Granger Smith

Granger Smith
Granger Smith

With sold-out national tours, a social media following over 8 million, and video views over half a BILLION, Granger Smith has amassed a rabid audience, while building a truly groundbreaking career.

  • E.A. MT
    E.A. MT


  • Cypress Blue
    Cypress Blue

    Lol even had tats at a young age. Priceless.

  • Cypress Blue
    Cypress Blue

    This is soo funny. Love the look on Earls face when you - you start talking lol. Very cool. Happy Father's Day. Stay safe & take care of you all. Thanks for sharing eh :))

  • Samuel Schumpert
    Samuel Schumpert

    Kent Rollins is the best part in here Cowboys praying before taking in what was given.

  • Cabe Amason
    Cabe Amason

    It should have Been rolling on some dirty 33s but love the song

  • The real McCoy
    The real McCoy

    I am so glad Granger included the Yotas I work my ass off building! New 2022 Yota is looking nice, get ready for it!

  • Magnus Tyrson
    Magnus Tyrson

    No idea how many times I've watched this vid, but I love seein the community y'all've built. Keep doin what y'all doin! Love y'all and YEE YEE!!!

  • Lindsey Cunningham
    Lindsey Cunningham

    Ooo nice part one my left ear got to enjoy it, this time. It’s ears do!

  • Cindy Wyckoff
    Cindy Wyckoff

    We would love to hear more of these kinds stories. Im sorry that this happened to you

  • Dylan Vanden Bosch
    Dylan Vanden Bosch

    Hemi Is an engine but that's cool

  • Karen Atkinson
    Karen Atkinson

    The one witness constitutively boast because pleasure thessaly pass unlike a plain sister. exciting exclusive, lewd siamese

  • Madison Lee
    Madison Lee

    That girly run

  • Toree Johns
    Toree Johns

    Miss you Riv 💝

  • Toree Johns
    Toree Johns

    Granger breaks my heart at the end when he looks at the camera, he has tears. 💖 What a strong family. Our father held them up and gave them hope. Beautiful

  • Cindy Wyckoff
    Cindy Wyckoff

    At the age of 7 I had to choose between my mom and siblings,or my dad. I didn't know that when I chose my mom I would totally lose my dad for 21yrs from my life. But it affected my mental stability for the rest of my life I am 58 yrs young

  • Shem Miller
    Shem Miller

    Ur not country

  • Laura

    country things and common sense, 2 things i LOVE! vote Earl Dibbles! ; )

  • Kj Gamueda
    Kj Gamueda

    Yee Yee !

  • Kj Gamueda
    Kj Gamueda

    Such a good song 🎵

  • Debra Kellett
    Debra Kellett


  • John Reaves
    John Reaves

    I saw this on Westin channel and then started watchin the Yee Yee

  • Cindy Wyckoff
    Cindy Wyckoff

    I love both those songs. Especially the HATE YOU LIKE I LOVE YOU

  • marryson123

    Aint that fool from Demolition Ranch?

  • Danne

    USA destroy the world .

  • Rick Thorgerson
    Rick Thorgerson

    I knew amber had a little more glow in this video!!! Congrats and may god continue to bless you both! Jesus loves you Smith family!

  • bfett survival and outdoors
    bfett survival and outdoors

    They are the same til I see it in concert, and I can shame both their hands

  • KR Mohr
    KR Mohr

    Hell right bro

  • Lexi Bishop
    Lexi Bishop

    YEE YEE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Cindy Wyckoff
    Cindy Wyckoff

    I was abused and denided by my family

  • Cindy Wyckoff
    Cindy Wyckoff

    I live with the situation everyday my daughter has 5 pregnancies 1 miscarrage. The other 4 babies were good birth's.1 was given up at birth and then remaining 3 were taken away. She never tried to get them back. Those were my grandchildren. I only know where to find 1 and that was given up at birth. She is with a friend of mine. The problem lies in the fact that I have struggled with the anger of her losing my grandchildren.

  • A L
    A L

    GREAT STATE OF TEXAS...from a Californian.

  • Amy Darnell
    Amy Darnell

    QwertyuiooplkjjhgfdsazzxcvbnmjklpouutqasdxzqwscfgkbdaqwrtyhujikkklpiyrwzxcvbnmjkopiuusetuiopkjfdsZAaddccAsdGF Fy

  • Monica Crabtree
    Monica Crabtree

    I live in the country I have a Ford 350 lifted and lights in the grill and go mudding

  • Sophia Niederberger
    Sophia Niederberger

    God, i love this country


    Monster Max was killin it

  • Dylan Harris
    Dylan Harris

    Fish for bass.......and cats😂

  • Charlie Taulbee
    Charlie Taulbee

    Granger Smith Let us know when the next one is

  • Kevin’s Gaming World
    Kevin’s Gaming World

    I have a traxxas version of this party sometimes. Also if you’re outside with rcs MAKE THEM DIRTY who will even care. #YeeYeeforlife

  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black

    When the two personalities hit a critical point, they split into two separate beings and interview each other..... Interesting.

