Earl Dibbles Jr 2020 Presidential Announcement
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Earl is tired of city boys runnin' they mouth. It's time to put a country boy up in the whitehouse and paint it camo. YEE YEE 2020.

  • andrewdorner502

    Earl 2024!! I would vote for ya!! Yee yee

  • Billy Bing
    Billy Bing

    The greatest quote In the country its country

  • Ashley Butler
    Ashley Butler

    I don't like na citys


    I like him but TRUMP 2020

  • Thomas McIe
    Thomas McIe

    You got my vote

  • indo of the pyro55
    indo of the pyro55

    If you say yee yee some may still hear the wasp spray

  • Charlie Grinde
    Charlie Grinde

    him for president yee yee

  • Donald Ranski
    Donald Ranski

    PEE PADS and KNEE PADS will never stand a chance ! Straight forward & no P .C bulshit , heck I love him as much as I love President Donald J Trump 🇺🇸 4EVA .

  • Ashleigh Blevins
    Ashleigh Blevins

    You know anything about politics Earl

  • DOT

    Y'all kill my dreams with all dem adds

  • Peyton Copeland show
    Peyton Copeland show

    Lol,Granger Smith you are my fav singer

  • russ1991

    I'll vote for him

  • Bjørn Wikan
    Bjørn Wikan

    This sounds like trump.

  • Knock on Wood Carpentry
    Knock on Wood Carpentry

    This country needs a country boy so we can get back to when this country had balls 🇺🇸💯

  • JR J
    JR J

    Imagine if he actually ran for pres

  • Student Drew Hudson
    Student Drew Hudson

    He’s got my vote

  • tom fühlery
    tom fühlery

    Wasn't on the ballot so I just wrote EARL across the whole thing

  • Landyn Shifflett
    Landyn Shifflett

    I'll vote for earl after trump's 4 more years

  • Stacy LLY Benton
    Stacy LLY Benton

    You got my vote👍🏼

  • Phillip D. Ward
    Phillip D. Ward

    I want a bumper sticker!

  • Phillip D. Ward
    Phillip D. Ward

    Thats great!

  • Isis Clinkenbeard
    Isis Clinkenbeard

    Granger I want to say I pray for you and your family every day. I would love for you to be president and kick them city boys out

  • Greg Betts
    Greg Betts

    now thats good .thanks

  • Brian Leabo
    Brian Leabo

    You get my vote

  • Brett Smith
    Brett Smith

    yee yee!

  • Easton Pulliam
    Easton Pulliam

    Earl 2020


    Hell yeah paint the White House camo

  • martinus

    The president the usa deserves, but wil never have... too bad...

  • Jonathan Greene
    Jonathan Greene

    Maybe we should have wrote in earls name might have made more since

  • Duane Hadley
    Duane Hadley

    Era didisd for president

  • ChaosBunny

    Ima lil late but he canhab my boat

  • Eric griffin
    Eric griffin

    Earl 2028!!! After Trump and Pence!!!!

  • James Pruett
    James Pruett

    You got my vote

  • Collin Garsow
    Collin Garsow

    The yee yee party

  • the pizza Player
    the pizza Player

    i would vote for him

  • Kr0825 Kr
    Kr0825 Kr

    Earl 2020

  • Music Mode
    Music Mode


  • joe Rexroad
    joe Rexroad

    id give him my vote hell at this point it could NOT HURT!!!! lol .....

  • Slim Willy
    Slim Willy

    I'd cast my vote in momma's box.. that's for damn sure...

  • Joshua Chapin
    Joshua Chapin

    The answer to everything 2020: "...no more questions- Y'all just use yer common sense, plus I gotta go do some country things. Y'all should too." Church. 😎👍

  • Supervillain725

    If Forrest Gump had a dumber cousin, this guy would be it. Let's paint the White House camo.

  • donald johnson
    donald johnson


  • Jason Gardner
    Jason Gardner

    This is stupid, worse than trump's interview somehow💀☠🤣😆

  • Stephanie Miller
    Stephanie Miller

    Earl 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Winston Suggs
    Winston Suggs

    who else noticed amber in this video

  • SonnyTheGreenWolf

    I would vote

  • Jerry Copeland
    Jerry Copeland

    Bahahahahahaha!!! I'm votin' for Earl!!!

