Divorce: Would you choose your mom or dad? | Granger Smith Podcast
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 74: Divorce is so normal today. How do you choose whether your kid will live with either you or the other parent? How does that affect the relationship within the family? I dive deep into this topic with my buddy Bernie!

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  • Cindy Wyckoff
    Cindy Wyckoff

    At the age of 7 I had to choose between my mom and siblings,or my dad. I didn't know that when I chose my mom I would totally lose my dad for 21yrs from my life. But it affected my mental stability for the rest of my life I am 58 yrs young

  • Natalie Collins
    Natalie Collins

    that's hard to choose cuz both of my parents are spilt up that's hard to choose.. :{

  • Matthew Railfan 9088
    Matthew Railfan 9088

    it would be cool if Granger did a podcast around the fire one day

  • nonya biz
    nonya biz

    I wish I had a dad and my mom was a drug addict hippie so I chose the streets at 14, on my own. Sadly two of my boys are divorced and the kids split Time with both. It’s difficult to see the effects on the kids.

  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor

    The day someone told me that our bodies were computers and food was code my brain finally turned on for the first time LOL It finally all made sense!

  • Jon Bickle
    Jon Bickle

    Pandemic? I’ve been living my life as normal this past year

  • Danielle

    Ok, I went back to watch the 5 more minutes music video. Had you not you told everyone he had dreads, I would not have known it was him. So crazy!

  • Moranda Haines
    Moranda Haines

    What is the email address we submit our questions too?! @grangersmith

  • Nick

    I live in Columbus Ohio awesome story!

  • Rocky Brown
    Rocky Brown

    Open the country up and let’s get back to living life. 🤡🤡🤡 The clown show is over!

  • Rocky Brown
    Rocky Brown

    Thankfully my parents were married for 63 years and I’ve never had to choose. I had both parents. My sweet momma Betty passed it will be 4 years this September. ❤️ she was my best friend, confident and I love her with all my heart. Last week my daddy who is 88 moved into senior apartment. He has become so important to me. I know him so much deeper than I did. Family is everything. Mine is getting smaller which makes it even more important. 💕I’m thrilled for your big project. 👶. Yeeyee

  • AlyssaMarie

    My parents divorced when I was 3 & I’ve lived with my mom. Saw my dad maybe every other weekend if we were lucky. My parents were on such bad terms that when they were around each other you could just feel the tension! As a child seeing this happen and basically being in the middle is very emotionally draining. I always felt distant from my father as we didn’t see him often & negative things were always said about each other from both sides. It’s definitely not something kids need to hear or see, it’s never the kids fault, we didn’t decide to marry or divorce yet we as children suffer the most from it. Now as a 27y/o, I have a hard time opening up and trusting anyone especially getting into a relationship because of the emotional pain I went through growing up & I don’t ever want to experience that pain again. To the children who are in the middle of parents getting divorced, IT IS NEVER YOUR FAULT! I wish someone told me that growing up, took me a long time to realize that.

  • Jason Branham
    Jason Branham

    I’ll be honest if it was not for Granger and the smiths and the positive additude I believe that my family would have had a really bad time with all the pandemic so thank you for helping get us thru at where we are with hope and spiritual guidance

  • Gundog

    my dad He let's do whatever

  • Carla Cunningham
    Carla Cunningham

    I browsed through the comments and didn't see a response of this kind of custody situation, although I might have missed it. About 25 years ago my younger brother got divorced. His wife left him a week after their younger son's 1st birthday party and the older son was 3. He asked me about what he should do, especially about the boys. He said that before they had gotten married and discussed kids, they didn't want kids harmed in case of a divorce, so they talked about joint custody. Well, sure enough, they wanted even custody of the boys. A judge was astounded at the arrangement. A week on/off with each parent. Each would pay 50% of childcare. No child support payments because they didn't want any 'price' paid for time with their kids. It worked out ok. Fast forward, my own daughter called me a few years ago and said she and her husband were divorcing and were doing a similar week-on/week-off arrangement. The kids are 11 and 14. They appear to be doing ok but it's got to have consequences when it comes to kids self-identity. To me, it seems like young parents that do this have a week being parents and then a week without the responsibility of parenting... The 'old way' of parenting has no time off. It's 24/7. I wonder if kids in situations like this think about how 'free' their parents are to do their own thing when they (the kids) are not there...and maybe even wonder if the parents resent the inconvenience of having them around.

