I got Food Poisoning while on Stage
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 49.
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  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    I could listen to you for hours! You're a smart, passionate guy and can help a lot of guys become a better man! #YeeYeeNation 🇺🇲

  • G Booth
    G Booth

    Finally fully finishing watching a week late, sorry Granger! But hell yes, we ALL think you should restore the Massey 240!!! Just as soon and your GMC is finished!

  • Hunter Gerber
    Hunter Gerber

    I want to see Earl Dibbles drive a Fummins and tear up some mud !!! Yee Yee

  • zachary briscoe
    zachary briscoe

    How to make a awesome country song

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Thank you for all your hard work 🙏👊😊

  • Andrea Fisher
    Andrea Fisher

    Oh my goodness I literally had a dream 2 months ago about a Yee Yee storefront looking like a country corner store. You just said everything I envisioned in my dream it’s still so real to me. Looking forward to seeing if y’all start it up!

  • Emilyn Bennett
    Emilyn Bennett

    Hey Granger! I don’t know if you remember but 5 years ago 2015 you were at a concert and a 5 year old girl in the front row you hugged. Hi I’m that little girl. But I don’t think you will remember cause you had have MENY concerts but idk if u do reply ❤️😀

  • Leon Askins
    Leon Askins

    I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope you get better soon. YEE YEE NATION FOREVER

  • Collin Kelleher
    Collin Kelleher

    I vote for a Earl Dibbles podcast

  • Andrea Jones
    Andrea Jones

    Yes for the tractor restoration! I got a sticker and a plate🤷‍♀️😂

  • Cindy Gierisch
    Cindy Gierisch

    i have one on my JEEP!!! lol

  • Laurie Leis
    Laurie Leis

    I had a similar situation happen it happened at work. I tried to call into work but they couldn't get anyone to fill my shift so I went in. I had gone into work not feeling great but I had taken some gravel and I felt okay. probably an hour and a half into my shift I'm standing at my till I'm a cashier at a grocery store. A customer was at my till and he had five or six items and I started getting that feeling oh I'm going to be sick on going to be sick on going to be sick so I rang him through and I turned my light off to go to the washroom . somebody else had come into my till and put his items on the belt and I was like I don't think I can do this I don't think I can do this but all the other Tills were busy so I rang him through I finished he was paying as he was walking away I threw up at my till so all on my anti-fatigue mat it was on my shoes and I knew that I was not good. I made it upstairs to the bathroom before I threw up again and I threw up all over the bathroom another co-worker came into the bathroom and she was like okay I'm coming back later . I was on my hands and knees cleaning the floor I had to clean up the bathroom compose myself go and talk to my manager and let her know that I was leaving.i did not even clean my work area the manager just told me to go home. When I went home i barely made it home from work andi was sick again I spent the rest of the day basically in bed but with that same feeling that you had the dry heaving it was awful. And then it was bad because every time I went into work and I seen one of the people that I was working with that day they asked me how are you you I heard you were sick that was pretty bad. The next shift i worked I seen that co-worker that had walked into the bathroom and we had a very awkward conversation. Not sure if that was the most awful day of my life but it definitely was up there.

  • Ty Ham
    Ty Ham

    I wholly believe that you should do a podcast with Aaron Watson. And also, would you ever consider doing a song with Aaron? That would be really awesome.

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis

    Yee Yee Seed and Feed Farm store would be awesome Granger. You Parker and Tyler have something big there and the coolest thing I've heard about all year. I hope it works out for you guys. YEE YEE 👊🇺🇲

  • Diva Kennelly
    Diva Kennelly

    I love listening to you share your faith!! God bless you!!

  • Yaremi Ontiveros
    Yaremi Ontiveros

    Potential podcast story: Tell us how you and Amber ended up coming out in the music video for “Oh,tonight” by Josh Abbott Band

  • Avery Murray
    Avery Murray

    Go fishing with the googans

  • Charles Shellito
    Charles Shellito

    Pre saved new album on Spotify . Yee yee for life .

  • Mason Russell
    Mason Russell

    What’s your perspective on trust

  • Adam Scholl
    Adam Scholl

    All I've found in the scripture that is required to enter heaven is to believe Jesus died for you. No more. No less. I believe nailed it.

  • Eric Sheck
    Eric Sheck

    Why you fools give this podcast a thumbs down???

  • Emilia Minihan
    Emilia Minihan

    been asking alexa to play granger smith!!!

