I made him be honest
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 40: Join me as I talk to former Army Sniper and veteran Robert Terkla!
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  • Luke Holderfield
    Luke Holderfield

    Yee Yee nation can’t wait for that song love it

  • Jones Selas
    Jones Selas

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  • Tony Foulk
    Tony Foulk

    Nice pod cast. Rob or Granger if you ever want to come to kansas during waterfowl season . I'll take you on a hunt.

  • CarlosW42

    Feel bad he doesn’t have his wedding ring on anymore

    • Gabriel Baker
      Gabriel Baker

      This didnt age well F

  • Curtis Massey
    Curtis Massey

    Rob's a badass, and I'm new to Granger. I can't wait for the new album, just because I know a little of the backstory. You Texas boys are pretty cool.

  • Mr. Wonderful 13
    Mr. Wonderful 13

    Rob Turkla for PRESIDENT !!!!!! Love this interview ..Thank you all for your service. My HERO'S

  • Lou Grant
    Lou Grant

    I am way over you and the plp you are with

  • Lou Grant
    Lou Grant

    You just scratched your ass. Where is your disiplin?

  • yle Eegan
    yle Eegan

    This dude looks just like chicken little. Also bull shit! There is no way that dude ever put up 315

  • Scott D
    Scott D

    Tell Rob to check out UCF Restores. It is a program that UCF in Florida has. They work specifically with veterans and have recently started expanding into Firefighters and Law Enforcment with PTSD. It has incredible success rates. I personally know 2 Firefighters and a Marine that have done this program with good results.

  • John Cash
    John Cash

    Ain't nothing COUNTRY about this group,, u got that princess, talk about stolen valer, u guys script and pretend just so u can infiltrate a culture, and troll urselfs trying to sell urselfs as the new badassz in social genres... humble urselfs and represent something real! Not manufactured.... smh

  • Sergio Elizondo
    Sergio Elizondo

    Blessings to all thank you for the time you give us awesome content

  • Isa queque
    Isa queque

    @19:22 that eye tick says alot of where in that moment his memory went there physically.

  • Morrow John
    Morrow John

    You plug sponsors so awkwardly

  • Jerald Thomas
    Jerald Thomas


  • Jake Jonesy
    Jake Jonesy

    I want to blow stuff up..... Recruiter -12b Years later.....didn’t mean myself ass🤣🇺🇸

  • Tomer Dori
    Tomer Dori

    Travis Pastrana skydove without a parachute on nitro circus, shit was crazy to watch

  • SouthernBassHunter

    Iraq from 03-09 they definitely weren't shooting then running/hiding. They were running at us shooting or with a bomb stapped to themselves. Ramadi, Fallujah and Mosul were fucked... Everyday.... Everyday.

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    1-18 Infantry, Alpha Company 2nd Brigade 1st Infantry Division Fort Riley, Kansas, ARMY, here. Infantryman. I was going to go sniper myself, always wanted to and I'm a great shot, but my dumbass got injured not long before I was going to go to Sniper School. They messed up the surgery too (typical Army surgeons), so I had to get out on Honorable/Medical. Thank you so much for talking about your experience and your viewpoints. You seem like a very tough individual and I hope I can meet you someday and learn more about how you cope with things Medically and just how you go about living your life to the fullest as much as you can. I need a lot more of that in my life. Not just a "busy life", but a fulfilling one. God bless you brother!

  • Sam Judasz
    Sam Judasz

    did he release the intro song if so what's it called?

    • logan henson
      logan henson

      What’s the intro song called

  • Terry Bolin
    Terry Bolin

    And Granger you're no different you and Amber are going through it. You guys really did help me through a lot. I found your channel when I was virtually at my worst and then Lunker's

  • Terry Bolin
    Terry Bolin

    It's definitely an episode. I had a 16 year old kid shoot at me four times before I had to take his life. I did not know his age I just saw the gun and he was only 8 ft in front of me. It affects me everyday

  • Elle Patterson
    Elle Patterson

    Granger should definitely grow a mullet 😂

  • Chuck Hawes
    Chuck Hawes

    December is my dark time and the end of may and the beginning of june. I lost brothers at different times in my military career but it was always during those months.

