Asking my best friend to make a VERY tough decision
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 36 - Join me as I chat with my best friend and tour manager Chris Lee!
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Yee Yee Life:

  • Josh Jeantet
    Josh Jeantet

    I like hearing the business side I respect the hustle

  • Randy

    So what was the tough decision??

  • Texas Country
    Texas Country

    You're Evil.

  • EoffZooStaff

    I for SURE want to hear any and all stories from the road, the good, the bad, the hilarious and the not so hilarious....

  • LaJanice Sanderson
    LaJanice Sanderson

    Love all the podcasts. It's so nice to hear all your stories of where you were, where you are, where your going and all your other interests. Makes it so relatable in a real life sense. Thanks

  • Jeff Wiggins
    Jeff Wiggins

    Full band plus Buck and Bull round table tour stories. I would pay for that.

  • Danae Zaitz
    Danae Zaitz

    Please Please Please make this into a song!! YEE YEE NATION!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle Gilhooly
    Danielle Gilhooly

    I would love to hear more tour stories with Chris. Also would like to see each of the band members on here with you.

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    It makes my heart so happy to know you guys are such strong believers! Your faith in God is just so amazing to me. Love both you fellas!

  • Caitlin Swenson
    Caitlin Swenson

    Would love to hear stories from the road!

  • Staci Schilling
    Staci Schilling

    Would love to hear road stories..

  • Brent Nelson
    Brent Nelson

    YES! Tour stories would be awesome!

  • Janelle H
    Janelle H

    Hi, Granger. I'd like to suggest that you change your setup so that you and your guest are sitting across the table from each other. You can still angle your chairs a bit toward the camera, and it'll feel more like a natural conversation. The side-by-side looks weird and uncomfortable. Anyway, just a suggestion based on my opinion, and only meant to help.

  • Jim Schroeder
    Jim Schroeder

    I loved the podcast you two have creative chemistry . I would love to hear the road stories from you two

  • Carla Parker
    Carla Parker

    Come to Beaumont tx

  • Carolyn Davis
    Carolyn Davis

    YASSSS to road tour stories!!!!!

  • Mary Jean
    Mary Jean

    Please come to Louisville Kentucky 🌸

  • Traci McGee
    Traci McGee

    That would be a fun podcast to listen to (even though they all are)...road stories, good and bad! Yes please!


    great vid man

  • cassie martin
    cassie martin

    Great episode ! How about your momma ? And more of Tyler and Parker ?

  • Bz Mama
    Bz Mama

    Chris- Lol it sounds like I could use your advice wrangling all my kids into doing what they are supposed to do. All they want to do is play. 🤗

  • Richelle Davies
    Richelle Davies

    Let’s hear Tour Manager Chris play with you! It’s so fun to hear the back story. You and Amber are such salt of the Earth people, but it has been awesome to see how you’ve built your tribe to be equally amazing people.

  • Linda LaFountain
    Linda LaFountain

    Love this pod cast with you and Chris. When you played at Higher Ground in Burlington Vt back in Oct of 2015 I got to meet Chris. My daughter and I had a great conversation with Chris well waiting for our turn to get on your tour bus for our meet and greet even got our picture with him. Loved getting to talk with him such a great guy. It was just as cool to meet Chris as it was to meet you. That was my favorite meet and greet being able to get on the bus. I can't wait until I can see you again. I was looking forward to the August show in Malone Ny even had my meet and greets but it got cancelled. Hope to see you soon I miss concerts. Chris love your ALgone channel love your humor. I will keep watching as long as you keep making them. Would love to hear more stories with you and Chris.

  • Max Dula
    Max Dula

    I would love to hear road stories!

  • Max Dula
    Max Dula

    Granger your interviews are awesome. Chris I want to thank you. You said no matter what, put it in God's hands and he will come through! My father passed away last Monday and I have kinda been lost this last week and what you said was a great reminder for me. Thank you!

  • Becky Webb
    Becky Webb

    I'll never forget our meet and greet, my husband and I became so star struck that when it became time to take the picture we just smiled and Chris goes, "I need one of your phones to take the picture". We walked away going what is wrong with us! Lol

  • Deb Bohl
    Deb Bohl

    Wow Chris is a real cool person. It’s nice to get to know your band. He a great manager. Glad he joined you. YEEYEE

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    That’s was good. Would love to hear the stories that would be great!! He seems pretty great just like you Granger!!! YEE YEE 🤠🤠

  • Eva Enns
    Eva Enns

    Awesome podcast guys!!💪🏻

  • Angela Holloway
    Angela Holloway

    Great Podcast as always. Can't wait for more.

