I can't forgive this
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 54. How do you forgive someone after experiencing so much suffering?
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  • Amanda Briggs
    Amanda Briggs

    The Joy of the Lord is our strength😁 great wisdom in your answers

  • Oklahoma LB7
    Oklahoma LB7

    Please release Yee Yee Nation in some way

  • Jen -
    Jen -

    Please make Yee Yee Nation a ringtone or a song! It’s the best! Yee! Yee!

  • Cassidy Garrone
    Cassidy Garrone

    Been wondering about the song!! Love it!!!!!!

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    Oh Mr. Smith I love love love listening to you and your wife. You’re so inspiring and you’re wise beyond your years I pray for y’all daily God’s blessings have a blessed day PS I hope your head is feeling better been there done that it really sucks

  • Jennifer Clarke
    Jennifer Clarke

    My spouse and I have been together 25 years.. We celebrated 17 years married. We are high school sweethearts We have 2 beautiful girls 17- and 10.. We are involved with our church and have been since we were teens. What is your take on keeping a DATE NIGHT with your spouse.. Sometimes life does not feel like HUS/WIFE it feels like brother sister.. Sometimes it feels like ME against him.. But mostly we roll well together.. and work out problems together.. Where do you place GOD in your relationship as being together with your SPOUSE? Thanks so much for your thoughts.. Jenn & Seth (Southeastern PA)

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    I was looking back and realized all those comments I’ve left over the years so many get completely ignored that why do I even waste my time commenting if there just gonna be ignored when on most ALgone channels the host goes through and loves certain comments and that doesn’t happen on here, wondering if Granger even reads them if if someone hired to run thru them if that. But if your gonna say to comment THEN READ THEM!!! We show our support so show your appreciation for those who do support you and comments!!! PLEASE!!! if I feel like it’s a waste then I’ll stop commenting and if I’m feeling this way I can’t be the only one... now come on.

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    Really enjoy hearing your insight and perspective on different questions. You're a smart and level headed man. Thanks for being awesome! Yee Yee 🇺🇲

  • Patti Banks
    Patti Banks

    Love listening to you and your thoughts. Live that God comes first like he said.

  • The Urban Redneck at the Homestead
    The Urban Redneck at the Homestead

    One thing I ask, do not clash your success with your wifes success. Y'all be you. Love the channel

  • Hunter Keppley
    Hunter Keppley

    Please make a song off of it that’s about all the walks of life in yee yee nation

  • Arturo S
    Arturo S

    It needs to be a full version. It sounds amazing!

  • Bass Rohn
    Bass Rohn

    Who else can't wait for Yee Yee nation to come out? Keep calm and Yee Yee on!

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    Release the song! Yes :)

  • Jenn Dios
    Jenn Dios

    I love your perspective so much Granger. It truly especially this last couple weeks I am reminding myself of gratitude over expectations. My grooming trailer I work out of is sidelined. The frame is busted & merging with the axle. It was deemed unsafe to drive with and use. It's easy to freak out & panic, especially with busiest time of year with holidays coming up. I am doing everything I can right. Taking all the steps, even reached out to the SBA. After I got all the important steps done I had a panic/anxiety attack, I mean it's a human reaction in this situation. There are a lot of unknowns. I am trusting God with it. I know it will work out. I at the very least have a skill that is in high demand. Worse case I lose my business & start at the bottom and go work for a company. I can almost pick where I want to go because cat groomers are in high demand (as much as I do not want to do that.) So I am keeping my gratitude high, and expectations much lower with hope in my heart. Best case scenario I get a small settlement from insurance and that helps me get a new one or go to my trailer guy to build one. My trailer guy, is the best . He has helped me out so many times. He has an idea to gut mine and put it all into one of his trailers which is a lot of work. I have such a heart full of gratitude to him for coming up with that. So I am in limbo now but circumstances can always be worse. Thank you for your insight. It really does stick with me and & helps ground me.

