Is this worth your investment? (with Tyler Smith)
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 73: How do you invest? What do you invest into? What do you do to build something for yourself? The answer is not what you thought it would be. Join me and my brother Tyler Smith as we dive into this topic!

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  • deborah meador
    deborah meador

    i go to bed at 8 pm every night and up at 6 am

  • Patrick Canada
    Patrick Canada

    I go to bed 8-9 and get up at 4:30 everyday to read and study my Bible and then get the day started 7 days a week I love it!

  • David Bowe
    David Bowe

    More Tyler, more Tyler, more Tyler. He seems like a man of few words, but when he does speak, what he has to say is meaningful.

  • Emily Allen
    Emily Allen

    I went to bed @ 8 last night too 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Roper Boggs
    Roper Boggs

    Yee Yee. Cool. Cool

  • Janet Mwaura
    Janet Mwaura

    He comes across as melancholic

  • Jill Olson
    Jill Olson

    Is Tyler a believer?

  • Justin Ashby
    Justin Ashby

    Great episodes! More Tyler

  • Shall Not Be Infringed Upon
    Shall Not Be Infringed Upon

    I love your shirt Tyler!! Dont see enough of them worn!

  • Brenda Smith
    Brenda Smith

    Tyler is so shy and quiet. Tyler is good looking he should have no problem finding a woman and besides he is from Texas.

  • Valerie Koy
    Valerie Koy

    I enjoy hearing how smart, self disciplined, competitive, and structured Tyler is in his life. He’s a family person and I hope he fines a soul mate in his near future. He’s a really nice guy.

  • Cayla Anders
    Cayla Anders

    A little late but More Tyler please! ❤️

  • Kandy Markland
    Kandy Markland

    More Tyler and family

  • Jacob Fulton
    Jacob Fulton

    I'm happy for you Granger growing on youtube. But I also show your stuff to all my friends because you do include the little people and as a regular youtube viewer I'm proud of you growing and love watching your family's life unfold. GOD BLESS YALL AND YOUR SHOWS! YEE YEE!

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    Yes Sir would love to see more of Tyler. I’ll tell ya when they find the right ladies. Those girls will be Blessed Beyond Their Wildest Dreams !!! They will come when the time is rite 🙏❤️👏

  • Michael Marshall
    Michael Marshall

    That was the best podcast! It was right in my wheelhouse!

  • Jacob Fulton
    Jacob Fulton

    Have Tyler read the book "BEST SELF be you only better by Mike Bayer. My dad got me the book and I'm really enjoying it so far. Dr. Phil does the foreword. Check it out! God bless

  • Jill Olson
    Jill Olson

    Tyler doesn't look happy.

  • Lisa Moore
    Lisa Moore

    Granger if you need a good log splitter contact All good log splitters they are awesome and have all sizes tell him I sent you I’m Salser’s mom he will know who I am

  • Kathy Whiting
    Kathy Whiting

    Granger, sorry but I go to bed between 8:00-10:00 every night, but then sometimes on the weekend I wake up and watch y’all, and play catch up.. love all of your and Amber’s shows.. much love and prayers 🙏🏻

  • Lavin Riner
    Lavin Riner

    i went to bed at 12:00 last night

  • Nick

    Yooo this was a amazing podcast Tyler's daily things he has done is amazing and im glad to know more information about tyler! And granger you do a amazing job on your content screw the haters!!

  • Linda Maskus
    Linda Maskus

    "Voracious" reader.....😂🤣

  • Krystal Sevier
    Krystal Sevier

    More Tyler Smith

  • Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    Dutch sent me

  • Elizabeth Bower
    Elizabeth Bower

    More Ty Ty !!!

  • Samuel Swann
    Samuel Swann

    Hey granger can you do some work on earl dibbles old truck

  • Joey

    I think all your cds should always be available for all to hear! Ebay is better than amazon imo

  • Joey

    Theres a town named granger in WA also 😄

  • Joey

    Thanks for the shout out to Washington! Yeeyeenations strong up here. Saw you at both those shows. The tacoma dome one was my birthday present to myself 😁 I had to bus down and get picked up but totally worth it. That hometown throwdown in enumclaw was one of the better ones. Dustin lynch killed it another year. Didn't know you also wrote never too old in Tacoma also. I could see that being written with fgl it's kinda got their sound to it.

  • Redneck Tv
    Redneck Tv

    You should get a mullet

  • Nathia Urban
    Nathia Urban

    Great podcast today! Great watching Tyler and you talk investing and goals

  • Bethany Anderson
    Bethany Anderson

    Listened to this one twice. Such good advice in this episode.

