3.5 years in prison changed everything
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 80 - Imagine this: everything is perfect in your life. You have the career you've worked hard for, you are mentally and physically fit, and finance is not an issue. You're on top of the world! But then you make one decision that takes all that away. Join me in this week's podcast as we talk about this with my special guest and friend Brandon Puffer!

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  • Mary Lindsey
    Mary Lindsey

    I’m so glad we don’t have to deal with the power crap down here in Ga …sometimes God has to sat us down no matter what happens to get his attention and for us to look up and say ok God I need you 🙏💞🙌 I love how y’all always have something with Faith in y’all podcast… I believe y’all podcast will change people’s life 😄❤️

  • Gordy Clayton
    Gordy Clayton


  • Donna Lambeth
    Donna Lambeth

    Bring back Brandon

  • Connie Barnes
    Connie Barnes

    I loved you liked Cincinnati Reds. I lived in Cincinnati for 45 years

  • Cindy

    Alpharetta GA!!! ❤️

  • Pocket edition gaming live My name is Nick
    Pocket edition gaming live My name is Nick

    Where did you go in Cheyenne I live there

  • Posi P
    Posi P

    Granger's ministry.

  • Evan Weir
    Evan Weir

    Wow awesome story, God works in amazing ways with people and he uses are mistakes to further his kingdom!

  • Milton Hopper
    Milton Hopper


  • Max

    This was the most random video that I came across....powerful messages and lessons!! I’m grateful

  • Erin Osborne
    Erin Osborne

    My entire family on my dad's side are Cincinnati fans!!! Love these podcasts and Arise with Amber. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family! Y'all inspire me and encourage me more than you could ever begin to imagine!!! Thank you for all you do!!!

  • Rick Gonzales
    Rick Gonzales

    You all coming to Portland Oregon any time soon. If it’s still here on earth. Rick G

  • Shawna G
    Shawna G

    I clicked on this thinking you served 3.5 years in prison 😂 I was like what did he do?! Cripes.

  • RedEyed Patriot
    RedEyed Patriot

    I served a nickel peice and several 30,60,90 day stays

  • Ryan “Mater” Reeves
    Ryan “Mater” Reeves

    I sure am glad I clicked on this episode. Brandon thanks for sharing your story, I am a recovering addict and born again Christian. We definitely need more Brandon for sure. YEE YEE!!!

  • stevesjp001

    You have the best podcast! Your a wonderful man. Thanks Granger

  • Cowboy

    we want more brandon. i love that guy, he is my favorite from anyone elso you have invited on the show

  • Grace Clifton
    Grace Clifton

    More Brandan

  • WHAT_ IF
    WHAT_ IF

    The ONLY true changes needed for any of us is to turn to and live for JESUS CHRIST and go by GODS WORD. If our lives don't match HIS WORD we are not HIS. PEOPLE DO NOT TAKE THE VAX IT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST. SEEK JESUS 100% TODAY OR GUARANTEED IT WIL BE 100% HELL TOMORROW

  • Sonja Harris
    Sonja Harris

    Do you think you will play Riverbend in OH

  • Matthew Decker
    Matthew Decker

    More Brandon

  • Jonathan Jones
    Jonathan Jones

    A truly blessed podcast! Brandon was awesome! Thank you! God bless you both and your families!

  • Alma Kelly
    Alma Kelly

    Like your music. I am vacationing in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

  • sara kane
    sara kane

    more Brandon, God bless him 🤍

  • Pepper405 O
    Pepper405 O

    I don’t know why, but twice this week I’ve gotten unsubscribed 😢 it’s happened to some of my other favorites also ? Hmm 🤔 weird! Oh well, I’ll still keep coming back. God, family, Country, and Earl Dibbles Jr. for President 🤣😂😅 all things Smith family! You are a huge light in this lost and dying world. It’s s sweet breath of fresh air to watch wholesome fun under the Son! 📖🙏🏻♥️🌿 Great job Smith family.

  • Clayton Doty
    Clayton Doty

    Man thank you so much for answering my question!! That's awesome that out of all the questions and episodes mine is on the same episode as a Major League Pitcher baseball is my happiness my escape and all that so that's awesome God works in amazing ways!!!

  • Mary Steele
    Mary Steele

    God bless you and yours. Continue to spread your story and inspiration. Listening from San Antonio.

  • The Crunchy Country Mom
    The Crunchy Country Mom

    More Brandon!! This was food for my soul. 💕

  • Brent NOBLES
    Brent NOBLES

    Need to tour thru Oklahoma

  • Daniel Billingsley
    Daniel Billingsley

    Why don't you wear your aggie ring?