  • Maggi Carmichael
    Maggi Carmichael

    Food poisoning sucks. Hopefully your fans were not disappointed that night. I've heard you discuss via podcast about entrance to heaven -- Molly needs to let it rest. Honestly, baptism is a very personal choice. I do not think we will be damned if one does not get baptized. If your mind and heart is set on the right place (who ever is your higher God) everything will work out!


    definitely restore the tractor! Also, you should restore the barn

  • Mason Heeringa
    Mason Heeringa

    You are such a great person Granger. Man, I love your podcasts so much. Thanks for mentioning the podcast with John Piper. I will check those out for some good listening content on the road when I'm not listening to your podcast! Yee Yeeee!

  • Tracie Molik
    Tracie Molik

    There is stuff called Liquid IV. It’s so much better than gaterade. I’ll find yours/Amber’s PO and send some.

  • Joey Grant
    Joey Grant

    He asked my question about seeing stickers on cars! Made my day thanks! I'm in NW WA and only seen 2 small ones in Arlington and I don't even live there just pass through. I fly the yeeyee flag in the rear windown of my SUV and got stickers on all sides so you can see something yeeyee from any angle. Maybe I'm obsessed...

  • Jerimiah Phipps
    Jerimiah Phipps

    Restore the Massey240 granger!

  • Deb Bohl
    Deb Bohl

    Granger I feel bad for you I think we’ve all been there one way or another and it’s not pleasant at all. We love ya 💕. YEEYEE

  • Ellen Ramsey
    Ellen Ramsey

    Diffently restore the massey 240 my husband and I loves that song,, we love the Smith's and your podcast and your music you guys are an inspiration to us with what you been through and didn't give up are hearts broke over river we love u guys

  • Lisa Lancaster
    Lisa Lancaster

    Food poisoning bad great podcasts once again thanks

  • Lawrence L
    Lawrence L

    I live in Oklahoma city and Sadly Wormy Dog saloon is no longer around I miss that place.

  • aaron hernandez
    aaron hernandez

    Mexico sounded great at Billy Bob's on Saturday! Cant wait for the new album!!

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Massey 240 for sure!!! The windmill after that! I love your outlook on Christianity! Read, study meditate and pray on the Word and He will give you insight. Love my shirt of the month! Thanks for another great episode 👍

  • Annette Elizalde
    Annette Elizalde

    Love it a usual , so like the idea of the Seed & Feed there's something about old general stores. So sorry about your bad expresse with those shrimp enchiladas. I do know would love to watch the rebuild of restoring your dads tractor. I think it would be awesome. Bring back some great memories I bet, take care. Blessings 😇

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    Happy Monday! Had to watch this in two parts this week. Food poisoning is nothing to joke about- solidarity, my friend. I didn’t have to perform a whole show on stage with it, but did teach half a day... 🤮 Way to hang in there. Yes, restore a Massey 240! Vodka on the throat for a sore throat... will have to try that next time. YEE YEE Seed and Feed... Heck yeah! Hoping to see y’all soon! ❤️🇺🇸🙏

  • Andy Moss
    Andy Moss

    At first I thought you were going to say you shit yourself lol. That Mexican food only good for one thing and that's cleaning you out. I guess that's why they stay so small. Enjoyed the episode hero. I believe the same about baptism. But I've been baptized before when I was teen. But became a sinner again in my 18 to 30 years wild as jack rabbit. But since come back to christ and I dont feel the need to get baptized again. If you go swimming go under and pull yourself back up real face you get that sudden split second feeling of freedom and that what takes place while being baptized. Same feeling in my opinion

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Old Massey Ferguson Restore please

  • kim pegis
    kim pegis

    I love the boldness of you and Amber. I enjoy her Arise, your podcast and the Smiths. You guys are the real deal.

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Hello Granger Smith Like listening to Your Podcast

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    I hope Your feeling well

  • fastahaul fasterthanu
    fastahaul fasterthanu

    Man I have been listening for awhile but not to the podcast

  • therealkrod 13
    therealkrod 13

    Fortunately, I’ve never had this happen! I’m so sorry that it did happen to you, especially during a show! I’m a new(er) listener to the Granger Smith Podcast. I’ve been watching The Smiths for over a year and a half. But I’m LOVING these podcasts!! Keep doing what you’re doing. Can’t wait for the new album, the Yee Yee Apparel launch, AND to see the Smith Farmhouse come together!!!

  • Louis Lanius
    Louis Lanius

    Love your new song just saw you on Kansas a month ago

    • Louis Lanius
      Louis Lanius

      Look like it closed in 2017

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Man I love this i love when you answer questions! It's so weird to me our relationship stories are so similar. We ewe both older no fighting instant connection. I personally think that "passionate fighting" is BS. you should never fight to make love stronger. What ever happened to TALKING about things. It's OK to disagree that Doesn't mean fight that means communication. Anyway I could go on about that so so much. Drives me crazy! We can't wait to hear all the new songs!!! Keep em coming we love you!!

