Granger Smith feat. Earl Dibbles Jr - Country and Ya Know It (Official Audio)
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Verse 1
If you got a can ring on every back left pocket
And Bass Pro’s where you do most your shoppin’
If work boots walk to a John Deere office
It’s safe to say you’re in the right crowd
If you’re a back road runner
Your trucks got mudders
If Earnhardt 3’s still your favorite number
If your neck’s red then let’s pour another
Cause hell yeah, we oughta be proud
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it
And you ain’t afraid to show it
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer

Verse 2
If you strum a flat top out on a back porch
If you keep your ball cap stored on the dashboard
And if going fishin’ is your definition of fun
It’s good to know I ain’t the only one
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it
And you ain’t afraid to show it
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
Get ‘em up

Earl Dibbles Jr feature
I’m Earl Dibbles Jr and I’m a country boy
I got somethin’ to say too, listen up
If you live you out in the boonies
If you grew up in the sticks
I know you’re holdin’ a cold one
And got a dip in your lip
But if you came from the city
And you’re hangin’ around
Come on, just admit you’re one of us now
It don’t matter where you’re from
It don’t matter cause you’re here
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer

If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it
And you ain’t afraid to show it
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
If you’re country and ya know it
And you ain’t afraid to show it
If you’re country and ya know it raise a beer
Last Chorus
And if your truck’s sittin’ high cause you jacked it to the sky
If you’re country and ya know it
Raise a beer

  • melanie carnine
    melanie carnine

    I like watching this mess the smiths Christmas the Smiths

  • Dip loid
    Dip loid

    This is my favorite song 💯💯🍻🍻

  • Lincoln Roehl
    Lincoln Roehl

    YEE YEE and of corse i have a dip in my lip

  • CloudUni

    Me and my friend were going for a ride, he has the modern country radio station for my area, on since his truck. One Margarita by Luke Bryan came on. I was like 'why 1 Margarita? Why not more than just one?' That video that Granger made of him discussing this song reminded me of that conversation

  • Finley Reynolds
    Finley Reynolds

    This song hits the spot. YEE YEE

  • ginnger212


  • Aunt Reese
    Aunt Reese

    I will definitely be listening to this at work!! I’ve seen So So So many artists promoting their new songs on here, I just skip over them until I see yours!! # YeeYeeNationStrong🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Toned Beauty
    Toned Beauty

    Yea this songs gonna be stuck in my head ALL DAY!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ricky Schakosky
    Ricky Schakosky

    Well I guess all the songs can't be good...I feel retarded listening to this one lol

  • Mariann Deola
    Mariann Deola

    LOVE THIS SONG ❣️❣️❣️❣️🤠

  • Thomas Rhodes
    Thomas Rhodes

    I hope you make a video for this song

  • Zada Coop
    Zada Coop

    I've been waiting for this!!!!!

  • Austin D
    Austin D

    What happened to the video with this song and lunkerstv?! It disappeared

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    Came from lady Shar absolutely loved this thanku so much love an god bless x

  • Mathew Thomas
    Mathew Thomas


  • Player J
    Player J

    What happened to the music video with lunkers?

  • Anthony Des Jarlais
    Anthony Des Jarlais

    People who disliked this song are voting for biden #trump2020

  • Shadow 64
    Shadow 64

    Where did the video go with Lunkers? That's hilarious and it says it was removed by the uploader.

    • ethan BURNSIDE
      ethan BURNSIDE

      Granger slapped lunkers dick for it. I basically commented the same thing and my comment was removed.

  • Jake Loru
    Jake Loru

    Granger, yesterday I got excited for this one because I knew my little girl would love it when I showed her. Tonight, I can hear her mama up the other end of the house telling her to turn it down as she plays it for the 20th time straight! 😂😂

  • Quentin Frohling
    Quentin Frohling

    I feel another music video like Holler coming for this song. Anyone else?

    • ethan BURNSIDE
      ethan BURNSIDE

      No just lunkerstv walking around in cut off bibs

  • Kimberly East
    Kimberly East

    Me and my hubby love granger and his family.. on this one it’s always nice to slide in a song like this between the ones that touches emotions a little different!! Thanks

  • Robert Leslie
    Robert Leslie

    Earl Dibbles Jr. could remake the Hokey Pokey into a #1 hit.