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Thanks for another great episode 👍

  • Brittany Metras
    Brittany Metras

    Yes to road stories, please! Side note: Has anyone ever compared Chris to Mac from "Always Sunny" (although a much, much cooler version)?

  • Josh Bewley
    Josh Bewley

    I wish y’all would have a show in or around Waco,TX

  • ethellouise

    You're coming to Camdenton, Mo approx. 2 hours from me in Branson. I'm tempted to come see you perform. Would be fun!

  • Mason Heeringa
    Mason Heeringa

    Please do more podcasts with Chris!!!!

  • Kathy Whiting
    Kathy Whiting

    Great podcast, I love meeting the people who have been with you through the beginning and the new friends you make along the way.. love your music and the way you connect with your fans.. prayers always 🙏🏻

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry

    Yes Please Road Stories. Ya all’s smiles n laughs are contagious . Heart warming n shows what a Strong Loyal Team you have around you 🙏. Gods Blessings on many more Great Pod casts !! 👏👊👍🙏

  • Julie Koop
    Julie Koop

    I love following you and your family yeeyee

  • Andrea Wise
    Andrea Wise

    Yee yee for tour stories.

  • Trackside Solution
    Trackside Solution

    What’s the latest on Nebraska Washington County Fair? Is it happening!?

  • Annette Elizalde
    Annette Elizalde

    Very interesting on the determination you had for Chris being your tour manager. Friendship is everything, God always put you where he wants you to be. Love it! Blessings 😇

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    Really enjoyed this. Heck yes, more road stories with Chris!!! He is pretty funny. I watch his channel and he always makes me laugh. ❤️you guys.

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Love it!! We would love to hear stories

  • Bobby's Solar Homestead
    Bobby's Solar Homestead

    Love it thanks for sharing guys!! God Bless....

  • John Ziemba
    John Ziemba

    Road stories! Yes! Yee Yee!

  • Tammy H.
    Tammy H.

    Yes ROAD STORIES!🤣😂🙌

  • Tammy H.
    Tammy H.

    Loved the podcast and just subscribed to Chris' You Tube channel! 💞🤣🙏🚜🦋🎈🇺🇸🙌🙌

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    Yes!!! Get Chris back!!!just touring stories please!!! Love Chris!!!

  • raymondcmorris1

    To anybody not from the area...there's nothing compares to the Dixie chicken.

    • Bill Sloan
      Bill Sloan

      Haven’t been to the Chicken in over 30 years. I am glad they saved the rattle snake when to roof came off a few weeks ago.

  • Schnakenberg Lloyd & Sue
    Schnakenberg Lloyd & Sue

    Great podcast Granger!! We are going to watch Chris as soon as we find him. We hope you have him on again!!

  • Keith Wright
    Keith Wright

    This is Awesome and thanks for the Stories between ya'll and I think it's time Granger needs another TM and take some of the Load off of Chris lol and I know a Guy lol. Can't wait to see ya'll soon my friends YEE YEE!

  • Joey Grant
    Joey Grant

    I just heard u were gonna perform the waterville WA fair this year now its cancelled I'm SO PISSED!

  • MommiDonni1

    Bring Chris back for road stories! I wanna hear the crazy and hilarious experiences you guys have had!

  • Loretta fromWI
    Loretta fromWI

    Can't wait to see you all on tour again!! In the mean time I love hearing all the stories of all your guests! Love and Prayers 💖🙏🎈

  • Terry Ford
    Terry Ford

    Awesome Podcast...yes on the tour stories!

  • Dane Moore
    Dane Moore

    I thought it was going to be mat best get it Best friend

  • BubbasGarageTv


  • vickersat206

    This was great! Yee Yee

  • Ingrid Finkbeiner
    Ingrid Finkbeiner

    Please tell us more Storys from you both... i love hearing you both... great.. you are good friends. 😍. I send you both many Hugs from Germany 🦋😍🦋

  • Bill Shaw
    Bill Shaw

    Chris have you heard of Doug Schiete. He was a sound engineer for Capitol Records. He also worked for Chris Farren! Well anyway you guys work well together.