  • manning philps
    manning philps

    Can you release the intro as a full song

  • Robert Lovallo
    Robert Lovallo

    Yes release that song on Apple Music

  • Sniped 223
    Sniped 223

    Food for thought!! Earle Dibbles Jr. and that ginger guy should do a collab. Ginger Johnny, or Ginger Phil, maybe it’s Ginger Willy. Not sure. But still would be not so good but alright. Maybe not even alright, but would be something. Lol!

  • Virginia Baza
    Virginia Baza

    So sorry 😔 love your music 🎼!!♥️

  • Amber Harrison
    Amber Harrison

    Wow, I was so happy to hear you talk about marriage and the importance of marriage before having children in your advice. This is so rare and I wish more people would understand how important it is. People don't understand the consequences and how having a kid with someone outside of marriage means that, whether things turn out good or bad, you are linked forever to that person through your child.

  • Danielle


  • shon rich
    shon rich

    I know this isn't the right video but you can use trick door pins on the pickup😎🤔

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    Yes, please link the intro song!! So sorry, Lindsay, for your loss. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself, and when you are ready, you will be able to let go of the anger, but don’t ever let go of Jesus’s hand. Praying for you. Thanks for taking the time, Granger!❤️🙏🇺🇸

  • Terence Kimball
    Terence Kimball

    Everything is always sold out :(

  • RConAbudget DanielAtwood
    RConAbudget DanielAtwood

    Collab with jelly roll my man?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • RConAbudget DanielAtwood
      RConAbudget DanielAtwood

      This would fufill my whole life up to now!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Mason Heeringa
    Mason Heeringa

    Yes! Release the Yee Yee intro song! For download too would be awesome.

  • Sean Rau
    Sean Rau

    That Yee Yee Nation intro short would be an awesome intro to vol 2 if you have a song in store that can bleed in from it. Stand alone is good too. YEE YEE!!

  • evan carignan
    evan carignan

    Gotta chill out with these video titles

  • Trevor Alluis
    Trevor Alluis

    Release the intro as a song! Yee yee !

  • jackline escobar
    jackline escobar

    I usually listen on the Apple podcast app, but I’m just here to like the video, and to say that yes you should most definitely release the intro song on ALgone.

  • Robert Evilsizer
    Robert Evilsizer

    Yes release the intro please

  • marshall warren
    marshall warren

    I just wanna know why people dislike these videos. Did granger not give the response they wanted?

  • Lisa Lancaster
    Lisa Lancaster

    Thank you for the podcast and we watch all Podcasts The Smiths, Arise with Amber, Restoring Earl Dibbles Truck, Shirt of The Month and Yee Nation.com member! I agree shirt this month was great thanks for all and have a great week from the Lancaster Tribe in Iowa! Oh and can't forget Risky Business those boys are fun to watch

  • William Botts
    William Botts

    All of us who have supported you and your family for a long time,enjoyed all of it.now for content to be made available only to those who can come out of pocket for it.now uts your business, but if I had loyal followers ,I would make sure it was available to them.not exclude them for lack of financing. Just my opinion God bless yall

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    Love you Granger!!! Love all your platforms!! 🤠🤠🦋🦋

  • bigtrajik1

    Cornfields and Crosswalks anyone?

  • Hmuaki 123
    Hmuaki 123

    Hi Smith i love you so much,when will we hear again your new song please can you tell me.Your song

  • Bethann Nelson
    Bethann Nelson

    Please release the Yee Yee Nation song! Totally awesome song! Love all your content!

  • Lisa Shaw
    Lisa Shaw

    Dang Granger, you opened this up and you’ve had some TOUGH questions. You’re killin it! 🙌🏻 keep it up. YEEYEE!

  • L Ward
    L Ward

    California sucks with emissions i'm sorry. I know many contractors and tree company's that have taken there rigs to other states to try to make some money on what that they can't use here.

  • iamthequeenfyi

    I was at that Colorado Springs show.

  • Deb Bohl
    Deb Bohl

    Great podcast Granger. YEEYEE

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Improve your life a fraction at a time. Good words. My favorite shirt of the month so far too!!! Thanks for another super great podcast Granger 👍 You gotta do the Yee Yee nation song!!!!!!

  • Angi Brush
    Angi Brush

    This month was our favorite shirt of the month tee!! Loved it!!!


