I called the cops on my drummer
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 46: Had to call the cops on my drummer. Find out why on this episode.
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  • Garret S.
    Garret S.

    Can you do messenger

  • Debbie Holman
    Debbie Holman

    Yes. More stories for sure

  • Peggy Cannady
    Peggy Cannady

    How Hi

  • Brandon w Tiner
    Brandon w Tiner

    when are you coming to Memphis or southavenmississippi38671?

  • Michael McClure
    Michael McClure

    Awesome story. We all have our demons and grief and tragedy seem to bring them forward. God Bless both of you,


    My family is in Colorado

  • Mellissa Bonanno
    Mellissa Bonanno

    We want more Caleb. What a great story!

  • Ruth Fields
    Ruth Fields

    Caleb, I was you after my daughter passed away. Bless your heart for being so candid about your grief, it is a hard journey to walk. I was so destructive of myself, other and all personal property of anyone that got in my way. I will pray for you for the journey that you have to face for years ahead of you. Granger you are an amazing friend to stand by his side and not give up on him, I wish I could say the same of my friends and family.

  • Michele Brooks
    Michele Brooks

    Definitely more

  • Barbara Collins
    Barbara Collins

    Grief counseling really helped me after I lost my son. Hard to convince men to do that. Pray for healing for you both.

  • BackwoodsJuliet_RHEC Schuler
    BackwoodsJuliet_RHEC Schuler

    More Caleb

  • Top Secret
    Top Secret

    Why country boys don’t call cops

  • Bobbi Stevens
    Bobbi Stevens

    I for sure want to hear more with Caleb.

  • ketchup mustard
    ketchup mustard

    Absolutely love y'all! Much respect from cheatham county TN. I have followed you for years. I'm very sorry for yalls losses

  • Comcal Ministries
    Comcal Ministries

    My husband is a combat veteran who lost brothers at war. Grief is a hard road. Your an amazing friend to stick through it. My husband has lost almost everyone and everything through it. It has been a lonely journey but God has carried us and has been putting people in our path lately

  • Jan Wages
    Jan Wages

    More Caleb

  • Jan Wages
    Jan Wages

    God Bless you Caleb.

  • Christine Savarese
    Christine Savarese

    He has a lot to offer those who struggling through hardships as do you. And I have to say...This was truly one of your best! Thank you!

  • Anthony McWilliams
    Anthony McWilliams

    You can see he doesn't wanna talk about what happened....

  • Matt Church
    Matt Church

    We all have our bad times i went thru the alcohol spell and did drugs but I was only 16 but its been 2 years since then so you just got have something to take your mind off stuff

  • k c
    k c

    powerful stuff. thank you

  • Sandra Reagle
    Sandra Reagle

    First let me say Caleb I’m so very sorry for your losses. I can’t even imagine how painful that was and still is. I lost my little sister when she was 17 (I was 27) and I was devastated. I can see your pain and shame 😪... I’m so happy for you that you have people (Granger and crew) in your life that have stood by you that’s a huge blessing!

  • Leonard

    Awesome podcast Thanks for sharing!

  • Elaine Mittleider
    Elaine Mittleider

    This is great that Caleb is willing to share this! Can't be Easy, and probably embarrassing but there was probably someone that needs to hear this to know they can get over there demons!!! Congrats Caleb for getting through, glad you had great friends to help you get though!!

  • Carol Cameron
    Carol Cameron

    Really needed to hear this at the moment, thank you for sharing your personal story / journey together, what amazing people you both are x

  • Rebel Soul
    Rebel Soul

    Crazy I saw this today. I lost a brother 3 years ago today. In 3 more days it will be 3 years to the day I put a gun in my mouth and pulled the trigger and it dry fired on me. Still fight it on a daily basis dealing with the loss of him and my dad. It is a daily grind to try and find the good days.

  • Tuff

    LMFAO Caleb is a huge fan of law enforcement ... hahahah I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD

  • Michelle Claude
    Michelle Claude

    My bff of 28+ years always said when one pea is weak and falls the other pea stays strong and carries the pod(we were 2 peas in a pod) and those words couldn't be truer! Unfortunately I now have to keep that balance myself and I miss her every damn day.

  • James Thrift
    James Thrift

    More more more!

  • Made by Knight
    Made by Knight

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s really helped me see an outside perspective of similar actions I’ve made in the last few years.

  • Jessica Dethloff
    Jessica Dethloff

    The thumb nail is that one of Salinas KS police car?

  • Tracey Tucker
    Tracey Tucker

    I'd love to hear more from Caleb.

  • Terry Thomas
    Terry Thomas

    Want to hear more

  • Matthew Hollis
    Matthew Hollis

    we want more caleb

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    Great Podcast.....one of my favorites. Caleb has a great personality, but also deals with demons and shows how good of a guy you are for seeing through the bad and forgiving him and helping him. Would definitely love to hear more from him, soon and to hear how he has grown and learned to deal with the anger and internal sadness.

