I'm so glad y'all asked this question
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 83: When things get rough, when it seems like no one is there for you, how do you push through to find motivation to move on and be happy again? How do you find happiness when it seems like there is none left? Join me and my good friend and pastor Chad Warren on this week's podcast episode!

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  • Pat92346

    Being a man is arms' like Chads!!! LOL!!!!! jkjk...love y'all!!!! Great pcast!!! I might add...in Biblical times, being 16 was old enough to be a "man".....just because the US & A has a societal culture that says you aint a man till 18, is hogwash!!! However, To honor your parents is ALWAYS a commandment regardless of age.... I quit reading books other than the Bible for a long time too..... Many times I felt like I was just getting another mans opinion rather than Gods... now I read articles & commentaries but have yet to read a book...kinda like watching a Porsche ALgone review, &/or driving a Porsche!!!

  • Yvonne B
    Yvonne B

    Yes more from Chad. Also I like Chad's idea of his podcast. That would help those of us who have long commutes to and from work get the word in for the day. Thank you Granger for all that you do. I'm hoping I will be able to see you in Bristol in September. Will there be tickets to see you separate from the race?

  • 864 mud Mafia
    864 mud Mafia

    What happens to river

  • moneyszcash

    I always thought that labs was the best people dog till a couple years ago. I worked for DHL EXPESS and I was making a delivery and when I went to walk away the dog went behind me and bit my leg. I owned a full breed German Rottweiler male dog that I would never think a second thought about that he wouldn't protect my 2 kids cause he always loved my kids. He passed away a few years back. My son just turned 26 this year and my daughter just turned 18 and we all still miss his presence in our lives. People can say bad things about certain breeds but the ones that they say the worst things about would be the best friend you can ever know.

  • Natasha Raguse
    Natasha Raguse

    That is awesome to hear about your church experience in my hometown! ♥️♥️

  • Louis Slater
    Louis Slater

    Yee yee

  • Amy Barrett
    Amy Barrett

    Out here in Utah, we are either Mormon or a polygamist. Yeah go in with scripture

  • Howard McDonell
    Howard McDonell

    Granger your music has saved my life already but this podcast was soo much of what I needed in my life. It made me realize so much how I need to get back on the right path with God.

  • Sheri C
    Sheri C

    Usually I tell myself company coming and I get up and clean and do few jobs,and I feel so better when it all clean.

  • Guy N
    Guy N

    WOW Great show: The question of being a man really it home. I'm 62 from Wisconsin retired. Yesterday fishing up in the North I had some trouble loading the boat. Didn't yell at the wife but got really mad. After that got back to where we were staying and tried to put the cover on the boat alone and get really mad again. We are just who we are, we have no control over such small stuff. This just hit me that we all have to just trust the Lord to teach us each and every day and every situation. Another lesson learned my friend. We love the Smith's, Granger, and your band. I always end everything: Phone calls, Text, etc... with "Love You See You Buy" or LYSYB to my two boys or anyone the I truly Love.

  • imtukin17

    Happiness comes from Happenings, but my JOY comes from the Lord. Love the podcast Keep up the good work. God bless.

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    More Chad!! Great podcast!!🤠🤠

  • TinaL R
    TinaL R

    I got my hubby a small dog to make him a little more tender. They are the best of friends.

  • Leann 49
    Leann 49

    5/12 Just got finished listening to the podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your advice is awesome with a lot of thought. Hope you have a great week.

  • Deb Bohl
    Deb Bohl

    Granger I love when you have Chad on. Love y’all so much ❤️🦋

  • C Grandma
    C Grandma

    Granger where can I find the poem? I want to share it with my two sons?

  • Amy Olson
    Amy Olson

    Keep up the great podcast. I listen when I’m working. Started at the beginning still trying to catch up 😊

  • Joe Blown
    Joe Blown

    Wow this is awesome I had no idea you guys had a podcast. I’ve never listened to a podcast before and this was amazing just in the first couple seconds I was hooked . Very good advice guys loved it . My wife of four years just had her state four cancer removed just a couple days ago and the lord saved her it was a 50 .. 50 surgery and she made it thank god.

  • Summer Holt
    Summer Holt

    Labradoodle ftw!!!

  • Farm and Ranch Hacks
    Farm and Ranch Hacks

    Keep the content coming!

  • CleaveMountaineering

    Being a church in Utah, that he thinks contradicts the Bible, it could be a Mormon church. Online sermons are good but no substitute for face to face discipleship. Obedience to parents is key, to submit to the authorities God has placed over him for a time.

  • Paula Jay
    Paula Jay

    More Chad!!!

