I’m not a Chevy guy anymore 😳
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  • gunna2cool

    Only just started following you and I could use that truck quite a bit but I know I am better off than others and will make other plans. I hope that whomever is lucky enough to win it is indeed worthy.

  • Gavin Collier
    Gavin Collier

    I love Ford and you

  • lucas baker
    lucas baker

    You should burn the Ford in the next video!

  • Cory Heads
    Cory Heads

    5:50 your welcome

    • Cory Heads
      Cory Heads

      Got goosebumps hearing you talk about giving your truck away that your Dad rode in. I don't know that I'm man enough to do that. Hope it helps your grieving. My Dad has been gone since April 2018 so I understand the sentimental part all to well brother. May whoever end up with your baby be a chevy truck person like us. Yee Yee

  • blueovalfan23

    eh, chevy, ford, dodge, doesn't matter. they all make a good one and they all make a bad one. i've been a ford guy ford s long time but i gotta admit, my sierra has impressed me thoroughly.

  • Don V
    Don V

    Earl says: “Sheoot,... dang lectrik runnin’ boards an’ gosh dern fanci bells n gadgets. Dat be ah city boy truck.” YeeYee! 😜 I actually turned Chevy last year after 35 yrs on Fords. It’s all good.

  • martin robillard
    martin robillard

    a demo ford ??? perfect candidate for demoranch

  • Teresa Cantrell
    Teresa Cantrell

    Drive a 2006 Ford and it drives just like the day it was bought. I love Ford and I really love the combination entry code on the door. I don’t carry keys of any kind

  • brady zook
    brady zook

    keep the FORD

  • Oklahoma barrel racer
    Oklahoma barrel racer

    Chevy Dodge Ram BOOOOO FORD

  • Jon-Parker Dennis
    Jon-Parker Dennis

    You'll be a Dodge Cummins guy next

  • Jarrett Bowman
    Jarrett Bowman

    I’ve owned all brands, Nissan Titan and Ram are the best

  • Alicia Harper
    Alicia Harper

    Chevy or gmc Bc Ford found on road dead

  • Edwin Criswell Santiago
    Edwin Criswell Santiago

    ford is the best truck out there you got a beast on your hands earl dibbles jr

  • Dustin Swartz
    Dustin Swartz

    So I'm a die hard chevy guy BUT I'm not going to lie I'm liking the sunroof BUT BUT I HONESTLY THINK THE RAM IS GOING TO BE MY NEXT NEW TRUCK 👍 sorry chevy😢 but grainger might turn me to Ford

  • Jackson Coleman
    Jackson Coleman

    Loud’n’proud gives away trucks you should ask him how he does it

  • Joe digilio
    Joe digilio

    The vibrating chairs is what Ford guys love best just turn it on and stair at the sky

  • Payton Black
    Payton Black

    I am so mad at you😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Chase

    I love the truck brother! I have a 19’ platinum stroke and I absolutely love it. They really are amazing trucks inside and out.

  • August Black
    August Black

    It seems like you're trying to convince yourself and talk yourself out of buyers remorse?

  • Taylor Ray
    Taylor Ray


  • Sweater Vest Fest
    Sweater Vest Fest

    Maybe not the new kind but 100% the old non computer style will always win.

  • Louis Brown
    Louis Brown

    You sound like biden when you say I mean come on

  • Brian Leabo
    Brian Leabo

    I'm sorry a ford

  • Sean Malone
    Sean Malone

    Full tours would be nice. Don't forget Ram!

  • 80's horror
    80's horror

    I'd give anything to have my gmc back I had memories it it the way you have in your truck and I let a boy borrow it to go pick up some baby furniture and I was waiting and waiting for them to pick me up and they never came so I called to get a ride home and waited some more and around supper somebody I didn't know pulled up and all I got was the key they wrecked it so I lost job a week later been a hell of a year

  • Chase Wright
    Chase Wright

    Fords are the best

  • Brannon Taylor
    Brannon Taylor

    That's a good idea!

    • Brannon Taylor
      Brannon Taylor

      To see what's better about each truck and what you'd change!

  • Justin Martin
    Justin Martin

    Your a cool dude I'm from Texas and is were it a northern yee yee

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Definitely want to see full tour videos of that truck

  • Omar Carbajal
    Omar Carbajal

    Ford baby

  • ThePatriotHound

    You the man Granger. Country boy heart is hard come by nowadays. I lost my daddy couple years ago to it hurts. Guarantee though he is very proud of you.

  • Uncle Boom
    Uncle Boom

    Yessssss, plug in tuner for that power stroke.