  • Zackary O'Neil
    Zackary O'Neil

    lo I love it

  • Jaecee Goeken
    Jaecee Goeken

    He’s got my vote

  • Brad Spencer
    Brad Spencer

    I'd move to the states if he ran for president

  • Megagamer A
    Megagamer A

    i would vote it if this would be true

  • Tanner Gonser
    Tanner Gonser

    yeye merica

  • Kirk Daley
    Kirk Daley

    Yeah the Camo house !!!hell yeah!!!

  • Brian Hall
    Brian Hall

    Earl dibbles jr 2020

  • Aaron Haymans
    Aaron Haymans

    Yee yee

  • Thomas Riggins
    Thomas Riggins

    Place looks like heaven

  • Tommy Turley
    Tommy Turley

    Haha paint that shit camo haha

  • Larry James
    Larry James


  • Edward Barringer
    Edward Barringer

    Why not, at least COUNTRY BOYS SURE AS HELL AIN'T AFRAID OF WORK raised on a farm knows YA don't spend money WASTEFULLY. SO, give that boy a big THUMBS UP, AND GET'er DONE!!!!

  • CleaveMountaineering

    Get Buddy Brown as your VP and you've got my vote.

  • Scott Hall
    Scott Hall

    Well he's smarter then anybody running now!!

  • Tatiyanna Moore
    Tatiyanna Moore

    Is this a joke or is it legit?

  • Christian Nelson
    Christian Nelson

    id vote if he kicks the calis out of idaho

  • Melvin cash
    Melvin cash

    I agree, Trump is a city boy with shitty boy ways. The blonde wants me.

  • Weston Sauls
    Weston Sauls


  • Nick Grimm
    Nick Grimm

    I like this guy. Straight to the point, no bs, no lies just pure honesty and seems like a very trustworthy man I would want in the Oval Office

  • Avery Murray
    Avery Murray

    Trump should watch this he needs to win

  • Evan Cramer
    Evan Cramer

    Just don’t click on it

  • Jon Boy
    Jon Boy

    Got my vote

  • Alexander Hall
    Alexander Hall

    Earl is legit that Indiana tan is proof.

  • JayReal

    When I got this notification I got so excited ngl

  • Kyle Lindsey
    Kyle Lindsey

    Can I be your V.P.

  • Sherry Gotto
    Sherry Gotto

    All female reporters should have farmer tans.

  • BERT H
    BERT H

    And more believable than a trump statement,,sounds smarter also

  • Brad Parker
    Brad Parker

    Sir, do you support lower costs on a log of grizzly wintergreen?

  • robin flory
    robin flory

    Hell yeah!!!!👍

  • Cindy Spence
    Cindy Spence

    Earl not this one,but 2024 you got my vote!!!

  • Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor

    Best candidate yet

  • Brenda AKA The Real Grammy
    Brenda AKA The Real Grammy

    He’s smarter than Trump

  • nataliya

    Yessss!!! I support!!! Earl Dibbles Jr for prez 2024 😂

  • Yellowsbuddy PNWmidwest pyro
    Yellowsbuddy PNWmidwest pyro

    I'd vote for him.

  • Monkybit

    Got my vote!

  • Christian Bush
    Christian Bush

    TRUMP 2020 but you would be better

  • Nailgut101

    Did anyone else get an ad featuring him? 😂 Earl Dibbles Jr. for president 2020

  • Kelly Williams
    Kelly Williams

    He’s got my vote

  • Harold Newman
    Harold Newman

    Dibbles 2024

  • Jacob Gordy
    Jacob Gordy

    Where do I get that exact hat jus new lol 😂

  • Claudio Aguilar
    Claudio Aguilar

    better than west

  • 7th CAV Trooper
    7th CAV Trooper

    My favorite color is camo too.

  • Todd Ferrara
    Todd Ferrara

    Gotta be ready!

  • jude Jackson
    jude Jackson

    I'd vote for him.

  • Red Neck
    Red Neck

    Shoot he got my vote

  • Jeremy K
    Jeremy K

    Hes got my vote....

  • jim hodge
    jim hodge

    He'll have to wait for 2024 after Trump's next term, then he has my vote. Gotta be better than the next politician that rolls through.

  • Robin Raphael
    Robin Raphael

    I love this

  • Jaron Flanagan
    Jaron Flanagan

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes for Earl

  • John Ramirez
    John Ramirez


  • Hotrodnick14

    I would vote for you instantly. Best damn president ever.

  • Trucking Journeys
    Trucking Journeys

    I support earl for president

  • Carter Moore
    Carter Moore

    Why’d I get a ad for his presidency before his video for his presidency lol😂😂😂

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