  • Alison Lightner
    Alison Lightner


  • Alison Lightner
    Alison Lightner

    Awesome podcast, love it when you have Chad with you.

  • J Nash
    J Nash

    I enjoy the podcast and Pastor Chad. Only suggestion is when Chad answers the question please don't add your answer. It's as if he was wrong. God Bless, love the Smiths. Yee Yee

  • Tara Lain
    Tara Lain

    More Chad!

  • Judy

    More Chad!!

  • Comcal Ministries
    Comcal Ministries

    As a parent of teenagers I love when my children come to me about something someone in the church said. I'm not afraid to go to Scripture and talk it out. But there has also been times that I've had to say I know you don't understand this but as your parent you need to respect me.. however, if your parents are clearly going against God (for example false religion) you choose God every time.

  • Comcal Ministries
    Comcal Ministries

    My husband came to me about joining the army as infantry. I thought he would never get in (dumb past) so I decided to be the supportive wife... Well we ended up doing almost 7 years in Hawaii 😁 supportive spouse sure did back for me😂🤣 but I'm so proud of his time in the military and God knew what He was doing

  • Patriot For Life
    Patriot For Life

    Always glad to watch and listen to the content. You're the kind of guy I'd love to sit down and just talk with, especially about God, Religion, Life and Music. Bless your Family prayers for your Wife and the Baby. YeeYee!

  • Mike Boyd
    Mike Boyd

    I would like to see a collaboration between you and 10th generation dairyman in PA. I would like to see you milk a cow, clean a barn or disc a field or see him come down to shoot some pew pews or do some mudding or put on your podcast. He is a fellow believer with a very good ALgone following.


    Granger, you are too modest. You are a great man. I understand that people on social media show us what they want us to see, but when you look closely, you can usual see people for who they are. You come across as a supportive husband, a hands-on, loving father and someone who is very close to his siblings.

  • Linda Maskus
    Linda Maskus

    Granger, that kid from Utah is more than likely a Morman family. I doubt his family will let him go somewhere else.

  • Linda Maskus
    Linda Maskus

    Schnauzer's are my favorite! They don't shed either, which is fantastic!

  • tammy carvalho
    tammy carvalho

    Labradoodle for the Smiths? Big, sweet, intelligent, non shedding, protective and lovable! Go for it Granger! London, Lincoln, and new baby boy would all love it! My suggestion? A girl labradoodle named Journey or Gracie! Pleeeease say YEE YEE, Granger and Amber!❤️🦋👨‍🌾🦄🦖🏎🍼🎈🥰

  • Charlie P
    Charlie P

    These help me sleep at night l. This is what I fall asleep to

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    Wasssup granger big fan of your ALgone channel and your music

  • Cindi Allain
    Cindi Allain

    More Chad

  • Cindi Allain
    Cindi Allain

    Funny you were talking to Jake in WI. You said something about going to KC BECAUSE IM FROM KC and now live in WI. Jake there is a Crossroads community church. It’s non denominational.

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    “You thought State Farm.” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 More Chad! What a great way to start off a week, that and Granger concert tickets!!! ❤️🙏🇺🇸

  • David Bowe
    David Bowe

    Yep, definitely want more Chad. Here's my problem, though. It seems that every person Granger brings on here I want to hear more from, so I don't know how he makes that work, but I look forward to hearing more from all of them.

  • JD Casteel
    JD Casteel

    I love your m

  • Deb S
    Deb S

    Just watched Yee Yee Day on Arms Family Homestead, Houston went missing. Quiet a party. They talk about you quiet a bit. I know Houston had a GREAT time.

  • C0ZMO

    I would love to go to the YeeYee farm , but im in Australia, so far away :(

  • Robert Durkin
    Robert Durkin

    Yee yee !!.. Let's listing to your beautiful country songs !!!🎶🎸🎶🎸

  • Gloria Strong
    Gloria Strong

    Super awesome podcast today YEEYEE

  • dwightlowes

    The move up job...! They say the promotion is yours. If there saying and your seeing people come and go. Find your replacement YOU get the person train that person. Then you opened the door for them. If they play games about it...then you know they are playing games with me. If you can get a better job then move on. Be sure you have done your part. Don’t cut your nose off despite your face. They might not be the best for you. Make it a Win for you!

  • Becky C
    Becky C

    Men need to be willing to take a risk and make the first move. Amen! Great advice.

  • Gina Wall
    Gina Wall

    Where the Red Fern Grows.. One of the best childhood books out there! I read it to my kids and have the movie.., great advice for Yee Yee livin🤠

  • Ken Seymour
    Ken Seymour

    Really liked Chad. You have the best guest on. Can’t wait till next week.

