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Yee Yee Life:

  • Herbert The Pervert
    Herbert The Pervert

    This man has got to be one of the best parents i have ever seen.

  • Lee Shoaf
    Lee Shoaf

    How can I get yee yee stickers thanks

  • Ashleigh Klopfer
    Ashleigh Klopfer

    Your songs are the best yet yee

  • Matthew J
    Matthew J

    Ya where da truck at?

  • Marissa Day
    Marissa Day

    Thank you for being such a selfless person. My question is would you do a mini show of some sort for a few people over here in Kansas?

  • Austin Erisman
    Austin Erisman

    Love your music and interesting listening to the life of a musician. When going into apologetics please go into more depth and research of the others theology to defend against it.There is deep theological reason behind the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. Not just they wanted to control people. My 2 cents. love the inspiration you put out as well #YEE YEE

  • jean gully
    jean gully

    faith in Jesus saves not religion! Amen thanks Granger!

  • Thaddeus Edwards
    Thaddeus Edwards

    Mr. granger Smith i am sorry for the way i acted when I saw you at cotton patch in Georgetown. I know i didnt bother you but the looks i gave you i apologize for because I know you recognized them. Forgive me it was a fan girl moment. Your music has helped me in ways for the better and I wanted to say thank you but not at a restaurant especially with your kiddo. Again I sincerely apologize.

  • Marty Helton
    Marty Helton

    Hey Granger loved the podcast!! You are always just who you are I love it!! I do have a question what happened with Lucy the pitbull??

  • Brenda Snider
    Brenda Snider

    Would give you everything I have if I had anything. I barely can buy food each month for myself. I only eat 1 meal a day. Because can't afford anymore to eat. Just being disabled on a very limited income my furniture is 30+ years old it was my Mom's before I got it. My mattress was my mother in laws she used it for nurse's who cared for my ex husband it was new when she got it in 1988. I still use it every night. Sure wish I could afford a new one maybe one day before I'm gone. God bless you and your sweet family.

  • Natalie

    Great parenting advice. We have two boys..4 & 2. Please haha we’ll take all the advice! Your videos always remind me to get them outside more & get dirty & sweaty. They’re boys...they love it & they’re always tougher than I give them credit for.

  • Lilwill Newell
    Lilwill Newell

    Where’s the truck at

  • Deb Bohl
    Deb Bohl

    Granger what a great podcast. YEEYEE

  • Liam Sullivan
    Liam Sullivan

    You should really get Mat Best on a podcast

  • Eric Sheck
    Eric Sheck

    Have you ever played the Grand Ole Opry?

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    Thank you Mr . Smith. For Always sharing such wisdom n Knowledge we see slit of things the same. So I know I must be on the rite track. 🙏😊

  • Kelly Moran
    Kelly Moran

    I really enjoyed this Podcast as I do all your works (The Smith's, the Podcast, and the truck rebuild). You have such an awesome gift for explaining things, it's just so refreshing to see someone of your fame being so down to earth and that goes for Amber and even the kids. Thanks for all you do and keep safe in the midst of the Corona Rona Bat Flu as I call it. PEACE!

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    Dang I've missed this, where you just talk and answer questions! I always enjoy your guests, but you are very insightful, thoughtful, honest and humble. That's worth more to me than a #1 song (but those are certainly awesome!). You are much appreciated Granger, and can't wait to hear the new album and the #YeeYee launch day is the day before my my wife can just let me order my own gift! 😁 #YeeYeeNation 🇺🇲

  • Kenneth Seratte
    Kenneth Seratte

    69 charger is my favorite car too. Grew up watching the dukes of hazard.

  • Tamina Bomba
    Tamina Bomba

    Just a thought and what I was always taught, John Chapter 3, Verse 5, "Jesus answered. Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God."

    • Paul Bratcher
      Paul Bratcher

      yes, check out Mathew 3:16, Also how do you explain Acts 2:38? Baptism washes our sins away and allows us to receive the Holy Spirit.

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    You're such a great dad!

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    Great relationship advice, I think that actually taught me a lot.