  • Ashton Lawrence
    Ashton Lawrence

    Good job on the music video

  • Eddie Dyer
    Eddie Dyer

    I was to young to choose who to go with when my dad left. My mom thought he was in Iraq serving for our country but he was with a family in Mexico.

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    Thank you so much! I have been underweight most of my life, other than when I was in the Army. I know have injuries and I'm way too light. Not as healthy as I should be either! I know your advice will help and I bought the book "it all starts with food", because of your words of wisdom! So, thank you very much! With love from Austin! 🤘🤠

  • Debbie F
    Debbie F

    Back in the 70's when I was like 12, and all my friends parents were divorcing, as horrible as it is to say, I hoped my parents would divorce. I would have chosen to go with my Dad. I never had a close relationship with my Mom. Found out shortly before she died that she rejected me when I was born due to my red hair. Wasn't until my uncle offered to take me that she finally agreed to see me. 🥺

  • cjdeeter

    Was Bernie in “5 More Minutes”

  • Kandy Markland
    Kandy Markland

    I feel the book of Mark helps in this situation.

  • Jan Grahame
    Jan Grahame

    In a way this year of time with your family has done so much healing in your lives. Your children have sunk down their taproot and thrived in all the attention you've been able to give them. God's blessings are always greatest in the victory over adversity.

  • flathead Catfish
    flathead Catfish

    Just to update y'all on the # 68 on the wall. When the video starts and Granger is talking, watch when his hand goes up. There are two pallet boards that come together and the nail holes in the wood make the # 68

  • sarah fleming
    sarah fleming

    My dad got full custody of me and two of my brothers. Divorce is very complicated but in my situation my mom was the issue not my dad.

  • Rebecca Haines
    Rebecca Haines

    Bernie said it perfectly. You and Amber are such an inspiration. I love yalls outlook on life and your faith. I really hope to meet you both one day. Let's get back to the real normal!

  • eric “hickfromthesticks” cook
    eric “hickfromthesticks” cook

    you 2 together are just amazing im so inspired by the both of you thanks so much for the time you give to the people love the podcast ....YEE YEE

  • Elizabeth Losh
    Elizabeth Losh

    I was impressed on how many of "your people" were in 5 more minutes.

  • Elizabeth Losh
    Elizabeth Losh

    I am currently happily married but I have been married before, with children. I have made it a point that my current husband has the opportunity to be involved, we are all family. My previous husband has always been welcomed. Shoot, the two guys have even shared beers together. Just because we didn't get along doesn't mean it is not good for all of us. THis has helped us maintain a level of respect between us and our children and I feel like that is important. Our kids are on a shared schedule and get equal time. We also let the kids participate in activities, trips and adventures...even if it is on our time. There are only so many days on this earth and we feel like they should get to experience all of the good times and be with family as much as possible. We have birthday parties together and let the kids share in both family holiday celebrations. We SHARE. I grew up in a broken home with parents that could not even speak without police being involved on many occasions. I swore I would never let this happen. My kids honestly have more people that care about and love them than I could have ever dreamt of having as a child. Family is Family, you gotta make it work.....all pride aside. XOXOXOXO ~P.S. Granger I can't wait to see your next show!!! Keep up the great work!

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H

    What is the significance of the feather tattoo with your kiddos birthdates? :)

  • dwightlowes

    Great Video💯!!🎶YeeYee 🎶

  • Shilla Kinney
    Shilla Kinney

    Very thankful Texas will open tomorrow!! I'm ready to go to a Granger Smith concert!!

