Granger Smith feat. Earl Dibbles Jr - Country & Ya Know It (Visualizer)
Verse 1
If you got a can ring on every back left pocket
And Bass Pro’s where you do most your shoppin’
If work boots walk to a John Deere office
It’s safe to say you’re in the right crowd
If you’re a back road runner
Your trucks got mudders
If Earnhardt 3’s still your favorite number
If your neck’s red then let’s pour another
Cause hell yeah, we oughta be proud
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it
And you ain’t afraid to show it
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer

Verse 2
If you strum a flat top out on a back porch
If you keep your ball cap stored on the dashboard
And if going fishin’ is your definition of fun
It’s good to know I ain’t the only one
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it
And you ain’t afraid to show it
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
Get ‘em up
Earl Dibbles Jr feature
I’m Earl Dibbles Jr and I’m a country boy
I got somethin’ to say too, listen up
If you live you out in the boonies
If you grew up in the sticks
I know you’re holdin’ a cold one
And got a dip in your lip
But if you came from the city
And you’re hangin’ around
Come on, just admit you’re one of us now
It don’t matter where you’re from
It don’t matter cause you’re here
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer

If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it
And you ain’t afraid to show it
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it
And you ain’t afraid to show it
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
Last Chorus
And if your truck’s sittin’ high cause you jacked it to the sky
If you’re country and ya know it
Raise a beer


    Hell ya I’m raising a beer guslling a beer

  • Jimmy Arrington
    Jimmy Arrington

    Why do I feel like I'm listening to a lullaby. 🤣 dislike

  • Alynn Jinn
    Alynn Jinn

    If I still lived at home this would have been a back yard bop me and my pop with the fire pit going and a beer

  • L Pellham
    L Pellham

    Yee yee love the song

  • Sarah & Ed Lenz
    Sarah & Ed Lenz


  • Robert Skelley
    Robert Skelley

    Why did we remove Lunkers 😭😭😭😭


    what if you four wheeler has mudders and your not 21

  • acweat 07
    acweat 07

    If your underage and you know it raise a rootbeer

  • Stephanie Lowery
    Stephanie Lowery


  • andrew Sauvie
    andrew Sauvie

    That earl Dibble Jr part tho ....I'm a city boy... love country

  • Trenton Davis
    Trenton Davis

    Does root beer count if your 11

  • Ben Hairston
    Ben Hairston

    I will raise a mtn dew

  • Happy Bunny92067
    Happy Bunny92067


  • Garrett Bellelo
    Garrett Bellelo

    These ninety seven dislikes must be city boys who don’t like countryside music

  • Patrick Barnes
    Patrick Barnes

    Awesome 👍

  • Phillip Huff
    Phillip Huff

    hi love you granger so much ????????????????????????...............

  • Ashley Person
    Ashley Person

    Best song!! Love it!!

  • Woods Monkey
    Woods Monkey

    Can ring back left pocket...check Bass pro is awesome...check John deere office??? I prefer International harvester office. Sorry but married the farmers daughter and he only runs IH so

  • Emerson Sharon
    Emerson Sharon

    This is so going in my playlist

  • Devin MacNeil
    Devin MacNeil

    I’m gonna say this once and only once... if you have to say that you’re country then you’re not country

  • Bradley Odom
    Bradley Odom


  • 2lil Hicks
    2lil Hicks

    I love your songs

  • David

    Coors should send some free Colorado Kool-Aid down to the Yee Yee Farm

  • Shades Of God
    Shades Of God

  • Oreo is cute
    Oreo is cute

    I am not old enough for beer

  • Tucker Simons
    Tucker Simons

    Am I the only one who thinks cans empty I would leave it empty for filming purposes don’t have to worry about spilling