  • Lana Morey
    Lana Morey

    Looking forward to reading Miracle Morning

  • katie_brown12

    I LOVED seeing Tyler on the podcast! I’d love an episode with all three of you - that’d be awesome! My brother bought that hat you’re wearing (his first YYA purchase) and he absolutely loves it! LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcast and it makes Monday’s suck a little less!

  • Dale Clark
    Dale Clark

    Excellent podcast! You both are such great influences on others!

  • 27Caden T
    27Caden T

    Whens the next restoration update really excited

  • ZeroDarkDirty 13
    ZeroDarkDirty 13

    Doubt this will get seen since the podcast is a few days old but for the young guy that wants to be a sheriff. Start to volunteer any way you can to learn the joy of helping others. With Covid keeping us isolated, do what you can. Once the world opens up, help at a senior community, set up fundraising families in need help out at a food shelter. Learn how to communicate with others.

  • Jennifer Armstrong
    Jennifer Armstrong

    I go to sleep at 8 every night 🤷

  • Christie Bullard
    Christie Bullard

    I'm new to this channel and this is the first time I've seen Tyler. They have completely different personalities. I'm not trying to be that "crab" but Granger is so personable and smiles all the time and Tyler seems stand offish and a little sad. I think he only smiled once. He should smile more because it really looks good on him. Oh, I did say on a Smith's video that I wasn't a fan of country music even though I like all of y'all. BUT I did listen to the Diesel today and I have to say it's a good song! That's more my speed lol.

  • Kourt Ringelberg
    Kourt Ringelberg

    More Tyler! I feel he’s kinda the mysterious brother bc we don’t see or hear a lot from him (even before the Bachelorette). More Ty-Ty!!!!

  • Susan McCutcheon
    Susan McCutcheon

    Yes more Tyler please

  • Mason Heeringa
    Mason Heeringa

    Thanks for answering my question on the CD's. I just like collecting them and hope I will have all of them signed by Granger some day. That would be really cool!

  • C Smith
    C Smith

    Hello Granger and Tyler. Tyler has created his success with discipline that will continue throughout life. Tyler is preparing himself be an absolutely awesome husband and father. Tyler be patience as you seek that disciplined young lady to be your wife and mother of your children. Love is the greatest gift of all. Your gift of love will arise! God has a plan.

  • Hayley Knutson
    Hayley Knutson

    I definitely go to bed in between 8 and 9! 😂

  • A Dotious (AJ Doti)
    A Dotious (AJ Doti)

    A good PM should be available 24/7 365. The Job doesn't have hours

  • Scott Schufreider
    Scott Schufreider

    I was at that Tacoma Dome show.

  • Christian Disciple
    Christian Disciple

    To anyone who has wise understanding along with the ability to discern. I’m telling you the truth, In the near future look out for a TR-3B 🔺. These people are liars, reject their supernatural ambassador. Who’ll come as a “being of light”, transfigured man* (hologram). It’s the satan-devil-dragon-destroyer of souls not the second coming of Christ the King. So don’t believe his fairytales and Los Vegas style magician acts as signs to a faithless generation. Snapping his fingers to make lightning come down and a fake resurrection (trainshumanism). ------------------ No churchianity require, to be forgiven and made into a living energy soul creator by the Truth. “ HE (Jesus) showed you these things so you would know that the Lord is God and there is no other.” ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭4: 35‬ ‭ “if you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.” ‭‭Romans‬ ‭10: 9-10 If you chose wisely, you have now been spiritually inoculated for whatever happens. Welcome ancient celestial demon hunting angle from the Holy One, activate and wake up, we’re at war My name’s Compassion

  • Victoria Davis
    Victoria Davis

    More Tyler!!! I wanna know what books he reads! I want know how he breaks down his daily schedule. What motivates him to get up at 5am and take a cold shower!!! More Tyler! Damn granger keep good people around you. ❤️

  • Courtney Sargent
    Courtney Sargent

    More Tyler! He needs to write his own book on inspiring and motivating others on everything he's learned over the years. I attend the GLS every year in August at my local church and he would be an EXCELLENT speaker on that. Maybe goal for 2022??!!

