Blindfold Ammo Challenge w/Kentucky Ballistics
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  • Savage squad 384
    Savage squad 384

    Do a video like this one with demolition ranch

  • Andrew Hoffmann
    Andrew Hoffmann

    Very cool to see Scott in this manner. Good clean fun on his channel. Happy to be a Kenfolk.

  • Seanzy W.
    Seanzy W.


  • Zayden Hartzell
    Zayden Hartzell

    It only got 7 dislikes

  • Hawks 13
    Hawks 13

    Got them all, but the bushmaster - thought it was a .44 cal of some type, although I can see them.

  • Candice Brown
    Candice Brown

    That’s impressive!

  • gunna2cool

    Absolutely brilliant! Might be one of the most interesting quick interviews I've seen this week!

  • Kathy Whiting
    Kathy Whiting

    That was so amazing !! YeeYee

  • Brannan Knight
    Brannan Knight

    I missed 3

  • Zach K
    Zach K

    Ummm lol i definitely wouldn’t have beat him but I feel confident with at least a couple haha. Awesome video Mr.Smith. 🇺🇸

  • Dean C
    Dean C

    This was a great idea for a video! I enjoyed that! :D Good job Scott. But somehow I am not surprised he guessed most of them correctly. lmao

  • halee trammell
    halee trammell


  • halee trammell
    halee trammell

    😂😏 no comment. 223

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    Thanks for coming on the show Kentucky! It was great to watch you two! 🤘

  • Shane McCain
    Shane McCain

    Can I just say that I have his hat that he is wearing and I abousletley love it

  • Yeeyee Tv
    Yeeyee Tv

    I would be able to do 6.5 and the pistol rounds but there is no way I would ever be able to do that. He’s good

  • Smart Farm
    Smart Farm

    No I could not

  • Kevin Larson
    Kevin Larson

    He beat me and I was looking at them!!

  • Wil Standridge
    Wil Standridge

    Other ALgoneRS out there you could test...

  • Annette Elizalde
    Annette Elizalde

    Lived watching you both , looked like you had a blast, thanks for sharing. Blessings 😇

  • American Islander
    American Islander

    Ammo situation:

  • Cory Comeau
    Cory Comeau

    You should definitely do this with demo as well

  • James Low
    James Low

    I know I couldn’t at all

  • A Dotious
    A Dotious

    That was amazing

  • Johnny Matias
    Johnny Matias

    No way and I am good

  • iBen YT
    iBen YT

    The 7mm is the only one that would have thrown me off

  • JMAN8409 McCullough
    JMAN8409 McCullough

    No I couldn’t beat him

  • Kuttin Kuddy
    Kuttin Kuddy

    I was screaming 450. Bushmaster!! But the last one probably would've got me..

  • JMAN8409 McCullough
    JMAN8409 McCullough

    What the heck man holy cow

  • Billy McCord
    Billy McCord

    Great video!

  • Cory Schmitt
    Cory Schmitt

    I know people that cant even get it right with looking at them let alone blindfolded...I've brought several calipers (I believe it was 10 different calibers) with me to work to challenge some co-workers in there knowledge of gun calibers I brought some common calibers and odd ball sizes I have and had only 1 person out of 7 that got then all right

  • TxVet 77
    TxVet 77

    I would have gotten a few and I even got the 450 Bushmaster when you showed it. Scott has us all!!

  • Kentucky Ballistics
    Kentucky Ballistics

    Thanks again for having me out! I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again!

