Drove a UTV into a lake w/ LunkersTV!
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  • Annie Lumm
    Annie Lumm

    I immediately got your album when released and it’s awesome. All your stuff is awesome!

  • Redneck for life Yeeyee
    Redneck for life Yeeyee

    CAN I GET A YEEYEE🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Countin' Cash
    Countin' Cash


  • Max Mathews
    Max Mathews

    you should get a can am outlander XMR 850


    I'm a country boy 🦌😎🤠🇬🇧🇱🇷

  • On the Clock With Marcus
    On the Clock With Marcus

    You could tell he was on some Oklahoma roads

  • J&C Rogers
    J&C Rogers

    Welcome to Oklahoma!!

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson

    How do you not realize how bad this makes you look? I like your music and family but be real man!

    • KisMyC0untryAzz :-*
      KisMyC0untryAzz :-*

      How so? To me he looks like a man out with his buddies having a good time. I could see your comments making sense if he left his wife and kids at home to hit the bars with his buddy's, getting shit-faced and hitting on woman.

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson

    Multi million dollar ranch? Oh yeah! That’s country! Gotta ask your buddies for country things? Oh yeah! Super super country

  • Fire Turtle Adventures
    Fire Turtle Adventures

    I'm a wee bit jealous that you got to hang out with Batman at his ranch. Toby's ranch is amazing.

  • duckcommander32

    LIke how toby just sits there compared to everyone else getting wet in utv, would be so fun to hang out with all

  • cassie martin
    cassie martin


  • Jeff_ allen_5299
    Jeff_ allen_5299

    Very cool. He seems like a great guy...

  • EastTexasOutLaws

    Great to see you having a good time !!!!!!!!!

  • Juanita Flores
    Juanita Flores

    DAMN, looks like sooooo much fun!!!!!

  • Jason Dye
    Jason Dye

    When do we get to hear the rockin with the Yee yee nation song? I love that beat. Your awesome. Love the new album. Especially chevyes hemmie yotas and fords

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards

    Of course your doing country things with Batman n Robbi... Rob looking thick 💪👍 glad that ya guys are such close friends

  • Avery Murray
    Avery Murray

    Granger please like this if you agree You should make a song directed toward firefighters

    • Avery Murray
      Avery Murray

      Pretty sure he won’t see this but......

  • Overland Jeep Life
    Overland Jeep Life

    Yee Yee

  • Ingrid Finkbeiner
    Ingrid Finkbeiner

    You had much fun.. THATS GREAT YEE YEE

  • Dynasty1K

    God dammit I can’t wait to leave commiefornia.

  • Tracy Devoy
    Tracy Devoy

    That was fun to watch!

  • GreenKnight Gaming
    GreenKnight Gaming

    Where did you go I live near hochatown

  • Robert Jenkins
    Robert Jenkins

    Why is there always Lunkers name involved in these disasters. Sarge you getting famous. Beautiful ranch.

  • Will Butts
    Will Butts

    2:18 😂he must’ve forgotten that Rob is a sniper

  • Janet Allison
    Janet Allison

    Lunkers will get you in trouble!!! LOL

  • Jeremy Adams
    Jeremy Adams

    You haven't failed Granger, keep doing the great work you do and Yee Yee!!!

  • Its Emily
    Its Emily

    DANG that was insane 😂🇺🇸

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Isn't it freeing running through a water hole and mud!! Love the laughs and memories!!! One more day hell ya blast the new album in the shop all day!!!

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    I can’t wait to hear it

  • brandon jodrey
    brandon jodrey

    Yee Yee Nation

  • Kimberley Urquhart
    Kimberley Urquhart

    Admit it, you weren't out taking video to promote album, you were out to have fun doing country things!!!! Love it! Used to do all that stuff on my farm in Canada growing up! The other night my sister in law and I flipped her side by side out doing country things! Yee Yee!!!!

  • Payton Bass
    Payton Bass

    The album drops tomorrow and i am beyond excited hate you like i love you is my favorite song right now

  • Sherri Jo Winslow
    Sherri Jo Winslow

    SO much Fun!!! Wish i could join!

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    YES!!!! Hell yeah Gentleman !!! Looks like such a Blast !!! So Excited for Tomm 👏👏👏👊👍. U got this all the way !!!