  • Mike McCall
    Mike McCall

    More Brandon!

  • Leslie B
    Leslie B

    Loved hearing from Brandon! I know his wife quite well and she is a great person, just like Brandon. Thank you, Granger, for doing these podcasts- they mean a lot to a lot of people. You and your guests are inspiring!! YEE YEE!! 💕

  • Linda Dickson
    Linda Dickson

    Granger I have yet to hear your music. Yes I may have and didn’t know it was you, but have heard your name on the radio here in Minnesota. I guess I need to go buy your cds. Your vlogs are what have caused me to tune into you and Amber on arise. All take care and stay safe.

  • Linda Dickson
    Linda Dickson

    Granger, music artists don’t have to have number one songs for me to follow them. I like that they are down to earth and realize that it’s the fans that keep them going and making money by buying the tickets and the merchandise, joining the fan clubs. Stay down to earth and be respectful of the fans.

  • Hannah Schmitt
    Hannah Schmitt

    More Brandon! What a comeback story. So inspiring! Thank you for this podcast.

  • rob cole
    rob cole

    Great video brother

  • Estella Knox
    Estella Knox

    Making changes in life is hard but you have too wanna change your life nobody going too make you GOD Bless you

  • Dylan Reese
    Dylan Reese

    I honestly think Brandon should be a permanent cohost! 2 well spoken guys that gives really good advice for many of the problems people are faced with everyday. And I love the faith based answers, it’s truly the best that could come from any podcast.

  • Cory Lenihan
    Cory Lenihan

    Amazing interview. What a great story. I love happy endings. Yee Yee

  • andrew

    Please Come to Michigan Pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Linda Wanawaneska Wolf Lovo
    Linda Wanawaneska Wolf Lovo

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Sammie jo
    Sammie jo

    More Brandon!

  • Deborah Bane
    Deborah Bane

    How about Virginia when if here?????

  • Tonia Jones
    Tonia Jones

    More Brandon 😁 I absolutely love listening to every podcast while cleaning houses!

  • Hero of Ages
    Hero of Ages

    You are a very sweet guy, I relate to that...remember the armor of God, it will protect you, though you will feel the hit, the armor will prevent spiritual injury

  • Rhonda Pierce
    Rhonda Pierce

    Bestest ever!

  • Carla Temple
    Carla Temple

    More Brandon! More Jesus! More Faith filled podcast!

  • Willard Cupit
    Willard Cupit

    Am 76 but,100 percent take pride we live free country, where own 4x4's,sport cars,Right own,& bear arms. Fly old In yards,play dixie. Shouting Yee Yee, or hell yes.Take pride tell our military thank you for your service, We remember the sacrifice of our troops going and not forgotten on veterans Day.We party celebrate the 4th of July.On Dec 25th we know its brithday of our Savior Jesus Christ. We from culture and tradition.We standup have friends backs.God come 1st,then Jesus,then family,our friends then us,It's way done out here country.Proud Brave,With southern pride. Hear in voices,see on our faces,The symbols of this great nation we wear on t-shirts and on jackets and vest the American flag and the American eagle long may they live long may they fly high

  • Kari Starling
    Kari Starling

    I love this!

  • charles dhane
    charles dhane

    Wished I had a chance to tell my story. I never got that chance.

  • Ryan Burke
    Ryan Burke

    As someone who has been to prison 3 times and finally has his life together, thank you Brandon and Granger for sharing this msg.

  • Lisa Pridmore
    Lisa Pridmore

    Wow! Love the pod case. Granger just seem like down to earth kind of guy. Not a country singer that's all about him and his music. Just love his utube channel and the way he is with everyone just so friendly. Bless him and his BEAUTIFUL Family. Also LOVE HIS MUSIC ✌

  • Glenn Fischli
    Glenn Fischli

    great episode

  • JJ’s cryptid
    JJ’s cryptid

    My stepdad came into my life when I was 6 years old. I had already had a previous stepdad that had adopted myself and my sister when our lil brother was born, after him my mum had a violent partner that didn’t care if we saw the violence or not. Then my mum really hit the jackpot, she met my 2nd stepdad. As far as I’m concerned he is and always will be my dad. All through out my childhood I hated him so bad, my behaviour towards him was diabolical, I really was a demon child. My dad can’t have children of his own and he has always treated us as his own and has gone without for us. He never deserved the stuff I put him through, yet when I apologised to him, his reply has stayed in my heart. “ You don’t ever need to apologise to me for that, you went through more as a toddler than you could ever put me through “ Dad you’re my hero, my inspiration and I love you forever x

