Father-in-law hates me
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 81 - What would you do if you were young and just got engaged with the love of your life BUT, you don't have the father's approval? In fact, he doesn't even like you. What would you do? This is one of many questions I tackle on this week's podcast with my brother Parker Smith.

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  • DropHammer77

    You don't marry the person, you marry the Family. If your soon-to-be Spouse will be your support, your Rock in everything. If by chance it's not about you but their Parent with the problem. Your Soon-to-be Spouse realizes their Parent/'s has a Narcisist personality and more importantly understands the behavior of a Narcisist Parent your relationship will be tough as another, but will be stronger. Marriage is like a triangle God-Husband-Wife. Negative outside influences will destroy the Marriage.

  • Jim Hamlin
    Jim Hamlin

    This was my second Q & A Podcast of yours and I have to say your advice in most cases is pretty straight and true to a common theme, which is to "keep your own room clean" and let your best life come to you. For the younger folks watching I can say I wish I had lead my younger life in more the fashion you describe. I was going to kick the world in and rule it early on. Using a football analogy, I was the type of person who if stopped on offense was going to kick the field goal regardless of field position - punting the ball away to the opposition was not going to be an option. As we all know...the other team (the world) gets the ball either way and you are left with the havoc you created on the first three plays of your last possession. Hope that makes sense to somebody. Life is short...find your way to enjoy the journey letting your best life come to you.

  • YASHUA saves
    YASHUA saves

    I would pray about it and see if the LORD WONTS ME TO DO . AND I WISH YOU WOULD TALK ABOUT THE LORD DONT BE A SHAMED OR HE will be ashamed of you that bible boss

  • M.S Nishu
    M.S Nishu

    My father in law hate me soo badly without reason 😑 that feel really bad. I still thinking why he is hating me like that.

  • Ryan “Mater” Reeves
    Ryan “Mater” Reeves

    Alabama is open. Come see us.

  • Anthony79

    Well this is funny. Was with my ex for ten yrs and her pops never liked me cuz I was a man who she now came to for advice and things. So he deviated a plan to get her away from me and it worked and she fell for it hook line and sinker. This is how bad it was. When her family comes over to get her stuff. He was walking out the door last and looked at me and smiled and said I GOT YA. I wish I had footage. She would never believe me or listen. It was unreal

  • J smith
    J smith

    Depending on the content of the fathers character, I'd do whatever it takes to earn his respect, if I can earn his respect, it isnt worth earning. I don't consider myself a good oerson, but I sure the hell strive everyday to be one.

  • Natalie Sensenig
    Natalie Sensenig

    You answered my question in this episode and it just made my day! I've gotten behind in keeping up with The Smiths and the podcast but the timing of watching them all today was such a God thing! What Amber was saying in the last couple Arises combined with this episode and the answer to my question was exactly what I needed to hear today. Plus, my birthday is tomorrow so this is almost like an unintentional early birthday present! Thank you for taking the time to answer it and give me your advice!

  • Dolloffx6

    #Campfiretalk everyone loves talking around the fire!

  • Kevin Zueger
    Kevin Zueger

    Live life by the "Golden Rule" Leviticus 19:18 "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". I taught my kids the truth is always easier to remember than lies. And people do not become "adults" when they turn 18, they become adults when they except responsibility for everything they think, say and do. Peace and Gods blessings on you all.


    my name is parker too!!!!!!

  • Ian Adcock
    Ian Adcock

    Named my dog after your boy river simply because she’s a loving being as is your boy. Wish you the best. Thanks for the cast.

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    Durango Boots, would be a great Partner. And Cavenders 🤩

  • Ryan David
    Ryan David

    I’m earl dibbles jr and I approve this message

    • Ryan David
      Ryan David

      Yee yee

  • Jason Price
    Jason Price

    What is the name of The song in the intro?

