LIVE at the Yee Yee Farm: Bus Barn Set
Our "Live at the Yee Yee Farm" performance is tonight at 7PM CST!
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  • Kimberlee Williams
    Kimberlee Williams

    Love this... Shared

  • Rebekah Pankhurst
    Rebekah Pankhurst

    Hi yes yes farms

  • RebelRob34

    Please do another one of these soon. Love them.

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Loving this Doing For Me

  • Jeramiah Weller
    Jeramiah Weller

    Superstitious 17. One of my favs. Yee yee MERICA

  • football481000

    Play "that's what I do with it" please

  • James Colton
    James Colton

    Could you guys get into some lynard skynard? HahaThese guys YEE YEE at the end of the play.

  • Alan Ham
    Alan Ham

    19:20 Dusty’s head! 😂🤣

  • Alan Ham
    Alan Ham

    Are you and the guys still working on singles right now?

  • Danny Clawson
    Danny Clawson

    Maybe Mercia for a 4th of July special set

  • Danny Clawson
    Danny Clawson

    Still holds up plz I’ve been playing it on repeat for like a month lol

  • Danny Clawson
    Danny Clawson

    Granger as a veteran I want to say thank you so much for your support and your patriotism you are an awesome artist

  • clarityshawn


  • matt alexander
    matt alexander

    4 wheel drive is my new fav song I love them all my son noah loves country boy song. I love all the videos at Yee Yee farm. Thank you and your band for putting a smile on me again.

  • Karissa Spicer
    Karissa Spicer

    I wonder when they are gonna do another set. I miss hearing Granger and his band play! It makes my day.

  • Sam Carbone
    Sam Carbone

    Silverado bench seat, bury me in blue jeans, Parked out by the lake.

  • Michael Masko
    Michael Masko

    can you pleas think about playing fishing in the dark

  • Caitlin Swenson
    Caitlin Swenson

    Started my Monday off with the new podcast and a little Live performance, not bad! Can’t wait to see you live in concert. You guys are incredible. Love from WA! #YeeYee

  • ၂еԼւկ Ведդ
    ၂еԼւկ Ведդ

    Thank you ALL for doing these concerts ! I hope our donations are making a difference👍✌ If we need to work on it plz let us know!!!! Thanks Stacie New Braunfels

  • Eva Enns
    Eva Enns

    Around the sun... please💪🏻❤️

  • ScubaSteve

    City boy stuck!!!

  • Amy Marrison
    Amy Marrison

    Please play we bleed maroon 😊🤞

  • Life Unboxed
    Life Unboxed


  • Loran Branch
    Loran Branch

    I messaged you on your instagram account!!

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Hey Todd!!! We miss you buddy 👍

  • Jamie Shaffer
    Jamie Shaffer

    Thank you YeeYee for keeping me going with every song! And "They were there" means so much to me. My brother is in the military. Y'all are an amazing people. Thank you again for every song!❤

  • Dustin Goza
    Dustin Goza

    Please play.. love ain’t blind.. yee yee

  • Lauren Marcee
    Lauren Marcee

    Please play Tonight!

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Great show!!! Where's Todd? Thanks for playing my requests👍🇺🇸

  • SonnyTheGreenWolf

    Do panic zone by NWA

  • Pablo Pastor
    Pablo Pastor

    May i give you boys some constructive criticism? No....ok gonna give anyway.... you have no accompaniment. No vocal harmony. No sweet whisper of a girls voice in the background. hell no voice of anyone else in the background and the heavy is on the SOLO. Damn, i realize y'all playin in a barn but i know somebody else gotta be available on the back 40 to harmonies!

  • Derrick Rackie
    Derrick Rackie

    Never too old and some Miles and Mud Tires, Yee Yee

  • Nicole Balfour
    Nicole Balfour

    I'd love to hear Stick Around. One of my favorites.

  • Videos by AJD
    Videos by AJD

    Letters to London would be great! Keep doing what your doing Yeeyee!!


    Can you make Heaven Bound Balloons a Regular and I need a Shout out

  • gdogg6501

    Please play "That's What I Do With It", "5 More Minutes" or "Repping My Roots"

  • Olivas Vlogs
    Olivas Vlogs

    I loved Country Boy Love. Granger you sound so sexy singing that one. My fave Earl song!

  • Olivas Vlogs
    Olivas Vlogs

    Sounds AMAZING!

  • Hannah

    “Everybody lives”

  • Alison Pugin
    Alison Pugin

    Love these! I live in South Africa so no way to get to concerts unless you are all headed this way!! If the boot fits! 5 more minutes!

  • zach Edwards
    zach Edwards

    Do a covers set. That would be cool. Songs that mean most to you. Grew up on or such

  • Joanne Staheli
    Joanne Staheli

    YAY! GIG IN A BUS BAY, so cool, loved it. Please can you play Echo Reppin' My Roots & how about Letters to London, as that's where I live! Hope to see you live one day. YEE YEE!

  • Butch

    Why is the floor wet, TODD!?

  • emily hahn
    emily hahn

    “Still hold up” please!!! Yee yee

  • BigHeartedMan65

    you said if we wanted to see you interview or sing with Someone I have one . Her name is KELLIE COFFEY ... I know her from Disneyland . She sings alot of songs for Both Disneyland and Disney World Parks . like this one for Christmas ....... ... She is a wonderful singer and here is a little about her . ..... Here is a Song she sang about Texas .... ...... I have nothing to do with her , I have worked with her a few times and I end up Crying when she sings some of her songs . GREAT Human and Beautiful Lady inside and Out . Thank you for your time ..

