100% How to get out of a speeding ticket!
Granger Smith Podcast Episode 75: There is a feeling unique to itself when you're going about your day when all of a sudden, you see red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. A cop pulls you over for speeding. What If I told you I have the secret on how to get out of a speeding ticket? Join me and my buddy Bernie as we chat about this topic and more!

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  • slow mazda
    slow mazda

    Only way to not get a speeding ticket is to be a member of the good ol boys club, be a cop, or know one

  • Vicki Brown
    Vicki Brown

    Love 💞 your music 🎵🎶. Last time I got stopped by the police I had a friend with me and she was a loud talker, I put the blame on her talking to much and didn't see the speed sign. No ticket.lol

  • Tausha Berry
    Tausha Berry


  • Clayton Doty
    Clayton Doty

    Highly Recommend For anyone doubting/not believing read A Case For Christ he went SUPER deep into trying to debunk it and prove it wrong but couldn't so highly recommend reading the book!

  • Krawler Kid
    Krawler Kid

    That is awesome you tour on my birthday

  • Tanner Schulke
    Tanner Schulke

    i do that all the tim

    • Chris Brandi
      Chris Brandi

      I appreciate the love and support ❤️

  • Simplix

    I live on a farm I have 500 acres with 30 cows 20 pigs and 15 chickens my hobbies are riding dirt bikes and side by sids and quads but a couple days ago my dirt bike broke I got gas in my oil and so I guess my carburetor is broke.

  • Karen’s Downplay Adventure
    Karen’s Downplay Adventure

    You need to write a song that incorporates your time with London and planting; Lincoln w/ranger and stacking wood. Family time values. Love what you do. Thanks for sharing

    • Chris Brandi
      Chris Brandi

      I appreciate the love and support ❤️

  • Dean Richardson
    Dean Richardson

    Thank you.

  • Davis Dennill
    Davis Dennill

    For the love of our Lord quite wearing your hats slightly side ways my man. Country boys wear hats perpendicular with their eyes. God bless

  • Faith Williams
    Faith Williams

    when’s restoring earl dibbles old truck coming back i liked that show and i’m not into cars that much except for my dads jeep because we go to the desert with it a lot and here in two weeks we are going to utah with it for spring break

  • Nate vanLandingham
    Nate vanLandingham

    That's cool about Simon. I'd love to see y'all swing by and meet him on a video

    • Chris Brandi
      Chris Brandi

      I appreciate the love and support ❤️

  • Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter
    Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter

    I pulled into an Amish driveway about 6:30am on New yrs eve morning gonna get milk and the cop who has been harrasing me pulled up behind me as I was in a company car and he proceeded to ask for my information and I have it to him like he didn't know who I was and then he came back and asked what tow company I wanted and I said for what, he said there was no insurance on the car when the insurance said it was valid till May 19,2021 and I then was gonna call my new boss and the cop told me to put my phone on the roof and he arrested me and put the cuffs on to tight. In Michigan you aren't allowed to pull someone over for no insurance or give them a ticket for no insurance they have to have another reason so CONVIENTLY they said I was doing 71 in a 55 as I was parked in an Amish private driveway and did not put that on the ticket as they said I was on the side of the road. Also had close to 600 bucks in the counsel as 500 was my friends from a lottery ticket he had me cash the night before. Cop only said there was 463. The asshole cop wouldn't let me get the money so And so when I got to jail, I couldn't post my bail. I had over $70 in my coat, a 50 dollar bill and a 20 dollar bill plus the change and ones I have saved for my Daughter along with wheat pennies and silver dollars. Well they took it all and put it on a car and said I only had 43 dollars. How do they get that amount from a 50 and 20 dollar bill?? CONVIENTLY they also wouldn't fix the phones or let me make a phone call the whole day. I sat in a nasty discussing jail cell where I couldn't even pee cuz someone was in there and the toilet was really gross not to mention 2 cameras were right above the toilet... Imagine not being able to pee for over 15 hrs🤯🤬!! That's including your morning pee... So anyways the judge that ILLEGALLY KIDNAPPED MY DAUGHTER CONVIENTLY was my judge and wouldn't give me court dates and so charged me with a speeding ticket and no insurance. I have not had a ticket for anything in like 20 yrs and I have had a CDL for at least 11. I lost my crappy job after that and lost 3K minimum just for that weekend alone not to mention all the other issues... do you think my work appreciates me paying to get the car out of the impound and the towing bill?? NOPE🤬!!! DO You think they paid me back? NOPE!! NOW MY insurance is way to expensive to even have and I can't get a job anywhere with my CDL that's even if it's on my licence ... What do you do when the law lies and breaks the laws when you are poor & have no one to help fight?????