  • Laurie Leis
    Laurie Leis

    Tour stories yes please

  • Lisa Lancaster
    Lisa Lancaster

    Definately road/tour stories I'm sure there are some interesting ones.

  • Jerry Kurtz
    Jerry Kurtz

    Ha! Chris is funny. Loved the Apologies and Covid videos :)

  • Randy Badour
    Randy Badour

    More Gainz lol! Great interview fellas!

  • Deah

    Great podcast , Going to subscribe to Chris channel. The room is awesome ! Earl is funny, just had a family reunion ....I think we are related ! Oh my . Yee yee❤🖼🙏🎈

  • Rebekah

    Great job guys! I'm already a sub to the Chris Gainz channel, but I'll head over and put it in the comments! ****QUESTION**** WHY CAN'T I TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR CHRIS' CHANNEL?? This was fun learning about how you two got together and have stayed together through it all! I think it would be great to have him back and y'all chat about things from the road that have happened! Thank you both for sharing with us! Much love to all of you!

  • Bonnie Myers
    Bonnie Myers

    Road stories & tour stories could be another segment of this channel. Would enjoy that immensely. God's best, Bon

  • Bonnie Myers
    Bonnie Myers

    I just subscribed to Chris Gainz Comedy. Can't wait to watch your videos & share your channel. God's best to y'all from Massachusetts.

  • Tamy M
    Tamy M

    Chris GAINZ is #Woke! Great video this morning! Love the podcast!

  • Jackson Mount
    Jackson Mount

    I cant wait to see yall at Dell diamond July 4th!

  • jody huntsman
    jody huntsman

    Great show

  • AnayaLator

    Is there a meet and greet for the South Coast Winery Show Sept 2?

  • Mel H
    Mel H

    Love Chris! So glad you kept pursuing and it all worked out in due time. In God’s hands as Chris said. Amen to that! I took a pic with Chris last November during our meet and greet and my husband was like, what are you doing?? 😆 It’s Chris Lee, hello!!

    • Chris Gainz Comedy
      Chris Gainz Comedy

      😂 Thanks for the love, Mel.

  • tonya spicuzza
    tonya spicuzza

    Chris is a sweatheart I am going straight to his youtube RIGhT NOW

    • Chris Gainz Comedy
      Chris Gainz Comedy

      Thank you! ❤️

  • Dylan Krise
    Dylan Krise

    cant say weve been "saving" money but its gone towards our house and property more than it would have if we would be going out like normal

  • Kodi Ogle
    Kodi Ogle

    Love that hat Granger which one is it!!? Love these podcast so much cause I've never got to see you live so it gives me an awesome perspective of your live! Does Granger ever answer back just wondering??

  • L Luckner
    L Luckner

    Granger- add a big metal letter ,” Granger Smith,” or ,”Yee Yee ,” on that wall behind you. Amber will know what I’m talking about. It would look really cool!

    • OH03

      Great idea. He definitely needs something metal and rustic on the wall.

  • Bill Sloan
    Bill Sloan

    Would love to hear war stories from the road.

  • L Luckner
    L Luckner

    Great Podcast, Granger!

  • love cows
    love cows

    yes granger talk to fish next

  • Luke Burdick
    Luke Burdick

    Awesome! Definitely touring stories!!

  • Charmaine Ramsay
    Charmaine Ramsay

    This was a fun one I can’t believe you stalked him through the white pages 🤣

  • deanna rosenbaum
    deanna rosenbaum

    Always love these podcasts!!

  • Debbie Costrino
    Debbie Costrino

    Great interview! I thoroughly enjoy getting to know your band and crew! Road stories would be awesome!!

  • Laura P. Ruiz-Miner
    Laura P. Ruiz-Miner

    Would love to hear about the good, bad & ugly road tour life with Chris. Subbed to Chris's YT Channel. Didn't know what I was missing. So neat! Y'all be safe and always keeping y'all in my prayers.