  • Flawn Scorpion
    Flawn Scorpion

    Holy lame!!!

  • Nikki Lang
    Nikki Lang

    YEE YEE 🇺🇸

  • Ashton Wynkoop
    Ashton Wynkoop

    YEE YEE!🇺🇸

  • Adawg 303
    Adawg 303

    I’m not a big fan of country music but I stumbled upon granger smith and I really like it! Reminds me of back in the day when we would have bonfires in the country on a ranch in Alabama with pretty girls and natural light beer

  • Cindy Wyckoff
    Cindy Wyckoff

    The main thing he says is to keep your head when the dog is attacking. That takes a person that doesn't panic in and emergency

  • 95rav

    ok - new sub thanks to helping out Scott. Love the music.

  • president elect shuran
    president elect shuran

    nice. i love hannah btw. #yeeyee

  • April Bennett
    April Bennett

    This was awesome love it

  • Churkulez

    This is a way better alter ego than Chris Gaines!

  • hunter 587
    hunter 587

    Dont my parents got devorsed it's not fun trust me

  • Ryno the Redneck
    Ryno the Redneck

    Why don't I see a tractor in the vid I mean they roll coal too

  • Sonia Maillard
    Sonia Maillard

    Genesis 2:7 Dust + God's Breath (spirit) = Living being (soul). Ecclesiastes 12:7 Living being (soul) - God's Breath = Dust; We don't have souls, we are souls and souls die. Eccl.9:5,6,10 THE DEAD KNOW NOTHING. Job 27:3 The spirit of God is in my nostrils; the sprit that returns to God (from the saved or unsaved) is just the "breath of life", nothing else. Rebuke satan and his imps for messing up the truth. Trust God!

  • Shitbox Fatty
    Shitbox Fatty


  • mohd ibrahim
    mohd ibrahim

    Imma start my Yota up now

  • Laken Royall
    Laken Royall

    Is like there brother s

  • Cindy Wyckoff
    Cindy Wyckoff

    I said the prayer and I was sitting in my bed and it was a renewal of my faith in Jesus Christ

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant

    The way he tries to talk southern makes me cringe

  • Scotty Jackson
    Scotty Jackson

    Best song ever.

  • Emilyn Reese
    Emilyn Reese

    We are on harvest right now!! And my whole family loves this song

  • Evan Rosenbaum
    Evan Rosenbaum

    1:27 -1:33 smoooth transition

  • Alice Turner
    Alice Turner

    I am super fan of you musi and so is my momma yee yee

  • Brittany Beeson
    Brittany Beeson

    The best music video ever YEEeeeeeeeeeeeeY

  • Isaac Stephen
    Isaac Stephen

    Can Ams hell yeah!

  • Cindy Wyckoff
    Cindy Wyckoff

    I want to write on our podcast. But I can't figure out how to do that. Could you please put it on your comment section or somewhere that dummies like me can find the Gmail for your podcast

    • Cindy Wyckoff
      Cindy Wyckoff

      I love the songs Holler, spider's, country roads

  • Jeep crawling Hector Zamudio
    Jeep crawling Hector Zamudio

    I want this song at my funeral

  • Chase Scherm
    Chase Scherm

    YEE YEE!

  • Joseph Majorins
    Joseph Majorins

    Hi I’m at the house

  • Jay Sander
    Jay Sander

    Are you going to release the “YEE YEE nation” version of that song? It’s soooooo good.

  • Drone Vids and Freedom
    Drone Vids and Freedom

    Simple you don't get a divorce ever. The Bible says one Man and one Woman so long as they both live. If someone is being abusive you move away but you don't get married again.

  • Miko1408

    What’s the yee yee apparel password

  • The 507 kid
    The 507 kid

    This song is amazing I love it

  • Shane Conlon
    Shane Conlon

    Is Kentucky ballistic in this video cant seem to find him???

  • Sharon Johns
    Sharon Johns

    I know I'm late but Demolition Ranch mount UP!!!

  • Silent Samurai
    Silent Samurai

    Have watched this many times, finally sealed the deal and subscribed. Sorry for taking so long. Long time member of the demolitia, I am kinfolk, and what you did for Scott. You deserve me and many more followers! YEE YEE!

  • Vanessa Schwartz
    Vanessa Schwartz

    Deutsch Kurzhaar 💖💖💖

  • randomboy

    Hated country music till My found granger from his don't tread on me music video now country music is all I listen to

  • Rolling Thunder Outdoors
    Rolling Thunder Outdoors


  • Ashley Lynn
    Ashley Lynn

    My daughter and I are excited to see you Saturday!! Such an awesome artist and father! Thank you for sharing your life with us. 🇺🇸 yee yee

  • Desert Jack
    Desert Jack

    You should remake this when whistlin diesel gets monster max 2.0

  • Amy Darnell
    Amy Darnell

    Xvjhukmnbbvcxzawqdthijnnbyhygtffv Classy body was found laying in bed by then to us that mean