  • Colter Conway
    Colter Conway

    100% how to get out of a speeding ticket!🎵 :Answer - drive speedy slow down a dirt road. Granger Smith you rock, I even saw a pickup truck in PA that said YEE YEE in the back windshield.


    someone asked me many years ago..."why do u believe in God"? I said because I CAN'T believe all of this (and I held my arms straight out) is RANDOM. the whole world!

    • Chris Brandi
      Chris Brandi

      I appreciate the love and support ❤️

  • Mike Donnell
    Mike Donnell

    I like when songs seem to write themselves. I have written full songs in 30 min and then I have songs that I still haven't finished in a year... A good artists once told me 90% of what you write will be trash but you have to write them to get the trash out of the way. lol

  • marla parrish
    marla parrish

    Hi Granger! Dutch sent me. You're awesome!

    • Chris Brandi
      Chris Brandi

      I appreciate the love and support ❤️

  • Amanda Jo Fisk
    Amanda Jo Fisk

    Okay so say god is real and all, My question is Why does god bother with any of this. What is the greater point of god creating us and everything and making us go through the suffering of life. What is the point of existence at all? And where did he come from and doesn’t he have anything better to do than create beings for no purpose.

    • Chris Brandi
      Chris Brandi

      I appreciate the love and support ❤️

  • Jodey Earp
    Jodey Earp

    Hey my name is Jodey earp I'm 15 I have just started working on replacing the engine in my truck before I get my license my parents own and run a munitions store which is open from 10am to 6pm, a mechanic's shop and we also run a horse ranch with about 100 horses I wake up eat breakfast and go feed all the chickens and all 12 of the horses in the barn which takes about an hour then I work in the munitions store all day and do what I'm asked in the shop which includes the work on my pickup then in all that I still have to find time for my schoolwork since I'm homeschooled I'm always at home and never have time for fun I dont even have friends to have fun with do you have a way for me to fix my schedule also I love you music and I'm a girl if you didn't catch that

  • Desert Dawg
    Desert Dawg

    Years ago in college I had my jacket for a security outfit hanging in back seat with shoulder patch facing driver window. Pulled over and officer approached and saw the shoulder patch and asked for ID.. He said, "We don't generally ticket officers for speeding, but you were only 18 over the limitand on your way to work"... Handed ID back and told to 'slow down'...

  • Johnny Frazier
    Johnny Frazier

    Just being polite and respectful goes a long way.

    • A LLegendly
      A LLegendly

      Unless it’s a trooper. No amount of rump kissing will get you out from under a trooper. Dogs. All of em. And I got a badge, shoot, trooper don’t care.

  • Laine Werner
    Laine Werner

    And I read the bible

  • Laine Werner
    Laine Werner

    Shoot I am thirteen have a daily job and my own truck

  • Dom

    Wow Grang you are kind of right about God it almost hurts I know what you mean. It's hard to trust everyone is looking out for the greater good. Humans, and intentions and all these things you might almost be right.

  • Sara Jean
    Sara Jean

    Cherries and berries in the rear view! The cops can do 1 thing REALLY GOOD- GET UR ATTENTION

  • Sara Jean
    Sara Jean

    My birthday is July 1

  • Eric Sheck
    Eric Sheck

    Bernie is da MAN!

  • Ian Mueller
    Ian Mueller

    Granger how do I ask you questions do I go on Google?

  • Danielle

    I legit laughed out loud so hard when you talked about the cop letting you go. Mr Smith just be safe...love your music ha ha!! Also, you have no idea how much better I feel knowing you drop the F bomb. I always feel so so guilty every time that words comes out of my mouth, and more recently in the past year I have tried to not say it. But it slips at times.

