Granger Smith "That's Why I Love Dirt Roads" featuring Lathan Warlick
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  • Granger Smith
    Granger Smith

    Music can heal. Well, at least I feel that way. Many times in my life a song has pulled me out of a tight spot or made a good spot a lot better. A few months ago, Lathan and I didn't even know each other, and TODAY we dropped a song together. Coincidence? Or was there a bigger plan? I know what I believe...What do you think?!



    • Jerald Thomas
      Jerald Thomas

      This song is god sent. For you to sing and us to hear. Thank you for everything. And May God Bless you and your loved ones Every day.

    • Bradley Young
      Bradley Young

      Man I’ve been in those low spots for around 5 years. And I’ve been on the uprise for the last 6 months and my life is in such a better place. This song literally had me in tears brought back a lot of memories and gave a reminder that everything has a plan. Keep it up man. Your work is superior👌

    • Itsmecathy W
      Itsmecathy W

      This is the best yet I love every second of it 🥰 keep growing god has plans 🙏

    • Abigail and Jamie Gross
      Abigail and Jamie Gross

      My wife and I love how unashamed Christian you are. Many prayers for you and the family while you guys wait to get the business back on track after this virus shutdown. Much love brother.

  • Nolan Griffis
    Nolan Griffis

    Best song ever omg daddy

  • Kyle Fisher
    Kyle Fisher

    I wish ppl would be like you all. No blm and shit just today and now. Love all ppl the same guys are awesome 👌

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson

    Tell you what, losing most things I loved and hearing this, gives me hope for living in a small place driving those dirt roads everyday. There's plans for me i hope, just gotta keep driving those roads and believing. I appreciate you two, keep driving those dirt roads, you give me more faith.

  • Jeremiah Toth
    Jeremiah Toth

    How can 82 people dislike this they apparently never hit a backroad to clear there mind

  • Hunter Meadows
    Hunter Meadows

    Granger and Lathan I wanna thank y’all for what y’all do you guys always always are staying positive and it’s helping everyone stay positive in a time of crisis from country boy to country boys y’all keep it going Yee Yee

  • Max Schwartz
    Max Schwartz

    last month we rolled on a dirt road, lose gravel is dangerous.

  • TheMaverick0990

  • Chase Long
    Chase Long

    This song is under viewed and need more appreciation💯

  • Bellamy 114
    Bellamy 114

    I wish you the best Granger smith one day you will wake up and see 100 million sub. And if someone is reading this right now you’re a legend

  • NicholasBrownMusic

    RIP river

  • Blake Cockerham00
    Blake Cockerham00

    This is what I needed may have made my tear up

  • Kendall Phillips
    Kendall Phillips


  • Jake Whale
    Jake Whale

    this hits so hard so many differnt ways.

  • Brion Ceely
    Brion Ceely

    Amazing, keep up the good work!! You should take a look at smzeus”dot”com!! ! You could use it to help grow your subscribers!!

  • Jimmy Walker
    Jimmy Walker

    This brought me to tears I lost my papaw on January 1 2018 and I miss him so much this is an amazing song

  • PLAYA'B PlayaFyde
    PLAYA'B PlayaFyde

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 PlayaFyde ENT.

  • Neo Fighter
    Neo Fighter


  • Thee Adventures Of Matt
    Thee Adventures Of Matt

    No Matter how many times i listen to this i still get goose bumps, so glad you guys did this together. Music is soothing for the soul and really heals the heart at least for me .

  • Adam Bondrowski
    Adam Bondrowski

    This hits hard I lost my father when I was 14 and last year lost one of my buddies. This definitely hit me right in the heart.

  • Jacob coates
    Jacob coates

    Love it

  • Brian McHugh
    Brian McHugh

    Lathan really makes this so go so much deeper great lyrics Granger was right!

  • Brian McHugh
    Brian McHugh

    Recently lost a close childhood friend and this song is helping me heal 🙏🙏

  • Mike Lorusso
    Mike Lorusso

    Love this version as much as the original!🙌

  • Angel Negron
    Angel Negron

    Wow you have all this clown haters talking crap about this song because his singing with Lathan Warlick i don't think that's anyone's business who he sings with. And if his fans don't like it then don't listen to him. Good job Granger keep up the good work 👍

  • 7dwwtb7

    Saw you in Round Rock the other day and heard the song. Quite amazing. Really need to hear this. Thank you both so very much.

  • Robert Peals
    Robert Peals

    On September 18th 2019 I got a call say my brother committed suicide. Thank you for this song

  • sean watson
    sean watson

    Wow this version was amazing

  • Idhunter

    This needs to blow up. Only 68k views, lets get it up there granger and lathan fans!