    • Louanne

      @JJ’s cryptid Golly, I’m sorry for that blunder!! You are the sweetest daughter!!💕

    • F your BS youtoob  and you dipshits
      F your BS youtoob and you dipshits

      Damn bro he really socked you in the feels haha m*********** know where to get you huh? 😂😂😂

    • Cowboy

      I took 2 years to realise how fortunate i was to have my stepdad in my life. he came when i was 8, he knew for a while before i wrote him a card that explained how i felt for him. he almost cried tears of joy. now when i leave for school he tells me: "learn something, you will only get this day once" and i tell him that i love him. he is my father and he will always mean more to me than my biological father.

    • JJ’s cryptid
      JJ’s cryptid

      @Louanne thank you so much, I’m not a son lol, I’m a daughter.

    • Louanne

      JJ, oh my goodness what a sweet testimonial to your dad!!! I’m crying!! What a great son you are!♥️

  • Albert Soto
    Albert Soto

    Love this podcast...we need a 2hr special with you, Bernie,Lathan and Chad all together at the table

  • Shirley Bewley
    Shirley Bewley

    If you give them your best, they will come around. And it does take time. My daughter was 4 when she got her step Dad. . . And in her thirties before she could hug him.

  • donna terrell
    donna terrell

    More Brandon

  • donna terrell
    donna terrell

    Take God with you what ever you do first always

  • Chad W
    Chad W

    More Brandon, thanks for sharing.

  • Sara Jean
    Sara Jean

    My birthday is July 1

  • Bob longdickder
    Bob longdickder

    What when you sit on the crapper you don't have to push anymore

  • Mariano Balbuena
    Mariano Balbuena

    Heard you are coming out to Kern County in Cali and I can’t wait to finally see you perform

  • Tammy Stempky
    Tammy Stempky

    Very good guys love to hear you talk

  • Country Box
    Country Box


  • Christina McIntire
    Christina McIntire

    More Brandon.

  • Zachary Morel
    Zachary Morel

    More Brandon!

  • Sheldon FH
    Sheldon FH

    More Brandon! Thanks for the great content. I think you guys covered a lot of great real topics. I appreciate hearing the positive discussion and making everything so relatable.

  • Alan Gallagher
    Alan Gallagher

    Granger. I’ve been having a bad week and have been putting off watching this video. The positivity that you and Brandon talked about is just what I needed. Thank you. Bring Brandon back

  • Petra Mathena
    Petra Mathena

    Its very rare if i subscribe to peaple but you i did... beacuase you pass on great values and how to be honest soo thanks for setting a great example. YEE YEE

  • Jim Paxton
    Jim Paxton

    granger I'm 52 years old and every time i watch your podcast I'm literally choked up the whole time with feels. god for sure is speaking through you, i want to say your guest is on point no-one is perfect and it doesn't take prison to come to terms with being at rock bottom realizing that you're responsible for your own actions and reactions the point I'm making is HELP YOURSELF BE THERE FOR YOU !!!!! you will have so much support it'll make your journey worth every second. there's allot of people that want to help, but when you step up admit your failures and faults and start fixing it yourself the true help and friends come in gangs. anyway im babbling i love you, your show, your family all of it!!!! YEE YEE

  • Farmer Fpv
    Farmer Fpv

    Glad i found this channel & this story which I can relate to. it's almost as if he was telling my story when it came to drinking, drugs, and prison. Bless this man for turning his life around and helping others along the way. Nowadays you see so many selfish & entitled young men & women that they're being set up for failure by society from the start. You can't disagree with any of them or they will shut you out. It's well worth it hearing about Brandon Puffer's journey. Thanks, Granger.

  • Elizabeth Grogan
    Elizabeth Grogan

    None of us can foresee our future. Our choices create it. Having said that, we can't keep condemning somebody who has used a terrible situation and turned it into a positive future & helps others instead of damaging them. Wonderful guest.

  • Tanya Jenkins
    Tanya Jenkins

    Hey Granger nice seeing u. Glad u are going to be back on the road again.

  • Linda Hewlett
    Linda Hewlett

    MORE BRANDON. . . . . . . . . AND MORE *AMBER! *

  • Christopher

    give you thumbs up but cant watch that

  • Connie Cox
    Connie Cox

    What an amazing podcast! I am truly grateful for sharing your life & stories! God is so good!! #MOREBRANDON

  • Michael Chamberlain
    Michael Chamberlain

    More Branden

  • Michael Chamberlain
    Michael Chamberlain

    GOD is AWESOME !