    Finish the song and release it.

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith

    Yee Yee Michigan in the house too.

  • Tarà Shelden
    Tarà Shelden

    Can you come to the Pendleton Round up

  • Tanesha Jenkins
    Tanesha Jenkins

    This is the best podcast. With all that's going on in the world. I really appreciate your genuine and heart felt response. Your faith shines through the screen 🙏

  • Chelsy Carpenter
    Chelsy Carpenter

    Of course Yee Yee Nation costs 9.99 a month. Why not free? Everything is always a price. Even the apparel is overpriced in my opinion. Not everyone has a lot of money.

    • cfvfd417

      Because we don't live in a socialist world. No one gets everything for free or is entitled to free things. He has to feed his family

  • RaspingPompano2

    Watch Risky Business his Driver's for touring and you'll see the breakdowns! It's actually quite entertaining and interesting. Butch And Bull FTW!!

    • RaspingPompano2

      @Risky Business with Butch and Bull You're welcome.

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull

      Thanks buddy!

  • Nikolas Taylor
    Nikolas Taylor

    Forgiveness is probably one of the very bittersweet emotions that everybody has to face in life, and in kinda my life; I have so much suffering that has happened to myself, for example: being bullied and abused to the point I unsuccessfully attempted suicide at 10 years old while attending a neighborhood school, being engaged in self harming in 9-10 grade in high school, engaging in alcohol to hide stress, and when I decided to get help. The first step and last and final step and still in recovery is being able to forgive, and move on even you can't forget the pain that you went through for many years

  • A Dotious
    A Dotious

    Realease the sing lol

  • Ana Arnold
    Ana Arnold

    Good afternoon Granger hope you and your family are doing well ❤ With love from Virginia

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis

    I Love that into song Granger and I would love to hear Yee Yee Nation turned into a song. Was thinking maybe it was already set up to be on the Vol. 2 .as a big fan I feel Yee Yee Nation would be an awesome addition to the album or the Yee Yee Fam. Just my thoughts. Love your Podcasts listen every week. Sent you my own question. From Duallyman85@gmail.Com. Hope you see it. Much Love to You and The Smiths and Crew. TJ from Missouri here and Yee Yee 🇺🇲👊

  • Beth Johnson
    Beth Johnson

    Can't wait to have the physical copy of the CD!!!! I think im going to join The Shirt of the Month Club too! I absolutely love your family and can't wait to catch my 1st Granger Smith concert in the near future!! YeeYee!!

  • Amanda Jo Fisk
    Amanda Jo Fisk

    Hey Ceasar. I was at the San Martin show too. If you’re near Campbell, let’s connect.

  • Amanda Jo Fisk
    Amanda Jo Fisk

    Album intro song. I’ve heard other artists have those little snippet intros on cds.

  • Preston Grube
    Preston Grube

    Make a full version of yee yee nation

  • David

    One idea for the intro song, release it as a ringtone. That's good ringtone material

  • Brianna Wright
    Brianna Wright

    Is writing music hard

  • Alexander Foulks
    Alexander Foulks

    Release the intro as a song! Yee yee

  • Greg Tennyson
    Greg Tennyson

    I have to disagree with you on one of your replies. I’m a freelance photographer and videographer and I’ve finally gotten some traction and nothing feels better than making a lot of money doing something you love.

  • Brianna Wright
    Brianna Wright

    Is your podcast on Spotify

  • Blagdaross

    Granger, the show called "Wheel of Fortune" doesn't have a wheel? lol

  • Critter Creek
    Critter Creek

    It's a blessing following all your channels.. (as well as "Risky Business" ) Dig the new album and look forward to catching a concert in Oklahoma someday.. Don't hold the Oklahoma against me LOL, Born and Bred Texan (Muleshoe Texas).. It don't get more country than that.. lol Thx to you and Amber for sharing your message/life and Faith.. God Bless - Shout out to Earl Dibble Jr. (hope to toss one back someday! YeeYee)

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra



    can you make the song longer



  • iamthequeenfyi

    Good morning 🌞 YeeYee Nation

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    Such a wonderful kind person thanku so much for everything love an God bless x

  • Ashley Sczenski
    Ashley Sczenski

    Please!!!! Please release that song

  • Nothing to see here
    Nothing to see here

    Enjoying the conversational type podcast. Your advise seems solid most of the time. Keep up the good work.