  • Megan Moreno
    Megan Moreno

    We live in a small town and being outside has saved my mental health thru this. I am scheduled march 31 for my shot and my husband already had his

  • Tammy Preston
    Tammy Preston

    I enjoyed listening to your pod cast today. Watched your new song video just before watching your pod cast and thought it was very good. Love the hook of the song so true for so many of us. Actually i think granger you have great acting skills! Awesome and very believable video! Always enjoy watching the smiths and your pod casts. I think there is a resemblance between bernie and brett eldredge in term of looks not voice. He seems like a great friend. I am thankful for this day in age that we had the internet (digital technology) to fall back on during the pandemic. Imagine if we wouldn't of had it how much harder life would of been. I believe sometimes we'll have to deal with living under a two prong approach that is 1st preference -- always make personal connections in our lives first (which are best) and when we need to making an alternative connections via a digital connections, (keeping your business going via Zoom) during unexpected times. actually thank god for this technology! I'm sure our ancestors couldn't even imagined such a gift. I call this day in age of living the two prong approach, when we need to use digital communications to get by use it, but never avoid making personal connections whenever we can. Love you Granger YEE YEE.

  • Josiah Bernhart
    Josiah Bernhart

    What’s bad is I have to choose who I want to Live with in court kids shouldn’t have to choose

  • Caleb Lee
    Caleb Lee

    I have an 8 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. They're mother and I are separated and we are not getting back together. But I don't hope my kids choose me. I don't hope they choose They're mother. I hope they choose God. Being the best example of a God fearing man is my focus. Seek ye first the kingdom of god.

  • BigJ771

    Can’t really comment on which parent to go with but my stepson he was too young to decide to who he wanted to go with so he was with his mom. He came into my life at eight months old and is 15 now and me and his mom have been divorced for nine years and instead of going see his dad every other week he stays with me every other week. His dad never tried to play a good role in his life. But I’ll claim him I like him.

  • braedo 777
    braedo 777

    Granger, I’ve seen the new music video and it’s so good! The song is even better!


    my mom my dad hates me and hate my mom

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    That was great!! Love you and Bernie advise. LOVED THE NEW VIDEO!!! 🤠🤠

  • flathead Catfish
    flathead Catfish

    Not to change the subject: But has anyone else ever noticed the 68 on the wall behind them?

    • r2countrygirl1

      flathead Catfish - You are correct. I switched videos and now my nope is a yup. I see the 68. I will probably see nothing but that 68 from now on, but at least I can now focus on what is being said. Note to self: Self ... your worse than a squirrel in the middle of the road - don't ever click on comments again 🙃🙂🙃🙂

    • r2countrygirl1

      I keep having to rewind this video because I keep getting distracted looking for the 68. No, I do not see anything other than the wood and nails on the wall behind them. (and not from lack of trying) Now I am trying to close my eyes (and keep my eyes closed) and try to just listen to what they are saying. However, that wall is now embedded in my mind and I'm still looking for a 68 even with my eyes closed. Whyyyyyy??????? Why would you do this? Do you see 68? Nope How bout now? Nope And now? Again Nope > > > What about now? Still nope Seriously, you don't see 68? ...seriously, the only number's I see is that it is 2:43 a.m and my battery life is now showing 39% - there is no 68 However, I do see SNOOZE in my near future.

  • Becky Clutter
    Becky Clutter

    I got my second shot three weeks ago and I am really ready to get out there! My daughter works in health care and has had several coworkers die with it. Live in Missouri. I have been careful but I have been places.

  • Lance Beeman
    Lance Beeman

    It took a second to notice it was Bernie in “5 more minutes” with the glasses and dreads!

  • Evangelina Templin
    Evangelina Templin

    My divorce was awful emotionally and it took a toll on me physically. However my son who's 4 has never been put in the position to pick between his mommy or daddy. We co parent and we are both are actively present in our son's life which means the time is shared 50/50.