  • tim cook
    tim cook

    Just lost my grandfather 2 days ago and this song reminds me so much of him. Fly high Dawg🙏💙

  • Timothy Demarco
    Timothy Demarco

    This song is inspring

  • Bryan Allen
    Bryan Allen

    I discovered lathan a few months ago on tic tok and have been a fan ever since

  • 21elkaholic

    I know God still lives & he’s still moving mountains today!!

  • Isaaic Holder
    Isaaic Holder

    Whose cutting onions

  • zachgriffin TV
    zachgriffin TV

    I lost my sister in August and she just get married

  • Jaymie Torrey
    Jaymie Torrey

    Goose bumps for days!! Love this.

  • CountrySide Property Maintenence
    CountrySide Property Maintenence

    This is that "1"...

  • oldschoolGtown

    I needed this today, Happy Birthday Dad 1959-2017.

  • Travis Teano
    Travis Teano

    Who heard on tiktok first

  • Travis Teano
    Travis Teano

    Bro i love it whatvi 💘

  • don pouteau
    don pouteau

    Good job boys!

  • Dachshund mamma
    Dachshund mamma

    I do t like it like this. The original is definitely better

  • FierceFishingTV

    This song hit hard. So glad you guys made this

  • Samantha Wright
    Samantha Wright

    My sister got in a car accident and one of her best friends died in the same accident. I love this!

  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor

    Granger,, you made a good decision, this is awsome. Perfect timing, help this guy get a record deal and you both need to do more of this. God bless both of you and your familys. YEE , YEE!!

  • Darren Stanley
    Darren Stanley

    This is my favorite version of this song

  • Amy Norman
    Amy Norman

    Love ❤️ it!!! Made me tear up!!!

  • Angela McGuire
    Angela McGuire

    Wow. If this isn't something this country needs during a time we are experiencing! Great Job guys!!! Yall are amazing!!

  • Jeryd Damron
    Jeryd Damron

    You guys should definitely collab more in the future 💯🤙🏻🔥

  • Anna Friesen
    Anna Friesen

    This sounds so good!!

  • J H Spain.
    J H Spain.

    Sweet tunes holmes

  • Patty Kochenower
    Patty Kochenower

    This version hit me so hard just recently losing my brother .... amazing version!!!!! Great job !!!! Love it 🙏❤️

  • Leann Carpenter
    Leann Carpenter

    I am not a fan of rap, but this guy did a really good job

  • Dylan Rice
    Dylan Rice

    I miss you dalton James Becker November 24 2002- may 27 2018

  • Andy & Tammy Adventures
    Andy & Tammy Adventures

    Gosh I miss Merle! smh

  • Megan Phillippe
    Megan Phillippe

    Oh I love this it made me cry

  • sarah jane skelly
    sarah jane skelly

    Love it !

  • Karen Vasquez Woolcock
    Karen Vasquez Woolcock

    Awesome 👍, ❤️❤️❤️🙌🙌

  • Karen Vasquez Woolcock
    Karen Vasquez Woolcock

    Awesome 👍❤️❤️❤️🙌🙌🙌

  • Kimberlee 4luv_of_paws
    Kimberlee 4luv_of_paws

    Yet another fantastic version of this amazing song. @LathanWarlick definitely is a special talent!!

  • Dirty Red
    Dirty Red

    Make a music videoooo!!!!!

  • MintyHD

    They did it 🙏

  • KryptonicLoser

    This is pure gold!!!

  • Rene Cates
    Rene Cates

    Can we say this song will get Song of the Year at the Next Country Awards

    • trob2332

      Original version is better imo

  • Jackson Renaud
    Jackson Renaud

    Granger ended racism

  • Shane J McNair
    Shane J McNair

    Granger, Amber, London & Lincoln we all suffer the roller coaster ride of mourning & celebrating the life of a loved one forever. Thank you for sharing this music in a new way reaching souls, struggling to hang on. I understand your pain that no parent should ever have to experience. Maybe I will share it with you one day when the time has come... Godspeed 🎈

  • offroad outlaws only lbz dmax life
    offroad outlaws only lbz dmax life

    RIP to my friend I year long friendship

  • Joseph Blackstock
    Joseph Blackstock

    A good ol dirt road and good ol county music can fix anything... To bad more people can't experience the true feelings of a dirt road

  • Tanner Kimmerling
    Tanner Kimmerling

    @Granger Smith This is a beautiful song, and Lathans verse hits home for me. 2 months ago, I lost my bigger brother, and he had Cerebral Palsy. I posted 2 Tik Toks @tannerkimmerling, and I would love for you to see them.