    • Raysplace

      That was actually pretty dang impressive.. I kinda figured you'd get a couple of them right.. But, you nailed it.. 🍻🍻🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Apex Studios
      Apex Studios

      Subscribing. YEE YEE

    • Kris Faraday
      Kris Faraday

      You still pissed at Brandon

    • JMAN8409 McCullough
      JMAN8409 McCullough

      I’m gonna go sub to you

  • JT 710
    JT 710

    Great video guys. Also great stories at the beginning

  • Jay

    I remember somebody on a Demo Ranch video said you were a trooper, but I didn't think much of it. What part of KY were you a Trooper in? Your accent sounds more western Kentucky to me, but it's been so long since I was down there. My dad was from Harlan County and mom was from Mccreary County down around Cumberland Falls. I love that part of the world, Ive spent my life in eastern ohio, but southern and southeast kentucky will always be where I call home. I even still have some of my parents accents more than a decade after they passed. Its hard to shake. Edit: looked up your PO Box. Murray. Called it. I know my accents better than I thought. Beautiful area out by Paducah.

  • Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson

    I would of gotten about 1/2.

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    Very impressive you both so lovely thanku so much love an god bless x

  • Aunt Reese
    Aunt Reese

    Ya should have had Matt Carriker on there to see if he knows his pew pews that makes it go bang lol, but Go Big Blue Kentucky Ballistics!!

  • Johnny Swedish Scrapper
    Johnny Swedish Scrapper

    scott know hes stuff ;) great video ;) and awsome gusseing about the bullets ;)

  • Kevin wooten
    Kevin wooten

    wow. not a chance

  • Ray Smith
    Ray Smith

    No flipping way I could have done that. Awesome video!!🇺🇸

  • yotarocket

    I'm not even a country fan, but I'm a Granger Smith fan 🤘

  • Jeffrey Bensching
    Jeffrey Bensching

    Challenge Scott vs Matt

  • Don Cox
    Don Cox

    By sight I got the 450 bushmaster mistaken for a 50 Beowulf. And missed the 7mm-08. But without sight would have missed more. Probably 1/3. 9mm and 380 would have been a close call without holding both.

  • Jared Jones
    Jared Jones

    Damn bro he is great at naming those damn rounds

  • iamthequeenfyi

    I couldn’t have beat him. I would only know the basic common ones

  • john tate
    john tate

    I would like to see demo do it

  • Joseph A
    Joseph A

    Could I be KB, nope not a chance. Awesome vid.

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Impressive! Great episode guys 👍 Yee Yee

  • stagg

    Could I beat Kentucky Ballistics at ammo diag? Hell effing no!

  • Jazmyn Brinkman
    Jazmyn Brinkman

    That was awesome, I know I wouldn't have gotten all of them right.

  • Jonah Purvis
    Jonah Purvis

    Shoot I'll probably get none right blind folded 😂.I was supprised! Good job Kentucky Ballistics 👍

  • Dustin Thelen
    Dustin Thelen

    I knew the .450 bushmaster and the 50 BMG the rest probably couldn't have beat him

  • deborah meador
    deborah meador

    yee yee your so beautifull

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    Nope! Lol

  • Gavin Carter
    Gavin Carter

    This was so cool

  • Alexzander Duchene
    Alexzander Duchene

    Yes and i am 11

  • Brent Messner
    Brent Messner

    Guess that 450 bushmaster needs to be on the channel more Kentucky

  • Rod VanNess
    Rod VanNess

    Give Demo the same test and see how he does!!

  • Maxwell Chatman
    Maxwell Chatman

    There is no way I would have been able to tell the difference between 9mm and .380 unless I had them together

  • TheDieselStop

    Granger I keep trying to tell you I have a gift for you and your family for that new house you are building. I promise you and I have walked in the same footsteps. I could never recover to post on ALgone anymore but you guys sure give us inspiration.

  • joseph baker
    joseph baker


  • Kevin P
    Kevin P

    That was impressive!!!

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith

    I think Demo could beat him🇺🇸🇺🇸😁😁

  • Ken G
    Ken G

    Cool video.

  • Cole Norsworthy
    Cole Norsworthy

    Freakin awesome! No way I'd get half of those, pretty impressive

  • zach moonshower
    zach moonshower

    No way I could

  • Tom Savinov
    Tom Savinov

    No way I could have gotten all of them. Awesome video.