  • Republican 101-23
    Republican 101-23

    Listened to this using raycons

  • Jack McGrath
    Jack McGrath

    i think he was in don't tread on me

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    With Texas opening.... bring on the shows!!! I agree completely with what Bernie said about you. You are an inspiration. You know I love your music, but I’m a hung fan because of who you are. Thanks for always being so kind and taking the time. ❤️❤️🙏

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Concerts are starting to book for late spring in Georgia. Hope you come back soon bro. Thanks for another great episode 👍 Yee Yee nation

  • nick slagriff
    nick slagriff

    Hey I wish that I could get a Yee Yee shirt but I'm 13 and live in Canada Ontario

  • David W.
    David W.

    I really like the advice you gave about writing a letter. That is such a lost art that we all take for granted these days. Great advice.

  • nick slagriff
    nick slagriff

    You need to come to Ontario Canada

  • David W.
    David W.

    If my neighbor could be in a full body bio suit, he absolutely WOULD! He will be the absolute LAST person i know that will ever take off his mask. Heck, he wears Kroger bags on his hands to put out his GARBAGE can out! (Let that sink in for a moment..it’s GARBAGE)... I on the other hand HATE the masks and think it’s the worst advice POSSIBLE... so ineffective but I won’t go into that. But my life did change, worked from home 100% for four to five months! Now I’m back to work at least 3-4 days a week and it’s SO much better seeing an interacting with other HUMANS again! That part is very nice, but I really has been nice having to work from home,I started a GREAT garden!!

  • Just Floating
    Just Floating


  • Erin Lyon
    Erin Lyon

    Bernie was in 5 more minutes love that song

  • David W.
    David W.

    Granger, I am a product of a divorce myself. I was 5 when they divorced in 1970, my sister and I initially went with my mom but I spent significant time with my dad as well. A few years with one or the other, on opposite sides of the state, which was (in retrospect) very disruptive to my overall upbringing. I never had that chance to make any “life long” childhood friends, as I was always bouncing back and forth every couple years. Kids that are younger don’t get much of a chance to decide “which” parent they stay with. I never did at least, until I was 12 or 13, and a Judge asked me who I’d want to live with. I can see that the parent you don’t choose is disappointed and hurt, but that is an IMPOSSIBLE choice for a young kid to HAVE to make. I turned out pretty well considering, but the US NAVY had a big part in that ;) But life in the 70’s as a kid who didn’t have both parents around made me the “odd kid out” and was pretty tough. Got into plenty of fights at school, that I can tell you. But I did turn out pretty well balanced? LOL

  • The Grimest
    The Grimest

    It's too messed up!I live it and have begged God for the answer! After the anger,crying, It always in the bible, please read the bible! It the only book you need and for anyone who thinks jesus christ is fake! Every culture in the entire world that doesn't believe in jesus christ still tells time by his birthday! God bless America and Israel

  • Fofo The dodo
    Fofo The dodo

    I’m just so glad that I do not have to worry about any of this because I have a great mom and dad and I can’t even imagine what other kids have to go through

  • M'Lady's Simple Elegance
    M'Lady's Simple Elegance

    "Be the soft hearted one, not the hard hearted one." ~Bernie ❤🙏❤

  • Virginia Stoneking
    Virginia Stoneking

    Bernie's awesome. Keep him coming. YeeYee.

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    Bernie was in your video for 5 more minutes and had some way different hair lol

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    I love the new video it rocks!!!!!!

  • Gloria Strong
    Gloria Strong

    Great podcast this morning 🤠

  • sheri seice
    sheri seice

    just watched the new Video its my favorite song on whole album love the Video!

  • Aydren the farm boy
    Aydren the farm boy

    Divorce between my parents I would do suicide cuz I can't choose I live them both to much

  • Sheri Garrison
    Sheri Garrison

    I love the way the video turned out just hate what it's about as I have been married 40 yrs and believe love is forever. But still love the new video

  • Julie Garska
    Julie Garska

    I’m ready to take a damn masks and burn them over it.