  • Natasha Raguse
    Natasha Raguse

    Anyone else quoting Billy Madison when they said “Stay as long as you can!” 🤣 Nope? Just me? 🤣

  • Steve&michelle Hillyard
    Steve&michelle Hillyard

    i have a deep question im a proud parent of 6 kids. I have a hard time letting them go. as in like go ride 4wheeler one in getting ready to start driving and afraid of them getting hurt or worse. how do you get past the feeling of that or being over protective hate to say it but you been through the worst thing for a parent. so how you cope with letting your kids do things. like i started driving when i was 9 years old 3/4 ton 4x4 stick shift my dad just said jump in and go. i could never do that with my kids

    • Billy Smith
      Billy Smith

      Remember your in the car with them for 6months to a year before they can legally drive on their own. Plus if they have driven 4wheelers, Utvs, golf carts etc. they are wayyy ahead of most city/suburb kids with the amount of experience they have behind the ”wheel” before they even get their permit... put them in a safe, reliable and cheap vehicle that you don’t care about and they will be fine, it’s up to the lord for what happens...

  • Rawzen Munns
    Rawzen Munns

    I love Granger Smith.✌✌

  • Colton Bocock
    Colton Bocock

    I love Grangers songs, but if hes a christian like he says why does he cuss? Matthew 15:10-11 What goes into someone's mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them."

  • Sebastian Agee
    Sebastian Agee

    Is the song from 2:05 to 3:00 an actual full song, if so what’s it named? I ain’t heard it before.

  • Jen Lindler
    Jen Lindler

    What are some good resources for supporting the historical accuracy of the Bible? Books, videos, etc

  • Jen Lindler
    Jen Lindler

    Btw: Granger did you realize one of the ads on this video page is Manscaped? Too funny!

  • Simon Thorpe
    Simon Thorpe

    i am not being held on the farm by anyone by the way i love you and bernie not just for your music but who you are cant what to see y'all at the farm

  • Phillip stocker
    Phillip stocker

    Hello, I currently live in the city with my family, but plan to move into the country. Do people in small towns normally accept outsiders? Thanks! Phillip

  • Mel Bella
    Mel Bella

    I’m a Leo and my husband loved that I drove fast in my zippy car before we got married 35 years ago. He started driving more and did his best to rein me in. Leo’s are definitely be fun and impulsive, but safe. Luv y’all From The North Georgia Mountains 🇺🇸

  • Levi Reagan Musician
    Levi Reagan Musician

    You gave the 13 year old young Man great advice. I enstowed a good work ethic in my Son's although they we're still kids. It worked great. I Love the fact this kid gets up in the morning and reads his Bible and Prays. That is the most important. Is feeding yourself with His Word. But be a kid hangout with other kids go fishing hunting 4 wheelers dirt bikes. I still do fun things and take breaks from music. We are only here for a short time.

  • Kourt Ringelberg
    Kourt Ringelberg

    I super appreciate Bernies answer to the first question. I have had multiple, I mean multiple jobs as of the the age of 36. I’ve defaulted to the thoughts that bc of all the different jobs I’ve had, I’m a failure bc I didn’t have some long term career at any one place. So to spin that to seeing it as all the experiences I have had releases that self impose shame. I love how Bernie asked YOU some questions Granger! He’s a great addition to your podcast. Amen, amen, amen to the sovereignty question. I absolutely agree with your guys response. Life changing once I grasp the understanding of God’s sovereignty. Thank you for not shying away from the rough questions. Yeeyee!

  • Rob Gordon
    Rob Gordon

    This is Sovereignty: It's God's Lordship over our lives. "If God is not Lord OF all, then He is not Lord AT all in our lives."

  • Spuddle

    i got Arrested and the ticket was for speeding at age 3 Why ??

  • Jessica Justra
    Jessica Justra

    Hi Granger. I drive A Moped

  • Linda Maskus
    Linda Maskus

    It's also the most archeological proven book to be true in the history of mankind!

  • Bobbi Escamilla
    Bobbi Escamilla

    Thank you Granger love you and Bernie!!! Love the podcast always!!🤠🤠🙏

  • Linda Maskus
    Linda Maskus

    Years and years ago, my ex hubby was a cop! I got stopped a couple times and when they found out my ex was a cop, they let me go!!

  • SouPac Engineer
    SouPac Engineer

    Professional courtesy....works for all us LEOs....