  • Didi K
    Didi K

    Love these! Thank you. Also just a side note...the song "they were there" is the one that first led me to your channel! I come from a USMC thank you for doing this song and all the others. I love to participate in these video streams. Keep doing it! God Bless the USA. Yee Yee. CRAZY AS ME (please)

  • Marissa Krahn
    Marissa Krahn

    You need to play " I happen to like cats" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • BBB hardcore spoiler movie reviews
    BBB hardcore spoiler movie reviews

    I love these live shows at The yee yee farm.I've watched everyone live or the next day can you please play sleeping on the interstate and park by the lake thanks to you and your band

  • kit hil
    kit hil

    1st time I cried watching ya'll play, Heaven Bound Balloons, such a very touching song. This session was GREAT just like all the others

  • An Average Sniper
    An Average Sniper

    5 more minutes would be great

  • Danielle

    So good. How do you not cry while playing some of this stuff. Balling my eyes out during you're in it, knowing it was rivers favorite song. I remember so many smith's videos of him singing and dancing to it. Then heaven bound balloons. Ugh...miss my grandparents

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    "That was terrible" - Granger

  • Brayde Durost
    Brayde Durost

    Damn Strait, Tractor, 5 more Minutes!

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    OMG I cracked up at Fish messin up!!! -1 Fish ;)

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    Yes do that! Make a compilation video! That'd be cool!

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    YES!!!! THEY WERE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GRANGER!!!!!! #YEEYEE

  • Blake

    Parked out by the lake

  • Brianna Wright
    Brianna Wright

    earl dibbles jr. america

  • Loganust

    When are Butch and Bull going to make an appearance?! Been waiting for they were there!

  • StacyinMS Stacy
    StacyinMS Stacy

    Prayers for y'all 🙏 safety

  • Charlie Kowalski
    Charlie Kowalski

    She was September, dream on old rock church would love to hear some Oooold stuff

  • Tyler Walag
    Tyler Walag

    Sunny and 75

  • J_wildkat Titus
    J_wildkat Titus

    I LOVED that version of Country Boy Song!

  • Shelby Sanchez
    Shelby Sanchez

    Bury me in blue jeans! Easy!

  • Mr. Luke
    Mr. Luke

    Parked out by the lake!!!

  • Wiebke Sperber
    Wiebke Sperber

    Please play "5 more minutes" or let John play one of his own songs. Thank you!

  • Michael Hall outdoors
    Michael Hall outdoors

    I missed it last night I feel asleep

  • SweatyCommando

    Superstitious 17

  • Ingrid Finkbeiner
    Ingrid Finkbeiner

    Thanks for this Concert ❤ Yee Yee

  • Grady Maloney
    Grady Maloney

    Don’t tread on me

  • Grady Maloney
    Grady Maloney


  • Grady Maloney
    Grady Maloney

    We got it

  • Grady Maloney
    Grady Maloney

    We do it in a field

  • Grady Maloney
    Grady Maloney

    Silverado bench seat

  • Grady Maloney
    Grady Maloney

    cherry lipstick

  • Grady Maloney
    Grady Maloney

    parked out by the lake

  • Grady Maloney
    Grady Maloney

    city boy stuck

  • Grady Maloney
    Grady Maloney

    Backroad song

  • Grady Maloney
    Grady Maloney

    Damn Strait

  • JTuck_77

    If the boot fits

  • Brian Gorny
    Brian Gorny

    Miles and mud tires

  • Nathan Roberts videos
    Nathan Roberts videos

    5 more minutes and don’t listen to the radio can you please sing them you will make my week if you do

  • Brandon Gustafson
    Brandon Gustafson

    Thankyou so much for this guys!! We owe you!!

  • Brandon Gustafson
    Brandon Gustafson

    Still holds up and Silverado bench seat please!!

  • Apple Jack
    Apple Jack

    Sorry i missed this live. Was busy crashing my MTB. Now i am lubed up with antiseptic cream. See you in Camarillo.

  • ThePope22

    Nice cover of Earl's song! Would be good to hear a cover of Donny's! "Parked out by the lake"

  • MxdHxtter


  • Brittany Miller
    Brittany Miller

    Dusty sax in heaven bound balloons. Them drums. In need this version 😍

  • Nolan Grant
    Nolan Grant

    The song is great but I see 2 city boy buses . Can u sing city boy stuck one more time

  • Rick Foaske
    Rick Foaske

    Love all these sets! Can't wait for the others! Would love to hear Home Cooked Meal and Love Ain't Blind

  • Good Ol Boy #76
    Good Ol Boy #76

    I wish I could hire yall to come here and do a show but that takes cash and thats some thing I dont have.

  • Brent Gilliland
    Brent Gilliland

    PLEASE Play “That’s What I Do With It” YEE YEE

  • Foster’s Holler
    Foster’s Holler

    "Because of You" You said you would add, so please do bro! Thank ya.

  • Kevin Warfel
    Kevin Warfel

    Repping my roots

  • Nick Micallef
    Nick Micallef

    Mockingbird road!!!

  • marcos7761

    Sucks that San Antonio show got cancelled!! Was really lookin forward to it!!

  • Jayson Stogdill
    Jayson Stogdill

    Pls play “damn straight” yee yee

    • Jayson Stogdill
      Jayson Stogdill

      ThePope22 ok my bad dude

    • ThePope22


  • TsJ H
    TsJ H

    Pockets of pesos!!! Till the wheels fall off!! Please!!!

  • Kevin Lowman
    Kevin Lowman

    what dip is that?

  • Linda LaFountain
    Linda LaFountain

    Would love to hear I'm A Fan, Your In It, Never To Old, Everybody Lives and Love Ain't Blind. Would be also cool to have Fish play one of his songs. Glad your thinking about making something with all these shows still think a DVD of them would be cool.