    • Chris Gainz Comedy
      Chris Gainz Comedy

      Thank you Laura! ❤️

  • Webb Racing
    Webb Racing

    Washington state on the way to work

  • 4x4chevyredneck

    I am from Dublin Texas 50 miles from your hometown Clifton my brother had a buddy who grandfather owned Texas safari 25 years ago

  • patty lange
    patty lange

    Yes!!! more stories of touring please 👍

  • Shelli Haley
    Shelli Haley

    Such a great Podcast! You have such a great team! Always look forward to this! Thank you! God Bless! YEE YEE

  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham

    Love watching ❤️🙏🏻

  • Jason Branham
    Jason Branham

    Chris just got a new subscriber Yee Yee!!

    • Chris Gainz Comedy
      Chris Gainz Comedy

      Thanks Jason!

  • Barbara Ackerman
    Barbara Ackerman

    So great to learn the history side of the guys who run your life! Never EVER knew Chris was a comedian👍 Keep these up.

  • Matthew Ward
    Matthew Ward

    More road stories!

  • Amy Marrison
    Amy Marrison

    Love yall. Would love to see Chris back on with your stories. Good and bad. Just sharing memories from the journey. See you soon. Can't wait.

  • Misty Girdler
    Misty Girdler

    Good Evening Granger. Amazing podcast like always. Your podcasts come thru just as i climb into bed for the night, so its literally the best way to finish the day 😂😂 the white pages 😂😂 love hearing how you guys have evolved. Earl Dibbles Jr is a legend, quite often he's made me smile after an ordinary day. Thanks so much guys, y'all rock 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • The Journeymen
    The Journeymen

    I bought my boy tickets to your concert at the KHay fest at the Camarillo California Air Force Museum he’s an Air Force recruiter in central California and he looks forward to possibly meeting you.

  • 42invincible

    Hi Granger, please don’t take this the wrong way but to totally dismiss the ‘new normal’ rejects the idea that everyday and every event changes your life. For example after WW2 where millions died and many families were impacted they could never return to ‘normal’ when it ended. Children had lost fathers and wives husbands, most moved on and married again and some didn’t. Either way it was in effect a ‘new normal’ as they could not get back what they lost. On the other hand where a soldier returned back to his loved ones he had a chance to return to a form of ‘normal’ if he could weave his way through his PTSD. So I guess what I am suggesting is that any form of ‘normal’ depends on the circumstance the person is in post a major event, we cannot and should not expect everyone to return to ‘normal’ (pre event status) if the event in and of itself has dramatically changed one’s life. Just a thought.

    • 42invincible

      Carolyn Fulton - thank you for your view and feedback, totally get where you are coming from. It’s good to have a positive discussion rather than just the typical I’m right / your wrong you get on some channels 🙏🏻

    • Carolyn Fulton
      Carolyn Fulton

      42invincible what you may want to refer to as ‘new normal’ is what most of us would refer to as ‘adjusting to what life brings’. We lose things, people, circumstances change and we adjust or go crazy. Some of just chose adjust to what comes-not dismiss what was and adapt a ‘new normal! Call it what YOU want. The rest of us won’t refer to it that way. 🤷‍♀️

    • 42invincible

      Hobo Life - Hi Hobo Life, totally understand what you are saying here re society rather than the individual but maybe everyone of us added together is the society. I guess where I was coming from is that every day I wake up becomes a ‘new normal’ as I cannot replicate yesterday. I know it’s just words and each of us use words to have different meanings. I am totally sure that Granger was trying to express a want to have a time in life pre C19 that was more positive than the one we have today and to get people to mentally envisage this so we stay positive (which we should).

    • Hobo Life
      Hobo Life

      You're mistaking what he said, he is speaking in terms of society as a whole and you are speaking of individuals

  • Ronda Darland
    Ronda Darland

    So love the show. Is there something you going to put behind you on the wall. I would love to see your name behind you in black iron then put your ablum covers around your name. I love the pallets wall look but it needs something Granger. 💗🇺🇸

  • Chad Bethune
    Chad Bethune

    Play your song.. Oxygen

  • Chase Rhodes
    Chase Rhodes

    Great podcast! Chris seems like a cool dude! You surround yourself with great people, and that has helped make you and your brand very successful.....along with your raw talent and humble, and great personality! Can't wait to hear the new music.....make it land on September 19th (my 30th birthday😜). Also can't wait to get all my new #YeeYee apparel....I bought one of everything for my wife and myself! #YeeYeeNation 🇺🇸