  • Jess Rodriguez
    Jess Rodriguez

    Okay so i got one question...why did you name your kids London & Lincoln? I mean you really never hear them but liiiiike i don’t know 😬 i can’t tell who’s who cause they both sound like boy names🤭

    • Misty Martin
      Misty Martin

      London is definitely a girl name.

  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham

    Love the cd 💿 🎶. Happy Monday everyone enjoy your day 😊

  • Tamina Bomba
    Tamina Bomba

    Teacher here. I use your podcasts, Dip'Em and Pick 'Em, The Smiths, Arise With Amber, Earl's Truck restoration videos and anything else y'all put out as my workout entertainment. Whether I am riding my bike, doing the elliptical, weight training or I'm on the treadmill, y'all get me thru my daily workouts. Thanks and God bless! Yee Yee!

  • Cody Aday
    Cody Aday


  • Jay F
    Jay F

    Really enjoy everything you all do. Butch and Bull's channel is my new 2nd favorite channel. If y'all want to laugh and really see the behind the sceens check it out. Please release that intro song somewhere. That is an awesome jam. Thank you for the content and songs we will remember forever!.

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull

      Thanks for checking us out Jay!

  • Laura Nix
    Laura Nix

    Can’t wait for me and hubby to get our first shirt of the month!

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    It’s like The wizard of Oz... do I really wanna see the man or men behind the curtain?!? Will it ruin those butterflies I get because it feels so magical how fast it feels going from one venue to the next is?? Lol I’m subbed to Risky Business btw but I’m still weighing if seeing the men behind the curtain will take the magic outta it for me.

    • Sassy Sandra
      Sassy Sandra

      @Risky Business with Butch and Bull absolutely I’m addicted!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull

      Thanks for checking us out!

  • Phil Victor
    Phil Victor

    The intro music I feel could be a song as big as holler

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    I have to say for the average person that doesn’t see all the behind the scenes that goes on like taking down , loading up and going to the next place and the next night I walk in and it’s like deja Vu but at another venue, it feels magical cuz I don’t see all the taking down a putting back up, all I know is I barely have time to go from one concert one night then travel to the next place& Venue to see another concert the next night, yet I show up and it feels like it was a snap of the finger altho I’m not blind to all the hard work and all the men involved to pull off these shows night after night it feels pretty magical & I get butterflies when I walk in because of the excitement and there’s nothing like it in the world!!!!! Thank you and your crew for all the hard work& heavy lifting that goes into your amazing concerts!!!!!!

    • Keith Reilly
      Keith Reilly

      I was a roadie for a local band years ago believe me I know what goes on but I had my daughter and grandkids here and was taking care of most everything money is really tight right now and missing a show because of family is something I would do each and every time

  • Phil Victor
    Phil Victor

    Will you even put up Texas sign on the wall Metal or wood. Behind you

  • Emily Kay
    Emily Kay

    I keep a prayer journal w/notes! It’s crazy looking back what God answers, protects you from, gives and heals! 🙏🏼♥️

  • love cows
    love cows

    yes I will be getting a cd love holding the music and listening to it on the stereo

  • Taylor Boone
    Taylor Boone

    Super cool song about London's fear of spiders. Thanks for all your Help for our combat Vets. We never got any thanks for what we did in Vietnam era. Thanks USMC 1/1 Charlie Co. 1969

  • Timmothy McCandless
    Timmothy McCandless

    In my personal life I'm a nice guy 100% of the time, but in my work life I'm sometimes not able to be, and it sucks my line of work sometimes forces me to be and asshole from time to time.

