LIVE at the Yee Yee Farm: Dirt Road Set
The band and I are back with another "Live at the Yee Yee Farm" performance tonight at 8:30PM CST! Let us know your song requests in the comments! Here are some links if you'd like to leave a tip!
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Y'all don't forget to go check out the new remix we put out today with Lathan Warlick right here!
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  • Granger Smith
    Granger Smith

    Have y'all heard the new version of "That's Why I Love Dirt Roads" featuring Lathan Warlick yet? Go check it out and let me know what you think!! Listen right here: Can't wait to see y'all tonight!

    • Tyler C
      Tyler C

      Yesss it's a very good song I love it

    • Ducky Dog
      Ducky Dog

      Very good remake of an already great song! Your guys’ music composition is out of this world! I hear something different every time I listen to one of your songs. Keep it up. 👍🏻

    • Debbie Cochrane
      Debbie Cochrane

      Absolutely awesome new version of the song, it was amazing. Loved it for sure.

    • Yorkie Mom
      Yorkie Mom

      Granger Smith I honestly prefer your version of this song

    • duval nienaber
      duval nienaber

      Granger love the song dirt roads is my fav song of u and that level just upgraded with the new version yee yee

  • Virginia Stoneking
    Virginia Stoneking

    I am binge watching all of these. Love them all. Much love and blessings from Kansas city Missouri 😘

  • RebelRob34

    Fish still doesn't know who Johnny Heisman is. :-) Love all the live shows you put on, but this one was the best by a landslide, except for "The Fireman" at the end of a set y'all did. That was incredible.

  • Kris Faraday
    Kris Faraday

    Why do people dislike this

  • joe happyman
    joe happyman


  • joe happyman
    joe happyman


  • Shelly Burtt
    Shelly Burtt

    I paid Venmo but sadly I think there is another Granger- Smith Venmo acc so it seems it went to the wrong Granger Smith so that’s sad

  • RebelRob34

    Please tell us they aren't cancelling your show here in Vegas. There are 5 more before yours, and 4 have been cancelled or "postponed". CV death rate here is under 0.0001%

  • Bradley Thomsen
    Bradley Thomsen

    5:11 so funny to see Chris pop out and quickly run back 🤣

  • RebelRob34

    Freaking love these, thanks for doing them. They keep us happy and sane during this not so fun time in the world.

  • Jess Parizek
    Jess Parizek

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you did Dirty Dishes -- I've been to 15 shows and never heard it live!

  • Susan Heath
    Susan Heath

    Please please come back to Boise ID

  • dustin key
    dustin key

    play happens like that

  • Aaron Lund
    Aaron Lund

    You guys should play around the sun.

  • Greg Hanks
    Greg Hanks

    Gotta give the video 😎 bomber some credit credentials since they boogied so quick😂

  • Out Country Sales
    Out Country Sales

    @GrangerSmith I think this has to be my favorite live from the farm I had to come back and watch again!

  • Brian Adams
    Brian Adams

    These are songs I love

  • GregoryGreg87

    If you could work Oxygen into the next set, I'd be super happy. Plus it's on my wife and I's wedding playlist. Which, we had to postpone due to all this. We got legally married by our pastor on out intended wedding day of March 21st, but had to postpone the big shebang of ceremony and reception until(at least) October.

  • Daron Rubio
    Daron Rubio

    Most underrated singer/band.

  • Cody W
    Cody W

    Yee Yee !

  • MWGF Ghost
    MWGF Ghost

    We all miss seein yall in our cities and wish you could be here, but this was an awesome treat. Stay safe and healthy.

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Would a Pay Per View be helpful or possible? Not sure if anyone watches the Cleetus Mcfarland youtube channels but he used a PPV to help raise money for the Freedom Factory. I will purchase a PPV, if available, to have a concert in my living room. I dont know the logistics or $$ to make this possible.

  • Michael Masko
    Michael Masko

    Granger thanks for letting these little shows live on ALgone. I do not get to watch them live. Please think about doing a Earl only show.

  • whatsG00DYjay

    Burnin up mocking bird road plz!!!!!!!

