicken & dumplins EXACTLY like you do!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Cindy Gierisch
    Cindy Gierisch

    Come Back Amber...

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H

    My boys LOVE listening to Granger & Earl - they are SO excited we just bought tickets for all of us to see you in Fredericksburg next weekend! They'll be the two crazy boys in the second row! I love that you are a wholesome, good role model artist that we can all listen to together as a family - my 3.5 year old requests his favorites in the car daily. They also love the Smith's - my 6 year old wants to have a hang out with Lincoln so badly 😂 and hopes we'll run into y'all in town some day. I vote yes for more Amber - how about a cooking with Granger & Amber episode - sounds like it would be interesting hahaha

  • Jake Fulton
    Jake Fulton

    GOD BLESS both of you for doing this podcast. I'm very close to GOD and you guys make me want more and more GOD every day I watch your stuff! I'm 29 and yesterday was the first podcast I've decided to try out. Thank you and GOD BLESS the whole family 😊

  • David Baker
    David Baker

    Bring your wife back that was cool!

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis

    TJ from Missouri here and love your podcasts watch ya every Monday and all the channels through the week, I really enjoyed this open episode with Amber. Thank you guys and Yee Yee 🇺🇸👊

  • Debbie F
    Debbie F

    Loved Amber on the podcast. Yes, please have her back, and soon! Love you guys! 😍

  • Debbie Costrino
    Debbie Costrino

    You two are beautiful together. I really enjoy watching you two on your journey through this world. I’m a big fan of y’all and The Smith’s. Thanks for being vulnerable and putting yourselves out there. You are very inspiring and I love all the feels!! ❤️

  • Karyn Wise
    Karyn Wise

    For that 17year old Dylan, you need to go against the grain and get out. Granger is so right this is the media and government trying to control us. Don’t let it because young adults especially are not meant to be around others and socialize. It will mess you up mentally, life is hard enough, don’t fall into this and lose yourself. Call up some friends, protect yourselves and meet for a walk, a hike in the woods, or literally find a way to get to your grandmother. 3hours is not far enough to lose her over. If things gets too bad in your head reach out to a hotline, they will be a big help and love to talk they’re there to talk not call police or turn you in. Hope this helps Dylan

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    Yes, have Amber return! You two are the “cake.” Taking the time to truly answer questions and give recipes, etc. “Look Back at 17” is definitely a country song. “What will you do with it?” “That’s What I Do With It.” Prayers for Dylan. Love y’all ❤️🙏

  • Comcal Ministries
    Comcal Ministries

    My cousin/bestfriend was murdered in 02. You never get over it. there is days that you are just sad, mad, or angry. my husband is a 2 time combat veteran. you dont get over it. but there is nothing wrong with you. you werent created to go through that and there would only be a problem if you came back with no struggles. My best advice is to embrace those struggles. be ok with not sleeping some nights, be ok with emotions. be willing to just say hey today is a bad day and its ok. please, please dont get on the medicine

  • Jax C
    Jax C

    Y'all should put up stickers on the podcast wall from different creators/ companies like yee yee apparel, bunker branding, demo ranch and others. Love the Podcast!

  • EoffZooStaff

    For sure bring Amber back loved this podcast!!! And thank you for saying that you couldn't watch Amber when she was doing the videos in the closet. I have always wondered if you watched her then. and you didn't say what happened that you told Bull not to say on the Risky Business live stream!!! I wanted to know!!!

  • Dave Bailey
    Dave Bailey

    Love what y’all do helping so many. Thanks to the Smiths and everyone watching and commenting it all helps. Love one another, be positive and Live Like Riv.

  • Jennifer Armstrong
    Jennifer Armstrong

    Love Amber she's so inspiring 💕

  • josiekiko1

    Yes Amber please come back!!

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    Yes bring amber back. I love you guys are so amazing and inspiring !!! 🤠🦋

  • Joy Nichols
    Joy Nichols

    Of course include Amber 🦋🦋🦋

  • Stephanie Martinez
    Stephanie Martinez

    Loved seeing Amber on here too! Great episode!

  • David Barfell
    David Barfell

    Earl truck going crazy what's going on with it

  • Melissa Green
    Melissa Green

    Absolutely to Amber doing another one with u. First podcast I've been able to see in awhile n it was so good to listen to you both. Luv Yas n have a good nite

  • Charlie Simmons
    Charlie Simmons

    Dylan made this mama’s heart break! Dylan, you sound like an amazing young man who has suffered much. God bless you and your sweet Grandma!

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏. Love u guys especially the way you are 1 🙏❤️. U give us all hope 🥰🙏

  • Samantha Rowan
    Samantha Rowan

    What a wonderful treat having Amber on the Podcast!

  • Dan Huber
    Dan Huber

    Loved having Amber! Like to see her more.

  • Rita Young
    Rita Young

    Bring her back!

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    We want you back Amber!!! Man that hour flew by !!! Great episode guys 👍

  • faith hope
    faith hope

    ahhhhhh!!!👍 I second that! Amber is all of that,and more…🙏

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez

    You both are great , keep up the videos . I enjoy all you guys do. I lost my 22 year old son 8 years ago and I could not do it without God and my family, Me and my wife take it one day at a time. We look forward to your videos all the time. We enjoy your music Granger. We also watch your wife on Sundays when we can. May you and your family be blessed!

  • Aunt Reese
    Aunt Reese

    Yes Amber should come back, I love her on A Rise and loved her answering questions as well, she has Something that I can’t explain it draws you to her and you truly take in every Word. Great podcast well it actually the Only one I watch/ listen to!! Love ya from West Virginia ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎈🦋❤️

  • Beth Johnson
    Beth Johnson

    So glad you had Amber as your special guest TODAY!!! Just love you both and your vulnerability with us fans!!! YeeYee💙💙

  • Tiffany E
    Tiffany E

    Love you guys!