  • Lynn

    Awesome we had a lab too well she was part lab Her name was Molly but we called her Molly moo cow because she loved to eat lol we also had a wolf and a few little dogs i had a Pomeranian

  • Cher Bales
    Cher Bales

    We call little dogs amateur dogs... I love big dogs... my favorite is Anatolian shepherds

    • Natalia Hempel
      Natalia Hempel

      Mine too:)

  • Willard Cupit
    Willard Cupit

    Place life With God study bible daily reading of bible,Give you all the answers you seek.Get touch God let him take control,You'll see change mood,talk,action,way life improve, Let God Love You. Life simple God permit us get path from him,He do for good reason, Sheath us shower us love care,He Loving God.He knows we seek him ask for forgiveness we are his Children,We lambs,Go-to Cross get knees close eyes talk to him,Feeling come over you tears fill eyes from Pure Love Shower you with

  • Lynn

    Hello from California

  • Shan & Cole Vlogs
    Shan & Cole Vlogs

    I have 1 black lab (she was actually born in Texas), 2 yellows (they're rescues) and another rescue mutt who is the cutest little guy

  • Scott Schufreider
    Scott Schufreider

    We are a boxer family! Yes Yee!

  • Matthew Railfan 9088
    Matthew Railfan 9088

    i would love if Granger could give guitar lessons for some of his songs on his youtube page

  • Michelle White
    Michelle White

    Great podcast as usual! More Chad!

  • Darby Born
    Darby Born

    God bless the Smith Family ❤️🦋

  • Lisa Lancaster
    Lisa Lancaster

    Great podcast as usual. Chad gives such great advice.

  • Streeter Family Vlogs
    Streeter Family Vlogs


  • Gretchen Hamlin
    Gretchen Hamlin


  • Daniel Stone
    Daniel Stone

    That diesel song coulda been a granger song it’s so good it works either way lol

  • Love Dairy Cows
    Love Dairy Cows

    please check your podcast email for a personal email from me

  • Lynne Lovett
    Lynne Lovett

    Good morning. That was good advice to the 16 year old and church and the 13 year old especially. I wish the majority of young people had that work ethic like the 13 year old instead of too many of those who think they are owed everything FREE that is going on today. I worked hard and was brought up to work and not thinking a job was beneith me. God bless Mr. Granger and Mr. Chad.

  • Rhonda Britt
    Rhonda Britt

    I watch your podcast every time. I always get something out of it to help. Thank you very much. Love you guys

  • Laurie Leis
    Laurie Leis

    If we put our hope in people or things of this world we are setting ourselves up for dissapointment.God does not dissapoint. I love to start my week with this podcast. I read all the comments too i am happy to find people who need encouragement or prayer and i can connect with them. Have a great week and God bless

  • Lori Lafountain
    Lori Lafountain

    Granger people look up to you because god has put it in your heart to be so open about your faith , your emotions and and your abilities to give advice on the god the bible and life

  • Tim Rex
    Tim Rex

    Love the podcast, always ready to hear more Chad!

  • Jill Olson
    Jill Olson

    The perfect advice for James in Canada.

  • Alison Pugin
    Alison Pugin

    Your dog is probably a Canis Afrikanis ... or African Hunting Dog found in mid to Southern Africa .. has a short tan coat often with a black muzzle and ears, usually lean and they very active ... they are just the best dogs ever ... we have 2!

    • Becky C
      Becky C

      I live in West Africa and we have what sounds like the same kind of dogs here.

  • Wheeler Family
    Wheeler Family

    We need to get Granger to 1M subscribers!!😁😁

  • Vinny Pinatelli
    Vinny Pinatelli

    Akitas are amazing family dogs also!!!

    • Vinny Pinatelli
      Vinny Pinatelli

      Happy mother's day to Amber and your mom also brother!

  • Vinny Pinatelli
    Vinny Pinatelli

    More Chad!

  • ggutierz ,
    ggutierz ,

    More Chad YeeYee

  • Schnakenberg Lloyd & Sue
    Schnakenberg Lloyd & Sue

    Great Podcast Granger! Really enjoyed it!

  • Justin Abby
    Justin Abby

    Happy Monday Yee Yee Nation! GOD BLESS!

  • Wheeler Family
    Wheeler Family

    Good morning, can’t wait to watch!!😁

  • Nike Boy
    Nike Boy

    Granger Smith I love u big fan yee yee

  • Judy drouhard
    Judy drouhard

    Love you having Chad. Would love to see more with him. 🤗

  • Goldie Tomlinson
    Goldie Tomlinson

    Good morning Granger this is the first time that I’ve actually watched this type of video with you I really enjoyed it thank you for all the advice that you gave you didn’t preach but you did put in God all the questions with the right kind of answers and I definitely will come back and watch more of these videos thank you for sharing

  • Cindy Downing
    Cindy Downing

    More Chad! YEE YEE

  • Glenn Miller
    Glenn Miller

    That View of Life from a Deer Blind is by Steve Chapman, there are a few versions of it… Daily Catch by Jimmy Houston is great, the Lindner’s from up North have fishing devotions, and there are many other outdoor devos…. The ones the guys mentioned are excellent but definitely read the Scriptures included…. They are so right about this!!

