LIVE at the Yee Yee Farm: Barn Set
Our "Live at the Yee Yee Farm" performance is tonight at 6PM CST!
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  • travis hutton
    travis hutton

    Hell yeah!!god bless granger smith and the band y’all on fire!

  • David

    Pinch of long cut pass it around

  • Drewofan NA
    Drewofan NA

    I love it. Granger you gotta let go on the vocals though. Thats my only advice

  • Lindsay Becker
    Lindsay Becker

    You need to play Oxygen!

  • Jordan Ensz
    Jordan Ensz

    I love the song Around the Sun if you could play it on one of the Yee Yee Farm sessions

  • out of the loop
    out of the loop

    Love that cover song ... been enjoying these live-streams

  • Adam O
    Adam O

    Granger is one of the most humble, down to Earth country singers out there. He’s been through hell and picked himself back up and spreads nothing but positivity. I need a friend like him in my life! ✊

  • Randall PinkFloyd
    Randall PinkFloyd

    I loved it every time a concert started with this song. Too bad the 12th Granger concert of mine that was in 2 days has been cancelled twice. Oh will only make it that much sweeter when it comes around. Only 4 haters on this vid...not too shabby. Thank you for making my life bearable Granger!!

  • eugene snell
    eugene snell

    I have to thank Demo Matt for introducing me to your music! You are great!!!!!!

  • Doug Terrell
    Doug Terrell

    Speaking of Top Gun, you could do a decent "Maverick" impersonation.

  • Kevin Frendt
    Kevin Frendt

    Thanks for playing these shows! Best thing short of seeing in person! Could you please play Reppin' My Roots?

  • Tony Carrington
    Tony Carrington

    LIVE at the Yee Yee Farm 😎 Awesome!! THANK YOU!! Any chance of hearing a performance of "Saturday Night Meets Sunday Morning"? And "Home Cooked Meal"? I live for your ❤️ songs & The Smiths Channel. God Bless.

  • steve zabko
    steve zabko

    I was hoping to find a newer video my prayers to you during the hurricane and ur family so much respect for you and the kin folks

  • kayce floro
    kayce floro

    Is he single

  • Roadkill Rooster Home Video
    Roadkill Rooster Home Video

    5 more minutes!!! Please play it. 🤘🏼🇺🇸

  • Roadkill Rooster Home Video
    Roadkill Rooster Home Video

    My wife got me front row tickets for my birthday to your show in temecula ca in September. But it got canceled again. 😡🤮

  • Andrew Berlin
    Andrew Berlin

    If you could play Heaven Bound Balloons during the next set that would be so nice. My grandpa passed away earlier this year and his funeral I’d July 25th in Dallas, Texas. Due to Covid I won’t be able to attend. I lost my mom to cancer five years ago come August. And my grandma last year. A lot of death in a short amount of time. Your music helps me heal. Love you and your music! Please stay safe and healthy. Definitely would love to have you cut one of the songs I’ve written. That would be a dream come true. Okay I’ll quit rambling. Thanks for the lives they’ve been great!

  • YeeYeeFan

    I love the Silverado bench seat shuffle, any chance of some hints little demos of the new songs coming?

  • Mary Curry
    Mary Curry

    Lov you guys, Great Show, Another Fan from Minnesota, God Bless, Stay Safe

  • Brian McHugh
    Brian McHugh

    I was in a weird funk this whole week thanks for waking me up!

  • Brian McHugh
    Brian McHugh

    I love never too old!

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris

    Granger... please put a banjo in there somewhere....

  • kit hil
    kit hil

    I LOVED EVERY song !!!! I really liked Never Too Old, you're just a great artist and have a great band as well. YeeYee

  • Michael Masko
    Michael Masko

    Need another Earl set

  • austin noah
    austin noah

    That’s what I do with it

  • Pam Bell
    Pam Bell

    Please. Play These Songs.Dirt roads good guy's heaven bound balloons🎈

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    Love it !!! 👏👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎊👍👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🥳

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry


  • Laurie Leis
    Laurie Leis

    I love all these live at the yee yee farm sets. You all sound great 😁 this set made my day 😁♥🇨🇦

  • Misty Girdler
    Misty Girdler

    Can you play one of your old unreleased songs please. Ive gone back & been listening to all your podcasts and youve briefly played some & theyre AWESOME 🙂 God bless y'all for these rank (awesome) sets 🇦🇺 YEE YEE from Queensland, Australia

  • Derrik Guzzo
    Derrik Guzzo

    Reppin my roots next time 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Mathaniel Mullins
    Mathaniel Mullins

    I would love to hear B-24

  • Buck Outlaw
    Buck Outlaw

    Can you play miles in mud tires and tractor those are some of the best songs you have made

  • Delacher

    Love the older songs, keep playing those!! Your true fans know and love them❤️

  • Forge In The Holler
    Forge In The Holler

    Great set Granger but man what is happening with the truck????? People miss Bull and Butch and we need an update!!! Come on brother!!!