  • Joseph Heard
    Joseph Heard

    we want more amber on the podcast! YEE YEE

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell

    Yeah if you really want to know God just read your Bible every day and never cease. Writing some of your best songs on the lawnmower. 👍 Yee Yee

  • Dillon Hartsfield
    Dillon Hartsfield

    As a police officer in East Texas, I can confirm that I 100% have that exact same feeling when I am driving and see a police officer. Because I know, if I'm speeding, I deserve a ticket just like anyone else. A lot of officers believe in a "professional courtesy" meaning to not give another officer a ticket. However, I believe that the "professional courtesy" goes the other way by the officer who is off duty obeying the law and not putting the other officer in that position in the first place. I guess it depends on where in the country you work. This being said, I've never given another officer a ticket. I'm not a fan of writing tickets. There are SO many other things I'd rather do than jam someone up for having a little bit of a lead foot. I love your music and what you are doing, Granger! Just so you know, I will definitely acknowledge you like a little fan girl if I ever pull you over. God bless brother!

  • Alison Lightner
    Alison Lightner

    Amen, I love listening to the both of you, you make a great team. AWESOME

  • Jen Lindler
    Jen Lindler

    My attempt at writing a song would be similar to, “Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat...”

    • Jen Lindler
      Jen Lindler

      Also, I agree, Grangers writing gets better and better. Whether in six months or six years, I can’t wait to hear what is on his heart.

  • Stephen Bultinck
    Stephen Bultinck

    I was a police officer in Canada for 10 years before moving to the States. I can confirm it is actually a thing to keep your license close to your badge incase you get pulled over. But let me tell you. It better be casually displayed. Nothing pisses off another Police Officer like a fellow cop shoving that badge in your face. That's a sure fire ticket.

  • Chanda Abney
    Chanda Abney

    Love it!! Thank you for sharing love you guys!!

  • David W.
    David W.

    Granger, what’s the story behind Bernie calling you “Griz”? Thanks, Dave from Beavercreek, Ohio.

  • eric “hickfromthesticks” cook
    eric “hickfromthesticks” cook

    the chemistry between you two guys is unreal i love the connection i love all the podcast's yee yee from Maine

  • Tawnia Freeman
    Tawnia Freeman

    I follow a Amish family, Montana Heaven and their sons are so much like this young man who asked this question. Their whole family is such hard workers and Godly. I absolutely love following them, The Smiths, etc

  • Lisa McGrath
    Lisa McGrath

    Another great podcast/video!!

  • Shelby Ehrhardt
    Shelby Ehrhardt

    My dad got pulled over on the Texas coast because he was going 5 mph over the posted limit. Luckily his brother who's a cop was there and was riding as a passenger was able to talk the cop out of giving him a ticket. It was pretty funny because my dad is the guy who hardly ever gets tickets. 😂

  • Starlene Kalinski
    Starlene Kalinski

    My brother always says that Jesus Christ is the most documented person in history and His life has been proven over and over and has never been unproven. Even his enemies recorded his life as it was in the Bible. I did see Lee Strobel in Tucson speak at the church that I was going. It was an amazing testimony. I came to the Lord when I was a child and when I go through the fires, I can see God's hands directing me through the hard times and feeling his love. I love your prospective about God. You and Amber are right on spirtualy. God Bless your family and I'm so happy that God has blessed you with another baby boy.

  • Susan Orr
    Susan Orr

    God did not create us as robots. He created us with free will. We can make decisions accordingly to his will, and please him like a loving father. We want to please our father because we love him and he wants the best for you. If he says don’t play in the street it’s because he loves you and he knows the danger. So we loving obey him because he created us and knows we were dust and he knows what’s best for us. The Prodigal son returned to his father humbling himself as a lowly servant begging for bread and work. His father saw his repentance and gave him honor and rejoiced his return because he always loved him.

  • Brian and Crystal Gibson
    Brian and Crystal Gibson

    Great show today. Carry conceal helps for sure, but respect will get you a long way, not only with the ticket but life in general. Congrats on the baby. Yee Yee

  • Nick Long
    Nick Long

    Read a Case for Christ Lee Strobil he was an atheist that put the word of God on trial . It's a great listen on audible . Also there is a movie

  • Betty Kruhm
    Betty Kruhm

    It didn't help my nephew in NC. He's a police officer and he still got a ticket.