  • Samantha Peters
    Samantha Peters

    I loved this song since the day you released it & this mix is absolutely amazing!! you guys should do more collabs together, especially in person/concert when life goes back to normal ❤❤❤

  • Bass N’ Buck
    Bass N’ Buck

    This is 🔥🔥 and made me cry

  • ၂еԼւկ Ведդ
    ၂еԼւկ Ведդ

    I love it!!!! Makes the world go silent while it's playing✌🇺🇸

  • FootballBoy14


  • countrygal802

    Goosebumps ❤️ thank you for this.

  • Jody Palmer
    Jody Palmer

    Love love it!!!!!❤️it was beautiful...I think you should do more music like this.....

  • Kendall Phillips
    Kendall Phillips

    I do love the new way this song sounds, better beat slower vocals. It blends really well.

  • Carrie Lindstrand
    Carrie Lindstrand

    Finally getting to listen to this on my morning walk and I didn’t want it to end! So good! ☀️🙏

  • Patrick Haupt
    Patrick Haupt

    Wow just wow that new verse just took a great song to a deep feeling of the song wow .

  • 1Lifeonearth

    This is fucking sweet

  • jaszas

    Love that you recorded this song! It's beautiful and feels so much more meaningful. Love both versions.

  • colton binkley
    colton binkley

    I love both artists on the songs I’ve been listening to both of you for many many years but here and y’all come together on this one album or on this one song was absolutely beautiful

  • Jennifer Pinto
    Jennifer Pinto

    I heard the original song on local radio in upstate NY today. Got so excited for Granger ‼️

  • Eric Fowler
    Eric Fowler

    You guys made an awesome song keep up the work guys. Yes yee

  • Barbara Getliff
    Barbara Getliff

    Yes music does heal Granger , this has hit my heart . Many thanks .

  • White Trash Tommy
    White Trash Tommy

    Two different people, from two different races. But they both united instead of trying to kill each other. This is what the world should be, people coming together instead of trying to bring each other down because of their race. I hope the both of you have way more success in the near future.

  • Dena Hardin
    Dena Hardin

    Love this so much!!

  • Laura Burkholder
    Laura Burkholder

    This was amazing!!! Made me cry!! Beautifully done... both of you.

  • William McDaniel
    William McDaniel

    Like this a lot, was already a favorite song.

  • lps chick
    lps chick

    Music is truly amazing. How you can adjust the tempo & beat & completely change the entire song. I have to say since this is song has such a different feel then your other songs I almost like this version better. 🤷 I mean I like the original but the changes & added lyrics just made it more to my personal liking. Awesome job everyone. 💙❤💜

  • Alex Radford
    Alex Radford

    Can't believe y'all did it

  • Jessica Lyle
    Jessica Lyle

    Today I turn 38 & my father would be 66 but we lost him 9 yrs ago so we no longer have our bdays together, then last year my cousin lost her 3 young boys in a house fire and I found you all to help me cope and try to understand more and now this collaboration during the caios in our world thank you both!!! Show that our different worlds can be together !!!

  • Debbie Cochrane
    Debbie Cochrane

    Wow, Wow, Wow!!! I've always being honest to you Granger and Amber, this song brings a cold person like ME to believe in God!!! I don't understand religion, I don't understand the bible, but I want this, I want the peace you get, just KNOWING that HE has your back!! This song was absolutely fantastic!!! It brought me to tears, I have been so hard in my head and my heart. I've wanted to giveup on people! I've wanted to die so badly, stop the pain, the hurt. But, this song Wow!! Sorry Lathan, but I've never heard of you until Granger spoke about you doing this song together, but damn you got talent!! Thank you for this, and I hope it keeps coming. Maybe I can learn more about this God. Maybe I'm not dead yet! Thank you Granger & Lathan, thank you, from the bottom of my cold heart.

    • patrick stoffregen
      patrick stoffregen

      I pray you do find God and that you learn to love and believe in him as much as he does you. God bless!

  • Cowgirl6221-Txangel

    That was amazing

  • Nikki Taylor
    Nikki Taylor

    Wow loved it!!!



  • Robbie Snider
    Robbie Snider

    Sniper!!! YEE YEE

  • J Ward
    J Ward

    Love it!

  • Sherree Harris
    Sherree Harris


  • Christine Roy
    Christine Roy

    This is awesome

  • -Nellie -m
    -Nellie -m

    I Lost my brother 2 weeks ago suddenly, we were only talking and laughing on the phone a couple of days beforehand, I’m Lost without him in my life, I sit alone and think to myself Oh I must give him a ring on the phone but then reality sinks in and he’s not here for me to talk to anymore, Cherish Those You Love Like There’s No Tomorrow because they can be taken from us with absolutely no warning and no goodbyes. I never thought I’d be sharing your grief like I am now Granger, I’ve always Loved The Smiths and had so much compassion for You and Amber and the Inspiration you share to others, But did I ever think for one minute that I would be in this place now. Blessings from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺🎈🎈🎈🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