  • sheri seice
    sheri seice

    2012 That's what I would do with it"

  • Mark Teague
    Mark Teague

    The Smith family are just daily devotionals, testimonies and positivity... keep up the great work👍🏻

  • I am Theresa PA
    I am Theresa PA

    Interesting podcast today! Granger , it.was going to be a yr ago, March 14th when we were planning a rd trip to Schenectady NY for your show. Then chameleon club in PA when touring was put on hold ! Was looking forward to these & cant wait til touring picks up again ! Was waiting for “I’m wearing black” live ☘️ 🎶🍺

  • Joey

    When my parents got divorced I hadn't spoken to my birth mom for over a year while she still lived there. She was a pill popping alcoholic. She agreed not to fight for me (I refused to ever see her again anyway) then totally backed out of that. 3 months of no payments from dad forced her to lie and say we were good so judge would finalize. I found family later in life through my local patriot community :) sometimes family ain't blood

  • Patrick McDaniel
    Patrick McDaniel

    Hey Granger do you know when they r going to do another YeeYee appeal podcast.

  • katie_brown12

    First - I LOVE this podcast so so so much! Bernie is awesome, I love hearing his point of view! I also LOVE when you and Amber sit together and talk, whether it’s on your podcast or Arise or on The Smiths. Cannot wait for the music video to be released tonight!! Yee Yee!

  • Denise Coleman
    Denise Coleman

    We DO follow Granger and his family because of how REAL they are and how they handle things. No doubt.❤️

  • Beth Nichols
    Beth Nichols

    Our area in Upstate NY, shut down the weekend before St. Patrick's Day, 2020. Seemed like one day there was a report of 1 person having it and within a few days, they closed schools in the area and everything just seemed to have shut down.

  • Jerred Wayne
    Jerred Wayne

    I was forced to live with my mom until I turned 14 then I chose to live with my dad

  • Jenn Dios
    Jenn Dios

    I got so much out of this podcast today. I love you having Bernie on again. He is so insightful and level headed as are you Granger. A lot of the advice I can apply in my own life challenges right now with broken relationships & grief. I am going to check out that book too. I use to be so passionate about healthy food and exercise. I am getting back to it. Thank you for your words of wisdom & sound advice, both of you.

  • Kristin Gallant
    Kristin Gallant

    I was 29 when my parents split up. In the beginning I felt forced to pick a side. I refused and it strained both relationships. It doesn’t matter how old the child is, it still is tough. No child should have to choose between parents.

  • Diane Glon
    Diane Glon

    My son stays with me for a week and then stays with his dad for a week. Works out great.

  • Angela Holloway
    Angela Holloway

    Bernie is in 5 more minutes. Great Podcast Granger and Bernie. Can't wait for everything to open back up!

  • Evan Simmons
    Evan Simmons

    20:50 dead on! TBH I dont care for the music, I watch because you and your family is such a good example to me. I cannot imagine the things y'all have gone though and how well y'all have handled it. Definitely one of my favorite content creators!

  • Evan Simmons
    Evan Simmons

    I will be sad when things go back to "normal". I work in Technology and have gotten to spend the last year with my 2 yr old. I was telling my wife the last year has been year of my life

  • Kim !
    Kim !

    I will still mask up...until I know we are safe

  • Kim !
    Kim !

    I just want all the older folks to get a vaccine... and I will feel more safe. I can handle this but I don't wanna give it to other people.

  • Samantha Rowan
    Samantha Rowan

    Best way to start the week! Thanks Granger!!

  • Linsey Collins
    Linsey Collins

    I live in a small town with population of 129 people. In the top north west part of KS. Less than a mile from the Colorado boarder. They don't and never unforced the mask. So besides the time where shelves where empty of things yeah not much of a difference here. I am sorry for the bad it has caused people. It sucks.

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P

    Time to open the country back up 100%. I need to see Granger in a huge concert!!!

  • Beth Johnson
    Beth Johnson

    Can't wait to see the new video!!! I am representing YEEYEE today with the sweatshirt I bought! I am ready to get back to my pre-Covid life! I want to attend concerts again and be around people. I hope this is going to be a great summer for all of us!!

