Jaws of DEATH
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 39: Join me as I talk to former Navy SEAL and founder of The Warrior Dog Foundation Mike Ritland!
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  • Jim Schroeder
    Jim Schroeder

    I been following Mike's Podcasts for a long time and I enjoyed all of his books

  • Bill Shaw
    Bill Shaw

    I was lucky that I got to talk to my great grandfather about the civil War. I talked to my grandfather about WWII.

  • Bill Shaw
    Bill Shaw

    I used to play with my Westie when he had his puppy teeth. I will always remember him from all the little white bite marks on my arms!

  • Maxwell McArthur
    Maxwell McArthur

    Bring him back with a dog!

  • Joseph Myers
    Joseph Myers

    Definitely bring him back along with some dogs.

  • Landon Cahill
    Landon Cahill

    I love Mike Ritland please bet more! would also love to see Mat Best on too!

  • RVA Keg Slinger
    RVA Keg Slinger

    Thanks for all that you do. Been a fan of yours for about 5 years now. I enjoy the podcast. I have a question, will there be a poster available of the "why I love dirt roads" cover? Thanks Granger. Cant wait to see you perform live again. Johnny Parker Richmond,VA

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    More Mike

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Thank you for Your Service

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    I like watching Your Podcast

  • farmergirl angie
    farmergirl angie

    Mike hits the nail on the head

  • Big Killa
    Big Killa

    "I don't give a shit about your feelings"

  • cmullen31

    I Love you Granger!! We seen you in 2019 @ The Syracuse State Fair. YOUR AWESOME! Love that you stand by our Amendments! YEE YEE

  • Cole Norsworthy
    Cole Norsworthy

    One of your best podcasts yet! Thank you!

  • Andrea Jones
    Andrea Jones

    Loved hearing Mike’s story. Very interesting

  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham

    Good Talk 🙏🏻🇺🇸

  • Gary Kleinsasser
    Gary Kleinsasser

    Wow this was so interesting. These are plp we need more of. Granger mad Mike

  • John Short
    John Short

    Amazing podcast!! Thank you for this one!! God Bless the USA!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Josh Wells
    Josh Wells

    Are you really buddies with Lunker's if you are you do not support me or my family or the people that support you

  • Josh Wells
    Josh Wells

    Keg Liquors off your land unless you're a drug dealer to

  • Josh Wells
    Josh Wells

    You are so much better than Lunker's me and my family love you he is such a loser please don't be associated with him if you only knew what I did

  • Josh Wells
    Josh Wells

    Please keep Lunker's off your channel he has a meth head I can't support him and you

  • Igneale

    Sorry man, Texas ain't Texas anymore.. It's quickly becoming Eastern California.

  • Maria Gates
    Maria Gates

    "Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times." This quote blew me away. Never thought about it like this. Wow!

  • Casey'slifewithCP

    You said you don't play shows anymore but in the latest episode of The Smiths you were at the show playing I'm not trying to be hateful but I'm confused

  • J S
    J S

    Mike Ritland needs to lead the way during these times. He is on point.

  • GoingGonzoRV

    More of Mike!

  • Leah Landi
    Leah Landi

    Mike is the best! Great podcast can’t wait until he has more on Mike drop!

  • Andy Moss
    Andy Moss

    Interesting dude. Enjoyed it granger took me 2 days to catch it all but that's ok too. Like I had 2 episodes instead of one. Wish you had time to podcast on the daily

  • BarrelMH

    More Mike!!!

  • Sam Cade
    Sam Cade

    Love the longer video. 2 hours should be your normal length tho just sayin haha we want MOOOOORE

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S

    Loved this podcast!! So good to hear from perspective as Mike's. Its definitely things that we all need to hear! Definitely need to start following some of the great work he does!

  • jbcharpentier528

    This was awesome So crazy what and how people think We are all doomed. I feel sorry for our kids and for our kids - kids For what is about to come With no law in order.