  • Artie Brown
    Artie Brown

    Can't wait to see you at the drive-in in Woodbridge New Jersey with Kane Brown Lauren Alaina and Jimmie Allen

  • Kim Ryan
    Kim Ryan

    Love the tease of the new song!! Can’t wait to hear it all tomorrow!!

  • Sherrie Duncan
    Sherrie Duncan

    This video is hysterical. Lol

  • bassbuggy101

    You and Rob need to go fishing together again!

  • Landon Clay
    Landon Clay

    September 25 is my birthday

  • Dan Garey
    Dan Garey

    Just heard the new album

  • Daniel Larson
    Daniel Larson


  • Michael Mijatovich
    Michael Mijatovich

    Looks like fun but I was concerned about you using an AK-47 For clay targets because if you aim to high the bullets do Travel far

  • Sherp USA Dealer
    Sherp USA Dealer

    I have the last Sherp Pickup in stock and ready for you! 218.407.0046

  • Tanner Johnson
    Tanner Johnson

    I just saw this on ur tiktok

  • Arlin Wengerd
    Arlin Wengerd

    Cmon man your killing me now I have to wait a couple more months for volume 2

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    That was awesome buddy! I love living in the Country! There is nothing better! So many fun things to do, so much freedom! God bless ya'll. Can't wait for the new album! YEE YEE

  • Kenton Durrant
    Kenton Durrant

    Great video. I was shocked with the so called advertisements though. The first one started with Sarah Palin and it seemed to be going on and on. I looked at the timer and it was over an hour in length and it got skipped. At the end of your video another hour plus infomercial. I have been running into this more and more. You Tube is getting on my bad side with this issue. I did not know if you were aware of this. I do enjoy your work, songs and sharing your family with everyone. Stay healthy, stay safe and keep living your dreams.

  • Michelle White
    Michelle White

    So much fun wrapped up in one short video! LOVE IT!!

  • Derrik Guzzo
    Derrik Guzzo

    Man that song teaser, going to be a serious jam

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    That's the kind of place you need for a Yee Yee Festival! Find a few places like that across the US! Yee Yee 🇺🇲

  • Charmaine Ramsay
    Charmaine Ramsay

    Looked like you guys had a blast

  • Michael Masko
    Michael Masko

    I enjoy when you do things with LunkersTV. Please look into during more things with LunkersTV on this channel and even on The Smiths. Can not wait for the new album in one day. I also get to see a Granger show one week from today.

  • Rita Stottlemyre
    Rita Stottlemyre

    I grew up in a yeeyee town population 500 but went to college in the "city" about an hour away. When I'd meet new people and they'd ask what we did for fun in my small town I'd say "you know, go muddin, back roadin, bridge dancin" They would look at me like I was speaking a different language 😂

    • Trying To Get 1k Subs With 1 Shitty Videos
      Trying To Get 1k Subs With 1 Shitty Videos

      @Rita Stottlemyre they just don't know how fun it is.

  • Brenda Snider
    Brenda Snider

    Love his whole family. Can't find better people. Just like your family. One of a kind people. Christian family. You are an Amazing singer. To see your face after going in the water and it having water in it. You looked like a kid in a candy store who can take anything they want. How fun for you that you know a friend who's got anything and everything you need to do your videos. Amen. Isn't his place Amazing. Hopefully you got to go see his mansion. Really coming along.


    Omg lol, Love what you guy's do 😂😂😂

  • Kelley

    Rob is awesome and Toby is a good humble guy amazing property cannot wait until they finish the gun range

  • Angoloo

    i wish that all of your music , could be available in Sweden . But like 40% of all your music is not available in Sweden ( Apple music ) :/

  • Cowgirl6221-Txangel

    That looked like a blast. Yee Yee

  • Joanne Ganon
    Joanne Ganon


  • Kinda Outdoor boy
    Kinda Outdoor boy

    Bobby bones show tomorrow im goin to br listening

  • Eugene Goddard
    Eugene Goddard

    Loving the teaser of the new song. Sounds amazing!!!