  • Barry Oakes
    Barry Oakes

    My respect for Lunkers went up 100%,, Real as fook

  • Johnny Jannotti
    Johnny Jannotti

    On the opposite spectrum of the adrenaline & endorphins.. I played the O2 arena London for Young Voices 5 nites. Two songs per performance. I'm still trying back to get the high of playing in front 20k plus, festival gigs used to do that but 2020 is a B!?$h. Is that crazy?

  • TheBaconBrotato


  • Chris McCausley
    Chris McCausley


  • Thomas Bush
    Thomas Bush

    Truth 🤔

  • James dd
    James dd

    do a pod cast as earl that persona is great.

  • Jared Netto
    Jared Netto

    How about you not read something off ur laptop/ iPad and give an honest opinion of raycons...

  • Adam1873

    When are you inviting Matt (demo) out?? Would love to see you two chat!

  • falstar2020

    Rob's haircut vid was the funniest ever. He tried to get his 4 years old to do it for him and she, having the most sense, runs away screaming NO, NO, No. lol

  • G-rock

    My first time on this site!! Thank lunkers,i will check out your music and be back "I think lol"

  • deven wells
    deven wells

    Great collaboration here. I am now turned on to your pod cast

  • Shane Outdoors
    Shane Outdoors

    When is the next truck video coming, Finnish it

  • DirtySpeed 616
    DirtySpeed 616

    That is the first time I have seen the real rob I mean I think it is but it felt more real than his own video idk maybe I’m wrong. I was a great way to see him in a way be himself idk was refreshing in a way. Cool dude !

  • Igal

    Damn. This shit got deep. This is my first video I've seen of Granger. Good job getting him to open up. New fan. I just wish it was longer.

  • Justin Walsh
    Justin Walsh

    Granger, I don't listen to country music much. Im an 80's kid; Metallica was my upbringing. But it's funny how life's dominoes fall or how each stepping stone influences our life and our choices. The 1st ever ALgone channel I subscribed to was an 80's genre band page. Guns n Roses was played on that station. The youtube algorithm locked onto Guns and starting suggesting gun channels. There were several channels that I watched but as a lover of animals this one gun guy was also a Veterinarian. You see where this is going... DemolitionRanch aka Matt Carriker introduced me (and many others) to Lunkers, Lake Fork Guy, Outlaw, Nick Iriving, and Mat Best. All of those individuals introduced me to you. After listening to this podcast all I can say is wow. You might be one the most genuine country music singer, entertainer, person I've seen in a long while. I've met a few musicians before, and afterwards, I regretted meeting them. For example, not naming names, I met a singer, said the normal/weird "Hi Im a big fan" line... 30 seconds later they're asking me to help start a "F**k Trump" chant at their show. I now no longer listen to their music. Unfortunately politics are in everything these days and most entertainers are using their platform for political awareness or political correctness. You speak with such calm ease that I can hear that you are just a genuine dude, loving life, living life, and just being nice person to everyone you come into contact with. We need more people like you Sir. Im starting a GrangerSmith spotify list today. You've got a new fan in me. YeeYee

  • Tom Savinov
    Tom Savinov

    Well explained Lunkers.

  • Brandon Reid
    Brandon Reid

    idk if a country singer can every hit the level of wealth that Garth Brooks, Reba, George Strait, Alan Jackson achieved simply because of the internet. You can stream songs essentially for free and the money on royalties and selling records and stuff like that just is not the same. You might have a record go double platinum or something but it doesnt carry the same monetary value as it did when people had to physically buy a record, tape, CD etc. The only real way country artists make money now is through touring and merch. Obviously theres still money to be made and you can become a millionaire fairly quick off of songs alone its not that $300,000,000 level that the artists of the 90s reached. I think the modern artist thats aiming for that level of wealth and celebrity looks alot like Blake Shelton, Keith Urban where you are stepping across lines on collaborations and branching out into TV and are on all of the late night shows just to try and raise your profile and open more doors.