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    🙏🙏🙏😊🇺🇸. Yes Please. !! What a Honer for both of these Gentleman to be in a room to share the knowledge and wisdom of experience in life. I commented earlier halfway through and then as I watched it n he said the same thing these are all the things I have felt and been scared of and now to hear him say it it makes it even more true what I knew in my heart. So I am so grateful for you and your family and all the inspiration n love n truth you spread of this world. The rays of Sunshine from above are Shining so Bright of how Proud they are of the man n the family that you all are. It’s so Extremely humbling 🙏🙏❤️🎈

  • Didi K
    Didi K

    Great Podcast. Thank you for sharing. Good to see Mike on here.

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    Mind over matter ! If they were told they were great n can’t fail the trophy’s all their life then they get to the Real world of Real Mental Challenge . I believe you must hv the mind set of all that hell is temporary & it’s not going to kill u it’s uncomfortable n horrid but it’s temporary n they can’t see it n if they are not ever going to make it ! It’s in your gut n soul u either hv it or u don’t. Man I love listing to your Pod casts u hv the best classiest people just like u !! Love the Inspiration Thank you so much Thank you Mr.Smith !! Man that guy is so so bad ass thanks so much for all his service !!! Xoxo

  • Joss Patterson
    Joss Patterson

    Great interview!!

  • Jim Schroeder
    Jim Schroeder

    loved the Podcast , I have read all of Mike Ritlands books. He is the man when it comes to all things as it relates to training dogs . Great guest

  • Annette Elizalde
    Annette Elizalde

    Great choice I have seen him in dog training he is awesome. Very interesting podcast enjoy hearing Mike speak will surely be checking into his Podcast . Can't wait for your next choice everyone has been so interesting, thank you. Blessings 😇

  • Deb Bohl
    Deb Bohl

    Granger this podcast was very interesting to listen to. What a very interesting guy. Thank you. Wow YEEYEE

  • Gary Goforth
    Gary Goforth

    What happened to the truck vids? I like all videos you guys make but miss the truck rebuild lol YeeYee an be safe everyone.

  • Heidi Wojtowicz
    Heidi Wojtowicz

    Iowa here! Yee Yee!

  • Tammy H.
    Tammy H.

    YEE YEE!

  • ADK Squad Outdoors
    ADK Squad Outdoors

    Idea: Earl Dibbles Jr. meets Outlaw - Certain challenges etc. Love the content! Keep it up Mr. Smith

  • Bryce Giardino
    Bryce Giardino

    Mike Thanks for your service. I would love to hear more?

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Thank you Mike!!! Such a great podcast!!! Pray for America

  • Stephanie Moeller
    Stephanie Moeller

    So Dan wanted to know where in Iowa Mike was from and it turns out he's from the same town we live in. :)

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    What a guy !!! It boils down to mental toughness and discipline. Thanks for a great interview Granger 👍

  • Kayla Peterson
    Kayla Peterson

    another great guest and podcast episode!!

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    He hit the nail right on the head!!!! God bless you both!! May our Country be healed and quickly!

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith

    That was a great hour and twenty-two minutes. YEE YEE

  • sarahfrazier2012

    Always love hearing Mike speak!

  • Sheila Van Duyn Fote
    Sheila Van Duyn Fote

    Listening to you from Port St. Lucie, Florida. I love your podcast, ALgone channel and Arise with Amber. I love listening to you Granger you have something many people lack Common Sense.

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P

    Another great guest. Love hearing from these elite war fighters!!!

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P

    Totally agree with Mike. Either your born with it or you’re not.

  • Joe Peacock
    Joe Peacock

    I'll follow Mike Ritland anywhere. Great American!

  • Jason Branham
    Jason Branham

    Favorite podcast yet other than ur life stories but love this guy tells it straight and uncensored great podcast!!

  • Christopher Sheridan
    Christopher Sheridan

    Love this pod cast and the length of it ! Keep it up brother God bless

  • Ben Logan
    Ben Logan

    Wow best pod yet hands down for a bit of realism thank you Granger and thank you sir for your service from Australia 🇦🇺

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Wow very very interesting!! I loved this podcast!! I love that he just let's it fly no need to sugar coat! Thank you sir for your service!!! Would love to hear more!! Love you all!!