  • Aunt Reese
    Aunt Reese

    Great tease to the video....... I cannot wait till Friday!!!! YEE YEE Nation Strong 💪🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • P D
    P D

    It was nice to c u really laugh and it looked like so much fun

  • Michelle Reid
    Michelle Reid

    Nothing beats good fresh country air awesome granger

  • Joey Grant
    Joey Grant

    You do realize country things checklist is about to BLOW UP! People gonna be all over that! Mine starts with love your truck more than anything

  • Brandon Gustafson
    Brandon Gustafson

    Loved this! #IsItFridayYet #YeeYee

  • Josiah W
    Josiah W

    Man that looked do fun. That's my wish is to one day go mudding with Rob lol that would be sick God Bless yall Yee Yee 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • L. John Smith
    L. John Smith

    When are you coming to south Carolina Granger

  • Casey Roberson
    Casey Roberson

    Is that the ranch out in love county Oklahoma

    • Casey Roberson
      Casey Roberson

      Shit I didn’t know it was that close to me I live in Dickson

    • Battle Springs
      Battle Springs

      It is 👍

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    Y’all were laughing so hard that it was contagious🤣 The flooded UTV- 🤣😂🤣😂 too funny. What great friends you have! Can you just say it’s the 25th already? Can’t wait !!!! ❤️

  • Leonard Bixler
    Leonard Bixler

    Yee Yee Nation, love your channels, love your music!!


    Awesome brother

  • C yA Farms
    C yA Farms

    The smiles and laughter was great! You needed that! Yee yee!🇺🇸

  • DaFishingGuyde

    ayeee, lefty shooter here also!

  • Carla Parker
    Carla Parker

    Can’t wait to see the video

  • Damo D-Bomb
    Damo D-Bomb

    Wouldn’t be a LunkersTV episode without him getting his shirt off ha ha #YEEYEE


    Dude I just love the intro, probably the best in the ALgone game. Any who Yee Yee

  • Andy Moss
    Andy Moss

    Digging new song bud. Glad you had a ball dude release some stress. #yeeyee

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    YEE!!! YEE!!!!

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    Lovin!!! This video!!! My favorite kind of fun!!! Lots of places to do that fun stuff out here in my backyard called UTAH!!! especially fun after in rains good & you can find you a nice massive mud puddle!!! COME TO UTAH GRANGER SMITH & BAND!! I’ve been dying for you guys to come back & so so so does many more here in Utah besides all my friends& family there’s always ppl bringing it up & they ask me cuz I never miss an upload on any of your channels where most others work& don’t get to see your content before I do!! So give me something to tell them plz!!! I ask so much but never get a response for your Utah fans that I can share on social as well, plz give me a something to tell everyone so they can start planning& have something to get them excited for too!!! 🎉 I literally can’t wait!!!!!!!! Love ya Granger& Amber & family! & of course the Band!! PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!! 💋 💋 💋

  • doxiewoman24

    That was awesome. Looked like soo much fun. #YEEYEE # countrythings

  • Trever Farr
    Trever Farr

    Is holler going to be on this next album?

  • Trandon Waltermire
    Trandon Waltermire

    Doing the things Country people love to do YEE YEE

  • Lisa Lancaster
    Lisa Lancaster

    Looks like good country fun!

  • Mason Respess
    Mason Respess

    Now we needa get you to North Carolina to ride with Braydon Price

  • Donna Moody
    Donna Moody

    Y'all @lunkerstv and @grangersmith are killin me! We used to be able to have fun like this in my home town! Unfortunately due to the "growth" around here...they've taken it all away from us 😭

  • Cam Z
    Cam Z

    What's up brother

  • addicted_to_ bass
    addicted_to_ bass

    Thanks for the heads up in the title. Definitely wont be watching this one with him in it.

  • Joe Awald
    Joe Awald

    Love the intro

  • Deb Peterson
    Deb Peterson

    It couldn't have been any better!

  • Kyle Reimer
    Kyle Reimer

    I love ❤️ this type of content!

  • Mark G Willett
    Mark G Willett

    2.44am and i laughing with ya all #yeeyee 🎈

  • Jacob Teter
    Jacob Teter

    @ granger smith you should do a song about bear hunting with hounds I guarantee it will blow up

  • Lucas Petersen
    Lucas Petersen

    That song is going to be a banger and absolute banger

  • Jack Bryant
    Jack Bryant

    I'm so jealous

  • Mike Provenzano
    Mike Provenzano

    Titty Turkla is awesome! Have you read his book? I think it’s great!!-) I’m excited about your new album

  • valerie martinez
    valerie martinez

    Hahaha that looked like a good ol time!!! Hi granger 👋!!!!

  • Gary Goforth
    Gary Goforth

    What song is playing while they are muddin?

  • Sawyer Scott
    Sawyer Scott

    Let me know when you go next time, I want to go!!!

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