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H

    Loved that version of Silverado Bench seat! It was fun!!! This was one of y’all a best sets - lots of energy!!! Would love to hear Raise Up Your Glass, Around the Sun & your cover of Strawberry Wine!! Would be fun to see the kids do their Dirt Roads dance live too! ☺️

  • Tom Heff
    Tom Heff

    Let’s hear b24 😂 that’s an old one

  • Conner Whiteley
    Conner Whiteley

    Drums would look great if they were behind a Phoenix drum shield. And it would seriously clean up that mix!

  • Kim Ryan
    Kim Ryan

    Play Damn strait and gimme somethin next time!

  • Eva Enns
    Eva Enns

    Play Around the sun!!!!! Been waiting for it from the beginning!!💪🏻

  • Kristi ANN
    Kristi ANN

    I can't express enough just how much joy you all bring! RHANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing these!!! Haven't missed a one!!! God Bless u all!!! Yeeyee!!! P.s. we don't even know when u guys "mess" up!

  • iamthequeenfyi

    I would love to hear 5 More Minutes

  • Marlee Johnston
    Marlee Johnston

    I love these shows!!! Thank you for putting them on, I miss live shows so much! Some songs you should consider plying...... Everybody Lives, Love Ain’t Blind and Blue Collar Dollars

  • iamthequeenfyi

    Sweet 1,000th like woohoo YeeYee

  • Curtis Drake Sr
    Curtis Drake Sr

    When y'all come to michigan y'all should swing by the South Bend Cubs stadium and play a show. No minor league baseball Would be great

  • Mary Peterson
    Mary Peterson

    Earl dibbles set

  • Brandon Corydon
    Brandon Corydon

    Set list?

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    WHOOOOOAH WHOOOOOOAH.... Am I the only one that was yelling that??

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    That intro to M'ERICA literally gives me chills each time I hear it!!! #yeeyee For real, it's gotta be the best song ever written!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I feel like I disgraced the Country a little bit" - Granger lololololol

  • Shane Wriglesworth
    Shane Wriglesworth

    You should play Remington next

  • Cara Taylor
    Cara Taylor

    I LOVED the country shuffle version of Silverado Bench Seat! That was so much fun!!

  • George Martinez
    George Martinez

    Man I love that shuffle. I would love to hear y’all do living like a Lonestar or what would Jessie James say. Please. Y’all keep it these shows keep me going.

  • Rick Foaske
    Rick Foaske

    Should play Never To Old more often one of my favorites!!

  • John R
    John R

    is that some fresh ink on the inside of your left arm ???

    • Misty Girdler
      Misty Girdler

      Isnt that the "Dare Mighty Things" tattoo quote from Teddy Roosevelt?

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    Play Echo from the Remington album, very underrated song!

  • Joey Mintkenbaugh
    Joey Mintkenbaugh

    In the next one do you think you could do still holds up

  • Mary Leasure
    Mary Leasure

    Silverado Bench Seat Shuffle was an amazing new twist!

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith

    I don’t know what you are talking about I know all of these.

  • Elle Patterson
    Elle Patterson

    Can you please play blue collar dollars and reppin my roots next session 🤞🏻

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S

    Oh man!! Chevrolet Bench Seat shuffled is amazing!!!

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S

    Love never too old to die young!!!!♡♡♡

  • Mr. Luke
    Mr. Luke


  • Mr. Luke
    Mr. Luke

    Do a forest set up

  • Patti Haddenham
    Patti Haddenham

    Thank you for the music. It's refreshing seeing you guys enjoying what you do always smiling you don't always see that with bands .. Thank you

  • Joanne Staheli
    Joanne Staheli

    Thanks guys, absolutely loved it. You cannot beat the full drum kit, sounded amazing. Great songs, Tonight gave me goosebumps & my favourite song is If the Boot Fits. I will keep requesting Reppin my Roots & Echo. Can't wait for the next one. YEE YEE X

  • Richard Garcia
    Richard Garcia

    I’ll Venmo when you perform happen to like cats

  • MrAlsup

    No Bass on F150 bench seat.

