LunkersTV drinks a bottle of whiskey in 3 minutes!!!
I took your number out of my phone
I told myself that I’m better off
I take a different way home like I don’t know where your house is
I got plenty of friends, like I’ll be just fine without this
I’m right you’re wrong, I’m here you’re gone
No I don’t wanna care anymore
I’m just tryin’ to hate you like I love you
Not want you like I need you
Forget you like I miss you
All of the time I’m just tryin’ to
Let go like I hold tight
Sell myself a bad lie
Whatever I gotta do
Girl I’m just tryi’n to hate you like I love you
I’m back to whiskey it’s good for me
Not like that red wine you made me drink
I found a new bar I like, I met a new girl last night
And she helps me not to think about you
I’m just tryin’ to hate you like I love you
Not want you like I need you
Forget you like I miss you
All of the time I’m just tryin’ to
Let go like I hold tight
Sell myself a bad lie
Whatever I gotta do
Girl I’m just tryin’ to hate you like I love you
I took your number out of my phone
I told myself that I’m better off
Cause I’m just tryin’ to hate you like I love you
Hate you like I love you
I’m just tryin’ to hate you like I love you
Not want you like I need you
Forget you like I miss you
All of the time I’m just tryin’ to
Let go like I hold tight
Sell myself a bad lie
Whatever I gotta do
Girl I’m just tryin’ to hate you like I love you
hate you like I love you

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  • Granger Smith
    Granger Smith

    Thanks for watching how we made the vid! Check out the final take here:

    • Jimmy Rustler
      Jimmy Rustler

      Dude. Im not usually a fan of newer country. but this song was fantastic and i loved the music video. Rob did you right! Subbed!

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      breann thomas

      Thank you I wanted to see the Behind the scenes of this one! Great songs

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      Chanda Abney

      Sweet love seeing behind the scenes.

    • Rebecca Amey
      Rebecca Amey

      It was great to see it from your take on it and Rob's take on it too. Can't wait to see Earl and him in the next song video release. Thanks for the snippets it makes me want to hear and see more. Love the start of the next two songs Yee Yee nation and Earl's. 💖💖💖👏👏👍👍🥳

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    Jack Off


  • RebelRob34

    Volume 1 is awesome. Still trying to pay for through Amazon music.

  • Austin Kapaun
    Austin Kapaun

    I love that this whole community of you tubers and country artists are all friends and do this stuff with each other all time

  • Petie Bowen
    Petie Bowen

    Who else texted the number 🤣

  • Coast

    Really enjoyed the song and the visualizer! Great job Granger!

  • Rob

    If you need me for a vid I’m down

  • Jeremy Wright
    Jeremy Wright

    Dont have shit on jim lahey

  • Yup

    That was freaking cool to watch the process and see the concept become reality. Awesome! Only thing that would have added was a little chat with Rob after! 😂

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    Cole Jones

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    Benny Boy

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    G.I. Jake

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    Sacred Reaper

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    Avery Murray

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    Living the Dream

    That's probably why he left his wife and kid

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    Sgt. Phoenix

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    Anne Frank

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  • All Senses Firing
    All Senses Firing

    I don't think he drank it.....I saw them pouring the whiskey into another glass for each take in Rob's vid on his channel for the music video footage. Sad to hear they're getting divorced.

  • CJ Little
    CJ Little

    Ironic that he walked out on Sarah and shot a video of him taking his wedding ring off

    • CJ Little
      CJ Little

      Great song though I like it

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    Brandon Boarts

    Acting. Fraud

  • Brandon Boarts
    Brandon Boarts


  • Brandon Boarts
    Brandon Boarts

    @ 1:40 im saying just do whiskey. click bait


    Love this ❤️

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    Lunkers is a idiot that’s why.

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    Marcus Chancellor

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    Speedy Pete

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    Jason Roloff

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    .357 sig beats 9mm

    Ya got me granger !! Appreciate yall ..good stuff brother

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A

    This probably hits Rob closer to home than anyone thinks. He’s been separated from his wife since April.

    • Ryan A
      Ryan A

      Peter Winter I agree. Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener.

    • Peter Winter
      Peter Winter

      His choice not to be with his wife and to be separated. He needs to live with the consequences of his actions

  • patti Bueno
    patti Bueno

    The song is amazing! I love it and the video was perfect

  • David Kalb Jr.
    David Kalb Jr.

    Broken relationship. For a video? "Well, that's, what's happened."

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    Chris Sigl

    I just want to know what kind of whiskey if you are a true whiskey drinker

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    Tanner Pearson

    I love how much effort and passion you put into this! Definitely have the song on repeat

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    Brenda Snider

    Love how you did the video on your new song. You all are Amazing at your videos at your songs. Your band members seem like brother's to you. That's awesome that you gave your old member and friend a job after his issues he had. You are an Amazing person Granger. Why this 63 year old grandmother of 11 grandkids loves you as a person as a singer as a father and as a husband you truly are so special.

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    Natasha Raguse

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    David Boring

    Rob, dealing with a breakup of 3 years with the love of my life. I’m 21. I can only imagine what you’re going though. Here for you brother. God bless

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    Nathan Hershberger

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    Timothy Lewis

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  • Where The Trail Leads - WTTL RV
    Where The Trail Leads - WTTL RV

    Fun watching the making. When we hosted the Budweiser Clydesdales on our ranch w e got to watch them film for their super bowl commercial

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    Marissa Day

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    Offline Vids

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    Lil' Shaunin !

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    Please enter a name.

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    Luis Figueroa

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