Earl Dibbles Jr makes a friend
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  • Mudders And Runners
    Mudders And Runners

    This is a recap of every new friend I made in 2020

  • Lydia Adams
    Lydia Adams

    I love Ginger Billy I also listen to Granger Smith’s music

  • Colton A. Ward
    Colton A. Ward

    This is a cool video it’s OK

  • Pistol pete THEDARKBLADE309
    Pistol pete THEDARKBLADE309


  • TheSoftballQueen_Annley#17

    y’all are litterally the best country folks on the internet😂

  • C

    Cause we southerners always have two conversations goin. Lol

  • Lane Henkle
    Lane Henkle

    This was great!

  • Offline Vids
    Offline Vids

    Woof woof... Grow a pair

  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis

    man this is such a weird friendship

  • Matthew Crocker
    Matthew Crocker

    The funny thing is when the closed caption tries to keep up with the way their talking. Lol

  • joseph castro
    joseph castro

    Fucking coors

  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson

    When he said he look like a bag uh skittles...I felt that

  • Fauntus CR
    Fauntus CR

    I'm cunfused, when did a chaw become a dip? Or is that jest what y'all call it over'are?

  • Devontra Walls
    Devontra Walls

    Yee Yee

  • Ender Wiggin
    Ender Wiggin

    Why is the other billy tatted with marker?

    • Ender Wiggin
      Ender Wiggin

      Shit. Earl. Why marker bro? I can see yeet country.. no downing just cuz ginger got them inks? While you guys where making this I was... Nearly missing a buck that you'd cream the stand over at 11pm... Ohh big ol buck but young... The 05 impala the buck and my heart all had a moment... And all walked away with minimal impact.. but I have never seen a deer spin out and fall over, and I've never left 1.5 cars lengths of tread 45 of the road.. small dent under the light and 2 holf marks... Had I been in the f series...... Idk

  • Billy Bing
    Billy Bing


  • Ethan Miller
    Ethan Miller

    I’ve watched you sense 2018 and you are the coolest person ever

  • James Sneed
    James Sneed

    YUP. NICE.

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith

    Lol awesome

  • Tyler Thompson
    Tyler Thompson

    I counted 14 cows too😂🤣

  • thumb Buster's
    thumb Buster's

    This looks like the sequel to broke back mountain. Broke back mountain 2 sore ass pass.

  • Karen Stepp
    Karen Stepp

    LOL!!! This is so sweet!! I almost started crying 😅 I love it when Earl asks Billy if he likes city boys 😂 I'm gonna wear this one out! 😍

  • Bolton Popelka
    Bolton Popelka

    Did Forrest Gump just run to grab a beer?? 😂

  • Gerry Miller
    Gerry Miller

    Hahaha. Just found this after watching BRCC with Granger. Love it!

  • AnglingNVirginia

    Now we know who’s cooking “Biscuits” next door! YeeYee

  • Potatoes4Shrek

    Hey, from Alabama

  • joshua fisher
    joshua fisher

    I never made this connection and never realized how bad i needed it lmao

  • Brody Buescher
    Brody Buescher

    You should do a erl gets a phone.

  • Flame & Ice
    Flame & Ice

    These two just became best friends

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer


  • Ihave2sons

    ha ha

  • chris curtis
    chris curtis


  • Alexandra Bakken
    Alexandra Bakken

    Omgosh this is the best ever!💜😂

  • zane roberson
    zane roberson

    That’s what I call funny

  • Jeremy Corley
    Jeremy Corley

    Lol 😂 Best one I’ve seen you guys are On point !, that’s how we do it in the South!

  • Sh00klife WhatNow??.
    Sh00klife WhatNow??.


  • Ernest Jackson
    Ernest Jackson

    Heard him say they're scared losing benefits this u know of what it's new time everyone knows who builder the Whitehouse right but can't go in and take a shower remember judah first we are from irealites and given to his decedent's of one.

    • Aquarian Dawn
      Aquarian Dawn

      But you don't even know how to spell Israelites...

  • Alec Fleming
    Alec Fleming

    1:30 in and I have to admit, I have actually made amazing friends this way...

    • Alec Fleming
      Alec Fleming

      And the end, how I got married...

  • The Diesel Barn
    The Diesel Barn


  • SonnyTheGreenWolf

    I'm earl dibbles jr and I'm a country boy

  • Ryan bro 17 Mc
    Ryan bro 17 Mc

    Lol lol I cringed so hard I was grinding my teeth 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • CheekyBastard

    Dear god dont run with THE BEER

  • donovan butler
    donovan butler


  • Whop Junior
    Whop Junior

    The best thing in youtube hands down!😂

  • Mentlegen

    a dream come true

  • timothy bernard johnston II
    timothy bernard johnston II

    Wow Earl I didn't Noow you ur a tighter👍

  • Hair By Will
    Hair By Will

    This is how a lot of good gay porns start

  • Magic Mike
    Magic Mike

    😂 sounds about right

  • Codeman 365
    Codeman 365

    In the beginning when Earl first heard he cracked open a cold one I thought it was like a distress call an Earl was like superman and he was answering the call and he was going to save the day I thought it was something like that.that was funny Lol

    • Glen Pope
      Glen Pope

      Hey now someone was cracking a cold one without the boys. Thats pretty damn close to an emergency

  • Ben N Hunter Outdoors Fishin g
    Ben N Hunter Outdoors Fishin g


  • Quintin Bishop
    Quintin Bishop

    Bruh 😂😂 you want another one 😂😂

  • Jenna Ridenhour
    Jenna Ridenhour

    Epic 😂

  • Matthew J
    Matthew J

    Funny stuff but I’m sorry I happen to be a half an half, half country and half city!!!