  • S. Michael DeHart aka WVUmounties8
    S. Michael DeHart aka WVUmounties8

    Great mini-concert!! Btw, when's the next GMC truck video?? It's been a month since we've heard anything.

  • The Trestle Tester
    The Trestle Tester

    Please play “that’s what I do with it” and “oxygen” and “come”🙏🏻 love the shows!

  • Kathy Mccallister
    Kathy Mccallister

    Love you guys

  • Austin Luecken
    Austin Luecken

    Whens the next video on the truck? Been waiting forever

  • Arly Byrne
    Arly Byrne

    Please i will come in person and beg pitty oh pitty please play we got it

  • Logo Dougo
    Logo Dougo

    Good job but could you some time play the. The truck rebuild no hurry

  • Tropical_ chip223
    Tropical_ chip223


  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    We Got It

  • Chris Clemens
    Chris Clemens

    Late to the party, but I can't wait until I see y'all live again and wave that Demolita flag during Holler.

  • Charles Shellito
    Charles Shellito

    Miss u in Minnesota

  • Brian Adams
    Brian Adams

    I know a place y’all could play if you didn’t mind playing for only bout 3000 people

  • Charles Shellito
    Charles Shellito

    Yee yee thank u so much .this is much needed. I miss seeing u in Minnesota so bad

  • Kaitlyn Hockett
    Kaitlyn Hockett

    Remington. It's my husband's favorite and we usually go to your concert for our anniversary every year.

  • Brandon Gustafson
    Brandon Gustafson

    Thankyou so much for playing Silverado bench seat!! I never heard Ain’t never to old before but I loved it!!

  • Corey Tetzlaff
    Corey Tetzlaff

    You was supposed to be at the berrien county youth fair next month but the covids fucked that up. Man. I live local. This sucks. We saw eli young band last yr. That was great as i used to live near denton. In frisco actually . Bottom line. Berrien springs is a tiny middle of nowhere town. Since i was a kid we looked forward to the big timers the fair brought in town. We need you bro!

  • Timberlake Brolensky
    Timberlake Brolensky

    Wonderful as usual, I just love you Granger you’re absolutely amazing.

  • Itty bitty Homestead
    Itty bitty Homestead

    The audio sounds really good!🙂❤️

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson

    Play echo

  • MattBalloon1115

    Please play the song I am the midnight !!! I’ve been asking for a few live shows now I’ll freak out if you ever play it please granger buddy 😁🤘

    • Charles Shellito
      Charles Shellito

      One of my favorite

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    I wanna hear "We got it all". Thanks for a great show guys 👍

  • cowboys 2019
    cowboys 2019

    Backroad song

  • john colasanto
    john colasanto

    Awesome as always!! have you thought about doing a Yee Yee farm cd to sell??

  • HisLordStigness

    Where is the truck

  • Debbie Myers
    Debbie Myers


  • Rita Young
    Rita Young

    Loved the fun and laughter tonight and especially the music!

  • Ariel Rhodes
    Ariel Rhodes

    I LOVED Silverado Bench Seat as a Texas shuffle. Hubs and I started as dancing partners at Hurricane Harry's, this is perfect! We love listening to you Granger! Gig Em and Yee Yee

  • Justin Orth
    Justin Orth

    You should dress as Earl and play a whole show in the shop as Earl.

    • Chldof1TrueKng

      I agree do another earl dibbles Junior set!

    • Eric Gentry
      Eric Gentry

      Justin Orth he did an earl dibbles jr set about a month ago go to granger’s videos and you will find it

  • Sheila Melbostad
    Sheila Melbostad

    Thank you for doing these shows for us!!! Wish y’all were here in Minnesota!! Nice night up here ❤️❤️

  • jbcharpentier528

    Always So GOOD!! Yee Yee!! But maybe sometime bring in Amber we all know she can sing.

  • Addison Soost
    Addison Soost

    I would you guys to play. "Raise up your glass"It is my favorite song out of all of your albums. I just love to watch these live at the Yee Yee Farm Sets. It makes me feel like I am at one of yours shows. I can't wait to go see you guys in concert once we are all able to. I can't wait see you guys as my first concert ever. I am so excited now.😁

  • Heynow

    Thanks Granger and band! Made for a great Sunday evening!

  • Mrfirstime

    Thank you for sharing your talent .

  • Keerstin Lindbom
    Keerstin Lindbom

    how is this man 40?! he could pass for his 20s!