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  • My name is Rob
    My name is Rob

    I got volume one and two. Can’t wait for volume two. Volume one was awesome. Every song got put on repeat!

  • Eduardo Diaz
    Eduardo Diaz

    Hes been watching Mr beast

  • Wendell Wilson
    Wendell Wilson

    Hi my name is Luke I have been following you guys for a while I would love the honor just to meet you but I would love to have the honor to take care of your truck but even if I don't get to take care of your truck I would just like to meet you 🙂

  • Wonderful Wampus
    Wonderful Wampus

    I’ve been waiting for this! I’ve been praying that I get a chance to put my hand on that beauty to win it because I won’t let go for ANYTHING! It would make a beautiful first truck and I would be so honored to own one of my favorite country music artists truck! ♥️ here’s hoping I get a chance! I know I’d put on one heck of a show 😂

  • Texas86

    I bought some yeeyee material hope i get picked i sold my pickup and im driving a beater lol

  • OKWXGirl

    Quick Question.... Do our Yee Yee Shirt of the Month club purchases count towards entries? Thanks!!

  • Dayton Jenniges
    Dayton Jenniges

    Idk if you remember my comment about wanting a truck, well I bought a 2004 ranger, this would be cool, but ima little broke right now, so sorry I won’t enter the contest 😓

  • Zack Smith
    Zack Smith

    I just sat in shock. This would be so fun, and I get to do it with my favorite artist. Grangers music is soo good, And the smiths! I feel like I’m part of the family I hope to win 🤞

  • Aiden Altman
    Aiden Altman

    Why are you selling it

  • TheDieselStop

    Hell I don’t care about winning the truck I just want to head down to the Yee Yee farm

  • Whitt Lennon
    Whitt Lennon

    I want it

  • The coop 48
    The coop 48

    I saw this on a add

  • Jake Fulton
    Jake Fulton

    Hey Smith's its Jacob. Don't know if you will see this but I tried entering the contest and had alot of technical and or verification problems plus I don't have very much money and a pretty much worthless debit card. Alot is going on in my life right now and I'm trying to make it better so I'm gonna prob have to pass on this contest. I really love what the contest is about and I truly have much respect and love for y'all. Good luck to everyone and GOD BLESS everyone :)

  • Vanessa Beiton
    Vanessa Beiton

    Hey Granger! I am not participating unfortunately as I am from Brazil, but I have just pre order the signed CD. For me this is also really special to have your CD signed by you, so I will also win. God bless you and your lovely family! Yee Yee from Brazil 🇧🇷🤠🙏😊❤

  • savannah brandhorst
    savannah brandhorst

    I wonder how many miles it has. I would love to win this because I need some newer that I can take long trips with

  • Bbog 20050526
    Bbog 20050526

    I need itttt

  • Doug Davidson
    Doug Davidson

    People's trying to scam me on Facebook they said I won then wanted me to send an eBay card this is not right granger Smith fix this I should have won but they tried to scam me

  • Heather Cole
    Heather Cole

    Wish I could afford a $59 sweatshirt but with this covid stuff going on they have me not working for a while so maybe some day when times get better you will do another one! Love you both keep the good songs coming

  • Holly Ferguson
    Holly Ferguson

    I love you Granger Smith!!!!

  • Holly Ferguson
    Holly Ferguson

    Omg I love that truck!!!!!


    Man i was down to enter till you said fly in a plane

  • Nascarmomma M
    Nascarmomma M

    Just an exciting giveaway. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Eli Canfield
    Eli Canfield

    It would be nice to win fir a first truck

  • Deana Conway
    Deana Conway

    This is a very generous and cool thing to do 😍

  • samurairocker81

    Not available to get that truck... Cuz I am in Japan 💩

  • Shawnarae Smith
    Shawnarae Smith

    People with disabilities that limit them from competing need not apply...like myself

  • Hussain Alsultani
    Hussain Alsultani

    I want a American flag hoodie but there sold out

  • Andrew Andrus
    Andrew Andrus

    I hope I win... I could use a new truck because I slid off the road this morning on black ice and it's screwed up and I can't afford the repairs

  • Melissa Ardwin
    Melissa Ardwin

    There’s no way with my health I could stand there that long. I’m not even gonna try to enter.

  • Cory Isaacson
    Cory Isaacson

    I would but the problem is that its not a Ford

  • kntryboy72

    I got my order in! 😁

  • Jared Bard
    Jared Bard

    I need a new truck

  • Cameron Mullins
    Cameron Mullins

    I need to know what bumper is on this truck

  • Paul Daves Jr
    Paul Daves Jr

    I could really use that I'm a volunteer firefighter and I think it would make for a great first response truck

  • Sheila Minnesota-73
    Sheila Minnesota-73

    I just ordered the album!!! And more clothing

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson

    Bought a ford giving away a chevy if your city and you know it raise your beer

  • Jonah Melcho’s Outdoor’s
    Jonah Melcho’s Outdoor’s

    How many miles is on the truck?