  • Michael McClure
    Michael McClure

    I could have gotten the bb, 22lr, and 50bmg. God Bless

  • RBD Works
    RBD Works


  • melman8r

    Awesome fun episode!

  • gary nordby
    gary nordby

    Think I would of got the BB 22 and maybe 50bmg and none of the rest

  • Doug Garrett
    Doug Garrett

    Kentucky Ballistics is the best

  • The Machine
    The Machine

    Granger and anyone else. Pro Tip, if you are stuck at a bench weight and can't get past it. Stop using the bench bar. Press incline, decline and flat bench using nothing but dumbbells for a month or longer if you wish. Go up in weight when it feels comfortable. I was stuck at 385 Lbs. on my bench. I did the dumbbells' for a little over a month. When I tried for my Personal Best, I was able to make significant gains on my bench press, incline and decline.

  • Andy Moss
    Andy Moss

    That was fun to watch ol boy knows his stuff. I wouldn't challenge him.

  • dhfd200

    The hard one to me would have been the 380vs9mm. They are pretty close in size. I know the popular ones. I know i would not have gotten the 7mm. I wish you would have done 38 and 357. But that was impressive. Now i have a new party game!!

  • Blaine Dougherty
    Blaine Dougherty

    I have a lot of firearms but there is no way I could have gotten even close to getting any of those right

  • mandy stout
    mandy stout

    Best singer ever

  • Godfather of Texas
    Godfather of Texas

    Can Demo Matt do this?

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey

    I couldn’t do that with my eyes open!

    • Raysplace

      😂😂.. Same here dude.. That was actually pretty dang impressive..🍻🍻

  • dale parker
    dale parker

    That was a good vid would like to see yall do couple more together

  • Metalstorm56
    Metalstorm56 we need more of this Positivity on ALgone

  • KS Machinist
    KS Machinist

    I missed the 450 and the 460 and I could see the dang things.

  • Cherry City Guns and Ammo
    Cherry City Guns and Ammo

    Great video. I've been a Kentucky Ballistics fan for a long time, but definitely becoming a Granger Smith fan. Good job, Scott. I may have to give that one a try.

  • nukem bear
    nukem bear

    Hey,Earl is not an idiot, hes an icon!

  • Timmothy McCandless
    Timmothy McCandless

    I want to hear kentucky ballistics holler YEE!! YEE!! Also there is no way in heck I could do what he just did, but I would like to see him and demo matt go head to head.

  • Made by Knight
    Made by Knight

    I got them all except the last one, but I could see them. No way I could do it blind folded though. I was yelling .450 at my phone haha

  • Goobersmooch

    He pulled me over once, and shut me down. @9milson2wheelsmatt

  • Goattie McGoat
    Goattie McGoat

    Looks like a good test for all the big gun ALgone channels

  • Adam Scholl
    Adam Scholl

    No. Just a flat no way could I have even got half.

  • chadwickwhite

    I’m sure I would have missed the same 2. Would have guessed 458 on the 450 BM.

  • cobra460

    I haven't see Scott shoot the 50 bmg pistol. I think he's afraid of it. 🤣

  • One Crazy Dog Mum
    One Crazy Dog Mum

    Should’ve had @drdemolitionmatt go head to head with this test

    • 42invincible

      Plus add Lunker’s, Reaper and Matt Best to the blind fold competition

  • robert cushman
    robert cushman

    WOLVERINES stand by.

  • Olivas Vlogs
    Olivas Vlogs


  • Collin Borgerding
    Collin Borgerding

    yee yee

  • Collin Borgerding
    Collin Borgerding

    pleas reply granger smith i love you and sory for your los

  • Charmaine Ramsay
    Charmaine Ramsay

    You have such interesting people on your videos really enjoyed this one

  • Polaris g
    Polaris g

    Very impressive 👏 👍 God bless y'all and this country that allows us to do this kind of thing 🙏 🇺🇲🦅💚

  • bert music
    bert music

    We used to do the same thing but by sound of them dropping on a hard floor. Thats also a lot of fun lol. Well done