  • Jared Fleisher
    Jared Fleisher

    Im a Baptist and by my faith i am saved only through the grace of God theres a lot of big wrongs ive made in my life but thank God for his forgiveness id be on my way to hell if his forgiveness was anything less then perfect i used to be an atheist but growing up in church it wasnt till i was 16 I was at a youth trip with my church we went out camping for a week honestly i just went to play some foot ball with some freinds have a fire 🔥 and enjoy the outdoors but in the middle of the week the youth paster was talking about salvation around a bond fire now normally i could just block him out but just somthing about that night i couldnt the fire was bright the trees would blow with the wind and it was so peaceful i can remember hearing a small voice in the back of my mind telling me that what my youth pastor was saying was right and i had a problem i pushed it off as i normally did not thinking anything of it later that night i was in a cabin it was bed time there was five other kids my age and two adults but i never went to bed that voice that was small out when the paster was talking seemed to get louder and louder and clearer as the night went one a big thunderstorm came through the camp when everyone else was asleep and it was scary at the time and that voice wouldnt go away i fought that voice for hours but eventually it got to me i woke one of the came leaders up and i asked him how i can be saved he took me through the Romans road as i know it to be called now and a few other places in the scripture in the middle of an old wood cabin it was there at roughly 3:30 am i put my faith in him and alowd him into my heart i cant tell you the date but six years ago this boy got his life right and the lord helped him clean himself up hes blessed me so much in them six years i have my own place with an acr of land a big barn shop thing im working on my own truck restoration a beautiful girl i can call my own im still brought to tears knowing the lord never stoped talking to me that day and wouldnt let me sleep till i got things right with him it was always hard growing up in public school afraid of being save becouse of what people would think of me im so thankful for the parents he gave me that never gave up on me and shown me what a personal walk with the lord is like its so relieving to know im never alone in life and its trials and that the lord gives me peace throughout every one of them i just want you to know it is a big encouragement to see you stand up for the lord thank you for that keep up the good work in your music i would love to hear your testimony of salvation and once again thank you

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H

    I heard Clare has left bachelorette and Tayshia is coming in instead - do you know anything about what that means for Tyler?

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H

    I’d love that yellow Yee Yee shirt available on the site - the yellow is a fun color for a kids shirt too!

  • TJ Wallace
    TJ Wallace

    38:20 epic moment. I love how you use your fame, and are open and unashamed to talk about your faith and the kingdom of God. Quick question, do you feel like someone should be baptized? Not that it has anything to do with it “saving” them but as an outward expression of following in Christ footsteps. Because he was baptized also, so if it was good for Him why isn’t it good for us? Just curious how you feel!?!?

  • Sara Palin
    Sara Palin

    That was a good podcast. As a Catholic, I was baptized less than a year old. Probably less than six months old. Never realized other people thought that it mattered if people were or weren't. God knows if we believe in Him. My husband isn't Catholic, but he's a believer and a Christian. Never crossed my mind. Anyway, thank you for the podcast. I was wondering what the first Yee Yee apparel item was since your people at the company asked the question. Knew that it was probably a tshirt. Just didn't know which one. Awesome!

  • Nathan Humphries
    Nathan Humphries

    I swear when that girl ask how you get prepared for the day, I thought you was about to say “I wake up, put a good dip in” 😂😂😂

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    The new album comes out on my birthday 🎂 thanks G!!! What's up with uncle TyTy? Have you heard from him? Thanks for another great podcast 👍🇺🇸

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    Thank you Granger for being you. You are so awesome and humble. I am so glad that I get to be on this journey with you and your family all the time. I love it. Yee Yee 🦋🦋🤠🤠 I am glad to be apart of Yee Yee Nation.

  • Annette Elizalde
    Annette Elizalde

    Great one, sure were some interesting question. Love the thought of new music can't wait, take care. Blessings 😇

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    Heck I’m fine if you just come to UTAH!! I know very selfish but I’ve never seen Granger in Concert and I’m dying to see him!!!

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    What’s with the #69 carved into the wood just below & on the right of the blue wood?? I know it’s not just me who has seen it... I’ve just been waiting for Granger to explain but I haven’t heard him unless I’ve somehow missed it? ANYONE?? Have any idea what it’s all about????? Lighting McQueen in #95 so it may be # 59 for McQueen backwards?? Heck y’all idk

  • Mary Jean
    Mary Jean

    I just had an awesome Monday evening, listening and watching your podcast and sipping 🍷. Iam loving getting to know more about you, your beautiful family and what you have experienced. Thank you for being a bright light.

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    I like listening To Your Podcast Granger Smith

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    I can’t wait to hear your new music

  • Ashley Barnes
    Ashley Barnes

    Is that’s why I love dirt roads going to be on the new album or was that like a stand alone single?

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Crank up It Yee Yee Nation

  • Rob Glover
    Rob Glover

    You need to do a show here in York, it’s my home city & obviously a special place for Amber & yourself.