  • Daniel Ström
    Daniel Ström

    YeeYee From Sweden :D

  • Jonathon Mason
    Jonathon Mason

    Trust me im country. 😜

  • Me You
    Me You

    Hell yeah I will drink to that 🍺ah he'll I will drink to anything 🙂🍻🍺🍺🍺

  • Rob,

    You got this @grangersmith YEE YEE

  • headsupsuckaa

    Everytime I hear this song I down 4 🍺 in the 2:40 mins. But it Lunkers version

  • Steero. 360
    Steero. 360

    Gonna be real thought he said canary in every back left pocket and if you keep your ball cap scored on the dance floor

  • Randy Daum
    Randy Daum

    Granger version. I like both. I'm from the country, you have to turn off the dirt road onto the grass path. I wish the local radio stations would play more Granger Smith. YEE YEE

  • Colton Taylor
    Colton Taylor

    Yee yee


    Raise a beer America yeeyee

  • ChevyGun Photography
    ChevyGun Photography

    I like them both but lunkerTv won

  • squadfamily


  • squadfamily

    like da

  • The Fox
    The Fox

    I was born in the city, but only lived there for a few months, then moved to the sticks for the entire 17 years and sadly I can't raise a beer yet (not old enough to drink) so I raise a kids beer or apple cyder

  • Morrow John
    Morrow John

    I want to see Earl do a song with a rapper named upchurch

  • James Bell
    James Bell

    Great tune and nice rhythms!

  • old red
    old red

    Lunkers tv and him make a good team

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    Hmmm which one is lip singing? 😮Both versions are fun- Rob is just crazier- now do one with all three of you!

  • Epic Steelerfan600
    Epic Steelerfan600

    How do u buy lunkers overalls

  • Kenneth Warnock
    Kenneth Warnock

    Got my rum and coke in the air for this one!! Great job Granger!!! Love it!!!

  • Fromunda’ Deez
    Fromunda’ Deez

    Anyone else notice that when Earl is singing his left overall strap is on, but when he’s sitting on the porch his right one is buckled and left one is off 🤔😂🧐

  • Kyle Alexander
    Kyle Alexander


  • Life Unboxed
    Life Unboxed


  • Daniela Fernandez
    Daniela Fernandez


  • Rachele Lisle
    Rachele Lisle

    What about if we’re kids

  • aims D
    aims D

    Don't drink but this songs a goodie 👌 one that definitely gets stuck in ya head and requires being turned right up!

  • Tom Behrens
    Tom Behrens

    I love granger wish I could hang with him and the fam

  • John White
    John White

    Tell Earl's lil bigger brother Pearl nice job!!!!!

  • Sam Mayton
    Sam Mayton


  • Wacoan Pilot
    Wacoan Pilot

    Lunkers overalls were way too short for my liking

  • Angel Brovont
    Angel Brovont

    My son is 8 and he loves this song already although he has made his own kid friendly remix instead he says raise a tea cause he's to young for 🍺

  • Sara Ashbaugh
    Sara Ashbaugh

    So Earl Dibbles Jr and Granger Smith are the same person. The tattoos are the same, and the little mustache is probably makeup. When Granger Smith is singing the other guy replaces Earl Dibbles even tho it is not actually him. If you zoom in you can see that he has no tattoos. Your welcome! :) p.s. this link shows the other guy pretending to be Earl Dibbles Jr in it...

    • Chris Mason
      Chris Mason

      Dude chill

  • Patten Oakes
    Patten Oakes

    I love earls part

  • Michael Masko
    Michael Masko

    You need to make video for this song with you, Earl and Lunkers.

  • Mr Phoeniix
    Mr Phoeniix

    I'm from the city. Am I allowed in the country?

  • Jamie Marcyniuk
    Jamie Marcyniuk

    Damn I love love this song damn great song, if someone out there out is sad or depressed well damn listen to this AWESOME SONG

  • Zack The Redneck
    Zack The Redneck

    Earl, Granger, Donny, an Dwayne AINT THE SAME PERSON.