  • Sherrie Palmer
    Sherrie Palmer

    Yee Yee boots would go great with my Oklahoma State cowboy boots! Yee Yee 😀

  • Sherrie Palmer
    Sherrie Palmer

    Hurry and come to the east coast Florida

  • Tri County Family Farm
    Tri County Family Farm


  • Yeet Guy
    Yeet Guy

    I love your podcasts there really enjoyable and yee yee

  • Karen Fullenwider
    Karen Fullenwider

    MORE PARKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steven Wineinger
    Steven Wineinger

    This episode made me think of the movie The Zookeeper starring Kevin James. Throughout the movie the character is changing his ways to impress the girl he wants. In the end he finds out he hates the person he's become and returns to his old self and forgets the girl he was trying to impress. He then finds the girl that was meant for him

  • Jessica Schueth
    Jessica Schueth

    your opening comments about the girls father. This all happened to me.. my now ex husband didn't ask my fathers permission because he knew he'd say no. my whole family HATED him. We had a trying relationship, bought a house together in the first year of dating, he proposed a year later, and then he changed into a totally different person. But we were "stuck" because of the house so whats one more document linking us together. the day of our wedding his groomsmen were hammered, his own parents straight up told me to not go thru with it. we made it just shy of 2 years married, he had always wanted more kids, he had one prior to me, an then didn't want more kids. the month after our wedding i had a miscarriage and he went on a weekend bender while i miscarried our baby. When the divorce was final i had a "party" and his parents and best friends showed up to help me celebrate! After so much suffering and hardship i came to realize that i needed to be treated that bad to know that i truly deserve better and a good man. Now 2.5 years later I'm with an amazing man that my family loves and it will be a great celebration when we get married. LONGSTORY short, is there a reason her family doesn't like you, so you sincerely love their daughter. I wouldn't go thru with it until you have peace on the situatiion and know it will be a happy event and not a total night mare. miserable your whole life or move on.

    • Stephanie Martinez
      Stephanie Martinez

      I think it depends on the situation. Not EVERY family will love your future spouse. Think about it, they are marrying their little girl. My family didn’t love my husband at first, but we have 3 beautiful boys and a roof over our head. They know now what I saw. Now they love him more than me 😂.I don’t think just because your family or friends don’t like someone should be the end all. At the end of the day YOU are the one that will create a life with them. Just my opinion 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Hunter Lindsay
    Hunter Lindsay

    So maby just west michigan

  • gdogg6501

    Too country and too Christian?! Shooot! There's no such thing to me! Move up here to Michigan lol

  • Ethan i
    Ethan i

    Y'all need to meet the Robertsons, you guys seem like y'all would get along.

  • Pam McCrary
    Pam McCrary

    No one is going to get a Fathers approval for his daughter. You'll see in a few years. Girls really want a man like ed their father. Now the same is for a Mother and her son! Funny isn't it! I am a single parent of both a girl and a son! So at first I didn't know about my daughter's boyfriend until he grabbed her through over his knee and spanaked her! Yes that did happen and Loved him since what a great husband and parent he truly is. And can keep her under control! Now my Son's wife knew she was ok was at Christmas when he had a Hope Chest made for her. Her reactions and true feelings were open for all to see, it was what Love looks like to me. Now two boys later and she workes side by side on th he farm and jobs plus helping Coach little league with my son. Both are wonderful parents and my son is my Father at his age. My dad is now 90 and still going strong he was the Father my children never had. Their dad was a true evil nightmare I was raised to stay Divorce was never an option. But that is not true in all cases it was leading to killing one of our kids or me, he had to go. I had to stop the cycle of abuse, I was lucky to get away and watch my kids become Children. He was never a problem for us within 6months he remarried and left us alone. The kids were 5&6. My daughter can't remember her childhood or his abuse, my son remembers it all. It's sad he never could love them. I never seen him angry and he never touched me until our wedding night. 10 years but oh how much better our lives turned into. I wish I would have paid more attention to his family before I married him. I would never have married him. We have to look past the one we love to how the family truly is. Waiting for approval usually takes less time than we think and it does matter in the long run.

  • Tyler Collins
    Tyler Collins


  • Rhonda Britt
    Rhonda Britt

    Very good advice today. More of Parker would be nice. Hope everyone has a bless day. Yee Yee.