  • Vanessa Ruiz
    Vanessa Ruiz

    I was lucky. When I was a kid I ended up in foster care and was lucky to live with two of my five brothers. My mom is still a drug addict and an alcoholic. My father is an alcoholic and struggles with drug use and depression. I did have a relationship with both of my parents, but once I realized my parents were not a good fit for me I stopped talking to them.

  • Danny pjr
    Danny pjr

    Me and my ex separated 6 years ago when my daughter was almost 5 we tried to make it work after we lost our first born daughter we grew apart and we're just never the same and it was later i found out that she had a bf on the side and had a guy move in after a month. we had joint custody of her and all was good till I got remarried and her long time bf broke up with her and I got our daughter 5 days a week well Wednesday she called me freaking out that I need to take our daughter to the er and have her checked because someone told her she was being touched when she was at her house so I freak and start trying to pick out which gun to take with me and call her back to she who it was that told her and who did it well turned out it was 2 voices from the basement that was telling her and she had the cops look 4 times without finding a real person ill add the basement floods and hold a inch of water and silt cops said the silt wasn't disturbed and no wet foot prints out and up the stairs so I take her to a family doc and they send us to the er and they call a children's rights group to come talk to us all they decide that they want to talk to the daughter 1st since they had no proof anything had happened and the doctors didn't want to put my kid through that test if it was for nothing well we go and they talk to her for a hour and find nothing tell the ex that and she freaks saying to f us all they are stupid and the voices are right and that was the last I heard from her so now I got to come up with a extra $1500 to pay a lawyer to go to court and have custody changed

  • Marcy Davenport
    Marcy Davenport

    "Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast"!!! Solid!!!

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    I don't really know who my dad is. I know his name and everything. So I am glad I stuck with my mom and of course my step dad is basically is my dad. however glad to know his side of the family now.

  • Linsey Collins
    Linsey Collins

    My kids don't have to make that decision. Last kid is going to be 18 in less than a year. At least not as kids they won't. My kids and one other of my son's friends who sadly just passed away due to a accidental shooting his mom and dad are still together. Everyone else lives the mom and dad are separated life. It's so sad.

  • Vinny Pinatelli
    Vinny Pinatelli

    Another amazing one thank you so much love all your channels!!! God bless you all

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    Just glad Abbott is trying to save the economy on Wednesday! 100% open, no mask mandate. Thank God. Requiring to people to put things on their body against their will is against the constitution and our individual rights anyway. Plus the same "mask pushers" are the same type of people that don't wear gloves either and spread it just about the same amount... So... Let's just save our nation one step at a time! 🇺🇸 God bless!

  • Faith Williams
    Faith Williams

    the way i’m doing it right now is i go to my dads for one week starting friday and i go to my moms the next week

  • Alisha Higgins
    Alisha Higgins

    My mom and dad has split custody meaning I have to go back and forth every other week

  • RebelRob34

    Is Bernie in I'm Wearing Black???

  • Renee Griffith
    Renee Griffith

    My parents divorced when I was 6. I was an only child to a 23 year old mom, and a 26 year old dad. It was the best choice that I got to stay with my mom. I got a stepdad at 9, those years were not the greatest. I love my stepdad but not as a young child, took me until my adult years before that happened, and both my mom and stepdad are alive and doing well in their 80's. My relationship with my dad went haywire later in years, but mended prior to his passing in 2019, My step dad was more of a dad than my natural dad was.

  • Rory Fire
    Rory Fire

    Having divorced parents myself, I can say that I have to be cautious on what a say and choose to do. It's kinda hard to find balance but my advice is to remember what makes you happy and healthy

  • Wilson Mayo
    Wilson Mayo

    i wanted to choose my dad but my mom took me any way,

  • denise11864

    I was 14 when my parents divorced in 1979, and I stayed with my dad. My brother and sister were with my mom. My brother came to live with us when he turned 13. My parents hated each other and the only communication was through attorneys, but they were never mad at us about where we lived. When I turned 40 and my daughter got married, they both showed up at the wedding, sat together, and talked for hours. It was a shocking and healing experience and took 25 years to get to that place. I lost my dad in 2018 and my mom in 2019.