Granger Smith - Chevys, Hemis, Yotas and Fords (Official Lyric Video)
Some like to run ‘em muddy
Some like ‘em squeaky clean
Some rollin’ swollin’ on some dirty 35’s
Some like that diesel whistle
Some burn that gasoline
Yea round here there’s a lotta ways to drive
But hey listen everybody’s different
I got my opinions man and you got yours
Out here in the country, we spend all our money
On the chevys and hemis and yotas and fords
You could add a lift kit
Bolt on a headache rack
You could spend some money on a rhino lined bed
Spray a little smell good
Oil up that vinyl dash
It’ll look so nice for when she climbs up in the cab
Hey listen, everybody’s different
I got my opinions man and you got yours
Out here in the country, we spend all our money
On the chevys and hemis and yotas and fords
There’s a lot to pick from
For sale sign in the windshield
If you wanna get one
Here’s the deal
What makes the best truck
Ain’t the emblem on the grill
It’s the blue collar hands on the wheel
Hey listen, everybody’s different
I got my opinions man and you got yours
Out here in the country, we spend all our money
On the chevys and hemis and yotas and fords
Hey listen, everybody’s different
I got my opinions man and you got yours
Out here in the country, we spend all our money
On the chevys and hemis and yotas and fords
It’s worth every penny to every country boy and girl
Yea, chevys and hemis and yotas and fords

  • Ethan Crawford
    Ethan Crawford

    Yee Yee

  • Nelson Cook
    Nelson Cook

    YEE YEE from the true blue country boy in Australia (straya)

  • El Patron
    El Patron

    Check my channel guy's 🥃

  • janet keppinger
    janet keppinger

    I love fords!!

  • janet keppinger
    janet keppinger

    love it!!!!!!!!!!

  • A DAY IN CHASES life
    A DAY IN CHASES life


  • Jeremy R
    Jeremy R

    Best country song intro music ever

  • Unique_Gamers33


  • trevor neal
    trevor neal

    I love this song you guys should make a music video for it love this song keep yeeyee

  • Jed Long
    Jed Long

    Make a video with your a Chevy a hemie a Toyota and a ford

  • troublefinders 2018 lukes personal account cool
    troublefinders 2018 lukes personal account cool

    I drive a hemi ram and always will drive a truck yee yee

  • Ben B
    Ben B

    Silverados is were it’s at man

  • Michael Noga
    Michael Noga

    yee yee

  • Chris Baber
    Chris Baber

    Just listened to that in my Titan.

  • The Fox
    The Fox

    A lot of truck drivers like to give other truck guys hell but at the end of the day, they are still friends at heart and all know that the Honda and Nissan trucks are the ones that they all can agree to make fun of.

  • Coleten Casarotto
    Coleten Casarotto

    Amazing album YEE YEE!!!!!!!!!

  • Clinton Barker
    Clinton Barker

    So this is the song that's on all the restoring earl dibbles trucks videos!

  • Benjamen Buss
    Benjamen Buss

    Hemi’s engines suck the Cummins are the best engines

    • Max Porter
      Max Porter

      Hemis are good but I don’t think that any truck should have a petrol engine

  • spencer alexander
    spencer alexander

    These lyrics have zero effort

  • Shayla Hope
    Shayla Hope

    I love this one so much!💛✨☺️

  • Macon Lyons
    Macon Lyons

    This is my kinda curriery

  • Joseph Thio
    Joseph Thio

    I drive an 09 Impala but my 1st vehicle was a 78 GMC Sierra, shortbox stepside with a 305! Loved that truck!

  • Jamie Marcyniuk
    Jamie Marcyniuk

    I love this AWSOME SONG, keep the great songs coming GRANGER SMITH YEE YEE NATION

  • Jason Meredith
    Jason Meredith

    awkward ass song

  • 10xhatersclan #10xclanistrash
    10xhatersclan #10xclanistrash

    Chevy's all the way also yee yee

  • Jed Long
    Jed Long

    Let’s go granger

  • Nicholas Chavez
    Nicholas Chavez

    What about Jeeps those are american made not yotas 🤷‍♂️. Jk

  • Logan Allison
    Logan Allison

    YEE YEE I have almost every merchandise they have put out

  • J. R.
    J. R.

    Rollin' swollen on some dirty 35's...definitely the best bar in the song. Might be biased since I'm rollin' 35's on my F150 with a 6" lift. Yee yee!

  • S. Michael DeHart aka WVUmounties8
    S. Michael DeHart aka WVUmounties8

    Fantastic album!! Lovem' All!!