  • Richard Thompson
    Richard Thompson

    I'm a veteran and I know what you mean about value and stability. I have been trying to start a powerwashing business but I need a truck for that

  • Second Amendment
    Second Amendment

    Glad to see you got an oil burner. To me, a true work truck needs to burn diesel.

  • Stacy LLY Benton
    Stacy LLY Benton

    Probably a fence riding democrat too-I can assure you that you were never a Chevy guy or a truck guy for that matter-real talk from Conroe Tx.👍🏼

  • tankerboysabot

    I have been terribly saddened since i sold my truck. Had her for 13 years, she was an 03 F150 with a lot more under the hood than most trucks from those years. However California being the assholes they are i had to sell her because i couldn't bear trying to spend more money trying to make her California street legal again, hopefully the day i step back in to Texas ill get me a new Ford.

  • RedBullMan

    Oh no boys, we lost one

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams

    The Serpent begiled you 😈

  • Tann Lords
    Tann Lords

    Granger what kind of boots do you wear

  • Colby Pratt
    Colby Pratt

    I am so offended by the thumbnail I love Chevy but I still respect him

  • hydrocutty

    Was always a die hard chevy guy...then i worked construction...chevy cant play,not a truck...and if you ever get bored ill hook chains with my 19 f450 lol

  • Apple Boi
    Apple Boi

    FORD all the way baby YeeYee🤙

  • goreds02

    Give it 6 months and 3 transmissions, then you will go to a Ram... YeeYee!

    • Ethan Filo
      Ethan Filo

      I traded in my 2017 2500 cummins for a 2020 powerstroke. i personally like the ford better.

  • New Hobbys
    New Hobbys

    I lost my dad 6 years ago to. We were Chevy all the way dont make that decision until you drive a new duramax. CHEVY ALL DAY YEE YEE!


    Booooo. Traitor

  • Dane Myers
    Dane Myers

    Buy a Ford

  • Loren Holtzer
    Loren Holtzer

    What, stay Ford Bro...LOL

  • dustinwilson1981

    That definitely would be a blessing to anyone deserving a truck. I mean..... A free truck is about as awesome of a blessing on 4 wheels as it gets. Personally, it would be a huge blessing since I was t boned and hit a traffic light pole going 52 mph and the person who hit me fled afoot. U only spent 8 days in the hospital, but I am thankful for what I CAN still do as opposed to what I can not or what I miss being able to do with my 3 children. Very nice sentiment Granger!

  • animation studios
    animation studios

    I would stick with ford it is the toughest thing around and its pulling power is insain

  • Jenner The Outdoorsman
    Jenner The Outdoorsman

    I'm a Chevy guy but I don't judge

  • CN

    What is the offset on those tires?

  • Sean G
    Sean G

    The smile on your face when they parked it in your driveway....priceless

  • Brylen Ellis
    Brylen Ellis


  • The Foop Him Self
    The Foop Him Self

    Chevy: Chit Ford: Fuck Yeah

  • Austin Scott
    Austin Scott

    Should get a dodge to suprise them

  • Dustin Auclaire
    Dustin Auclaire

    Dang I never seen a truck like that one before, well except for that time I was in the city. 😜🤪 that thing have heated tailgate? Congratulations on your success. INXIS Life

  • michael

    Anything's better then a Chevy in today's world ugly front end and no front axle are a big turn down to alot of people they haven't built a good truck sense the squarebody and obs

  • John Morin
    John Morin

    i wonder how you would handle the tailgate of the new denali

  • Jake Fulton
    Jake Fulton

    Yee yee Granger! GOD BLESS

  • DiamondJosh1


  • Az Cory
    Az Cory

    Nope stick with the bow tie!

  • Justin Adams
    Justin Adams

    My company truck is a f 250 it has check engine light at 60,000 just saying

  • Gaede's Outdoor Adventures
    Gaede's Outdoor Adventures

    I wish. That would be amazing!

  • Lukas Edlebeck
    Lukas Edlebeck

    How many inch lift is on that thing

  • Skinny's Fishin
    Skinny's Fishin

    A bucket of rust or a brand new machine. Once around the block and you'll know what I mean. - Joe Diffie

  • Vello!

    I’m pretty sure my dad has a truck that is exactly like that it’s a Ford has the same wheels in the same features it’s crazy!

  • skyphantom29

    Nice truck, good to see what $80k can buy

  • Kevin Michaels
    Kevin Michaels

    Don't let whistlindiesel know about your love for trucks lol

  • Jerred Wayne
    Jerred Wayne

    As a chevy guy. I'd rather you get another ford. The new chevys are hideous! Now if they can get you a GMC thats another story

  • Jesse Brokish
    Jesse Brokish

    I just wanna meet you Granger!! Been a huge fan of you before you ever really made it big. You came up to Madison Wisconsin and shut the city down for Taste of Madison (you CRANKED 'Merica!!) God Bless brotha!!! Yee yee!!