  • Liam Korte
    Liam Korte


  • Britt Lee Stewart Music
    Britt Lee Stewart Music

    More Chad 😍😍🤩💕💘💜❤💙🤍💯

  • Dakota Scott
    Dakota Scott

    The ad I got at the beginning was for yee yee apparel. LOL

  • emack317

    Happy Monday everyone! Love your podcast, Chad has been great on these deep questions, love it. We're excited to see you when you come to PA with Justin Moore, we got our tickets last week, thanks for always coming to our area!

  • gianni

    👍😄👏 謝謝分享, thanks for sharing!

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    Thanks for doing this podcast Granger. One thought in regards to these young folks that are eager to work and save. I remember being that kid (once had a fit when I was 6 because I didn't know who I was going to marry 😅) that being said, I also remember wanting to save and be financially secure at a young age because I saw my parents struggle with me and my 3 brothers. Wondering if that may be a motivating factor for some of these young people pushing for "success" and financial well being at such an early age. I respect and appreciate your advice to enjoy it while you can! I started working a paper route at 12 and haven't stopped working in one job or another since then. Keep up the great work, podcast, family vlog, music and apparel love it all.

  • Britt Lee Stewart Music
    Britt Lee Stewart Music

    Good morning Mr granger 😉💕💜

  • Tammy Wragg
    Tammy Wragg

    Hi Granger, just wanted to say I've only been here for a few months,live up here in Ma/Ct It took maybe two podcast before I really started looking forward to Monday mornings, Just saying you dont have to live down south to enjoy your Music,podcast, and your family,simply wanted to say thank you all for just being you

  • Carla Ferrier
    Carla Ferrier

    Love dogs. One of my favorites. Native American Village Dog. Hypoallergenic, great family companions. Large bread.

  • Shiloh Peery
    Shiloh Peery

    Just saw you are coming to Richmond, Ut. I’ll be there!

  • Sarai Bauer
    Sarai Bauer

    Thank you for always taking the time to read our letters and listening to our hearts. I know it’s a lot! I wrote a little over a month ago asking for prayers for the sentencing for the man who killed my 22 yr old son. We had An amazing judge who stood for truth. The man only got 10 yrs tho because of a plea deal. I rest in knowing God has a plan in it all. If you came across my letter and prayed I just want to say thank you! P.S I just LOVE watching “The Smiths” and of course LOVE your music! Thank you for always being honorable in your work and always planting Godly seeds wherever you go, they will harvest amazing things! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Sarai Bauer
      Sarai Bauer

      @Gretchen Hamlin thank you so so much! That means so much to me! I am very much a believer and I know I will see him again one day. 💗 it’s still so painful but I rest in that hope that I will see him when my time here on earth is finished.

    • Gretchen Hamlin
      Gretchen Hamlin


    • Laurie Leis
      Laurie Leis

      I really see how a trial would have been overwhelming for your family. I really hope that the time will change the killers heart and your family can move forward and heal.

    • Sarai Bauer
      Sarai Bauer

      @Laurie Leis yes it was hard. The judge wanted to give him 20+ years. Which we may have gotten however a trial sounded so overwhelming, my other son would have had to go on the stand and so in order to get him to plead guilty we had to put a cap of 10 yrs on the sentence he could get. I just choose to trust God that it’s just the right amount of time for him to turn his life around as that’s the goal so no other family has to go through this. Thank you for the condolences. They means so much. 💗💗

    • Sarai Bauer
      Sarai Bauer

      @Wheeler Family they are such a sweet family! And great examples for how to live.

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    Best way to start my week ..Absolutely more lovely Chad please ...thanku for all the wonderful positivity ..much love and god bless x

  • Brigette Tame
    Brigette Tame

    Hi From Brisbane Australia 🇦🇺 YEE YEE 😊

  • greg's cool clips
    greg's cool clips

    Sitting down the creek listening to the podcast and doing some life thinking. Keep up the good work

  • DerekDeRedPanda

    Morning Granger YEEYEE

  • Judah Jacobs
    Judah Jacobs

    My friend got kicked out of his house

  • Gina Wall
    Gina Wall

    Awesome advice to the 16 year old about church😌

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