  • Raymond Smith
    Raymond Smith

    Where can I get a yee yee sticker at for my truck?

  • Gloria Strong
    Gloria Strong

    Another great podcast, I really enjoy these 🤠♥️

  • Jordan Beck
    Jordan Beck

    could you come up to washington some time i'm a big fan and if you do decide to come up we can go fish, shoot guns ,go hunt birds and deer if you come up in november

  • Mama Reed
    Mama Reed

    When your talking to Sean, around 39 min into the podcast, since he has been praying about it & God hasn't given him an answer or hasn't lead a girl to him, then maybe the answer is No for this girl. Sometimes when God doesn't answer, accept this as a No & that God is looking out for your best interest. You are correct in telling Sean to work on himself.

  • Eugene Wilkerson
    Eugene Wilkerson

    Keeping it Dutch recommended your channel. Great advice today will continue watching.

  • MacPherson Country
    MacPherson Country

    You forgot to answer the last Part of my Question Lol, what advice would you give to someone starting a small business?

  • Tara Lain
    Tara Lain

    More Parker 😘❣️🥰

  • MacPherson Country
    MacPherson Country

    I think Ariat would be a good brand

  • Phatkat Barton
    Phatkat Barton

    I’m in that situation right now

  • Lu Brown
    Lu Brown

    More Parker more Parker more Parker 😁


    Will you ever be coming to nh

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    More Parker More Parker. Great advice guys. Loved when your alarm went off. 🤣😂😂 It just to pick up the kids from school.... Blessings🙏❤️✝️

  • Jonah Purvis
    Jonah Purvis

    7:07 If the boot fits

  • Gene Wiley (opa)
    Gene Wiley (opa)

    Well spoken guys. You speak with concern to the people well. Keep God in the front of your life at all times, and things go much better for you. Yes we have some though times, but it works out. Thanks guys for shoring. Iowa is watching :)

  • Cody Tyner
    Cody Tyner

    Found you 5 minutes ago but I’m going to go to your show in nb texas

  • Chris Hankins
    Chris Hankins

    You might contact Randy Little at Boot Daddy. He also owns PFI western wear in Springfield Missouri

  • kinze Campbell
    kinze Campbell

    I am NEVER buying hey dudes again! Haha

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    That was good. Love you guys!! Bring Parker back for sure!!! Love when it’s the brothers!!! 🤠🤠🙏

  • Tania Nigel Wade
    Tania Nigel Wade

    My husband's mom hated me. But she was a screwed up. We got better after we got together when I was 13 years old. Hubby was 17. My family was very careful about times we were together. We had to have someone else with us. At 16 I asked him to marry me. My family were ok with that as they got to love him as i did. Married at 19 years old , 2 children and 4 grandchildren 36 years later. We're happy family and With God in our lives and hearts. Hard times come and go. Love is worth going through. God bless, some people work. Xoxo 🥰😘😘❤❤❤❤🇹🇻

  • Joan Donnelly
    Joan Donnelly

    Great podcast!!!

  • Jonny Mcdime550
    Jonny Mcdime550

    Yee yee crocs

  • Deb Bohl
    Deb Bohl

    It’s not going to work. Sorry. Love y’all ❤️ YEEYEE

  • Irene Kangas poling
    Irene Kangas poling

    Loved 🥰 the podcast Granger Smith you put me to sleep 💤 🛌 😴 in a good 😌 way cause I listen to you every night and your songs are so great 😄 I loved 🥰 want you said about because famous your brothers and your friends take care of that you are you and I really love 💕 that about you god bless from Ohio Irene love ❤️

  • Chronic Pain Stinks
    Chronic Pain Stinks

    Penny loafers and slacks

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    Love this so much mr smith N Parker. Ya all have so much wisdom. Very Powerful. Thank you for all your hard work. Have a Blessed week.

  • Tori Lasiter
    Tori Lasiter

    So so good!