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Great Drinking Song

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Great Collaboration With Earl Dibbles Jr

  • Speed Demon
    Speed Demon

    I am so glad this song is out of you country and ya know it raise a beer

  • Alex Da Vinci
    Alex Da Vinci

    did lunkers post the video then delete it? cus i know i watched it

  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart

    Awesome Song! Question though, why did the video with Lunkers get taken down?

  • Roland Morgan
    Roland Morgan

    Yee yee that’s why I love Dirt Roads Song

  • Joey Grant
    Joey Grant

    I still to this day have no idea how you make me so bipolar. I can be crying to one song, singing like I'm on stage to the next one and any feeling in between. No one does that like you. I feel this one is gonna blow up!

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson

    Definitely gave my residence hall neighbors an education on this song

  • Tamina Bomba
    Tamina Bomba

    As a teacher, I knew the tune right away. 😆 Can't sing this version with my class though!!! I'll have to save it for Friday nights.

  • Mike Lask
    Mike Lask

    Home run Granger!

  • Carl Aaron
    Carl Aaron

    Raising up a blue and white can now! On the John deer yeeyee

  • Peter Camello
    Peter Camello


  • Daymonster 327
    Daymonster 327

    This man is so underrated. Absolutely amazing

  • Redneck Life
    Redneck Life

    This is the official Drinking song!!

  • Joanne Ganon
    Joanne Ganon

    🍺 YEE YEE JO JO IN VT 💕😄

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray


  • Armando Contreras
    Armando Contreras

    I honestly can’t denied it I got it in me yee yee 😎

  • Michael Masko
    Michael Masko

    I hope they make a music video for this one. Raise a cold one for this great album. I can not wait to get home and download it and blast it all weekend when I am out driving around. #YEEYEENATION

  • Tracy Devoy
    Tracy Devoy

    This song will be sung and heard everywhere!! Love it!

    • Trey Lewis
      Trey Lewis

      I hope!

  • Michael Muncher
    Michael Muncher

    Man this video to this Song is epic Lunkers had me Crying last night when I watched it 10 times in A row lol

  • Fisher Rojas
    Fisher Rojas

    Why did clunkers take down the music video wanted to watch that

  • Connor Lowman
    Connor Lowman

    love it so much

  • dannydick6

    Yee Yee!🇺🇸✊

  • Jenn Dios
    Jenn Dios

    Great Earl song, definitely going to be a classic go to for some country fun!! Can't wait to see you & Earl sing this one live at a show! Yee Yee!

  • Matthew pope
    Matthew pope


  • Nathan Brill
    Nathan Brill

    Official proof Granger Smith and Earl Dibbles Jr aren’t the same person

    • Dalton Johnson
      Dalton Johnson

      Proof of that was in the Holler music video

  • valerie martinez
    valerie martinez

    I'm a city girl n im for sure Country and I KNOW IT AND I AINT AFRAID TO SHOW IT💁‍♀️😏❣❣❣❣❣❣

  • Gushing_ Wound24
    Gushing_ Wound24

    Yee yee

  • Travis Durfee
    Travis Durfee

    I run to the water to put my hooks in👌👌👌🌲🌾💯

  • Adele Smith
    Adele Smith

    My favourite song from the new album! YEE YEE! 🍻

  • Caleb Sieker
    Caleb Sieker

    hi i will not its 8:00 am

  • Barbara Ackerman
    Barbara Ackerman

    If you're happy and you know it then your face will surely show it🍻🇺🇸 AWESOME ALBUM!! LOVE how you switched this melody up.

  • kllmntny

    Catchy song! Wonder if anyone knows why the URL for the smiths isn't a hyperlink...

  • Trey Lewis
    Trey Lewis

    this needs more likes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trey Lewis
      Trey Lewis

      i cant get enough of this!!!!!!!!!

  • Caleb Hayes
    Caleb Hayes


  • Becca

    Love the video with Lunkers😁

  • Brayden Is fishing
    Brayden Is fishing

    Yee yee

  • Christine Arters
    Christine Arters

    Love it 🙌❤️

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    EVERYONE: Go BUY the entire album for $7.99!! Come on Yee Yee Nation let's do this for the GOAT Granger Smith. 🇺🇲

  • Joanne Prinkey
    Joanne Prinkey

    I love it as all the other ones Great one cannt wait to hear them all❤

  • Life on Back Forty
    Life on Back Forty

    Love it! Can you image the crowd in concert?! Can’t wait!