  • philip Copley
    philip Copley

    God bless you and your family brother. Love the content also the smiths channel.

  • Sherrie Palmer
    Sherrie Palmer

    Love your answer on the (idol) comment God is it, thank you for sharing your faith and not being ashamed.

  • Nathanael Harwood
    Nathanael Harwood

    Will the remix of “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads” with Lathan Warlick be on the new album? Thanks!! Yee Yee!


    So much breaking news on this episode! Thanks,...looking forward to all of these good things to come!

  • Curtis Drake Sr
    Curtis Drake Sr

    The yee yee at the end of fgl song is that a nod? Are y'all friends/acquaintances?

  • Gloria Strong
    Gloria Strong

    I love 💕 hearing you talk, you’re so in depth on your answers. Can’t wait for your new album .#YEE YEE #LIVElikeRIV🙏❤️🎈☮️⚡️🌈🦖🦋🤠

  • Webb Racing
    Webb Racing

    Can't wait for the New MUSIC! but can't wait less for the truck!!!!!!!!!! Have an awesome day!!! Always makes for a great monday.

  • Justin Cardenas
    Justin Cardenas

    You should get Earl to do a podcast!!

  • Matthew Hebert
    Matthew Hebert

    The this is about Catholics and Baptism is that Baptism helps wash away from Original Sin because of Adam and Eve. Also, Martin Luther was a Catholic, but he didnt agree with the Catholic Church was doing.

  • josiekiko1

    Wait are you a Calvinist? I always 100% agree with your Bible theology and views, and then you bring up that you're a protestant. Makes sense now:)

  • Harley Basham
    Harley Basham

    @GrangerSmith We are still wondering if Earl has figured out his truck is gone

  • Travis T
    Travis T

    Where did you film your dirt roads music vide

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    Europe in 2021- YEE YEE sign me up!! I’m partial to the 65 Mustang; sorry, I don’t have a ‘69 Charger. Great advice on how to resolve a disagreement- allowing each party to express their view and having each try to see it from the other’s perspective. They don’t have to actually change their own opinion, but just respect the other person’s view. This concept works great everywhere. Baptism- Jesus is baptized, as I know you know. (Matthew 3:13-17, Mark 2:7-11, Luke 3: 21-22). John the Baptist baptized with water for repentance; in Jesus one is baptized with the Holy Spirit. - ..... John 3:5 “I solemnly assure you, no one can enter into God’s kingdom without being begotten of water and Spirit.” “....whoever believes in Him may not die but have eternal life.” John 3:16. Protestants and Catholics disagree about somethings, but we all believe in Jesus and His gift of eternal life. ... Thank you for always being so open and honest. ❤️🙏

  • Virginia Proffitt
    Virginia Proffitt

    Do you still collect police patches? I want to send you some from El Paso PD.

  • Melissa Sturgis
    Melissa Sturgis

    Did you give away the black smiths shirt? (The one with the family outline? )

  • Simpledippers

    Would definitely say he’s one of best and humble. Country singers never acts like he’s better then anybody

  • natasha speir
    natasha speir

    I saw the person with the yee yee sticker on a ford

  • Silver Woodworks
    Silver Woodworks

    Your explanation of how to discipline kids was really good. Its very hard as a parent to stop and realize they are only three. Your advice helped me alot! Your words are what I need. Love what you doing!

  • David

    Monday wisdom with Granger hell yeah

  • Derrik Guzzo
    Derrik Guzzo

    I have a good question for you! Missed this chance but please do another round of questions!

  • Tucker Hogshooter
    Tucker Hogshooter

    I agree that we are saved by Faith. I have not been baptized yet but I plan on becoming baptized to show my public display of obedience to God. Also the Bible does contain many verses on baptism. John 3:5 and Acts 2:38 are a couple of good examples. Baptism shows God that you are serious about your walk with him and it will allow him to take a step into your life.

  • Anita Martinez
    Anita Martinez

    Granger, I love listening to Amber's Arise, and I would love to hear you do a Bible study type segment as well. I know you're very busy, so i wouldnt expect a weekly video. But maybe twice a month. Or join in on Ambers once in a while.

  • RebelRob34

    Your candor is much appreciated Granger. Helps us fans get even closer (not in a creepy way!) to you.