  • Jennifer Bates
    Jennifer Bates

    Funny video, but dip is the absolute worst thing ever!

  • mark broad
    mark broad

    Earl dribble and Ginger Billy

  • last man standing
    last man standing

    I would've been beaten silly for running with a beer. Ya might trip, and shake it up.. And what is tetanus?

  • Sean Streams
    Sean Streams

    I love Ginger Billy and now I like Granger Smith

  • Just Done
    Just Done


    • Bow Book Bike
      Bow Book Bike


  • Florida Man Prepper
    Florida Man Prepper

    This is the most accurate thing ever. This is how men make friends.

    • Bow Book Bike
      Bow Book Bike


  • poppaluv

    None of the country folk by my evacuation house drink. It sucks.

    • Bow Book Bike
      Bow Book Bike


  • infiniteandroid

    Damn I miss the South!!!!

    • Bow Book Bike
      Bow Book Bike


  • Jennifer M.
    Jennifer M.


  • Austin Afridi
    Austin Afridi

    The beginning reminds me of the Corps calling.

  • Jeffery Wilson
    Jeffery Wilson


  • Socialism Kills
    Socialism Kills

    This is very accurate! I can type a whole lot but when I'm interacting with people like this, this is exactly the behavior I adopt. Which is why I'm so much more comfortable around "Country folk" Cause I can just be me...

  • Laura Peters
    Laura Peters

    Yeah this is how guys talk

  • Shane Pritchett
    Shane Pritchett

    Everyone that thumbs down this are city boys!!!!

  • David Ray
    David Ray

    Hell yea fkin

  • Michael Demarcos
    Michael Demarcos

    I grew up a city boy and i drive a bronco and I now live in the country and I enjoyed this

  • Ronald Palmer
    Ronald Palmer

    Need more of these

  • Whisper Gray
    Whisper Gray

    Some men 🤪 I got me one.. he doesn't make friends easily but when he does he is a great friend to them.

  • Classified 74828
    Classified 74828

    Granger and Ginger in the same video? My life is complete

  • SoCal Hispanic
    SoCal Hispanic


  • Wendy Austin
    Wendy Austin

    Yes. Just yes.

  • Hayden Baldwin
    Hayden Baldwin

    Greatest crossover event in history

  • Chuck Clark
    Chuck Clark

    This made my entire 2020. How we all should act towards each other.

  • clydelaz

    The only thing you got wrong is that this is not only how country boys make friends. I'm from newark NJ and this is how we make friends also.

  • Bigdeer 328788
    Bigdeer 328788

    Yee yee all the way

  • Eric Corey
    Eric Corey

    1 of my favorites

  • Kenio Calzadilla
    Kenio Calzadilla

    Dale hat E#3

  • Virgil Kellogg
    Virgil Kellogg


  • Diecast Daddy
    Diecast Daddy


  • Eric Hume
    Eric Hume

    best video ever😊🍺🇺🇸

  • Cristian Noguera
    Cristian Noguera

    I thinks it’s funny how country people won’t look at you, even now I’m not sure I that means they don’t like you

  • Johnny Pemberton
    Johnny Pemberton

    The guy in the overalls reminds me of the kid in sling blade.

  • Itsafish

    country boys make do

  • Grant Lewis
    Grant Lewis

    I like trucks!

  • Adam Pindell
    Adam Pindell

    So good, I had to watch it twice 🤣

  • Avery Poplin
    Avery Poplin

    Wow, sad this group needs to support SAVING NC Farms maybe a bang will soon. Content comes from us right

  • Zedo IV
    Zedo IV

    need more of these best thing ive watched in awhile

  • Odd man out
    Odd man out

    I think I’ve met 2-3 people this way walking around while fishing/drinking and the rivers/lakes.

  • Greg Evans
    Greg Evans

    Shit gas desl is my stil

  • Greg Evans
    Greg Evans

    My dad killt 11 Pinter

  • Tayleigh Hiltebeitel
    Tayleigh Hiltebeitel

    My dad my has a big 606 leader leader

  • Arsenic King
    Arsenic King

    Haha I subbed just because of this video, now I know how to make them friends

  • Scott Fisher
    Scott Fisher

    As long as you're not swapping spit.

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    Bah hahaha 😂

  • William Darico
    William Darico

    These are the misfits who support Humpty Trumpty ! LOL!

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones

    Simple life is always better for me trump 2020

  • Damon Thomas
    Damon Thomas

    I don't sit outside in no upholstered furniture no more, that cushion just holds the rain and my ass gets wet, then I gotta change my pants, I hate changing my pants.

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