  • Sooner Girl Travels
    Sooner Girl Travels

    Very powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Maddox Bradford
    Maddox Bradford


  • Bradley Haworth
    Bradley Haworth

    Please tell me your coming to pittsburgh

  • chris curtis
    chris curtis

    Lets hear part 2.

  • Mel Bella
    Mel Bella

    How can 26 people dislike this? So wrong. More from Caleb!! Please

  • Mel Bella
    Mel Bella

    Wow very overwhelming, but totally needed 🙏 Thank you. Amazing and Caleb WTG to be so courageous to share.

  • Aggie fan
    Aggie fan

    Thank you Caleb for opening your heart to us. My grief journey helps me to relate to yours. Prayers to you and your family. It would be an honor to hear from you again.🙏🏼

  • natalie guthas
    natalie guthas

    Need more Caleb! What an incredible relationship the two of you have created.

  • Brent Sorensen Outdoors
    Brent Sorensen Outdoors

    Yes More Caleb.

  • Scott Schufreider
    Scott Schufreider

    More Caleb!

  • jean gully
    jean gully

    Yes more Caleb

  • Lori Mosteller
    Lori Mosteller

    Wanting to hear more from Caleb and totally stoked about the full version off the yee yee nation song because I love it and was hoping for this

  • okrob

    Super excited about the FULL Yee Yee Nation song!

  • Amy Marrison
    Amy Marrison

    Would like to hear how the transition into Dusty drummer happened.

  • Beckyie McBeth
    Beckyie McBeth

    Yes bring Caleb back please

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H

    Definitely need a part 2 to hear the rest of y'all's story! It's easy to see the bond y'all share is strong - and I'm sure even more unique with both of your stories of grief and guiding one another at different times in your lives.

  • GreenKnight Gaming
    GreenKnight Gaming

    Best add ever of earl growing yee yee shirts

  • Jessica Kennedy
    Jessica Kennedy

    Def a cliff hanger. We need more Caleb for sure

  • Cap

    More Caleb time for sure!! It may be different from the Glam Jams, But It Is Real Life Experience between you two, & why you guys are Still Here TOGETHER STILL!!!!!

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P

    Thank you Caleb for sharing your story.

  • Gary Goforth
    Gary Goforth

    Part 2!!!

  • rhymeandreasoning

    Excellent video.

  • Bennett Borden
    Bennett Borden

    Need more Caleb.

  • Emily Young
    Emily Young

    I have a friend that used to get this way when she drank. We called her alternate ego, Gertrude. There is usually always a underlying issue of some kind they are dealing with

  • Gloria Strong
    Gloria Strong

    Want more kaleb!

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Enjoying listening To your Podcast

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey


  • MrJeffreygilliland

    Thank you Caleb for opening up your life with us.

  • Annie F
    Annie F

    What a strong & brave man. To be able to sit down and talk about all of this. Granger I am a firm believer that God placed Caleb in your path. He knew you n your band would help him. God bless you Caleb. Would like to see more of you Caleb on the podcast with Granger. Hugs and prayers 🙏💙🙏💙🙏

  • Timothy Demarco
    Timothy Demarco

    That`s bad

  • Alisha C
    Alisha C

    Definitely want to hear more!

  • Chilant K10
    Chilant K10

    No one: Gayyyyyy

  • mariah Bays
    mariah Bays

    Yessss another video!

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    We want More Caleb

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Yee Yee Nation

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    I love your Podcast

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Hello Granger Smith

  • Michael Toppen
    Michael Toppen

    Thanks for Sharing!!!

  • Andy Prickett
    Andy Prickett

    I lost my dad last year to heart failure, which resulted in my younger brothers turning to drugs to cope with it! So all in all I feel like I’ve lost my brothers as well! One of them is looking at jail time and the other brother is going to prison! It’s hard to think about it but I gotta tell myself to be their older brother and help them through it! I hope they use this as a wake up call and can come home changed! Put god first and make it a priority to change your life for yourself! It’s tough but it’s not impossible! God bless y’all and yee yee

  • Anthony Ruiz
    Anthony Ruiz

    what happened to dusty

  • Kayla Ortiz
    Kayla Ortiz

    God bless you both 🙏🙏


    No judgment here, i was sort of In the same boat. My little brother was murdered he was only 21. It destroyed me, the only time I felt normal for the moment was when I was drinking. But soon after one to many things I held deep deep down inside surfaced. Currently during that time before and after my brother was killed, I was a believer in Christ, and I blamed myself for a lot one thing in Gerneral was not spreading the gospel to my brother, he knew things was different for me once I got saved and always say things like he is proud of me and I’m doing better. Never once I didn’t tell him a story about a savior came from heaven to be a redeemer of sins. Kills me. I started taking prescription drugs the doctor prescribed to me and it made me feel like I just donot care anymore. Grab a bottle and down hill from there all said and done I told God my family and everyone I was done with being a Christian and I don’t want anything to do with it. Well after a chaos night woke up in the morning , I immediately got on the ground repenting for all I’ve done, and to God telling me :Don’t you know you didn’t choose me I choose you? And I will never let you go. That changed everything for me. My question is always why me? Lol no answer but it changed me forever. How I worship how I treat my wife my kids, random people etc. Now I just thank the Lord for the time I was allowed to share with my brother. Really good podcast just brings back a lot of memories. Anywho..Yee Yee