  • Marty Helton
    Marty Helton

    So enjoyed you having Amber today. You guy's are awesome an a wonderful example of having God 1st in your life. Yes please have her back. Love Arise with Amber an The Smith's. Thank you for sharing your life with us. YEE YEE Love you guys!

  • Kourt Ringelberg
    Kourt Ringelberg

    Yes! Bring Amber back! Love her and love her arise episodes!

    • Andrea Jones
      Andrea Jones

      Yessss Amber should come back! Loved this podcast Lots of stories to hear in this one. But God is good through it all❤️

  • Rick Stroup
    Rick Stroup

    I don't know you personally, but, I love you both! What an inspiration you both are.. God Bless!!

  • Mike Hobby
    Mike Hobby

    Amber every week....

  • Mike Hobby
    Mike Hobby

    To that last guy, this has always helped me, when i struggle with other people and their actions towards me, remember what Jesus went through and how he STILL showed love to the point of dying on the cross. i tell my kids this, on the cross, Jesus suffered every sin you and I will ever commit, and yet he loved.... God will use you and grow you in the body you select. praying for you.

  • Adam Scholl
    Adam Scholl

    Something Amber said I think matches up with Something I've always said. My church is my community and the congregation are extended family. Its a good place to get fed the word, but my Christianity is inside me. The two are connected by my choice, but not 1 and the same.

  • Mike Hobby
    Mike Hobby

    i have your greatest hits album, it's a 60 song playlist on Pandora. keep em coming.

  • Lindsey S
    Lindsey S

    Thank you for speaking about losing a dog. I lost my dog and it sometimes feels like we aren't allowed to let that loss affect us because we diminish it as being "not as hard" as losing a person. Amber told me at a meet and greet earlier this year that a loss is a loss, and you are allowed to be sad about a loss, and I've hung on to that on my hardest days. I hope anonymous knows that they are not alone in grieving their dog, and thank you guys for answering that question. I agree that a puppy is helpful. I did get a puppy after a while and it has been a joy in the hurting. It in no way replaces what you lost, but brings you a new kind of joy. Thank yall for all the encouragement you bring to us. You may not see how you are being used by God in the midst of the storms, but we see it in you. Love you guys so much!

  • miranda mack
    miranda mack

    You two are such an inspiration to all of us. Your faith and love for the Lord and eachother is admirable. We love your channels, music, and realness you share with us. Thank you both 💓

  • Jessica Woolman
    Jessica Woolman

    Really enjoyed this podcast. I like the outlook that you both have. Thank you for this episode.

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Love it! Would love to have Amber back! You two are great! Love everything you put out!! Way to be a light through the dark days for some. This "virus" is absolutely the silent killer and we REFUSE to become victim to their scare tactics. Praying to God SCOTUS settles this for us and we can remain AMERICA!!

  • Ann Stanford
    Ann Stanford

    Definitely Amber needs to come back!!!

  • Brooke Hobbs
    Brooke Hobbs

    Come back often Amber! You can see true love between you two! The looks say it all 🥰

  • Ben Logan
    Ben Logan

    Hahahhahh 29.50 horrified Amber mum where are the veggies lol 😂

  • Cindy Gierisch
    Cindy Gierisch

    you can get all them on IHART Radio as well,,, :-)

  • vickersat206

    Love seeing Amber on your podcast and every Sunday morning. God bless y’all for everything you do for all of us!

  • David Wong
    David Wong

    Could we get a kids version- lincoln and london answering.

  • David Wong
    David Wong

    Amber... needs to be a regular

  • Rick Seuferer
    Rick Seuferer

    Loved the podcast and YES you should have Amber back...

  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown

    Hey Granger, thank you so much for answering my question, since all this has happened ive felt so much better and you answering my question has made me feel so much better about my situation since I have been feeling so much better about whats going on ive learned to cope with the loss of my friend and uncle. Things now have been going good for me and am really happy with how I am living now since learning that things happen and will continue to happen and I am super happy you have answered my questions and have many things to think about thank you so much Yee Yee!

    • Tawny Rivas
      Tawny Rivas

      Praise God Dylan, so glad to hear an update! Keep ur head up Jesus loves you, YEE YEE!!

    • Dylan Brown
      Dylan Brown

      @Beth Johnson Thanks Man!

    • Beth Johnson
      Beth Johnson

      Im listening to your question right now! So glad to hear you are doing better, Dylan!

    • Dylan Brown
      Dylan Brown

      Also thank you too Amber please come back to the Podcast it was great to have you on

  • 0481 LSB
    0481 LSB

    God bless you both.

  • Debbie White
    Debbie White

    great podcast!!! the answers really helped me, I didn't want this one to end, great advice and talk

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    God Bless you all!

  • Bz Mama
    Bz Mama

    I love seeing ya’ll together! ❤️❤️

  • J&C Rogers
    J&C Rogers

    I can so relate I’ve lost both my parents and two close friends within the last 2 years and I absolutely cannot sleep! Thanks for this podcast so much you guys have been so helpful just from your videos ❤️

  • Chastity Harris
    Chastity Harris

    More with Amber . ❤

  • geo pro
    geo pro

    I love watching you guys on my other screen and having some sweet tea while doing my school work! Love Ya'll! YeeYee

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller

    I agree with Amber. You never get over the loss of a loved one. God gives you the strength to continue on.

  • David

    Yee Yee to Amber coming back! Man, I love your podcasts, monday blessing

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    Thanku both so much you are both so awesome much love an god bless from Cyprus x

  • Natasha Raguse
    Natasha Raguse

    My sons love Earl too! City Boy stuck and If your country and you know it, are on constant repeat in our home! ❤️🥰

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