  • Alistair Green
    Alistair Green

    This is absolutely my favourite one of the new releases

  • Eric Quatkemeyer
    Eric Quatkemeyer

    Awsome songs... your my favorite singer by far... YEE YEE

  • Craig B
    Craig B

    Anyone else think this needs 1 or 2 more features in it..? Justin Moore for instance

  • Parker Lewis
    Parker Lewis

    I love you videos and I just saw the lunkers TV music videos I was the best

  • Joseph Prinsloo
    Joseph Prinsloo

    YeeYee! 🍺

  • Sallirose M
    Sallirose M

    The fact that the chorus is the country version of “if you’re happy and you know it” just makes it that much better!!

  • Martha

    Love it!

  • Stoner Joe
    Stoner Joe

    New favorite song

  • TBNRflags1234 _
    TBNRflags1234 _

    This song is fricken good.

  • kelly staiger
    kelly staiger

    This is so clever in every way ! Love it and it makes you smile

  • james foley
    james foley

    Love this long

  • Alexanderthegreatt

    Literally can’t wait to hear this live 🤘🏻

  • Iscog blackscale
    Iscog blackscale

    I'm not realy country but I'll still rase a beer. 🍺


      and THAT sir is as country as it gets... Welcome to your new family!

  • Ryan


  • zachary sliwa
    zachary sliwa

    Yee yee

  • Barb Cox
    Barb Cox


  • Joshua Eberts
    Joshua Eberts

    This was posted on tiktok before it was posted on here what the heck

    • Travis Burgess
      Travis Burgess

      Joshua Eberts that’s just good marketing

  • Braaap Life Racing
    Braaap Life Racing

    Love it Granger awesome

  • Caitlyn Braden
    Caitlyn Braden

    Love this! 🍻

  • The Ransom
    The Ransom

    Such a catchy and awesome song! Will be raisin a beer up to this song for sure!

  • Scott’s Aerial Videos
    Scott’s Aerial Videos

    If every hallway you walk down sounds like an ol saloon from a movie... raise your beer

  • Austin Wheeler
    Austin Wheeler

    YEEYEEE WE LOVE EARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    YEE YEE!!!!!!

  • Gavin Porter
    Gavin Porter

    If you Country and you know it raise a beer I’m country and I know it

  • Isaac Struble
    Isaac Struble

    Kinda stayed up till 12:00am on a school night to hear this

    • Jonah Landrum
      Jonah Landrum

      Texas boi 1 AM if my mom walks I’m imma get in trouble

    • Steven

      @Addison Hoffman In Georgia it's 1:26 now

    • Addison Hoffman
      Addison Hoffman

      Only 10 here, but still the priority is granger over homework, YEE YEE

    • Steven

      Same here gotta wake up in around 6 hours but who cares when you new music and alot of caffeine for the morning

  • Kyle Reimer
    Kyle Reimer

    Love your music!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ashley Contreras
    Ashley Contreras

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  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

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  • Mariah Bess
    Mariah Bess

    Great job looking forward for the rest yeeyee

  • Chelsie Perez
    Chelsie Perez

    This is such a fun song, I’m loving the new album! YEE YEE

  • Bonnie O'Shields
    Bonnie O'Shields

    YeeYee!!!! LOVE it!!

  • Airstrip Kid
    Airstrip Kid

    The chorus literally is the country version of If You're Happy And You Know It Clap your hands haha.

    • Trey Lewis
      Trey Lewis

      thats the point

    • Nick

      I think that’s the point. Almost The whole song is if you’re happy and you know it.

  • Mike Baker
    Mike Baker

    Yessss!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you on October 4th in NH have front row seats!!!

    • Mike Baker
      Mike Baker

      countrygirl countrymusiclover1127 he’s still doing “social distance” events just google it.

  • Joanne Ganon
    Joanne Ganon


  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    Love it!!💕💕

  • Elijah

    If you're country and you know it raises a beer. That's what my family is gonna be hearing for the rest of my life....🤠

    • GMC TX
      GMC TX

      Same here🍺

    • Toned Beauty
      Toned Beauty

      Same lol

    • 10xhatersclan #10xclanistrash
      10xhatersclan #10xclanistrash


  • Amy Ballew
    Amy Ballew

    🍺🍺🍻🍻 YEE YEE!! 💯🍺🍺🇺🇸🤠

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