  • LaNe MoRSe
    LaNe MoRSe

    Sad 5.9 cummins 24 valve turbo diesel

  • fred zeisler
    fred zeisler

    Got me A Hemi 👊

  • Landin Kleczka
    Landin Kleczka

    Any. One else look to see people saying that chevy or dodge of ford is better

  • Keith Reilly
    Keith Reilly

    Another great song

  • Jordan Houston Fishing
    Jordan Houston Fishing

    Ford F-250 super-duty all day

  • Geoffrey Nooney
    Geoffrey Nooney

    So glad we can agree nissan and honda dont make trucks

  • Wade Thompson
    Wade Thompson

    And the songs are so good

  • Wade Thompson
    Wade Thompson

    Love the album

  • Osprey#l I wish i could tell you
    Osprey#l I wish i could tell you

    Ya every body's different but dodge is still the best.

  • Tim Martin
    Tim Martin

    What about Nissans? This just pissed of the Nissan guys. Actually Nissan's are just generic trucks with Cummins. IMO. JK This comment was a complete joke.

    • Jed Long
      Jed Long


  • Joanne Ganon
    Joanne Ganon

    👍 Woop Woop Woop YEE YEE JO JO

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    Love it!!

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    This is one of my favorite songs on the album 💓

  • J Shapiro
    J Shapiro

    Now I'm just waiting on a granger and Tim Montana song and a earl and upchurch song......a man can dream right?

  • Logan Phipps
    Logan Phipps

    But not Hondas... screw Hondas

  • Jonah Purvis
    Jonah Purvis

    Grangers music is what I need right now

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith

    FORD all the way YEE YEE🇺🇸🇺🇸🤘🤘🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Cardinal for Life
      Cardinal for Life

      Yes sir I’m 15 and bought my parents 2015 F150. YEE YEE

  • Brice Mayes
    Brice Mayes

    What kinda truck does everybody have i have a 66 c10

  • Chevy racing
    Chevy racing

    Honda avalanche is not a truck it's a iligendment child of a Prius and el camino

    • Jed Long
      Jed Long


  • Iron horse Ranch
    Iron horse Ranch

    I prefer any type of old truck. I don’t like any new trucks. I’m not going to get into some pussy fight on what truck brand is the best. Just give me any type of rusty old farm truck and I’ll be happy.

  • John Dallas
    John Dallas

    Owesome stuff. I too sing me some country tunes. look!

  • John Walter
    John Walter

    More like chevies,hemis,RAMS, and fords but love the song anyway man keep it real and keep it country

    • House Slippers
      House Slippers

      Previous job i had our fleet of trucks were 70% Yotas. They drove forever and rarely went into the shop while the fragile fords and crap chevys were always getting repaired. Hell a hand full of the yotas were truckin with 300k+ but the fords and chevys couldn't keep up. The only thing that stopped a Yota was the bed needed replaced but that truck was at 350k. Damn i miss my Yota.

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    Good song Granger!

  • Tony Carrington
    Tony Carrington

    I love this song!! One of my favorite lyrics........ "Here's the deal What makes the best truck Ain't the emblem on the grill It's the blue collar hands on the wheel Yeah"

    • Kyle Robertson
      Kyle Robertson

      @Tony Carrington yea we do. We also decided to go into hot shot trucking together. So its a really meaningful song

    • Tony Carrington
      Tony Carrington

      @Kyle Robertson That is really cool. It sounds like You and your Mom have a great relationship. Thank You for sharing. 😀

    • Kyle Robertson
      Kyle Robertson

      When I had this playing my mom told me that that lyric made her think of me. Then when I listened to it again it rang so true

  • SharpShooterTV

    Notice he didnt say anything about honda ridgelines

    • Alexander Hall
      Alexander Hall

      Title change: Chevys, Hemis, Yotas, Fords, and soccer mom cars.

    • itLEAKED

      That's because he is singing about trucks...

  • Ken G
    Ken G

    I guess I'd have a little money put back.... if it weren't for the vehicle addiction.

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    Whooi absolutely amazing thanku so much love an God bless x

  • justin Garrett
    justin Garrett


  • James Taylor
    James Taylor

    Got to love those chevys

    • Cardinal for Life
      Cardinal for Life

      Fords top dog

  • Reckless Redneck
    Reckless Redneck

    This is my new theme song

  • Alan Moyer
    Alan Moyer

    33s would rhyme better than 35s

    • 920utdoors

      But their smaller lol

  • Parker Lewis
    Parker Lewis

    Yeee yeeee

  • Parker Lewis
    Parker Lewis

    I love granger smith. All I listen to is granger smith lol

  • Michael Masko
    Michael Masko

    This is one of my favorite tracks on the new album. Granger I hope that you think about during a music video for this song.