  • Bonnie Myers
    Bonnie Myers

    Best podcast ever! Please bring Mike Ritland back sooner than later. I remember him from the Warrior Dog Foundation back in 2010. Thank you for your service, your mission, and your brutal honesty. You should be part of the military team that advises the White House. President Trump needs to hear how you "see it." www.facebook.com. www.mikeritland. com

  • Trackside Solution
    Trackside Solution

    Podcast with your guitarist Todd Howard!

  • Matthew Dross
    Matthew Dross

    This was great. Thanks Granger. Would love to see more or Mike. Should have Nick Bare on the podcast too!

  • Nathanael Harwood
    Nathanael Harwood

    This was REALLY interesting. He hit the nail right on the head with everything he said about the state of the world right now. I hope a lot of people see this podcast.

  • Chan Miller
    Chan Miller

    It got me to laugh at the end of the podcast because I got suspended a lot in school for punching the kids the made fun of me for my name or my personality. Then I got punished at home for standing up for myself. And to this day, if I stand up for my opinion, I'm dumb or I get told I'm treating others like there stupid. And those people are the ones who run to be crybabies and can't think for themselves 😂 awesome content this morning 🤙🏼🤘🏼 Yee Yee

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    Thank you for having Mike on. Thank you for your service, Mike! It isn’t an accident that dog is God spelt backwards. Unfortunately, common sense isn’t so common. God bless you and God bless America.

  • Greg Fulcher
    Greg Fulcher

    Amen brother. Spot on.

  • doug egeto
    doug egeto

    Great interview

  • Curtis Callender
    Curtis Callender

    This one is a treat.

  • Kim Dekenipp
    Kim Dekenipp

    God will get in the middle of this virus, so everyone knows it was God and it will disappear faster than it came. Praise him always Be still and know that I am God.

  • Matthew Mayo
    Matthew Mayo

    In Saginaw Michigan a few months ago a man stabbed a K-9 in the head. The officers shot him dead and the dog made a full recovery in a few weeks.

  • raymondcmorris1

    Best podcast yet .

  • Melissa Sturgis
    Melissa Sturgis

    Great podcast!

  • love cows
    love cows

    Granger I live on a farm in Iowa yes it is so beautiful but driving around you see so many barns that are falling apart it is so sad

    • Chan Miller
      Chan Miller

      I agree with you, see all the old great barn being let fall apart and rot away because some people don't see the value of them. To maintain them is not hard and to renovate them isn't either. 👍🏼🤘🏼🤙🏼

  • joy d
    joy d

    absolutely appreciate this interview...my son is a Marine, mind over matter strong. This gives a great perspective on so much. Would be awesome ti see more of Mike.

    • Cindy Gierisch
      Cindy Gierisch

      My Grandson is in the Army some where :9( and this was an amazing interview..

  • stefanie ferrara
    stefanie ferrara

    Thank you so much for this episode, love all Mike has to say. I am 63 and am so sad with all that is happening. We need you guys!

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray

    Monday morning mind picking session with awesome guest like Mr. Ritland!

  • Don Cox
    Don Cox

    Where is the truck??? Missing the videos..

    • Andy Moss
      Andy Moss

      Stuck at body shop. They push back on it to push faster easier work out the door. That's way they all do always have always will.

  • Chris Tenneson
    Chris Tenneson

    So glad to hear other voice what I feel. I'm an veteran, as was my Father, and his. I raise my children the way I was but society is becoming much more seductive to them. We as parents raise our kids and put them on the path hoping and praying they stay that way as adults. Thank you both, great way to start my Monday.

  • Amy Seidl
    Amy Seidl

    Awesome podcast! Love that Mike is so on point about the problems of society today. I swear I said similar thing back as a preschool teacher when suddenly we were told we could no longer give a child a timeout and only to redirect attention. So there began the no consequences to the actions. Also no more giving awards or winners and losers of games because everyone needed to be awarded or everyone is a winner. Ugh! It is a crazy time in our world and I dislike the direction. Nobody can agree to disagree and still be friends its just insane. Everything you say may offend someone and if not then Statues, Flags will. It’s nuts!!! What are we just going to erase history now and is our government going to let it happen? We are destroying ourselves here now it seems. Race wasn’t this divided in the 80s or prior. I do believe what he is saying about entitled mentality and why things are as they are now. I hope he gets his word out there more to initiate a change before it’s too late to fix this mess we are now in. I’m sharing this!!!