  • love cows
    love cows

    when is the back to school sale

  • Andy Moss
    Andy Moss

    Good episode. Loved the indepth information about christianity. Pentecostal boy myself, church of God. Ol holy roller as people like to say. Speaking in tounge, running around the church, scare the shit out of you if you weren't used to it. We get baptized, it mainly meant to wash away your sins after you accept jesus in your life, down with the old man up with the new. Makes you feel like a newborn baby cradled up in the arms of the lord. #yeeyee #igotmyrayconscoming

  • Gretchen Hamlin
    Gretchen Hamlin


  • YelloButtrfld

    One of the best podcasts you’ve ever done! Yee Yee!

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray

    Monday's Food For Thought - When we focus our energy towards constructing a passionate, meaningful life, we are tossing a pebble into the world, creating a beautiful ripple effect of inspiration. When one follows a dream, tries something new or takes a daring leap, everyone nearby feels that energy, and before too long they are making their own daring leaps and inspiring yet another circle. No matter what happens in life, keep a good heart. A heart of love, trust & patience. Don't let the darkness of some people harden your heart. Have a Blessed Day Everyone!

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.


  • Kristi ANN
    Kristi ANN

    Thank you, Granger for your wonderful podcasts. I dont have the right words to say how much they bring light to the day! Happy Monday, God Bless and YEE YEE!!!

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    Granger, Not sure you saw what I said a few months ago, but I'm still hearing the phrase in my head, "When I feel you", and I get that every time I hear you talking about music and lyrics. There has to be something to it. Just saying.

  • love cows
    love cows

    Did y’all now that Granger is not the only one with youtube channels Dusty Saxton (Granger’s drummer) Chris Gainz comedy (Granger’s tour manager) risky business with butch and bull ( Granger’s bus drivers) John marlin aka Fish (Grangers guitar player) ….let’s see if we can get John, and Todd to start there own youtube channels before Tyer comes back

  • Sewan & Sawen Creations
    Sewan & Sawen Creations

    Thats awesome. A bad case of the rhea macintyres saved my career one time

  • Pancho Dyck
    Pancho Dyck

    When is the truck restoration going to be finished

  • Samantha Rowan
    Samantha Rowan

    Thank you Granger!

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Love these ones as well!! Any news on Tyler? Also will your mom ever do a podcast with you? Love all you guys put out!!! Look forward to what's next. Only day I wake up and wait for my phone to go off is Mondays waiting for the podcast to ring in so I can listen while drinking coffee.

  • daniel huey
    daniel huey

    Really sad that the Missouri concert got postponed..


    Questions are awesome podcasts! We love you G! And we look forward to these every Monday. Makes the drive to work so much better. #YeeYeeNation

  • James Hall
    James Hall

    Granger! Where are we able to ask questions? I believe you mentioned it in a previous episode, but I forgot where you mentioned because I listen while I'm at work.

  • Susan Walk
    Susan Walk

    Have driven a 2008 Charger? I've driven a 1986 Dodge Diplomat with a 440 police interceptor.

  • mr mike stamper
    mr mike stamper

    There are people who do nothing but register domain names to sell them to the people that would have used them , if they had got there first

  • Mel H
    Mel H

    Love when you answer questions. This episode went all over. Big thumbs up!!

  • Christopher Sheridan
    Christopher Sheridan

    Granger the bible says clearly that you must be born again of the spirit and the water ! You must be baptized in Jesus name ! Don't miss out ! Please read this !

    • Granger Smith
      Granger Smith

      Also Christopher, here’s an excellent discussion about this based solely on scripture: Thank you my brother!

    • Granger Smith
      Granger Smith

      I stand firm in my belief and interpretation my friend. There is nothing I am more sure of. Maybe one day I can elaborate for you.

  • Aggie Heath
    Aggie Heath

    make sure you renew the trademark. this needs to be done every 10 years

  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham

    Love listening and how true you speak from the heart . Have a great Monday Granger ❤️