  • Jared Rogers
    Jared Rogers

    Me: yes not honda tho that not a truck not that THING the Honda sxs more of truck than that.

  • David Adler
    David Adler

    Cool lyrics, so true

  • Eric Quatkemeyer
    Eric Quatkemeyer

    Awsome song... i like CHEVY , RAM HEMI

  • Caleb Ramsey308
    Caleb Ramsey308

    We need a holler style video for this song

    • Isaac Herzberg
      Isaac Herzberg

      ikr i loved the holler video cause i love dirtbikes

    • 920utdoors


  • Jazz Last
    Jazz Last

    Yee Yee 🤠

  • Corey Stoner
    Corey Stoner

    Awesome song. I was listening to stutter when I got the notification

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    I love your Album Granger Smith

  • mvphigh

    Yota for life

  • yotarocket

    Shout out to Yota owners! 🤘

  • Timothy Demarco
    Timothy Demarco

    Love the lyric video

  • Thunder Struck
    Thunder Struck

    YEE YEE !!!

  • Brad Gunderson
    Brad Gunderson

    I admit I was a bit confused by yotas making it into the lyrics, because as earl says, "foreigns is for city boys." Maybe that's why Earl doesn't make an appearance on this one. Regardless, this song is epic.

    • Brad Gunderson
      Brad Gunderson

      Bro....not the point.

    • mvphigh

      Except yota's are the only trucks made in America...

  • spencer pushard
    spencer pushard

    This shouldve had earl on it

  • Joshua Jolly
    Joshua Jolly

    Hell yea

  • Flruplenruple

    Good job Bringing the truck Community together

    • Ryan bro 17 Mc
      Ryan bro 17 Mc

      @Osprey#l I wish i could tell you chevys are the best

    • Osprey#l I wish i could tell you
      Osprey#l I wish i could tell you

      @J-DOG Gaming 💪🦾👅

    • J-DOG Gaming
      J-DOG Gaming

      @Osprey#l I wish i could tell you ha you wish

    • Osprey#l I wish i could tell you
      Osprey#l I wish i could tell you

      @Motor Mayhem actually my family doesn't care one brand from another but to me dodges look way better sound better have a better engine the Cummins the only thing is the transmissions aren't that great but its mainly because of all the torque the engines put out

    • Motor Mayhem
      Motor Mayhem

      Osprey#l I’m from a Ford family so I was brought up with fords im assuming you’re from a dodge family and that’s why you like dodges and we can at least agree that the older trucks look better

  • Hudson Sears-Terry
    Hudson Sears-Terry

    I was listening to the exact song when I got the notification

  • Landon Hoover
    Landon Hoover

    Yotas = City Boys.

    • Austin Carden
      Austin Carden

      Na yotas aint

    • Trenton Schmidt
      Trenton Schmidt

      From the one who drives a prius

    • 57HarleyDavidson

      @Landon Hoover No it doesn't.

  • Elijah

    This album has been on repeat ever since it's been out.

  • clayton brown
    clayton brown

    Yes!!!! finally been waiting for this😩😩

  • Hailey

    Love it

  • Mason Heeringa
    Mason Heeringa

    Best truck song ever!

  • Gitsum

    How does Granger only have 500K subscribers?

    • 920utdoors

      Because Nashville pushes dumb music like Sam Hunt

  • Braxton Monceret
    Braxton Monceret

    This is a true YEE YEE song YEE YEE!!!!!!!

  • Isaac Crego
    Isaac Crego

    Love it

  • Christina St . Thomas
    Christina St . Thomas

    This one is my favorite 🎈🇨🇦🦌

  • Mark G Willett
    Mark G Willett

    Oh happy days, ! 🤑🎈

  • A Dotious
    A Dotious


  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy

    Love the song

  • Hunter Linville
    Hunter Linville

    This is a Great song

  • Justin Texas
    Justin Texas


    • Feild Owen
      Feild Owen

      Fords fo life

  • Shawna B
    Shawna B

    Love this song❤️ shout out to all the truck Lovers ❤️❤️ #Chevy

  • Grant Fleming
    Grant Fleming

    I love the new album! Yee Yee!

  • Jakob French
    Jakob French

    I love this freakin song

  • Trandon Waltermire
    Trandon Waltermire

    All of your songs are great to listen to but This is the best one so far YEE YEE

  • Jacob Beckett
    Jacob Beckett

    Love this song already 👌🏻

  • Ty Rose
    Ty Rose

    Love it!