  • Carson Royal
    Carson Royal

    Hahahaha I love your songs 🤩 biggest fan

  • Army_Outdoors 88N
    Army_Outdoors 88N

    Yee yee

  • Bishop Kamikaze
    Bishop Kamikaze

    Country ain't about drinking beer, and you don't look like you've lived anything you sing about. Thats exactly why I will continue to support UPCHURCH. Not this stupidity.

  • jason Safrit
    jason Safrit

    Pretty sure that's Parker playing Earl in the end of the video lol

  • Brian Hennen
    Brian Hennen

    Now that is a catchy ass song love it hell yeah

  • Vanilla Smell
    Vanilla Smell

    This makes me sit outside of the gas station for 20 minutes waiting for alcohol to be sold.

  • B Capi
    B Capi

    I see Lunkers in this video too!

  • Kyle Pope
    Kyle Pope

    What in the hell is this ? #CreekSquad

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson

    I'd rather hear alan Jackson sing it

  • jeff brown
    jeff brown

    Disappointed it wasn't a parody of "I'm sexy and I know it"

  • Bailey Dobbs
    Bailey Dobbs

    love this. also love the one with Lunkers! That’s amazing! ❤️🇺🇸😍

  • Austin Brissey
    Austin Brissey

    Granger and Earl I wanna sing with y'all one of these days I'm country and I raise a beer and mud and everything yee yee

  • kimberly snowden
    kimberly snowden

    Love all ur music Granger... I remember when u came to Power Plant Live in Baltimore Maryland August 11 2018 this was the first time I had ever heard ur music & I loved it and still do. That night was one of the best I have had. It was a double date me my husband brother & sister in law. We met u & u did a video message for my nephew. #YEEYEE

  • Jessica Sillery/ Ross
    Jessica Sillery/ Ross

    I wanna know who was being earl in the last part?

  • Maryann Oakley
    Maryann Oakley

    Love this song ❤️

  • Dmax1997

    When it says about the truck being jacked up I thought about Demos 5 ton #Abel

  • GodlessRedneck

    ima raise a bottle of whiskey instead

  • Cody Black
    Cody Black

    You should make it where both you and lunkers are in this music video I think

  • John Walter
    John Walter

    Where’s the one with lunkers!?!??!!?!?!? Is he getting cut out?!?!

  • angela gibson
    angela gibson

    Love ya but Rob aka lunkerstv was real good

  • MrCushard

    please upload the video with Lunkers!!!!!!!!!

  • King Ping
    King Ping

    Where's lunker

  • lucas allen
    lucas allen

    What happened to the lunker's version

  • Niceninja

    this is my version of happy and you know it


    Add this song to a station on Farming Simulator 21

  • Eva Enns
    Eva Enns

    Love this new album!!💪😍 Good luck getting Number 1 album Granger!💪💪 Yee yee

  • Richard Garcia
    Richard Garcia

    😂 parker does look like him

  • Masonoutdoors 26
    Masonoutdoors 26

    Come on I want some swearing some hard core what is this

  • Christina St . Thomas
    Christina St . Thomas

    Love this 🇨🇦🦌🎈

  • Kevin Stevenson
    Kevin Stevenson

    Only thing this song is missing is a busch latte! Yee yee

  • corey sargent
    corey sargent

    Rob playing earl😂😂


    Another favorite off the new album but the video should be like the holler video with all your friends

  • Sal Patane
    Sal Patane

    no there the same person look at the tat on there arms

  • Brandon Skinner
    Brandon Skinner

    *raises beer* Yee yee!

  • Reckless Redneck
    Reckless Redneck

    I just want to say that Granger is putting out some amazing content right now and I hope you keep it up. YEE YEE🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • that ar guy
    that ar guy

    if your texan and you know it rase a sweet tea

  • Olivas Vlogs
    Olivas Vlogs

    You are one gorgeous man. LOVE this song!

  • Nathan Vansickle
    Nathan Vansickle

    Where’s ole rob

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