  • Michael Chamberlain
    Michael Chamberlain

    Isagenix has the Mangosteen

  • Becky Taul
    Becky Taul

    Thanks guys. I am getting to know you a retired Ky lady in my 70s keep up the faith. ❤️🙏🏻

  • Michael Chamberlain
    Michael Chamberlain

    You should try Mangosteen. No one using it has gotten COVID-19, worldwide (Dr’s & Nurse’s) fact

    • mary strenke
      mary strenke

      I used to have a cleaning job for a lady that sold Mangosteen. True story-- I spent more money than I earned!! Good stuff!!

  • Jordan Gibson
    Jordan Gibson

    Why did you go to prison

  • Brandon

    What about Earl Dibbles Jr. ?

  • Vanessa Kammerer
    Vanessa Kammerer

    No matter how deep we fall,how crimson red we may be, we come to the cross and lay it all down, there is nothing but the blood of Christ that makes us all whiter then wool ,never ever make the mistake that you have gone to far did so much wrong, that's self pride, Christ died and rose from the dead that we may live and not die, he said he takes all sin so trust, believe and live by faith through Jesus Christ, he is our refuge.,and nobody can snatch us out of his hand. God Bless you all, may the peace of the Lord be upon you,

  • Willard Cupit
    Willard Cupit

    Granger Smith; sometime short time prison change your life,Sent be jail6 months a petty crime ,take $7.50 in scrap iron Jail wrote up wrong thing booked on state side not country finger print,and photos on state side not done country jail side False inprison for Petty larceny.Jail term not prison term,sent time parchman,was not be there but 6months jail term.Lostl all I had My chevy 4x4 truck,self respect little straighten your butt out quick

  • braden and mason
    braden and mason

    If you come to Pickens South Carolina we will get tickets and go for sure we really really love your music please

    • Donna Shelton
      Donna Shelton

      I live in Pickens too, and would love to him come to our town!

  • braden and mason
    braden and mason

    Come to South Carolina we we love you so much time to Pickens South Carolina

  • Caleb Young
    Caleb Young

    Doing 5 years in prison changed my entire life. Some bad things and some good things. It led me to my path of recovery from heroin. It inspired me to have the perseverance I have today. Some convicts are pretty amazing and talented people.

    • F your BS youtoob  and you dipshits
      F your BS youtoob and you dipshits

      Do you know anything about opium? It's when I smoked it I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms and that's what I took away from it I think that the government took away all the green plants the seeded things God gave us for usage and enjoyment in the first book because they knew the consequences from it we're non-existent and they took and they put it in pill form and amped it up hell even the weeds f****** mutated, but do people withdrawal from opium? More people just assholes like the Chinese pulling people out of dens that were sitting there f****** after work and going numb from A hard Day's ass whooping and shooting him in the f****** streets for no goddamn reason?

  • Missouri Mayhem
    Missouri Mayhem


  • Vinny M
    Vinny M

    Did you really go in prison

  • Chad Hoskins
    Chad Hoskins

    I’m confused... he mentions Cincinnati Reds but I live there & do not recall nor see any mlb connection with The Reds. Did I mishear ?

    • Chad Hoskins
      Chad Hoskins

      @Kim Holtzclaw I think when he got called up, the team was playing against The Reds & were in Cincinnati. So he played for the Houston Astro’s against The Reds. Not sure is Granger was also confused

    • Kim Holtzclaw
      Kim Holtzclaw

      I think Double A for the Reds in 1998

  • Kevin Freeman
    Kevin Freeman

    Yee Yee

  • Wilson Walls
    Wilson Walls

    Awesome podcast. I was a knucklehead when I was young I can relate. But my wife showed me the way to the lord .

  • CoLtP33

    What is the intro song called

  • Donna Lawson
    Donna Lawson

    More Brandon

  • Linda Winters
    Linda Winters

    More Brandon!!!! Appreciate your faith-based guests!! ~Lyn Wynters

  • Dale Clark
    Dale Clark

    More Brandon! Great podcast! 🙏

  • Cindi Allain
    Cindi Allain

    More Brandon! Please

  • Cindi Allain
    Cindi Allain

    God uses us for all of His needs. Praise the Lord!

  • Brady Hanson
    Brady Hanson

    Michigan loves u! U should come here!

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