  • Matěj Citta
    Matěj Citta

    As Firts I want to say. Thank u Granger that u, ur family, ur YeeYee team, and ur hope in what u are doing, is here for us every day, when we needed,U shows up, and everything is brither, something that makes us happy. I Watched all from this podcast, and I need to say.. Thats Damn good idea to do this, to listen each of us, and try to solve or possible problems, what we have, and what we tell u... You, Granger deserve big shout out, because I never ever saw that before, that, singer will givin Podcast to be with his fans, and speak to them like that.. I want to say thank YOU ALL, to Granger, and his family that they love him, their happines makes us smile everyday.. Thanks to YeeYee TEAM.. U are the best guys, thank u for what u are doing for us, for worldwide YeeYee Fans. Wush u the BEST, hope that u are feelin as much as possible, same if u are going through some problems... Their always have solution.. U can make it. Love You All❤️ Matthew from Europe, Czech Republic. YEE YEE !!

  • deborah meador
    deborah meador

    i love your music i love raise a beer

  • Mark G Willett
    Mark G Willett

    Why has my yeeyeenation a/c asking me to sign up again ?

  • justin wellborn
    justin wellborn

    Man my job Dosent allow me to keep up with your videos like I’d like but enjoy getting to get on when I can and catch up yee yee

  • Lisa Sanders
    Lisa Sanders

    I think you'd be great doing a remake of the song mother freedom by bread. They were a fantastic band of the Early mid 70's. I remember my much older brother buying this album and I as a 6 year old, had shivers on the back of my neck. I think you'd do a fantastic job on this song. Blessings and prayers always. James griffin of bread had a great voice. You are certainly as good as he was. Please consider doing this.

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    Yes please release it on ALgone so we can play it!! It hyped me up in the worst of days even!!!!! Love it!!!

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    Love this channel and the Smiths!! I feel like I know you guys like great friends!! That’s how transparent I feel you guys are. Please don’t commercialize everything, it takes away the authenticity of your channels cuz then it feels like all you want is to make more& more money off the ppl that are so loyal to you & especially in these times can’t afford all these nickel& dime offers and then feel like we are being left out cuz we can’t afford every extra being added. Please don’t change to much!!!

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Love these!! I kept looking for it this morning. I thought we were going to have to suffer through the week without one. Haha.

  • ShallowPockets 864
    ShallowPockets 864

    Yee yee nation ringtone

    • Hudson J
      Hudson J

      We need this

    • Cameron Scott
      Cameron Scott

      I can get behind this

    • Lori Mosteller
      Lori Mosteller

      I keep stating the same a ringtone or text tone

    • Mary Trainor
      Mary Trainor

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    • Bethany Sigler
      Bethany Sigler

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  • Timmothy McCandless
    Timmothy McCandless

    I would love it the podcast intro on spotify

  • Keith Reilly
    Keith Reilly

    Would have driven the 85 miles to see you in New Hampshire but the lowest price ticket was 120 each and we couldn’t afford it

    • Jess Rodriguez
      Jess Rodriguez

      @Risky Business with Butch and Bull ahh okay

    • Artie Brown
      Artie Brown

      @Risky Business with Butch and Bull yuppers that's exactly what I was saying it's sad but atleast we get to see them and yall yee yee I watch all the videos of the Smith's, risky Buisness and all their stuff since yall started since day 1

    • Risky Business with Butch and Bull
      Risky Business with Butch and Bull

      Ticket prices are higher because of the government regulations on capacity right now. Granger doesn't have control of this. Promoters have to make enough money to pay artists (even at a way lower rate) with 25% or 50% capacity. #2020

    • Artie Brown
      Artie Brown

      Yeah the prices have gone up becuse u have to include the venue being paid them being paid the other stuff that is included with it it sucks I paid 92 dollars to see a recorded drive in on the yee yee farm @a mall here in NJ

    • Jess Rodriguez
      Jess Rodriguez

      Damn his prices have gone up since last year

  • dammit DK
    dammit DK

    Life is hard. I almost got fired from my job for going in early

    • Jess Rodriguez
      Jess Rodriguez

      Wth? Why?

  • Donnie Tunsky
    Donnie Tunsky

    Granger PHD. Dude, I am speechless at your answers..That’s why I love these podcasts!!! YEE YEE !!!!!

  • Федор Ечин
    Федор Ечин

    0:15 active-dating24.online