  • Karen Ferrell
    Karen Ferrell

    I love your podcast. I could listen to to you all day and your pearl of wisdom!

  • Susan Hillard
    Susan Hillard

    Hey I just said that!!! Cool!!!

  • Susan Hillard
    Susan Hillard

    The thief on the cross hanging with Jesus was accepted by Christ because of his faith and it was not necessary for him to be baptized.

  • Susan Hillard
    Susan Hillard

    I'm gonna search for that video as soon as this is over. ❤️💙

  • Andrew Cairnes
    Andrew Cairnes

    Yes do the Tractor

  • lone wolf offroading
    lone wolf offroading

    This was the first time i never skiped a ad because earl dibbles jr was in the ad for t shirt.so i had to watch it

  • Debbie Costrino
    Debbie Costrino

    Always make it to the end of your podcasts! Love that you share yourself with us. Where in the Bible can I find that passage you spoke about with Jesus and the thief on the cross?

  • Susan Hillard
    Susan Hillard

    Or dwell on the past.

  • Tyler Collins
    Tyler Collins

    Unfortunately, no more Wormy Dog

    • Tyler Collins
      Tyler Collins

      Jason Claunch Agreed.

    • Jason Claunch
      Jason Claunch

      I was scrolling to see if anyone told him, it’s a bummer.

  • Mike Hobby
    Mike Hobby

    you and Amber work because you submit unto one another as unto Christ. related to your love idea, Infatuated is, Eros and marriage love is Agape. we use one word but they are different.

  • Derek Pfannebecker
    Derek Pfannebecker

    I vote for the tractor resto

  • Austin Erisman
    Austin Erisman

    Restore the tractor next! I agree there is enough “evidence” for most of your conclusion on Baptism. This why thru theological reason the Catholic Church teaches Baptism of desire. CCC 1259. However, it is still a requirement since Jesus in totality is God and taught to baptize others.

  • Jeff Castro
    Jeff Castro

    Oh yes, try meeting the new gfs family for the first time and having some Starbucks on the way there only to soon after realize that my body doesn’t like Starbucks and decided to violently disperse of it....before I made it to the toilet. Oh yes it was far worse then what your imagining. I remember saying to my gf “we need to leave right now immediately get in the car” it was a wet hour long ride home. Memories haha

  • Amy Marrison
    Amy Marrison

    Would love the Yee Yee feedstore. Would get a kick out of stopping by 💕

  • Tate Ford
    Tate Ford

    Awesome I love your show

  • RaspingPompano2

    This might sound stupid but one of the best things for that is to drink Pepsi or Coke. I would get sick I would throw up start dry heaving and it would be a process of continuously dry heaving and then I would drink a cup of Pop or soda whatever you guys call it and all of a sudden I'm good like nothing happened.

  • Mattison Scott
    Mattison Scott

    Family’s favorite color, animal, and candy

  • Mattison Scott
    Mattison Scott

    What is your favorite memory from Sioux Falls SD this year-red balloon from me!❤️🎈⚡️🦋

  • Samantha

    Happy Monday have a great week!

  • R Blackwell
    R Blackwell

    Can totally relate....this was my life for the first few weeks of my current pregnancy....constant nausea and throwing up due to an extreme form of morning sickness....had to stay in the hospital for fluids after days of keeping nothing down and not being able to sleep. Finally my prayers were answered with a medicine that actually helped, which hasn't taken away all the nausea but has tamed it to the point where I can eat and sleep and function again so yeah being sick can be such a nightmare.

  • Justin McGreevy
    Justin McGreevy

    Yes, restore the Massey

  • Tamina Bomba
    Tamina Bomba

    Yes! Restore the tractor! My husband has his Dad's old Harry Ferguson tractor that he is gonna restore. I think it will give you a lot of time to enjoy memories.

  • larry renolds
    larry renolds

    Promoting a sports betting company is not very Christian of you.

  • Kalan Smith
    Kalan Smith

    Yes restore the tractor!!!!

  • TBNRflags1234 _
    TBNRflags1234 _

    I got an ad of the intro during the intro

  • Donna Luzier
    Donna Luzier

    Yeah, I was just typing overhaul a tractor, from Mom and Dads farm!

  • Amanda Jo Fisk
    Amanda Jo Fisk

    I’m getting queasy just listening!

  • TJ Wallace
    TJ Wallace

    Restore that Old Tour Bus from a few videos back.