  • Dave Bailey
    Dave Bailey

    Caleb sounds cool..... not Khalib though. Yeah would love to hear the rest of the story do it soon.

  • Mister 323
    Mister 323

    We want more Caleb!

  • Andy B.
    Andy B.

    Definitely more please! I can relate to this story and I think it would be helpful.

  • Jerk Unit
    Jerk Unit

    I can relate to and understand what’s being said today! So bring on more stories and I like how it ends in success. A lot of great points as humans we are our own worst enemy hehe! But I think we grow and learn from every situation.

  • Donna Sumrall
    Donna Sumrall

    Just watched listen to the podcast. I have to say I understand the anger from the grief and also from an artistic person. My husband passed and nearly 4 months later my brother passed. Long story I’ve never dealt with the grief until I went to therapy. Caleb I I understand. I wanna hear more from Caleb. Thank you Granger for this podcast. I pray it helps those that are grieving recognize there is another side. God bless!

  • adrian owen
    adrian owen

    just like me the red mist all you see is the outline

  • Nathan Coleman
    Nathan Coleman

    Caleb, I Can't even imagine what you went through, Although i have lost a brother and sister, They passed away when i was a baby, so in a way i'm lucky, God protected me from really getting to know them. I know one day ill get to meet them, but i am thankful that i didn't have to really endure that feeling of loss. My older bother and sister did however know them, and i don't think i'll ever really know how they feel. The most important thing i think most people take for granted, is your family. Because we are not promised tomorrow, i think people need to just breath and tell your loved ones you love them. I can see how God has worked in your life, and how he will and has used you. And Granger, Thank you for being such a good friend, father, husband, brother, and son! Your always uplifting those around you. Even with the loss of Riv, You and Amber, God bless your hearts, Still used it for Gods glory. Your always there to be a helping hand, and an inspiration to the world. Love you man, your family, your band. And i pray that God continues to use you guys as he already has. God Bless brothers! - Yee Yee!

  • Tanja Schoeman
    Tanja Schoeman

    Hi yall. Listening to this and nodding my head almost every 5min in agreement! Grief and trauma changes even the nicest person into a stranger. Would love to have the next installment with Caleb. WANT MORE CALEB!

  • EoffZooStaff

    I want to hear the stories yes more Caleb!!!!

  • Patricia Fenninger
    Patricia Fenninger

    I would love to hear more from Caleb.

  • Scott Scheppmann
    Scott Scheppmann

    Definitely need more Caleb! Let’s hear those stories!

  • Lana Morey
    Lana Morey

    yes we need to hear more.

  • Avery Funk
    Avery Funk

    Is Kalob healed up from his loss?

  • Eva Enns
    Eva Enns

    Wanna hear more caleb

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    Yes please have Caleb back. Want to hear more of the story!!🤠🤠

  • Pam Demel
    Pam Demel

    I completely love the story of Caleb! I’m one, myself, who has destroyed the world “alcoholism”..... I’d like to believe so at least!! It’s a horrible disease that so many wish to overcome and this vlog me wishful!!!

  • Samantha

    Aww 💔 I have never lost anyone really close to me but I have a 35 year old sister who struggles with alcohol and we have almost lost her many times and she still struggles :( I would love to hear more from Caleb!

  • Jay Burress
    Jay Burress

    I was at the Salina KS show Saturday! Was so great to see you guys perform some live country music!! All while sitting under the stars! What a great night, much needed for the soul.

  • onelucky369369

    I'm trying to find out if Garnett Kansas concert is still on?

  • onelucky369369

    Is Garnett Kansas canceled i would like to go

  • Redneck John
    Redneck John

    It should be known that Caleb , is a strong person and shouldn't be judged in this situation. To come forward and Allow these conversations says alot. Your faces both really tell the tale. Glad things are on the up and up.

  • Douglas Haas
    Douglas Haas

    Is this your intro to all your podcasts? I noticed a cutscene from your concert in Great Falls, Montana.

  • M Huskie
    M Huskie

    Great story, you guys are talking about navajo is kinda funny ,for me being Navajo and a subscriber making me laugh, but I think you guys quite aways from the reservation and you did your story would be a lot different especially with a gun,(Yee- Ya )in my language means (scary)

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