  • Tyler Tasche
    Tyler Tasche

    Whatever there talking about. Aint about getting out a speeding ticket change thumbnail

  • Screech 21
    Screech 21

    Just make Bernie a Co-Host! Lol

  • steven fletcher
    steven fletcher

    Granger, will we ever see Donny Cowboy again? Think he’s been parked down by the lake long enough lol

  • 1964drc

    "Getting out of" a ticket: I've gotten one speeding ticket in my 40 years of driving; I tried to make excuses and give myself a reason to break the law. Any other time, I have spoken with respect, looked the LEO in the eye and apologized for my shortcomings. Usually, they wish me a nice day and let me leave. I tell my kids, always respect the person with a gun and never-ever argue with a cop!

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    Grizz?! Love that nick name!!! What’s the story behind that??

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark

    Simon sounds like he has his life together. God bless you!

  • Tamera Davis
    Tamera Davis

    Great podcast.♥🦋🎈

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    Totally kidding ... BERNIE!! Your growing on me!!! Lol

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    More Bernie geez 🙄 lol

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra

    Congratulations 🍾🎈 just love your whole family and so excited about your precious new one coming!!!!

  • Settisfying


  • Sheila Fogarty
    Sheila Fogarty

    I absolutely love the Knox version. It's taken from Greek and Aramaic to the English language. There is no word or book missing. It's understandable. Personally, I rely on the Church for interpretation. Jansenism and many forms of heresy are kept at bay with an authorative teaching body. I enjoy listening to your podcasts. I pray for you, please pray for me. God bless you.

  • Laurie Leis
    Laurie Leis

    I believe we have free will to make choices but when we are truly saved we have the Holy Spirit in us and with us to convict us to make good choices.

  • Derek McBryde
    Derek McBryde

    You and Bernie are an awesome couple in expounding a scriptural reply to a real deep question. I thank God for your skills, knowledge and personal chemistry. Apart from huge enjoyment I learned a lot from how you unpicked Sawyer’s question. Please consider doing this more frequently, occasionally dedicating a podcast to such content and advertise it so that those who are convinced otherwise can choose to skip it. God bless you both and Amber for your unwavering witness and sound teaching!!

  • Mike Hobby
    Mike Hobby

    his ways are not our ways. grasping the idea of sovereignty is similar to grasping the idea of eternal. in our world, everything has a beginning and end so for us to grapple with the idea of eternity is difficult. Same with sovereignty, He knows the outcome, regardless of our choices. Love your podcast, keep it up, Bernie is a good guest.

  • Annette Stokes
    Annette Stokes

    Loved this guys!!!❤️

  • Mags V
    Mags V

    life is def there to live BUDDY, 13yo is about experience different things in life, i.e, dairy 3 times a week, Monday Wednesday Fridays, you need friends, family, fun and relaxation,

  • Apex Studios
    Apex Studios

    I'm sure mine is the disabled veteran plate. If I deserve it I deserve it, but I still appreciate it when they let me go. I don't abuse it and try to drive as safe as I can, but sometimes you got somewhere you have to be, just a little faster. Things happen. When they let me go I respect that a lot. I'm sure my plates and license help a little though.

  • Derek McBryde
    Derek McBryde

    Granger I love your podcasts. You have such eloquent and interesting guests. I love Parker and Tyler so please keep inviting them until they loosen up and smile 😃. Bernie is an awesome guest - so knowledgeable and he gives such good advice. Also your chemistry is brilliant. I hope he comes back often. YeeYee

  • David

    Hey Bernie, if youre reading this, please keep coming to the podcast yee yee

  • Anthony Arnold
    Anthony Arnold

    I’m dropping that stick and some stuff is coming out of my mouth lol. That’s damn right buddy

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson

    That is an awesome answer to Sawyers question!! You put a new perspective on the question that was asked. I agree that both me and the lord are the decision makers however, I will say I have failed in my decision even knowing it wasn't the way the Lord wanted me go. I also learned from my mistakes and am changing how and why I made that decision. Love the Podcasts!!! God Bless!!