  • Silvano Krahn
    Silvano Krahn

    Baptism: i agree that you can experience Heaven without Baptism when you have accepted Christ as your savior. But we see In the Bible that many that accepted Christ got Baptized right after. So as Granger says there might be times you can not do it for example prision, but if you are able to do it, do it. ITs a Blessing. I like your podcasts, cant wait for the next one.

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray

    Food Poisoning ain't no joke and my hats off to anyone that can power through it, especially when both exits are flowing wide open 🤢🤮💩! #YeeYeeNation 🇺🇸💪🏼

  • Kristin Gallant
    Kristin Gallant

    Shrimp enchiladas in OKC 😬😬😬 no bueno.

    • Jason Claunch
      Jason Claunch

      Depends on the location, one of the taco trucks has never disappointed me and no food poisoning.

  • Dustin hayes
    Dustin hayes


  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra


  • Jennifer McClelland
    Jennifer McClelland

    My husband and I have been together 9 years and have never had an "heated arguement" even though we are total opposites. My friends find it weird we never fight.

  • Joy Nichols
    Joy Nichols

    Thanks headed to San Antonio soon I’ll wave 👋 to you

  • Donald Heddy
    Donald Heddy

    A youtuber stole your name but just changed it but i think she is selling merch that has your logo on you might want to find out if her merchandise has your logo on it It has yee, yee logo on it

    • Donald Heddy
      Donald Heddy

      I hope you can correct that person stealing your logo

    • Donald Heddy
      Donald Heddy

      Watch seafood now days it's not always fresh

  • Dusty Newman
    Dusty Newman

    I was signed to play a 2 hour show at a local festival, and my best friend signed to play another 2 hour show. We both came down with upper respiratory infections, but the show must go on. I ended up doing 3 out of the 4 hour slot, chugging cough syrup every few songs. The last note of the last song, my sound man ( my father) said he heard an audible pop, then nothing out of me. At first he thought the Mike went out.... Nope... in was my vocal chords.... it took 3 weeks before I could even speak...

  • Rachel Luke
    Rachel Luke

    Okay but who goes to a Mexican restaurant in Oklahoma 😂😂😂

  • Jen Johnson
    Jen Johnson

    I always listen til the end, some of your best stuff is there!!🙂 Great podcast today, lots of good stories and questions. I say YES on the tractor restore...I want to see Butch's and Bull's expertise on farm equipment!! My 82yr old dad has an old AC D-17 that he still uses, it was his 1st tractor ?? years ago...I LOVE the song Tractor now, and I know it will mean even more some day when he's gone.

  • Twins Mom
    Twins Mom

    Yes to Yee Yee Seed-n-Feed!!

  • Shelli Haley
    Shelli Haley

    Love your Podcast! Would love to see the tractor restored! Hope you and your family have a great week! God Bless! YEE YEE!

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    Yes, restore the old Massey 240. That would awesome.

  • love cows
    love cows

    just eating breakfast listening to the Granger talk about food poisoning

  • deanna rosenbaum
    deanna rosenbaum

    Hey granger great podcast as always.... wormy dog is closed permanently

  • Donald Bridges
    Donald Bridges

    I was going to rebuild my Massey Ferguson240 but just don't have the time. I sold it a few weeks ago. I would love to see you rebuild it.

  • tanya mcgehee
    tanya mcgehee

    What to restore next....I was literally thinking an old tractor right as you said it! My dad had over a dozen of various makes and stages of restoration when he passed. They are fun to work on!

  • Birdguy18

    The yee yee seed and feed definitely needs to happen. It sounds absolutely amazing.

  • Chelsy Carpenter
    Chelsy Carpenter

    How about fixing up Earl’s house?

  • Barbara Ackerman
    Barbara Ackerman

    I right now feel so bad you went threw this but I still am chuckling like crazy.

  • Dean Schumacher
    Dean Schumacher

    Love listening to the podcast during chemotherapy. Helps a bunch.

    • Bill Sloan
      Bill Sloan

      I understand what you’re going through, been there done that, they even have me a t shirt on my last treatment. At least now they have pills to take for what I’ve dealt with, hopefully for you as well. Never give up hope and stay positive, attitude plays a big role in the recovery process.

  • Kayla Chesterfield
    Kayla Chesterfield

    Yes you should absolutely do the Massey 240!!!! It’s just as special to you as the truck!!! Please do the tractor! ❤️🚜

  • Bobby P II
    Bobby P II

    Question, did Granger run into the speaker or did Earl run into the speaker? #grangersmithpodcast

  • Sandy White
    Sandy White

    Love the podcasts! Have a great week. 😀

  • Republican RAGZ
    Republican RAGZ

    POYB that's a champ right there...

  • Megan Moreno
    Megan Moreno

    Love both songs Granger love the Smith's. #YeeYee ❤❤❤❤