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    I love how y'all give more than one answers to the questions. And there all good answers!!! Thanks for another great episode guys 👍 Yee Yee nation 💪

  • Cindi Allain
    Cindi Allain

    I really enjoy listening to you guys! I don’t always agree necessarily. That’s how the world works tho. I do LOVE that most of your answers are grounded in the Lord. Great job. Mrs. Smith! My Grandma was in your shoes a long time ago. She also raised God fearing men and women Her last name was Smith too.

  • Steve Sproul
    Steve Sproul

    Partner with Croc. They’ll sell like crazy

  • Becky Taul
    Becky Taul

    Huston Armes brought us together. Love the music. I am a Kentucky granny farmer. ❤️🙏🏻

  • Kevin Gatrell
    Kevin Gatrell

    I think the Smiths have changed more peoples life then they think.. Such a wonderful family! The music, the podcast, arise with amber, the Smiths in general have helped me so much with making my life more positive! Thank you Smiths!!

    • Carla Siler
      Carla Siler

      Ditto, I feel the same way Kevin!

  • Janice Kapcsos
    Janice Kapcsos

    More Parker

  • Susan McCutcheon
    Susan McCutcheon

    I didn't find anyone, now in my early 60's -_-

  • lmtada

    They created a TV series, about this Meathead............Archie Bunker...

  • Christian Winters
    Christian Winters

    Need to make it to upstate NY!!!!!!!!!!! The real upstate!

  • Virginia Stoneking
    Virginia Stoneking

    Granget thank you for telling that young man that he is loved. Young man Noah you are NEVER alone. You are one of a kind and a special person in your own rights. Yes give your family grace but dont ever give up on yourself. Much love and blessings from Kansas city Missouri Nonna. 😘😘😘

  • Richard Hancock
    Richard Hancock

    Well I mother in law nor father in law liked me at first but art time they loved me like there own son and would do for me anytime they done for there kids

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith

    Granger you should talk to Outlaw he has his own Boot Company somebody's making them for him🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

  • Troy Peterson
    Troy Peterson

    Hope y’all come to Oregon I love the song you guys did for my buddy Ty Hart,

  • David Bowe
    David Bowe

    More Parker - always happy to have Parker on. He's just got such great stuff to say, and I appreciate how he makes us think. Loved his statement that the young lady was looking for the grandfather of her grandchildren. That perspective totally changes the way one looks at the search for a mate. Also love the fact that y'all read Brene Brown. She's got such great stuff in her books, interview, and Ted Talks, especially on the topic of vulnerability.

  • Michelle Kee
    Michelle Kee

    I personally don’t care what another person had to say about my relationship if I’m happy. It’s not their place. Permission or not, the person you love should be able to make the decision about their own future. If they value this opinion more, then they should listen to it. If they don’t, they need to tell this person that they are happy and need to be supportive or not be involved in their life.

  • Samantha Rowan
    Samantha Rowan

    Yes, more Parker! Such a great young man!

  • Donna Russo
    Donna Russo


  • Sami

    Love coming home to a new podcast after a long day of work!! I would love to see more of Parker on the podcast! I appreciate his Godly wisdom and insight and love for the Lord!!

  • Amanda Jo Fisk
    Amanda Jo Fisk

    Yee yee Crocs please 😄😄😄

  • Timmothy McCandless (Timmothy1987)
    Timmothy McCandless (Timmothy1987)

    If it's important to her then I talk to him and try to find common ground, if it's not important to her then I say, you don't like me? Oh well I don't like you either and move on.

  • Faith Williams
    Faith Williams

    please come to southern california praying that i get to see you for the first time in concert

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H

    Yee Yee Toms would be fun and give back like y’all always do!!

  • eston

    Hell yeah yee yee brother

  • Ione Cuff
    Ione Cuff

    I just have to say, IF my son-in-law would have been courteous enough to ask my blessing, I would have said yes. Now days hardly any male asks the parent for permission or blessing to marry their daughter. IF my daughter said she truly loved the man and wanted to marry him, then I would say "yes" because SHE would be the one that has to live with him, not me. I would be the one she would come running to if it didn't work out. I would be the one to help her rebuild her life. I would have just appreciated and respected if he would have asked me. But, even my daughter didn't believe in having him ask my permission.