  • isaac yust
    isaac yust

    fords are beater than chevy

  • LoneRanger

    Can’t lie about a powerstroke

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    I’ve owned ram, Chevy and ford, And To be honest, the fords and rams are the best.

  • Elizabeth Goodman
    Elizabeth Goodman

    Finally... YEE YEE

  • Jacob Mullins
    Jacob Mullins

    My father bought a 2005 Ford F-150 never broke or had problems with it and it’s going to be my first truck next year it has over 200,000 miles on her and he bought it in 2007 so don’t shit on Fords Chevy guys.


    Ford is areal country boys truck

  • mizzouxc

    This is a promotional video. I’d rather own a Prius than be a sellout.

  • Matthew Stauffer
    Matthew Stauffer

    I got a 93 Ford 150 the motor is bulletproof

  • ChevyGun Photography
    ChevyGun Photography

    That’s a cool new truck. That’s unbelievable that you’re giving away your truck to one of us that would be freaking awesome to win that what guy wouldn’t want to have a truck like does it mean the world to me.

  • Retro Guardian
    Retro Guardian

    I drive this same truck for work. It is nice but I honestly prefer my 350. I have always loved chevy but I dont stick to any company. All companies make crap and gold.

  • Chevy Truck
    Chevy Truck

    *Sad truck crying noises* Lol jk as long as you still got a truck I don’t care 😂

  • ih guy
    ih guy

    I mean bro you finlly got switched to the BEST truck brand

  • ih guy
    ih guy

    And ford can make lachaing tailgate unlike chevy i mean come you half to ad mit that most 11 year chevys bad latches

  • Country Nico
    Country Nico

    Bild ford truck the best never rest 🤠👍🏼🇺🇸

  • Tyler Mcname
    Tyler Mcname

    What song is playing when the truck rolls up?

  • Henry Thiessen
    Henry Thiessen

    If by any chance you are going to be something else then a Chevy guy, why not choose Ram? Maybe a 2020 Ram 2500 Laramie Longhorn or a Limited edition.

  • Tyson Perkins
    Tyson Perkins

    They must hsve gave u the truck for free.....

  • Danny Mewbourn
    Danny Mewbourn

    How could you have such a big heart. God has a very special place in your life and has big plans for you. It may seem like it is hard at times and you may have to go through some things that you wish you hadn't have to went through but God has his reason for everything he does never forget this. He always has the best at heart. Just like mei lost my mother then lost my wife to cancer ended up on disability and God put me with a wonderful woman and even though my health isn't good we took her three grandchildren to raise cause parents couldn't leave drugs alone and God grace's me daily with enough strength to enjoy them and take them places as long as vehicles hold up

  • Timbo Music
    Timbo Music

    I'm not a Granger smith guy anymore. Earl dibbles jr wouldnt sell out on Chevy

  • MAGA kje
    MAGA kje

    Ford family for life

  • Layton Donahue
    Layton Donahue

    I going to unsubscribed now i think like if u agree

  • Vincent Taylor
    Vincent Taylor

    I'd love to have that Chevy you got

  • Lee Nicholson
    Lee Nicholson

    "I dont deserve this truck." Are you kidding me?? Lol

  • Spicoli1Bilek

    I've given up vehicles that have had such an impact on my life like my Dad's Jeep that he bought many many years ago and I gave it to my wife's nephew but I got that jeep when my dad died and that jeep ment a lot to me got a lot of memories in it but sometimes you just got to let go as a matter of fact there were three hundred thousand miles of memories in that jeep as I dictate this post I can even remember the smell of that jeep it brings a tear to my eye did I even let it go but I just couldn't keep maintaining it had almost 400,000 miles 370,000 + miles of those were my dads

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    Stay with ford

  • cavinoff usa
    cavinoff usa

    I couldn't afford a truck like that even in my dreams... Shhhheeooot!

  • Ashleigh Jordan-Dickerson
    Ashleigh Jordan-Dickerson

    👍 YEEYEE!!! Full tours of the truck please #grangersmith That is such a beautiful 😍 FORD truck😍❤❤✌ Love your music, videos and merchandise 🥰😍❤❤.

  • Collin Arnold
    Collin Arnold

    Welcome to the family man

  • John Mittsy
    John Mittsy

    I love my 2016 F-250 6.7 tuned, with Fass boost pump/polisher, 8” lift, on 37” Toyo mt’s. Great truck, 200 + Hp over stock. Don’t ever look at mpg, lol. Now would I ever tell anyone to do this, hell no. Unless got stupid $ to burn, kept it stock!