  • ordnps

    Such a great set, 5th time listening- turning it up YEE YEE

  • Brad Gunderson
    Brad Gunderson

    Would also like to hear a real throw back. "As it is in Texas"

  • Brad Gunderson
    Brad Gunderson

    I would love for a "Live at the Yee Yee Farm" album to be released.

  • Stetson Outlaw
    Stetson Outlaw

    Letters to London, Unsent Letters, I’m Wearing Black, and maybe a song from John Marlin!

  • Tyler Collins
    Tyler Collins

    It’d be cool to hear Oxygen, and Don’t Tread on Me!

  • duval nienaber
    duval nienaber

    Please play blue collor dollars

  • duval nienaber
    duval nienaber

    Please play Easy and thats what i do with it

  • James F
    James F

    Echo and blue collar dollars would be sweet

  • Shelli Haley
    Shelli Haley

    Y’all are awesome! So uplifting! YEE YEE!

  • Daniella Birnbaum
    Daniella Birnbaum


  • Zach Holtorf
    Zach Holtorf

    My favorite set so far, had all the hits! Thanks for making my day.

  • Emma Caswell
    Emma Caswell

    Silverado benchseat!


    Would like to hear "I Wear Black" "Tailgate Town" "Livin LIke Lonestar" (That one doesn't come up on pandora anymore for some reason) Also, half a set list in Earl garb would be something lit my man. Keep it up, can't wait to see you back in Maine. We love you up here and i need to get my active duty brother something signed from you.

  • Shane J McNair
    Shane J McNair

    Thank you for sharing...

  • Caleb Hendricks
    Caleb Hendricks

    Tonight and Easy

  • Shelby's life
    Shelby's life

    When the good guys win

  • Shelby's life
    Shelby's life

    Never too old stutter

  • Shelby's life
    Shelby's life

    Gimme something

  • Shelby's life
    Shelby's life


  • Shelby's life
    Shelby's life

    I almost am

  • Shelby's life
    Shelby's life

    Cherry lipstick

  • Shelby's life
    Shelby's life

    Tailgate town, damn straight, Merica

  • Shelby's life
    Shelby's life

    Blue collar dollars!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Gabriela Shimizu
    Gabriela Shimizu

    I’m loving all these videos and different setups! Please include Stutter and Tonight in one of them!

  • Rory Griffin
    Rory Griffin

    This stream was epic

  • Chris Chlarson
    Chris Chlarson

    Could we get a little, I’m wearing black and around the sun!

  • Kalvin Swanner
    Kalvin Swanner

    Can you please sing We Bleed Maroon? Can you please sing We Bleed Maroon? Can you please sing We Bleed Maroon? Can you please sing We Bleed Maroon? Can you please sing We Bleed Maroon? Can you please sing We Bleed Maroon? Can you please sing We Bleed Maroon? Can you please sing We Bleed Maroon?

  • C Hall
    C Hall

    Thank you

  • Megyn Schout
    Megyn Schout

    Would love to hear heaven bound balloons,they were there,and five more minutes,and backroad song

  • Amy Marrison
    Amy Marrison

    The best set list ever. Would love to hear we bleed maroon next time though.

  • Julie Koop
    Julie Koop

    I donate but don’t hear any feedback

  • Julie Koop
    Julie Koop

    Update your pickle jar now how much but it has been helpful

  • Julie Koop
    Julie Koop

    An update on your tip jar hope others are contributing., just an update if people are helping out want to make sure my money got to you..Julie Koop Schneider

  • Jason P.
    Jason P.

    If you are recording these and saving the audio (which I am sure you are), you could release a package to download all the Live from The YeeYee Farm songs you play. I would gladly pay for this as they sound Amazing and it would be another way to help you guys pull through this no touring time.

  • Rob Turner
    Rob Turner

    And also They Were There

  • Julie Koop
    Julie Koop

    I love you guys playing hope my contributions help you guys and your family are amazing and in my prayers

  • Rob Turner
    Rob Turner

    Please Please play 5 more minutes its quite a powerful and emotional song it would mean the world to me and my family

  • Kim Ryan
    Kim Ryan

    This was the best online concert yet!! Keep them coming!!!

  • Jennifer Armstrong
    Jennifer Armstrong

    Play Oxygen please ❣️

  • josh baker
    josh baker

    B24 plzzz

  • Jason P.
    Jason P.