  • TrishaQPTexas

    Wow! I had to stop the video. What a profound statement! "Don't get your phone first thing in the morning." That really hit me hard. It is the first thing i do! Mainly to see what time it is. But of course there are notifications. I check those out and they lead to other things. And i end up spending so much time on the phone. (I'm crying right now) I live alone in the country. My health isn't what it used to be. I know, excuses, excuses. I listen to YouVersion and have been through the Bible twice. I am a devout Christian, or so i thought. This phone addiction will have to become a small part of my life from now on. Thank you Granger. ♥️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🤗🤗🤗 I had to stop the video again! Your advice on being a loving partner and raising children has me crying again. I wish I could have a do-over. My kids are in their 30s and have children of their own. There have been times when i disciplined my grandchildren, with words, and 1 son told me once "mom, please don't do that. I want you to just be Mimi to them". I got frustrated so easy when i was raising my kids as a single mom. I used to apologize to them individually. But one day, that same son said to me, "momma, please don't apologize anymore. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't know Jesus.". I have to constantly remind myself of that because the enemy wants me riled up and in turmoil. I just want to hug my grandkids and kids right now. Ok, I got to the end of the video. Question:. Jesus got baptized. To Him it was important. I haven't really thought about it in the way you expressed it. But, when I sincerely started putting Christ first, I got rebaptized. It is a public confirmation of your faith and a hope that your fellowman will walk with you in that faith and "hold you accountable".....kinda like disciplining your children. That is something I'm going to have to research now. Why did Jesus get baptized?

    • TrishaQPTexas

      @Susan Hillard i know, right?!

    • Susan Hillard
      Susan Hillard

      TrishaQPTexas I'm really trying not to grab my phone first thing, but it's very hard not to.

  • Susan Hillard
    Susan Hillard

    And tithing was necessary to achieve salvation as well I think.

    • Jan Connolly
      Jan Connolly

      Susan Hillard Are you Catholic? I am not talking about priests. You said that tithing was necessary to achieve salvation and it isn’t. (Though no one has ever returned to confirm that it was or wasn’t.)

    • Susan Hillard
      Susan Hillard

      Not back then, Jan? I was told that the reason that priests could not marry was so that their possessions, land and houses would go to the church and not passed down to their sons and family. Am I incorrect, Granger Smith?

    • Jan Connolly
      Jan Connolly


  • Bill Sloan
    Bill Sloan

    Glad to hear about the tours to military bases in the past. Was stationed in Germany in the early 80’s, and having bands come over from the states meant the world to us. Thanks for doing that.

    • Jennifer Pinto
      Jennifer Pinto

      I always learn something from Granger's podcasts. Definitely a wise, humble man.

    • Jennifer Pinto
      Jennifer Pinto

      Thank you for your service

  • Susan Hillard
    Susan Hillard

    Baptism is an outward expression of an inner change.

    • Granger Smith
      Granger Smith

      GREAT way to see it Susan

  • William Happel
    William Happel

    Your reaction to someone saying that you are their idol, is why you are so many peoples hero... which is the word I would use to describe you, to me. No ones perfect, but its the effort that counts, you're the best Granger.

  • emack317

    We have a 69 Charger my hubs was restoring when we first got together (it was his grandparents, they bought it new, custom ordered 440). We had a tragic garage fire n it's in a shed full of shattered dreams. If we ever get a chance to get back to restoring it, we would love for you to use it in a video or just drive it! We're in the middle of PA, an hour east of Pittsburgh. 🤠

  • Faith Olin
    Faith Olin

    Go Mopar! Hubby has a 68 Coronet. Looking forward to the new album. God bless

  • Lane Bly
    Lane Bly

    Are u and er disposable the same person

  • Mason Heeringa
    Mason Heeringa

    I love cranking the Yee Yee Nation intro song! Can't wait to be jammin' with the whole song. Yee Yee!

    • okrob

      @Granger Smith I'm with Mason... You should flesh out that song and cut it. Do it for the fans! ;)

    • Webb Racing
      Webb Racing

      @Granger Smith Look like a Challenge Granger for a whole song!

    • Mason Heeringa
      Mason Heeringa

      @Granger Smith well shhhoooot! I thought that was just a little bit of the song haha! I'll just keep jammin' to it anyway! YEE YEE!!! Can't wait to see you in concert again...

    • Granger Smith
      Granger Smith

      Thanks Mason! What you hear here is the whole song!

  • Eric Holthaus
    Eric Holthaus

    "Me being right, does nothing"....real gems being dropped here

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    🙏🙏👊👊👊👊. You are so Awesome !!! Thanks for all your hard work n Dedication n Inspiring so many of us !! You all are such a Blessing to this Crazy World 🙏🙏❤️🇺🇸👍👊

  • Manuel Hammerle
    Manuel Hammerle

    When you like cars, click on my profile

  • Medic 101
    Medic 101

    Are you still playing at Royal Oak, MI in September?


    Aways enjoy hearing your podcast ....yee yee shout out to south Texas

  • damo D-Bomb
    damo D-Bomb

    are you planning on doing another Australian tour any time soon? YEE YEE

  • Susan Hillard
    Susan Hillard

    Good Morning