  • Cindy Hensler
    Cindy Hensler

    Great interview!

  • Wil Standridge
    Wil Standridge

    Mike Drop Podcast is a great show, it's good to see him on this side of the mike. YEE YEE

  • Namastay Grapeful
    Namastay Grapeful

    Wow what an interesting interview! Another good one!

  • Jane on Slimming World
    Jane on Slimming World

    What a pleasure to hear someone speak with such common sense. Thanks Mike and thanks Granger for introducing us to this man. Just signed up to his pod cast for more wisdom and reality. Jane xxP.S. Gratitude to everyone who trains dogs for working dogs. I was a seeing eye dog (guide dog) user for 12 years and know the freedom this gave me.

    • Maria Gates
      Maria Gates

      Mike's podcast is honestly a treat. He is one of the most intelligent, respectful and well spoken people on this platform. And his guests are always very intresting people.

  • casey lyle
    casey lyle

    Everything that he has said is so spot on!!! Thank you so much for your service sir, and America needs to get back to the basics.

  • Vivian Ulmen
    Vivian Ulmen

    Awesome interview! What an amazing unique wonderful man he is.. I definitely will start following Mike Ritland. Thank you for your service and thank you for the human you are!! Granger, another fantastic podcast! #YeeYee 🇺🇸🙏🏽❤️🦋🎈#LiveLikeRiv

  • Laurie Leis
    Laurie Leis

    This was an interesting podcast. I had the privilege to see our city canine cop being trained by some elite trainers it was a great day. It's great that you could use your skills to serve your country. Granger i am loving your podcasts 😁♥😁 yee yee

  • Dan Garey
    Dan Garey

    Bring on The Bull and Butch Vlogs

  • Charmaine Ramsay
    Charmaine Ramsay

    That was a great episode such a fascinating guest with so many stories to share I like that you both believe in the common sense approach it’s so sorely lacking in society today

  • LM Rohr
    LM Rohr

    Would love to see him again on your show. I watched him train a lot and it is neat to watch.

  • Brayde Durost
    Brayde Durost

    Awesome to see Mike on the show! He’s a badass! He’s right about the takeovers, Canada is headed there with Trudeau and his liberal clowns at the helm. We are losing our rights day by day it seems and there are lots of us who are growing tired of it more and more and if he stays in power much longer there could be very bad backlash.

  • myronrvoorhis

    Great interview! Get Matt from Demo ranch on!

  • Richard Bostick
    Richard Bostick

    My buddy's dad was in the navy and his last name is Cupp. We still call him SEAMAN CUPP and hes ben out of the navy for over 20 years hahaha

    • Allyssa Calloway
      Allyssa Calloway

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor guy! I graduated with a guy named Blake Blowers, he was a Jr. So they called him BJ and I couldn't just say BJ ever, I had to always say BJ Blowers because how do you not?!? LOL

  • emack317

    I would love to hear The Conservative Twins on your podcast, just a future idea if you know who they are or can look them up. They're truly so entertaining and I think they would bring awesome content to an episode on your podcast. 😊

    • Zach G
      Zach G

      That would be flipping awesome!

    • Matthew Dross
      Matthew Dross

      Ha yes!

  • emack317

    Great podcast, as always! So interesting, thank you for keeping us entertained Monday mornings! I agree, political correctness seemed to set off a domino affect. There are American soldiers fighting for our freedoms but we're taking them away from ourselves within our own homeland. 🤯

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Awesome great job granger another great podcast thank you

  • Jane on Slimming World
    Jane on Slimming World

    I live in hope that we will have a ‘new’ normal. The ‘old’ normal was not the best it can be. We must not fear change, sometimes things change for the better. God’s will be done. If we come out of this with more thoughts and respect for others, it might be a very good thing. Bless you all Jane xx

  • J.A.

    Mike has a deep smooth voice I bet he has a good voice for singing. I would like to hear him sing a little.💝🙏💝

  • iamthequeenfyi

    YeeYee Morning from Colorado

  • Rickie Ann Holiday
    Rickie Ann Holiday

    Mornin from Oklahoma ❤️