  • Mandy Clevenger
    Mandy Clevenger

    GREAT PODCAST 🇺🇸🇺🇸 I agree with the comment asking if we can have both brothers 😍😍


    Who would win in a fight? Granger or Parker?

  • levi Scott
    levi Scott

    Do day is my birthday

  • Sherry Vachon
    Sherry Vachon

    You and Parker are very inspiring and insightful for being so young. I'm happy that you open up and share so openly your struggles, what has worked for you and your hard "no" with the young people who follow you. My son is in his 20's and just seems to be lost. I give him his space, make positive comments when I can but blaming others is his go to. I will suggest he listen to you, not sure he will by I will pray that maybe he will listen once and find something that hits him deep in his soul that you talk about.

  • Justin Abby
    Justin Abby

    Parker is so wise. Love when he is a guest. God Bless!

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson

    I had a GSP growing up (Koko) that dog was so respectful and protective of me as a child. She would follow me around and never let me or something do me harm. Man I miss that dog no other dog will compare

  • Jill Olson
    Jill Olson

    That was such great advice for that guy looking for girlfriends father approval.

  • Michelle White
    Michelle White

    Always a good time listening to y'all. God bless y'all and Yee Yee!

  • emack317

    We can always hear more Parker, it's great hearing your brothers' and family's opinions on here. We love what y'all do. Have a great week!

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    I may be way off, so no need to argue with me. His first coarse of action before calling off the engagement is to ask his fiancé what her opinions are regarding the whole thing. After all , while you do marry into the family, it’s her he’s going to be living and sleeping with day in and day out.

    • Stephanie Martinez
      Stephanie Martinez

      I completely agree!! That was great advice, BUTTTT calling off the engagement would be hard on his future bride, IMO. obviously if the bride thinks he should talk to her dad then yes, but no need to call it off, just try and talk it out with his father in law.

  • Vinny Pinatelli
    Vinny Pinatelli

    More parker more parker

  • Willard Cupit
    Willard Cupit

    Love show him she be protected as he pretentious wife and daughter, show him a loving an compassion you have for his daughter, do you love conquers all.Show him truly go above all to provide all she need,Love till death.Most father's see that they become best friends,go hunting fishing together bond you her father will have heaven sent.

  • Sabi1234567890Asdf

    The dog thing is true. Infact the police and security have a similar approach to selecting dogs. If you want to know more look up police dog selection list

  • Greg Scott
    Greg Scott

    Great job! More Parker!

  • Mrs. T
    Mrs. T

    If your in laws don’t like you simple cut them off completely.

  • Shirley Bewley
    Shirley Bewley

    Yes on Parker

  • Shirley Bewley
    Shirley Bewley

    Nehemiah Gordon books

  • Shirley Bewley
    Shirley Bewley

    And that advise is true for girls too

  • Debra Rowe
    Debra Rowe

    my late mother in law never liked me cause she was from Georgia and I was from Maryland, well I grew up in North Carolina but she wanted my husband to marry a Southern bell but he married a Yankee lol she thought i was a hippie but far from it, I was just a woman in love with her son, but I was a good mother to our six children and I was a good wife to my husband, but in her eyes I was not a southern bell so i was not good enough for her son. but I got saved when I was 33 and brought my children up in the Lord so I know she is up in heaven thanking God he married a woman of God and he is in Heaven too saying I told you so. ha ha ha anyway I have one daughter in law and have 4 son in laws, and I learn from my mother in law to pray for them and never get in the middle of their marriage. I stay out of there business and let God work it out. but the best thing you can do about your father in law and be a peace maker and pray for him. and like the word says love one another cause love can break that hate Jesus love

  • Olivas Vlogs
    Olivas Vlogs

    You both are so amazingly wise and I love listening to your insights.

  • Carol Noe
    Carol Noe

    They may be just trying to get the young man to learn to be on his own.

  • Carol Noe
    Carol Noe

    I hope you come to Terre Haute IN and I have the money to go.

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