    Granger! These "older" songs sound so amazing now and would sound amazing live. You need to keep then alive. Maybe its the way the band plays now or the way your voice has evolved. I am always going back to your older albums and am really digging your live shows from the farm. A few I would like to here now (going way back)... Long way from OK Cest le vie 16 Stitches Burning up Mockingbird lane We bleed maroon We got it all (Just to name a few) I really hope you keep these in the rotation when you start touring again!!!

  • Zach Steele
    Zach Steele

    hey love you all

  • Stuart Griffin
    Stuart Griffin

    Got a big challenge for y'all. A real oldie. Let's hear Burnin' Up Mockingbird Road. Who stills knows this one?? #grangersmithpodcast

  • Platte Valley Predators Hunter
    Platte Valley Predators Hunter

    5 more seconds

  • Jacob Castillo
    Jacob Castillo

    Tailgate town, blue collar dollars, tractor

  • Timothy Birmingham
    Timothy Birmingham

    What Would Jesse James Say from Dirt Road Driveway

  • Lizzy Valentine
    Lizzy Valentine

    Playin' in the field! We're listening in Lexington, grilling , chillin!

  • Yorkie Mom
    Yorkie Mom

    We love you guys! We Bleed Maroon, please!

  • Lisa Lancaster
    Lisa Lancaster

    Thank you!!

  • Mat Desroches
    Mat Desroches

    Man needs to come to Massachusetts

  • Jamie Koth
    Jamie Koth

    Please do Heaven Bound Balloons, We got it, City Boy Stuck, and They were there!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  • Tausha Meyerholtz
    Tausha Meyerholtz

    I walked dow the alley at my wedding to Remington one year ago on July 17th.

  • Brody Beck
    Brody Beck

    You should also do dam straight

  • Brody Beck
    Brody Beck

    Dude I love it like this you should do heaven bound balloons and holler and city boy stuck.

  • Zach Kuehl
    Zach Kuehl

    We got it

  • Richard Garcia
    Richard Garcia


  • Jackie Lowrey
    Jackie Lowrey

    This is awesome! ✌🏻

  • Corey_6

    Please play Stutter!

  • kit hil
    kit hil

    GREAT AS ALWAYS !!!! Enjoyed watching Dusty really get into the songs as he played those drums ! Loved every minute of it.

  • MrArcher51

    How long has your lead guiter been with the band? Seems like a good dude with good vibes............yeeyee

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris

    The guy @ 5.12 is what makes these videos gold.😁

  • Cindy Gierisch
    Cindy Gierisch

    I love the outside version you are not so drowned out !!! and I would love for you to come to my town But I bet you don't even know where it is and it is smaller than Georgetown.. LOL !!! Js… YEEYEE!!!!

  • Nevin Pagan
    Nevin Pagan


  • Greg Fulcher
    Greg Fulcher

    Can’t believe how amazing y’all sound live through my phone. Loving the shows. Thank you

  • Lianne A
    Lianne A

    Requests: would love to hear “Im wearing black” “Stutter” And of course the Earl Dibbles Jr set! Loved the show guys!

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill

    Would love to hear Blue Collar Dollars

  • Brianna Wright
    Brianna Wright

    back road song

  • TCV319


  • richard childress
    richard childress

    Burning up mocking bird road and oxygen

  • Heynow

    Don’t feel guilty asking for tips! Its awesome that you are providing entertainment! Keep going!

  • Michael Vogt
    Michael Vogt

    Need to turn up Fish a bit. The two electric sets so far seems like he's buried in the mix. Is this traditional in your live mix? Thought I normally heard him better.

  • Laurie Leis
    Laurie Leis

    I want to hear City boy stuck 😁🇨🇦 another great set at the yee yee farm. Thank you guys for playing for us we love you. Stay safe and God bless you 😄♥

  • cassie martin
    cassie martin


  • Cara Taylor
    Cara Taylor

    This was incredible!!! I absolutely love these live streams! You guys ROCK!!!

  • Karissa Spicer
    Karissa Spicer

    I would love to hear Reppin' My Roots next time you guys perform. Such an awesome and fun song!

  • Janine Bell
    Janine Bell

    Fantastic, it is great to see you singing.

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