  • Gunfighter 1345
    Gunfighter 1345

    Hey Granger, I work here locally in Law Enforcement (Georgetown Area). I was traveling to west Texas and was pulled over by a DPS Trooper for speeding. Troopers are notorious for giving everyone tickets lol. Anyway, I mentioned to the Trooper that I was Law Enforcement and was carrying my firearm off duty. The Trooper still gave me a ticket! A couple ways I recommend getting out of a ticket: 1. Have your Driver’s License/Conceal Carry License and Proof of Insurance with you while driving. 2. Be polite. A traffic stop is stressful for the driver and the officer as well. 3. Be honest. “I’m sorry, I was driving like an idiot.” Or admit to not knowing you have a light out or other defective equipment on your vehicle. 4. Don’t argue. Had a buddy that pulled over Amber a few years back. She was driving Granger’s truck with a headlight out. I called him right after the stop and asked him if he knew who he had just pulled over?!

  • Daniel Cooper
    Daniel Cooper

    I tried to send a email but ut said that the address is not found?

  • Jan Connolly
    Jan Connolly

    Sorry this won’t be the interesting comment you were looking for because if I was “running the ship,” it would definitely have sunk and be sitting on the floor of the ocean by now. Always a great way to start the week. Love how you don’t shy away from the difficult questions. Have a great week. Blessings. YEE YEE ❤️🙏

  • Mario Cruz
    Mario Cruz

    Even though We brought Our Children up in Methodist Church. And they believe in God. Our Oldest Son, has his Own feelings. Mainly the Bible was written by Man and has changed through out the years. As much as We tried to guide Our Children. As the grew up, We told them, they can check into Religion or the Bible, as long as they did not get into a Satanic Cult. All 3 of them have different opinions. Including Our Youngest Son who fell out of a second floor window. And suffered a severe head trauma when he had just turned 4 yrs old. When he came out of his Coma. He told us, he was with Jesus in Heaven. He told us things, there's no way he could of known without something Supernatural happening to him. When they were younger and We would go on vacation. We always went to Church on Sunday, no matter what State We were in. On several occasions, the Minister would walk over to Our Son, and give him a message, from God. On one occasion the Minister came to him, and told him, he saw a glow on top of his head, and the Lord lead the Minister to Our Son. Our Son, asked him did my Parents tell you, what happened to me? He replied, no Son, they didn't. God did. I don't even know who your Parents are. About 15 yrs ago, he was the best Man at his Cousins Wedding. When he walked over to stand in his place. The Priest, gave him a message, from God. Once again, he asked, did my Parents tell you, what happened to me? Again he was told, no, I don't even know who your Parents are. What he experienced when he just turned 4, he has never been afraid to die. And with Family Members who have passed, when he would go see them, he usually goes in by himself and talks with them. Any fear that they may of had, was gone. I'm not saying he didn't grieve like everyone else. It's like he knows where they are going and what it's like.

  • Sylas Thomas Outdoors
    Sylas Thomas Outdoors

    Granger what is your favorite song

  • raymondcmorris1

    But wasn't the first story of death and a3 day resurrection listed thousands of years earlier in the following of sun worship? Would god then thousands of years later not even come up with something new other than what hadalready been been done in other FALSE religions?

  • Megan Moreno
    Megan Moreno

    I didn't grow up in the church. I have been watching Amber's Arises since they have started. I pray to God but not sure yet. I always believed that if you tell someone something then pass it down 30 people it will be different at the end. But I am not sure now. Love the Smith's.💙💜💚❤

  • Jacob Fulton
    Jacob Fulton

    Thank you Granger for some of the historical information on the Bible. Was very interesting and you make things in the bible be understood alot better for me when I hear you talk about it. Thank you man yee yee!

  • Misty Buckingham
    Misty Buckingham

    Being married to a LEO for over 20 years - I still feel the PANIC when I see the red/blue lights behind me! :) Love your podcasts!!!

  • Donnie Tunsky
    Donnie Tunsky

    Not a firm believer if god makes my own decisions for me. I guess I am thinking that the people in the Bible were cavemen and not very knowledgeable, were these mythical or political?

  • Love Dairy Cows
    Love Dairy Cows

    congratulations on the new baby boy Smiths


    Awesome advice to an awesome kid, God bless yall

  • Buddy Ahl
    Buddy Ahl


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