  • Lisa Lancaster
    Lisa Lancaster

    Great podcast. Tyler is so such an intelligent man and wise beyond his years. His person is out there and I believe God will send her to him, 🙏 sooner for him. Thank you for the great podcast ❤

  • Laurie Leis
    Laurie Leis

    I enjoy this podcast every week. Such great advice. More Tyler and more Parker please. Yee yee

  • gdogg6501

    Great podcast guys! I noticed Tyler had an "I am Second" shirt on right away. That is a cool organization. I like watching some of their videos. More Ty Ty episodes or like others have said, both Parker and him on together with you would be cool.

  • Sara Palin
    Sara Palin

    Always good to hear what Tyler has to say. Great podcast. He's always been someone who I wonder what he's thinking. 🙂

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    Yes more Tyler. Would be good to have Tyler Parker and you. That was a good podcast. Tyler you are so quiet. Love you guys!!🤠🤠

  • Lauren Crawford
    Lauren Crawford

    More Tyler! Would love to see all three brothers and your mom!

  • Sam Cade
    Sam Cade

    More Tyler, less ads, when I already pay $15 a month for no youtube ads. Just sayin lol

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Two great minds. Good words of wisdom. Great episode 👍 Yee Yee nation

  • Gabriela Shimizu
    Gabriela Shimizu

    More Tyler, for sure! I love listening to y’all speaking your ideas.

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    More Tyler! Have both brothers with you. Where can I get a copy of "Live at the Chicken?" Love te crab in a bucket analogy.

  • Focus OnGrowth
    Focus OnGrowth

    I can’t wait until Tyler finds his forever girl. TyTy is such a good guy, so ready to see this ‘Good Guy Win’ that one missing link. (Scott, I want you to find your forever girl too.) Side note, I am a big fan of Hal Elrod. I hope he is cancer free!!

  • Starlene Kalinski
    Starlene Kalinski

    Thank you and Tyler for the inspiration and we would love to have Tyler on more.

  • Starlene Kalinski
    Starlene Kalinski

    I'm 67 years old and you seem to be a humble person. I love watching you videos. I love horses and training horses and all I have heard from other people is that I can't make any money and I can't be successful training horses. I don't care what they say, I plan on training wild Mustangs so that they can find good homes or if the horse has a good temperament, be used in Animal Assisted Therapy, which people try to dampen my spirit on that. I don't listen to them. I am working on getting health back because I burned myself out working a job that I hated. But I know that I will be successful in this because I am doing this to help people and working for God to bless his people.

  • Gloria Strong
    Gloria Strong

    Great podcast, love ❤️ when have your family on 🤠

  • Aiden Murphy
    Aiden Murphy


  • Avery Funk
    Avery Funk

    More Tyler. Also glad Granger went “big time” on this podcast.

  • Lisa McGrath
    Lisa McGrath

    Wow, really great conversations between you Granger & Tyler!!

  • Patriciatess & Lonnie & This Spot
    Patriciatess & Lonnie & This Spot

    Ty for ya Podcast

  • Beth Nichols
    Beth Nichols

    I know fire departments have an explorer program, where fire fighters mentor and teach firefighter basics to the explorers, and then some of the explorers went on to become firefighters themselves. I wonder if Caleb's towns Sherriff's dept. has something similar. And maybe someone at the Sherriff's dept. can talk with Caleb and speak on what they did to come to their careers in the dept.

  • WhenDidYouGetHere?

    I would love to see Momma Smith and learn how she raised 3 successful young men and hear all the great stories she could tell us!

  • Tyson Robertson
    Tyson Robertson

    "Make Your Bed" By US Navy Admiral William H McRaven. There's a lot to learn from just getting up and making your bed in the morning. There's so many little things that you don't necessarily think about but if you do them, you can see your success building. Ive made goals this year to start with the little things like writing in my journal or taking a little time out of the day to be thankful for certain things. I can see how those little things are leading to bigger goals and are changing me for the better. Thank you for this podcast!

    • Focus OnGrowth
      Focus OnGrowth

      Yes! One of the best speeches!!!

  • Christian LaCoste-Neal
    Christian LaCoste-Neal

    Tyler seems so sweet and quiet definitely needs to be on more.

    • Jen Lindler
      Jen Lindler

      😄smile Tyler!!

  • David

    Yup, more Tyler. Thanks for bringing him and please thank Tyler for coming! Yee Yee

  • Brooke Hobbs
    Brooke Hobbs

    I’ve been wondering why Tyler is always so quiet and hiding from the camera. Another good podcast!

  • Chris Redz
    Chris Redz

    More real estate talk with Tyler🤟. thx boys!