  • Johon

    damn all these giveaways ive been seeing and none i could do to being overseas for the next few months

  • Natasha Bergeron
    Natasha Bergeron

    If we buy your album on Apple iTunes will you pick up that purchase?

  • Justin Pritchard
    Justin Pritchard

    Love the idea of the contest, I'll spend money for tickets, but my hands are much more needed at work.

  • Wille Olofsson
    Wille Olofsson

    *sad european noises* Good luck to everyone trying to get the truck!

  • Roy R
    Roy R

    Pay to play....pass

  • Roy R
    Roy R

    Hook me up!

  • Mike Dwaine
    Mike Dwaine

    Seems cool I'm lookin for my first truck rn. Lol I'm actually looking for the same truck however I work hard for everything I have and I ain't looking for a handout ima bust my ass til I get whats mine

  • Adam Cox
    Adam Cox

    Ends on December 4th aka my birthday, what a present that would be

  • Candice Brown
    Candice Brown

    Ahhhh! So excited!!! 😆😆😆

  • Mr Sstoopid
    Mr Sstoopid

    Wow that would be amazing

  • Heather Sewing
    Heather Sewing

    Christmas Shopping time at YeeYee Apparel😍💕

  • Kelley Justice
    Kelley Justice

    Man i hope i win

  • Blake Bentley
    Blake Bentley

    Dude if I won that I’d actually cry

  • Extreme mud Mower
    Extreme mud Mower

    God that thing is beautiful I love it

  • Alisa K
    Alisa K

    An old school fun way to win a contest, I like it! How cool is this?! No matter who gets picked to go, it’s gonna be awesome to see this! YeeYee

  • Michael McClister Sr
    Michael McClister Sr

    If I had waited 4 days to place my order I’d already have over 100 tickets! Lol

  • Christopher Crews
    Christopher Crews

    do i count for winning since i'm 11?

  • Kendra Helsel
    Kendra Helsel

    If I win your truck granger I would want you to sign the dash and I would like a photo of all of you to keep in the truck so you guys will be along for the new memories being made with the truck.

  • Josh Atkinson
    Josh Atkinson

    What brush guard is that?

  • Tina Ballard
    Tina Ballard


  • James Colton
    James Colton

    I just voted. One lady who worked there liked my YEE YEE hat. I said"really? I wonder which one I have on. What does it say?" YEE YEE. I said " do you know what that means?" The other lady said "yeah, I'm from Texas". I said "ah so you know,it means Live life to its fullest, and you probably say it when you are doing something fun. My t-shirt was not YEE YEE but said. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the lord". YEE YEE Y'ALL, and Smith's and Butch and Bull and band!-- from Black Forest Colorado.

  • halee trammell
    halee trammell

    I aint been on vacation in like 10 years. Take me away from here

  • halee trammell
    halee trammell

    Yes where can i pick up my new truck? -halee yee yee ✊

  • William Nett
    William Nett

    Have you ever thought about limited runs of vinyl? I'm sure they would sell out and are just so much fun to collect and spin. Like runs of 200, with colored editions like a brown and tan splatter, or blue jean colored? I would pre order that the minute it drops.

  • Summer Is beautiful
    Summer Is beautiful

    Oh how I wish I was able to participate. Living only a few hours from the border I could easily Fly in... 😞

  • ScubaSteve

    lmaooo okay mr beast.

  • Benzo Plus3
    Benzo Plus3

    Sucks to be Canadian for this moment .... 😢😢

  • Yvonne gravatt
    Yvonne gravatt


  • anson altis
    anson altis

    Can my friend be Earl Dibbles Jr.??

  • anson altis
    anson altis

    Get me a 2 liter bottle and I’ll be there for a week

  • Laura Baerg
    Laura Baerg

    What if I already bought the album on iTunes?