  • David Allen
    David Allen

    I have streaming service, but I buy your music for my IPhone. If you ever bring out vinyl I will be in line.

  • Ghastly_Grinner

    I have a theory that what PTS is I think its kind of like a withdraw your mind if flooded with all the best chemicals when rough stuff is happening and when you git back to the normal world nothing will ever really let that kind of cocktail out for your brain ever again and its trying to get its fix

  • ndro racr
    ndro racr

    Do they talk about the divorce

  • Mary Curry
    Mary Curry

    Lov you Granger, Iov Amber Lov the Kids All your Animals Y’all are the Cutest Couple Lov And Prayers to y’all

  • Ron Stone
    Ron Stone

    What a great interview. And I will be the black pill. This mask nonsense will end around November 4th. Something else stupid will come up but there you go.

  • Jeanne Re
    Jeanne Re

    The best. I was having a bad PTS pity party and you two laughed me out of it. Love ya both

  • P Sort
    P Sort

    Had a great time at your 4th of July concert, in round rock. My son, who disliked country, is now a fan of yours. You did something I thought could not ever be done. Thanks

  • surfart guitar
    surfart guitar

    this was the best podcast I have ever listened to & watched, in the past I listen for about three minutes then click them off.

  • EhstSide

    I could tell Rob was getting a lil bigger

  • Christopher Wiley
    Christopher Wiley

    Rob is awsome dude I am a firm member of his videos he is a amazing guy I couldn't speak highly enough for him aunest and great guy at lunkers tv

  • Jackson

    You should have the fellows Rob mentioned on as guests. Dakota, Matt Best, Crispy. And Demo Matt for good luck. Great podcast with Rob

  • Broke Kansas Farmer
    Broke Kansas Farmer

    Do something stupid (get something stuck)

  • Will Watts
    Will Watts

    I would love to see granger do a song with Ryan Upchurch

  • Jacob Gerald Calef
    Jacob Gerald Calef

    Love you granger

  • Mitchell Lyons
    Mitchell Lyons

    Awesome episode

  • ShallowPockets 864
    ShallowPockets 864

    Rob. Check out the video of Travis pastrana. He also jumped put of a plane without a parachute. If you want to see another adrenaline fanatic you gotta see some of his videos

  • Shaun Roberts
    Shaun Roberts

    I told you. I think this will be the best album yet.. ..I cannot wait for this album to Come our for sure. .. YEE YEE!!

  • holesinmypockets Jones
    holesinmypockets Jones

    I ❤ Rob Terkla

  • Mistersllim


  • mark Roper
    mark Roper

    Thanks for the video! Lunkers rocks.....like you.....different tune. More, more, more please. Watch out for those Googans....bunch of ne'er do wells....trust me!! :P Be safe.

  • dead fish tell no tales
    dead fish tell no tales

    You still suck Lunker!

  • Big Killa
    Big Killa

    Robert should do what Dakota Meyer did to get rid of his PTS

  • Randy

    I hope Rob is able to get help with those triggers. It would be tragic to hear he took his own life 😔

  • john jackson
    john jackson

    raycon earbuds are shit and expensive, go for samsung buds for similar or cheaper price.

  • ctwebtec ctwebtec
    ctwebtec ctwebtec

    199 Travis jumped with out a suit, one of my dreams are to jump out a plain with out a suit.

  • Landon Cahill
    Landon Cahill

    bring us Mat Best!

  • Danielle

    What a great podcast again! He's so interesting to listen to.

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    Great episode and it was great hearing from a Veteran! I didn't realize how much my parent's dog meant to my dad until July 4th, when his PTS flared up during the fireworks and gunshots. He loves the celebrations and never wants them to stop, but the past 14 years he had a "man's best friend" to help him out during those nights. Rob seems like a great dude that just needs a friend to talk and someone to listen. Thank him for his service! Yee Yee 🇺🇸

  • J C
    J C

    Love the podcast and I’ve watched every one of them, but this guest is a bit much for me to handle.