  • Ollied Outdoors
    Ollied Outdoors

    Hey granger

  • Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown

    That was very good and interesting podcast. I'm new to your podcast. I don't want to tell you this but my mom had died almost a month ago. It's been really hard for me to deal with. You're very insightful and inspiring me. And I have had a stroke 10 years ago.

  • Ty Collins
    Ty Collins

    I love your guy's motivation, and I look forward too see more videos like this.

  • nobodyrobsourtrucks

    How could Tyler fit a relationship in his dedicated self regime ?

  • Samuel plett
    Samuel plett

    What would you suggest if I wanted to start a business with my utility tractor what would be your advice on that

  • Angela Holloway
    Angela Holloway

    I buy all your Cd's and don't have those two. And thanks Tyler for being on the podcast. Great Podcast!!

  • Allyssa Calloway
    Allyssa Calloway

    1. More Tyler, his calm temperament and drive to be the best while always being #2 is very inspiring ❤️ 2. Loved the Tacoma Dome shout-out, I'm from the Olympic Peninsula, just a couple hours from the Dome and it truly is an acoustic gem! 3. (Last Smith Video) As stated above I'm from Washington and for perspective (WA water table vs. Texas) our well is 12 feet deep, hits water at 6 feet and they recommended doubling the submersible pump distance. My husband couldn't believe it, but we actually have the deepest well on our country road 🤣🤣🤣 13 years strong!

  • 2G_FAMOUS_2G

    Need some kind of flag behind you guys.

  • Susan Hillard
    Susan Hillard

    More Tyler of course.


    How can you not love the Smith brothers?

  • Tara Lain
    Tara Lain

    More Tyler

  • Gretchen Hamlin
    Gretchen Hamlin


  • Lori Lafountain
    Lori Lafountain

    You tylor and parker at the same time, can even add your mom in the say podcast with the 3 of you

  • Love Dairy Cows
    Love Dairy Cows

    Granger you are wrong my dad's normal bedtime is 8-8:30 yes I love CDs

  • GachaLunaYT

    Hello Granger and Tyler. I still buy CDs I'm not that computer savvy. I have bought my last 4 or 5 CDs from you. Tyler, God will bless you with the love of your life when the time is right. I hope you the best of luck and I hope it will be soon for you. We love watching you both. May God bless you and your family. YEE YEE



  • Joy Lynn Burkhardt
    Joy Lynn Burkhardt

    I agree with all the advice you gave the young man wanting to be the a sheriff .. one point I might add was a good work ethic! You lighted upon this when you gave the analogy of the toothpaste. As an older podcast listener I really enjoy your advice! Thank you and keep up the good work! Colab with who the hell you want too! YeeYee!

  • Joy Nichols
    Joy Nichols

    Is Tyler who Lincoln calls uncle Ty Ty the one that adore 🥰 River? The whole family had T-shirts for the bachelorette? My question 🙋‍♀️ is he similar to your dad?

    • Joy Nichols
      Joy Nichols

      Miracle Monday? Is it a book 📖 author ✍️?

    • Joy Nichols
      Joy Nichols

      I enjoy 😉 reading the comments too

  • Donnie Tunsky
    Donnie Tunsky

    I still want to be a guest on your podcast, I live local to you. Good content !!!

  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham

    You guys are awesome 👏. Yee Yee

  • S 4
    S 4

    To use your money wisely, with regards to books, first check at your library (recommend if they don’t have it), read the book then buy if it’s worth having a copy of your own. I love reading for pleasure and growth. ❤️🇨🇦🌞

  • john jacob
    john jacob

    That’s funny....! I’m born and raised in Texas and now I live in North Carolina

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Morning! Loved it! It kills me how different Tyler is from you and Parker. He's so chill very little expression yet so incredibly knowledgeable just like all 3 of you boys. I would love to hear what the show is really like to be on. Awful to watch no doubt only did for Tyler. Would love to have you back on! Keep it up guys!!! Love you all!!

    • Joy Nichols
      Joy Nichols

      That is exactly why I wonder if he is the one like their dad?

  • Johnathan Veenstra
    Johnathan Veenstra

    PRIDE is Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort. Some have it some don't but, the pressure will make a diamond.

    • Joy Nichols
      Joy Nichols

      Nice 👍 comment I like that

  • Cody Callen
    Cody Callen

    Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration! Great podcast and discussion with Tyler. Would love to get more book referrals. (Already got miracle morning on my list) Maybe like a top 5 or maybe some that you both would recommend to start with in the personal development lane. Thanks for all the great content and living out your faith. 👊🏻