  • Unorthodox Garage
    Unorthodox Garage

    I just want to be one of the five

  • Harriet Mullen
    Harriet Mullen

    I have been following you and Amber for over a year now. Going on two years. I am always so impressed not only in your giving back to other’s, but for you and Amber’s Strong Faith along with your children’s faith and your whole family. You are the strongest people I know and I have been following Arise with Amber since the very first video. It’s something for me to look forward to each and every Sunday Morning. I can’t start my day without watching it. I’ve grown my faith so much stronger since listening to Amber. I was trying to win your truck for my thirty year old daughter. She was a gymnast coach and cheerleading coach until Covid19. She works every day of the week and never ever looks for any hand outs. Of course, I’m her Mom and know she is not driving a safe vehicle. My only wish was for me to win the truck for her and I believe she thinks her Mom could do anything. I might of bitten off more then I can chew on this one. I will try and buy the Yee Yee Sweatshirt for myself and your music because my favorite song is I Kill Spiders. It reminds me of my own daughter and all I’d do for her to keep her safe. Now, the rest is in the hands of the Lord as Amber tells me. If it’s meant to be then I will win the truck for Brooke. I have to listen to the instructions again, because I tried to order in the past and had some difficulty since I’m still not great with technology. Thank you for giving me hope. Love to you and your Beautiful Family. Love, Harriet Mullen, Clifton, NJ❤️🎈🦋🙏🏻

  • Seth Young
    Seth Young

    That would be so much fun i hope I win!

  • Daily Farmer
    Daily Farmer


  • Christopher Davi
    Christopher Davi

    Can I glue my hand to the truck?

  • Brandon O
    Brandon O

    This would be a awesome first truck. I could drive it to school and get all the ladies 😂😂😂 yee yee

  • Jacob Lucas
    Jacob Lucas

    Sounds like granger has been taking notes from Mr. Beast

  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall

    I would love to win bc my dad is dieing and i would love to win the truck

  • ChillinOkie

    Oh no! I was down with the purchase and earn tickets, was getting out my wallet, but I'm an older woman who has worked horses all her life and fit, but not going to outlast the "Survivor" style ending of 5 people standing at the truck. Pretty much eliminates young mothers as well. Why the weird ending? Why not draw out of a YEE YEE hat for the last five? My grandaughter would've loved this truck when she turns 16 and who I'd give it to.

  • Steven Self
    Steven Self

    Dang buddy them five people that make it to the farm will keep there hands on it and probably pee and poo themselves to win hahaha. May be a bad deal there.

  • Jweg1776

    People are gonna buy so much stuff you could probably buy a new truck anyways😂😂😂

  • Da Wrench07
    Da Wrench07

    If I were to be so lucky, I have to ask myself can I justify taking time off work to add another pick up, well a not rusty, old square body, to my collection and convince one of my buds to take time off too 🤔 the hard part will be convincing one of them.

  • Nathan Shaeffer
    Nathan Shaeffer

    I love to enter but I’m going to basic training 11/10 so I wouldn’t be able to participate anyways but love your content, Merck, and misic! Love my American flag YEE YEE hoodie too!!


    It’d be cool to get a full breakdown of the upgrades!

  • Lisa T.
    Lisa T.

    QUESTION: what if one or more of the winners flown in is disabled and in a wheelchair and cant reach the hood?

  • Matthew J
    Matthew J

    I a veteran of Iraq war and enduring freedom, could seriously use this vehicle due to the fact I have none! Even with a kid still no car!!!

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    You are absolutely fabulous thanku love an God bless x

  • Damo D-Bomb
    Damo D-Bomb

    Is this open to residents of Australia?

  • firefighter 167
    firefighter 167

    If i win its gonna be a long drive back to my state lol

  • Yeeyee Nation
    Yeeyee Nation

    Granger, you've come such a long way since the first time I started listening to you back in 2008. To see you come so far and have the success you're having tickles me to death brother. Keep up the great work and as always, ill be here, enjoying your great music! Yee yee!

  • Yeeyee Nation
    Yeeyee Nation

    Shirt of the Month count?

  • B-Random TV
    B-Random TV

    That truck sure would look good next to my 08 2500hd 6.0 2 inch lift with a thunderstruck full front bumper

  • silas eggleton
    silas eggleton

    Ok mrbeast lol, but cool I'm in!

  • Joey Grant
    Joey Grant

    I almost feel like this is unfair to the losers lol. Kinda sucks I have everything I need from site and what I don't have I don't like enough :/ got the album though so that's my entry

  • Dakota Goldston
    Dakota Goldston

    It look like my grandpa truck that my mom fell in love with and then he passed away and then it was totaled we’re only down two vehicles with four people driving 😭😞

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox

    This would be a great birthday present for me today.

  • Hunter Bowers
    Hunter Bowers

    I just spent 300

  • Connie P
    Connie P

    Yee! Yee! 💖👋😁

  • Country Nico
    Country Nico

    Thats one of the coolest chevy truck i'll ever see 🤠🇺🇸

  • Cody Beechy
    Cody Beechy

    ... YEEYEE!!

  • travelntexan

    sounds like a fun raffle but it's def not a giveaway.

    • Lil Bit of joy
      Lil Bit of joy

      It is if you enter without a purchase. Contest gives instruction how to enter without purchase :)

  • isaac yust
    isaac yust

    why sell you truck