    Best podcast 👏 👌 much love @LunkerTv ..in a non gay way

  • Wesley Hodge
    Wesley Hodge

    What does robs tattoos mean

  • Robert The Ledrobster
    Robert The Ledrobster

    The songwriter asks the warrior “ what did that do to the guy that picked up the carts at the grocery store?”

  • Ty Faichney
    Ty Faichney

    Where's the ol truck?!

  • Michele Heimann
    Michele Heimann

    I love my Raycons!

  • gatorguy1007

    Mat Best would be a cool guest to have on also. Vet and music guy. Doing a lot of great things.

  • Ben Logan
    Ben Logan

    That was awesome mate thanks Granger and Rob great show thanks for your service from Australia 🇦🇺

  • Master Baiter
    Master Baiter

    What happened to the truck?!

  • William M
    William M

    Another great podcast! Lunkers is a cool dude!

  • Russell Turley
    Russell Turley

    Good stuff Granger and Rob!

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    Break the 4 th wall more and more often granger!!! Not many ppl do it in the format like this so you should try it a little then more and see how it goes cuz I know tons of ppl that live watching it too!!!!

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    Ya know what’s my favorite and I wish they would do it way more is when they break the 4 th wall!!!

  • ADK Squad Outdoors
    ADK Squad Outdoors

    Bought myself some raycon earbuds! Very nice, Except it feels like the top of the case is going to fall off.

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    Good interview guys!

  • Greg Meyer
    Greg Meyer

    Great podcast, totally different from Nick Irving. Did try the raycon link and it would not work.

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    How did he first get started with googan baits? Thanks for another great episode Granger 👍

  • Comcal Ministries
    Comcal Ministries

    My husband is a infantry combat veteran. He has episodes about 2 times a year. He has no problems with what he did, but his biggest problem is not being over there. I can see his "bad" times coming. People just don't understand that it's just hard to put to words

    • thaPMAN127c

      I thank him for his service and pray he stays strong for himself and you!

  • Beeezy

    Yee Yee Lunkers and Granger best combo on the internet

  • Samantha Rowan
    Samantha Rowan

    Rob is good guy. High intensity with a great heart! ♥️

  • Josh Gardner
    Josh Gardner

    If you can find the video on Lunkers TV and you want to see a sniper in his element find the shot Rob took in Africa of big wildebeest thing running, Rob downed it running, the guide that was with them had been doing guiding for 20 years and he'd never seen someone take a shot like that, the animal was around 200 yards away.

  • SavageDaddy79

    Lunkers, were you at Fob Warrior in Kirkuk? I was there 2009 working on the Prt team.

    • Kody Knowles
      Kody Knowles

      I think it was kirkuk

  • Sherrie Palmer
    Sherrie Palmer

    Thank you Lunker for your service.

  • Sherrie Palmer
    Sherrie Palmer

    Can’t wait for the album!

  • Nathanael Harwood
    Nathanael Harwood

    Cool how he started a career with just ALgone!!

  • Gregory Miltenberger
    Gregory Miltenberger

    Music can change lives, motivate and keep people sane. Keep playing, and keep smiling! !!!! P.s. @lunkerstv what happen to the Real Americans????? Miss seeing it.

  • Sean Russ
    Sean Russ

    What’s the intro song?

  • Nazim BEN BEY
    Nazim BEN BEY

    Thanks for Inviting Rob ! I this this is the person with the most communicative smile on ALgone simply because he is genuinely himself and genuine when he smile

  • Annette Elizalde
    Annette Elizalde

    Interesting podcast , my prayers go out to all the soldiers how has given so much of themselves for our country. Blessings 😇

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    I love it. Wanna hear so much more!!!! Please have him back for more i love how real he is! Best of luck to all of you. Love you all!

  • Fancy Shoes Vlogs
    Fancy Shoes Vlogs

    Can you do a studio equipment tour?